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Chapter 23 - Jill Valentine - Spade Queen Jill (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 23 - Jill Valentine - Spade Queen Jill (C)

Chapter 23 - Jill Valentine - Spade Queen Jill (C)
Anonymous commission.
Jill loved her club slut walk, the confident marching right past a group of handsome, muscular black guys all on the look out for a girl, flashing the spade tattoo on her hip as she walked past, her head turning only after she'd walked past them, eyes flickering with delight as she saw their eyes all on her at once. She didn't actually stop walking, as she gave them an inviting wink and kept on walking, right to the mens' bathroom and the second to last stall at the end. It always got her heart pumping excitedly, every step more exciting than the last, and by the time she settled down comfortable onto the toilet with her panties down around her ankles and her skirt pulled up, she could hear the sounds of zippers and of pants hitting the floor.

The bathroom stall had glory holes cut through the walls on both sides, and an assortments of dicks could have fit through them, but Jill was a girl with specific taste. She liked her cocks big and black. No other kind of dick would do for her tastes, and fortunately, she had hooked in the right group of guys that evening, as a dick emerged from either side of her through the walls. Each one was dark, thick, and long enough for gravity to try and pull them down despite how rigid and engorged they were. It was exactly the kind of hole ravaging sight she needed, and she gladly reached out to grab both cocks and begin stroking them quickly. 

"I'll be your white slut for the night," she said, licking her lips as she stared at the two thick shafts poking out of the wall, the aching cock heads begging for attention. "And you and your friends have an open invitation to use my holes however you'd like." Working eagerly back and forth, she got her hands into a nice, quick pace along their dicks right away, not wanting to waste any longer; her thighs were already rubbing against each other in excitement, and she could feel the desires swell up hot and fast within her. She had been looking forward all day to getting to the club after her shift ended, and she had been far too horny for her own good throughout her day. A need for cock ruled her now, as she kept her hands moving fast and setting a nice pace for the guys.

For a moment, Jill just admired the dicks she was stroking; the thick, swollen cock heads looked so inviting, but a moment to soak it all in helped make her appreciate this all a lot more, so that by the time she was ready, she was leaning her head off to the side hungrily, taking one of the cocks into her mouth, moaning as she sucked the aching black dick down. There was no hesitation or patience in her motion, just a graceless, hunger-driven rush of excitement as she wrapped her lips around the dick and started to suck eagerly, head bobbing back and forth as she worked it over with an eagerness that came from a day of waiting for this exact moment. Her fingers tightened around both cocks as she got to work at them. The pressure to perform was on now, and she wasn't going to disappoint.

The over-eager back and forth strokes drew some groans from the men on either side of the stalls, but it was when she started sucking a cock that the real excitement started, a louder groan rolling out and giving Jill all the excitement and push she could have needed to get to work, rocking er head happily back and forth as she settled down into the happy process of worshiping a pair of black cocks from her place at the glory hole. Her head pulled back only to push forward onto the other dick, to suck it down as well with all of the vigor and adoration she'd shown the first, but also tinged with just a little excited desperation.

"I love sucking black cock," she moaned, thighs pressing tighter together as the dire frustrations and need kept building up in her flaring quicker and hotter as she started to get her taste of what she had come here for. her cravings were given satisfaction, and she knew the threat to lose control there was real.

But she liked losing control.

Back and forth her head switched, the rapid and overly eager worship she showed both cocks driven by a craven need to perform and to throw herself out there with all of the crazed glee she could muster. Her lips sloppily wrapped around each cock again and again as she showed equal time to both of them with her sloppy oral technique, one driven by aggression and hunger, her own needs guiding her touch better than anything else could. Her hands kept everything neutral, ensuring she didn't leave one guy unsucked for too long, helping both of them along steadily while also leaving her with the twofold thrill of a pair of dicks to work over instead of just one, a task that set her aflutter with all kinds of excited sensations.

By day, she was Jill Valentine, a star agent for the BSAA and a bio-terrorism expert almost without peer. By night, she was slutting it up in the bathroom stalls of night clubs, looking for a fix of her specific brands of tastes; hung black men who could fuck her hard and usually delighted in calling her not by her actual name, but by terms like 'white bitch' or 'snow bunny' or 'BBC addict'. Terms that certainly felt like they were names for as right they felt for Jill, as she sucked two cocks back and forth with such delight, relishing in the dirty excitement that came from the risk of sex with strangers through glory holes, not even able to put the faces she'd caught quick peeks of to the cocks she was now sucking on.

Her hands and her head all worked faster, picking up the adoring pace as she relentlessly serviced the dicks, the timing of her handjobs absolutely flawless as far too many nights had given her the experience she needed to work over a pair of cocks at once with perfect coordination. Not only was she a pro at working over groups of guys at once, but she liked it better that way, being able to pleasure two or three--fuck sometimes even five--thick, meaty black dicks at once. It was a pleasure almost too decadent for her to handle.

Working up a nice coating of spit over both dicks, Jill was not only efficient in her craft, but messy too, making plenty of sloppy noise as she gave the cocks both a thorough sucking. Back and forth she went, adoring each of the fat dark shafts with as much attention as she could, all while her hands pumped quickly, determined to work the dicks over with a speed and efficiency that was earning her more and more remarks from the other side of the wall as the two men she worked over were absolutely lit up with delight.

"Hungry little white bitch, aren't you?"

"I want to hear some begging for my superior cum, slut."

"Nngh, please give me your cum," Jill whined, smiling wide as she heard the magic words to light her up even hotter. She loved when guys wanted her to be vocal, when she had to play up her hunger and talk dirty, even to men behind walls. "I want my face covered in superior black men's cum, and to feel it pumping down my throat. And then I want it in my pussy too. And across every inch of me! Cover me in the seed of real men and make me know my place as a white girl living to worship black cocks!" Her thighs rubbed together needily as she went back to her frantic cocksucking, throwing herself into a frenzy to work both dicks over at once, to try and pleasure them both as much as she could. It was a dizzying and insane prospect made all the more mad by the fact that she didn't know how to slow down anymore.

And yet through it all her pussy ached, desperate for touch, wanting so badly to be stuffed full of a thick black dick and hammered until she was owned utterly by the men. She had another spade tattoo, this one right over the top of her cleanly waxed pussy, marking it as a hole only black men were allowed to enter, and she wanted so badly to get spitroasted between the holes in the wall. Wanted to be fucked every which way. Jill was lit up now with a desperate hunger she knew she wouldn't be able to sate without dick, and the thrill of sucking a pair of cocks was leaving her at least primed for the absolute savagery she craved.

Fortunately, Jill didn't need to wait much longer, as she heard the yells from both sides of the wall warning her as to what was coming, and she could not have been happy to jerk both cocks off right in front of her face, mouth open wide to take the facials and allow as much spunk as happenstance had land into her mouth. "Empty those big, fat black balls right onto my slutty face!" Nobody was there to see her crazed, bug-eyed, open-mouthed declaration of slutty need, but she didn't matter; it wasn't only for the boys that she had her facial face out. Most of the thick, gooey, hot streaks of cum splattered across her face, but some of it landed into her mouth, tasting strong and salty.

Once both cocks had emptied themselves all over her face, Jill leaned back against the toilet seat, moaning as she swallowed it all down and said, "Tell your friends to push through the middle holes. One lucky guy is going to fuck my pussy, and the other gets total access to my throat. And I'm an experienced enough black cock addict to know exactly how to deepthroat a real man."

Jill's head spun dizzily about in excitement as she waited, and she didn't have to for long. The doors opened and closed again as men swapped out, a new two occupying the stalls. Quickly moving forward, Jill got herself ready in time, pushing her firm ass up against one wall and bending forward, knees shifting a bit to line her dripping cunt up perfectly with one hole while she pressed her lips up to the other. "Do you boys mind doing all the thrusting? There's not much room in here."

The two black men snickered as they pushed their cocks through the holes in the walls of their respective stalls, not expecting immediately to be sinking into the tight, hot warmth of an eager white bitch's mouth and twat, but she had her holes pushed up against the wall as she braced herself for the spitroast, and she heard the laughter that her eagerness inspired. An excited laughter, one rooted in a desire to give her exactly what she craved, as they pushed their dicks all the way down, and save for what little was robbed by the walls, their cocks were sheathed down her throat and up her cunt with ease.

Jill felt so full, gagging immediately as the thick penetration of her throat left her twitching and sputtering. She'd said she was experienced with deepthroating huge black cocks, and that was true, but she never said that she could handle them silently. Jill loved nothing more than to choke and slobber all over a fat dick filling her throat, so big and deserving of worship that she couldn't even fit it all down properly. It left her lightheaded and utterly amazed, and it was with that eagerness that Jill went all out in revering the amazing dark coloured cock plunging down her throat. Her pussy was much the same way, stretched out by the girthy shaft plunging up into her, and she didn't know how she was going to be able to handle it, but that was what made it so exciting.

Both men went about fucking Jill immediately. There was no reason to wait, given her eagerness and desperate acts, all the warning signs of someone who clearly wanted nothing more than to be fucked, and fucked she would be. Back and forth they rocked, thrusting hard and fast into her holes, relishing in the thrill of a harsh, brutal pounding from both ends, as one of them remarked, "Too many white girls in this club don't know their places, but I think this one's got the right idea."

Jill moaned as she soaked in their approval, loving the virile, dominant men and the way they used her, reinforcing her submission and her declaration that she was black owned, that her body was only meant for them. She was so desperate for attention and for pleasure, and to know they approved of her and her devotion to them made her all the happier as she offered her holes up to their incredible cocks, her body their plaything. They thrust back and forth so harshly, the rabid plundering of her snatch and her throat leaving her happy as her different sorts of fluid dripped from her chin and her folds all at once.

Gagging on a fat dick came with feeling her throat getting nice and plugged up by dick, and Jill's hands braced against the wall as she held herself there, eyes almost rolled back into her head as she took it all, stealing breaths where she could get them and generally just trying her best to remain conscious, even though with two cocks buried so deep inside of her, she'd remain upright no matter what. She felt so full, and the hammering of her pussy, the aching feeling of being stuffed and stretched, pounded raw by a hard, throbbing cock that threatened to breed her right there, only made her head spin even more. She was under so much pleasure from both ends, and nothing in the world could have made Jill happier than this.

The gargling, choking sounds that came from the bathroom stall were tempered by crazed moans that painted a very vivid image of how much Jill was enjoying herself, even for the men who couldn't see her flush up against the sides of the stall and getting spitroasted. But they could imagine, and combining the sounds with the lingering mental image of her calling the group into the bathroom to begin with, they painted amazing images in their minds that weren't far off from the reality of the drooling, red-faced, overly excited BSAA agent slutting it up in a bathroom stall on a Saturday night. 

Trembling as she remained there, listening to them call her a white whore and a nice cocksucker, Jill just relished in all of it. The cruel words, the harsh thrusts, the big cocks. All of it, hitting her all at once and leaving her mind and her body so lit up with frustration and desire that there was no way she could have held herself back for very long from the thrill of release, and so she didn't even try. The night was still young, after all, and she was too gone to care, moaning as she shut her eyes tightly. Her pussy tightened greedily down on the cock buried in her pussy, while the vibrations of her moans rumbled through the lining of her throat wrapped snug around the cock she was sucking, and it helped drive both men immediately over the edge too.

Being cummed on was great. It made Jill feel marked and humiliated, truly black owned as she wore their cum with pride. But to feel it fire off inside of her was even better still. Pumping down her throat, sticky and slimy as it slid down into her stomach and settled there with a gooey thrill. Shooting into her pussy, where it flooded into her womb, a dirty and careless risk she didn't need to take, but which made her feel all the happier as she relished in the debauchery as hard as she could. All while the cocks twitched inside of her, all but trembling as the men held themselves in place, groaning and delighting in the feeling of her body's eager, desperate surrender.

The two dicks pulled out of Jill at once, as she swallowed down her drool and gasped for air, cum leaking from her sloppy twat as she purred. "You boys are so great. Nngh, and whichever lucky hung black stud gets to me next gets to fuck a big, firm white ass." She slipped down further, pushing her rear up against the wall and saying, "So who wants to take the little white fucktoy next?"


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