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Chapter 24 - Anju and Cremia - Take a Load Off (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 24 - Anju and Cremia - Take a Load Off (C)

Chapter 24 - Anju and Cremia - Take a Load Off (C)
Commission for J.
Cremia understood the value of taking some time off of work, and even though the rigors of farm life and having to raise her kid sister in the absence of their parents took a great toll on her, she had a much more stress-free attitude than Anju, whose entire life had become about the Stock Pot Inn, a job that certainly saw her on her feet and dealing with a lot of work, but nothing so intense that anything other than pure build-up and exhaustion could have been to blame for how tightly wound she'd become. Something had to give, and Cremia wanted it to be Anju's stuffiness instead of Anju's mental health, so she dragged her out of the house and out to a night on the town at the usual places Cremia went to relax.

And for the part, Anju was okay with a change of scenery for the night, until she found herself on her knees, staring at a hole in the wall with a pair of blue lipstick dropped in her lap. "This doesn't seem like it's going to help me with my stress at all," she said, blushing furiously as she looked at her best friend with utter terror on her face.

"That's only because you're too pent up to even realize how much of a relief sex can be," Cremia replied in kind, running her own red lipstick across her lips. "Come on, this will be fun. You said you trust me to give you an enjoyable night, and this is what I think you need. Once you get down and dirty with some guy you don't know and can't see, you won't even be able to think about the things that are bothering you."

Anju had her doubts. There was no way for her not to have her doubts, really; this was an insane prospect and she knew it just as well as Cremia knew it, but she had indeed put her stress relief into Cremia's hands, and should have known that the night would lead them down this path; she could either accept it and try to have some fun, or prove Cremia entirely right about her being too tightly wound for her own good. What was a girl to do other than accept the weird lot in life she'd been dealt? "I suppose it's worth a try," she said, opening up the lipstick tube and applying the blue across her lips. "Why are they different colours?"

The answer came in two parts for Anju; the first was when a cock pressed through the hole and the innkeeper nearly stumbled back as she gasped from the sight of the very long dick suddenly greeting her. The other was when Cremia grabbed the base of it and said, "Because we're not just going to share this dick, we're going to compete with it," as her smile broadened wide. She leaned in and planted a kiss onto the cock head, purring as she opened her lips up and let her tongue toy with it, slithering around the shaft as she sized up the cock and readied herself for what was to come. "But it's okay, Anju. I promise to start off slow so that you can keep up with it."

Mildly entranced by the sheer size of the dick she was staring at, and by the come-hither look her friend shot her, Anju leaned forward, a little nervous and very embarrassed by all of this, but nonetheless willing to lean forward and kiss the head too, her thumb and index fingers slowly grasping the base and intertwining with Cremia's fingers. She held steady, ensuring she was better positioned to handle this as she felt the tightness in her chest, a certain twisted thrill surging through her. It was hard not to be excited as she began to lick at the meaty dick poking out of the wall. Not as fast as Cremia was doing it, or even with as much heart and intensity, but still finding herself shuddering as she sank into something twisted and crazy.

Cremia knew then that she had something here, purring happily as her tongue teased her down, licking along the intimidating length of the dick. It wasn't going to be a walk in the park to get Anju to unwind and relax at long last, but Cremia had been intent on achieving her goals, and to see her working at the dick was a good sign that there was a clear path to victory laid out for her. She wanted to push her further though, and as her tongue dragged back up along the length of the dick, leaving a trail of saliva along the way, she stole a sloppy tongue kiss with Anju against the dick, eyes flickering with delight.

Anju's cheeks light up and her eyes went wide as she felt the tongue pushing against hers. The surprise shook her, but she was intent on keeping on with it and having the fun Cremia insisted she needed, closing her eyes and moaning as she leaned in and met the tongue with her own, unable to believe she was kissing Cremia, let alone with a dick between their lips, but maybe there was something to this crazy sort of fun after all. Something to get lost in and carried away by. She was suddenly more eager to find out now than ever, as their tongues danced along the cock, breaking away to lap at whatever inch of flesh their whims carried them off to, before meeting back in the middle again for more. This was something so far removed from sane or typical for Anju, and that kept it exciting.

"Show me what you can do," Cremia purred, pulling back and biting her lip as she left Anju free to suck the cock by herself. "We'll judge winning by two parts; whose lipstick reaches the furthest, and who makes him cum."

There should maybe have been some questions--Anju didn't even know if winning was for anything or how they would deal with a tie, or even what the point in competing over this was--but the creeping lust coming over her and the urging to just let loose kept her from questioning anything or asking why as she shifted her position a little bit to better get to the cock. Drawing a sharp breath and steadying herself, Anju got as ready as she felt she could possibly be for sucking a dick at a glory hole, and she was staunchly aware of the fact that even her most ready was nowhere near ready enough, but how could she say no? She leaned forward, taking the cock a few inches into her mouth and starting to suck on it.

Her head bobbed slowly, as woeful inexperience showed quickly. This wasn't the first guy she'd been with, but the list was a short one and she'd never had to deal with a penis of this size before, nor the carnal scene of a glory hole. She went at it like it was a sensual night at home with her boyfriend, her head moving slowly. It was all she knew how to do, and she was good at it, good enough even to draw a confused groan from the man who suddenly felt the pace of what was happening slow down a bit as a fairly shallow but very intensely passionate blowjob. It was certainly jarring, to say the least.

Anju didn't know how long a 'turn' was supposed to be, but she pulled back when she felt she'd sucked it enough, leaving a mark of blue around the dick as she looked back at Cremia, who was trying so hard to suppress a laugh that her face was threatening to go beet red. "It's okay, you're learning," she said, trying not to crack a smile as Anju stared daggers at her. Eager to return the pace to what it was supposed to be, Cremia took charge, gulping the dick down and starting to suck on it, knowing she was going to leave her friend scandalized by the sight, but all too happy to set the stage properly.

Cremia's approach to sucking cock involved something lurid enough to earn that description, as she took it into her mouth deep and immediately went about noisily, sloppily paying oral worship to whatever dick was in front of her. There was nothing gentle or sweet about what she did, nothing even remotely composed or sensible. She liked it steady and messy, slobbering all over a nice cock with an utter lack of grace. In her eyes, it was all she could do to soothe her frustrations; a mindless, careless approach to sex afforded her a freedom to let loose and go all out, finding relief through doing something so far removed from what her life was.

And Anju had zero idea what to make of it, watching wide-eyed as her friend began to give sloppy head before her eyes and show her how it was done. Was this how it was done? She'd never conceived of such an approach before, but she could hear the man on the other side moaning louder than he had at her technique, and it was hard to argue with results like that. It left her blushing and squirming nervously on her knees, watching in awe at the way Cremia shamelessly and boldly gave the cock a steady, shameless sucking, and she could tell by the way she moved that she wasn't even taking it as far down as she could yet.

When Cremia pulled away, the red lipstick pushed further along the shaft, a challenge left in smears along the dick as she shifting the cock back over to Anju, but didn't pull away this time, keeping her face close in as she watched her friend push forward with renewed inspiration. Anju had to turn the embarrassment into something productive, had to find some way to hold her own and prove that she was capable too, and that meant taking the cock down deeper than she had been expecting to, and giving a very different kind of blowjob to the man she didn't know.

Deeper into her mouth, the dick pushed against the back of her throat, and Anju felt like she was going too far with this, but Cremia was so close to her and watching her every motion, and she felt like she had to try. She worked her head back and forth, sucking the cock at that position, her lipstick smearing along the dick as she gave a noisier, wetter blowjob, one that saw her moving her head faster, the speed steadily creeping upward as she figured out how to get the motion down and how to do this. Determination carried her in ways that she could have never imagined it carrying her before, and nothing stayed stronger within her mind than the certainty that she could do this, come hell or high water. Somehow, some way, she was going to prove herself to Cremia.

"You're loving this aren't you?" Cremia moaned into Anju's ear, making her whimper. "Sucking a stranger's cock on a glory hole... Down on your knees in the middle of a dark, cramped stall. I can see that you're enjoying this more and more. Go on, embrace it."

But Anju knew her time was up, coming back up for air and shuddering as she withdrew, biting her lip and wiping some drool off of her chin. "Your turn," she said shakily, but the bright red across her face spoke louder than the words she used, and Cremia felt so smug as she went back to work on the dick again.

This time, Cremia held nothing back as she deepthroated the cock, moaning as she let it slide down, gagging happily as she took it in, pushing the lipstick line even further down. It was as much about sating her own hunger for dick as it was about making Anju stare in awe at what she was doing, about making damn certain that she was helping ease her friend further and further down not only into taking the cock, but into loosening up and having some fun, accepting her breed of unwinding. It was of vital importance to Cremia, and the fact that she had a thick, salty prize waiting for her at the end of this made it all the better.

Drool dripping down her chin as she slobbered and choked on the cock, throating it easily and showing absolutely no concern for anything other than getting more. She could feel Anju's eyes on her, knew her friend was fretting with the hem of her dress, and she was loving every second of teasing her with the fun she was having. There was no composure in this, but who needed dignity when she was having so much fun? Leaving lipstick smears on a stranger's dick and releasing her inhibitions meant that Cremia could have the time of her life without hesitation or reason to apologize to anybody.

As she pulled back and gasped for air, she could not have been happier to say, "Your turn," just as Cremia had to her, but far more satisfied and ragged. She was loving this, and watched eagerly to see what Anju would do.

Emboldened by what she'd seen and fighting some reluctant urge within her to shirk away, Anju pushed forward, refusing to not at least try to keep up with Cremia as the dick found itself once more at the back of her throat, but this time she didn't waver or worry as she pushed forward and did her best, gripping her dress tightly at either side as she let the cock slip into her throat. Her gagging was louder than Cremia's, and she shivered as she felt the way her body tried to urge her not to, but Anju was determined now.

Watching with wide eyes, Cremia couldn't believe she was actually seeing Anju deepthroat a cock, turned on unbearably by the sight of it as the determined, shorter haired redhead pushed further down the dick with a determined stare in her eyes. But Cremia knew she had to get in on this as she listened to Anju's sweet sounds of sloppy, throaty struggle. "Go on," she urged. "Take it deeper. You're going to make a great glory hole cocksucker after all, and I can already tell you're loving this."

Anju shivered as she sucked, head rocking along the shaft eagerly, each time accepting it deep into her throat and showing an uncanny willingness to get dirty with the whole thing, insane as it was. How could she help herself? The more she got of it, the more her worries melted away. A freedom swelled within her chest that finally helped her understand what was happening and why, and she accepted it with glee, moaning as she slurped on the fat dick with a careless lust and an exhilaration that only grew hotter as she let all control slip away from her. Cremia had been so right about all of this and now she was just along for the sloppy, slutty ride.

A ride that ended quite suddenly, and a loud grunt from the other side left Anju pulling back in worry, not sure what was happening, but that only guaranteed that the cock was most of the way out of her mouth again when he came, the sudden twitching of the dick in her mouth sending shots of gooey hot spunk flooding into her mouth, filling it up with all that salty, powerful flavour, enough to make Anju pull back in surprise and gasp for air as more shot onto her face, streaking along her features as they burned as red as her hair in the wake of what she'd done and the mess it had made.

But Cremia wasn't worried about any of that as she lunged forward, grabbing Anju and pulling her into a kiss, moaning as she got at the cum she'd earned, swapping it back into her mouth and sharing it with Anju, who softened against her touch and sank into the sultry locking of lips and the sharing of her prize. It was messy and reckless and not at all what Anju thought her day was going to be, but fuck did it feel amazing. She moaned into the sloppy kiss and relished in how freeing it felt to just let go.

When they broke away and saw the cock still there, still rigid, they both gasped. "Anju..." Cremia said, leaning forward and staring. "Did you really..."

The lipstick smears were a mess of blue and red mingling together, but at the very furthest end was a ring of unmistakable blue with almost no red even dragged in to mar it. A perfect, solid circle. 

"By the goddess," Anju said. "I can't believe that... Oh, Cremia you were so right about all of this. I'm having fun tonight. More than I've had in such a long time, and I want to do this again with you some time! I don't want to be stressed any more, and this is such a great way to get away from all of it."

"Why wait until some other time?" Cremia said, applying a new coating of lipstick. "I want a round two, and this time, I'm not going easy."


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