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Chapter 25 - D.Va - Fan Appreciation (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 25 - D.Va - Fan Appreciation (C)

Chapter 25 - D.Va - Fan Appreciation (C)
Commission for simo09.
Hana knew that half the point of a glory hole was the mutual anonymity of the matter, but she also knew that part of the magic in that anonymity was being able to imagine someone unreasonably attractive on the other side. Which was why she was all too happy to look over her shoulder and wink at one of the cameras set up; the idea of actually being serviced at a glory hole by Hana "D.Va" Song herself was a level of fantasy that nobody could have ever imagined even with total anonymity, and she knew where the real magic today was. She held the peace sign up to her cheek, wondering what the reaction was.

The biggest gaming convention in America was proving a much different beast than the ones she was used to back home, but what really piqued her curiosity was the glory hole that ran twenty four hours through the three days of the convention, a way for attendees to work off some stress. There was a video feed in the actual glory hole room to show the inside, usually some gorgeous woman paid to cosplay and suck nerd dicks all day, but the presence of a bona fide gaming celebrity, not to mention the girl who had won the Starcraft tournament hours before, was the kind of shock that set her slight; she could already hear the shocked noises coming from the other side of the room, a room full up with chairs for guys waiting their turns, whipped into a sudden furor by what was coming.

But why stop there? Hana felt like she wanted to give something to her fans even if they couldn't be there, which was why she had brought her laptop and split it into the feed, streaming her glory hole video on her twitch channel for all the world to see. That was where she really wondered about the reception; she figured her chat was going to blow up in the wake of what was about to happen, and that sort of dirty thrill was already getting her lit up with excitement in its own twisted little way. Even in that claustrophobic little box, a portable stall with holes in all the walls, openable and closable at the discretion of whoever was inside, and Hana felt like she'd start slow but open up more soon enough.

"Two hours ago, I was fucking up my opponents on the big screen, but now, I'm the one getting fucked." After flashing a wide smile, she shifted back toward the hole. She had an old MEKA uniform torn in the front that she had modified by simply removing most of it, exposing her breasts and running all the way down her body to show off her neatly waxed pussy and her round ass, leaving everything from the waist down to be much more like boots than actual pants. It was just enough costume to keep what she knew was peoples' love for her tight outfit alive, while still showing off her goods and surely sending Twitch chat into a frenzy.

With the sight she had just put on and the guarantee that people wanted a piece of her, it was almost no time at all before the hole she knelt before had a dick poking out of it, the excited, gasping gaming champion quickly grasping it into a gloved hand. "That didn't take very long," she purred, licking her lips as she eyed the hefty, meaty shaft she held, giving it a nice few quick strokes to help it along as she settled happily into a nice, steady place. "You boys are all in for something very lucky. Are you a fan of me?"

"Yes," she heard on the other side. "I love watching you dominate at Starcraft, D.Va. A-and protect us in your MEKA too." Some very lucky guy couldn't believe his luck, feeling the angry stares on his back of people all jealously watching as he got the first shot at being able to receive a nice glory hole sucking from D.Va herself. He recognized their feelings, and thrived on them.

"Good. Because I want to do something to pay back my fans for helping get me this far, so consider this a fan appreciation night, okay?" Jerking off the cock of some unseen man left D.Va smiling and squirming in place, knelt before a wall that was about to give her the chance to fuck strangers without ever seeing their faces, and while they knew who she was perfectly. It was a bizarre arrangement, but in the sheer parity D.Va found something thrilling; maybe she wouldn't be anonymous, but they would be, and yet if she passed any of them on the convention floor tomorrow, she'd never know that she sucked their cocks. It was a weird thing to think, and it drove her to stroke faster and faster as this insane idea began to grow into something more twisted than she would have ever expected.

But nobody came here for a handjob, and Hana knew it. She had to get to work, and took the initiative, leaning forward and dragging her tongue along the cock, taking another moment to admire what she was looking at. At the long, thick dick she held in her hand. "I hope all my fans are as big as you are," she says, licking her lips as she realized the size she was dealing with in relation to her mouth, and she knew she was in for something incredible, leaning on the verge of more than she knew what to deal with.

There was no way to do this but just go for it, and as much as this was probably more insane than she should have been okay with, but drawing it out wouldn't do anything for her. D.Va opened her mouth wide and pushed forward, taking the head in and closing down around it, not that she needed to close it very much. She got a nice, tight seal around the cock head and began suck on it, hand moving steadily along the majority of the shaft as she deigned to start slow, figuring she could ease herself down steadily into what she was about to do and not get too carried away with it all, rather than going too fast too soon and getting burned for it.

In all honesty the guy on the other side of the wall, standing there with his cock pushed through for the gaming icon to toy with, would have died happy with just a handjob alone from the gorgeous esports champion, but who was he to complain as he felt the warm, wet mouth envelop the head of his cock? All Hana heard was the delighted groan of a man so vocally aware of how lucky he was that it set her cheeks alight, and she pushed a little further, balancing the steady motion of her head rocking slowly back and forth along it with the tightness of her mouth as she noisily sucked on the tip. She'd never had to handle a cock quite this large before, but determination guided her into what she was about to do.

Each forward motion of Hana's head primed her to get just a little bit further along the dick, just a little bit more steady. Intent on making this work and knowing that her entire chat room was watching her blowjob prowess being publicly bandied, she pushed forward, wanting to impress and to please. Hana came into this with full awareness and eagerness toward the very exhibitionistic elements of this, and had heaped even more on by hooking a laptop up to stream it on Twitch and wearing a modified version of her uniform to show off everything. This was the grand unveiling of everything exhibitionistic about Hana Song and she couldn't let this be anything other than perfect.

Deeper she sucked, moaning as she slurped the cock down, let it push further into her mouth, and she couldn't believe she could even handle this all. If this was the fate that awaited her then she really couldn't have been happier, sucking down a big dick and learning that she was able to take much more than she thought she could, moaning as she went at it with vigor. Usually she'd play to the camera a lot more, but here she figured that nobody wanted to see that as much as they wanted to see the championship gamer so enthralled by cock that she couldn't focus on anything else, and she pushed forward eagerly, supplying that fixation in kind as she found herself very easily fascinated by what she was sucking on.

It didn't take long for her other hand to reach down between her legs, which opened a bit more so that she could get at her pussy, a pair of gloved fingers pushing eagerly into her. Even with the coverage of her suit over her fingers she could feel how wet she was, her inner walls quivering against her fingers as she pushed them in deeper, rocking them steadily along to the pace of her cocksucking, moaning as she slurped the dick down, let it push to the back of her throat, where she finally felt some mental resistance telling her to not get carried away. But still, the hefty amount of dick she had in her mouth was plenty to give him a nice, deep, devoted sucking, and she worked eagerly at it for a while.

The tight, wet heat of Hana's mouth left the cock throbbing in excitement, driven not only by the pleasure it offered but by who it belonged to, as the man on the other end stared up at the screen directly above him, watching the MEKA pilot suck his cock eagerly. With her modified uniform, her cheeks still marked with pink and her headphones styled after the headset she wore in battle, she wasn't just there to pleasure, she had made sure that visually speaking she had gone the extra step to throw some showmanship into it, and the way she had dressed all out rather than gone in casual clothes made the sight even more captivating not only for the man watching entranced as he pushed up against the wall, but for the many people watching at home or on the larger screen in the room for those who waited.

It didn't take very long at all for Hana to get what she wanted, to hear those groans from the other end of the wall that signified he was getting close, and she was all too happy to keep going, moaning as she kept hard at work, trying to draw his orgasm from him with all the eagerness she could muster. Her fingers twisted hotter against her dripping folds, amazed by just how much pleasure she got off of the sheer thrill of this all. It was pushing boundaries she hadn't expected to be, experimenting with the arousing thought that of her seven digit fan base, there could easily have been a million people watching her suck cock, on top of the unfettered delight of going all out and just getting the sex she craved.

With one last gasp, he came, and Hana pulled back sharply, crying out in delight as she jerked the cock off as fast as she could in her eager big to wring out every last drop from it. She'd never taken a facial before, but this was a special occasion and she wanted to impress, moaning as she let the cum splash forward and leave her face with a nice, gooey coating all over. She shivered and twisted happily as she felt all that warm semen land in long streaks across her features, before turning toward the camera and smiling, eyes wide and begging for more as she laid some kisses down onto the cock. Even if she was mostly doing it for the men waiting their turns, D.Va definitely wanted to make sure the faithful watchers of her stream got to see what her fuck-me eyes looked like. 

The cock withdrew slowly from the hole, and Hana happily purred, "Thank you for coming," as she watched him withdraw, emphasizing the word 'coming' as much as she could as she licked some of the cum from around her lips. She kept her fingers pushing in and out of her dripping twat, feeling her inner folds quiver around her fingers as she drew closer toward release. She was about to call out for another dick in her impatience, but thankfully one pushed forward before she had to, just as nice as the first one. "All you boys have such big dicks," she moaned, feverishly grabbing it with her hand, bringing her lips up to it and giving it plenty of licks and kisses.

Her approach to this new cock was faster than the first one, driven by the hotter flames burning inside of her. Hana couldn't keep herself contained any longer, giving this new dick a sloppy, slutty rush of appreciation as she let herself get carried away by it all, moaning against the shaft she left a nice, messy coating on. This was what the audience wanted and she knew it though, eagerly giving everyone watching whether at home or just beyond the wall a sight of what it looked like when D.Va was given utterly to some vulgar sense of bliss she didn't know how to control.

Going all out on the cock was one thing, but Hana wanted to do even more than just lick it. She pushed forward, feeling the shamelessness surge up within her, thrumming hot and fast as she took the cock into her mouth. Each bob of her head took it down quickly, and even for as hefty as the cock she was sucking was, Hana made quick work of it. In short order it was right back where the other one was and so much quicker, a testament to how much she ached with a twisted kind of need, and Hana wanted so much more still.

There was only one way to get more, and she didn't even hesitate as she took it into her throat, moaning as she sank forward and put herself to the test like never before. She understood it was a lot to do, and she especially understood that she was reckless for doing so, but as she throated the cock, even the sloppy gagging noises that spilled up couldn't stop her, as her eyes went wide and everything hit its peak for her. This was what she had needed. Craved, even. It was a lot to handle but she was determined, stubbornly shoving forward and taking the cock down deeper, willing to do whatever it took now to show off as the hand not madly pounding away at her pussy simply grabbed pushed against the wall for stability as she continued to greedily deepthroat the lucky guy on the other hand.

The pleasure that burned within her as she pushed her body's limits by deepthroating such a big dick were absolutely incredible. She couldn't get enough of the way her head buzzed, and alongside every choking noise she made as her throat spasmed around the dick was a throb across her body. Minutes ago, D.Va hadn't thought she could even fit a dick this size into her mouth well enough to give it a proper sucking, but now she was doing so much more than fitting one into her mouth, and she wasn't even done yet. Back and forth her head went, gladly rocking along the cock and giving a careless, messy approach to properly slobbering all over this fat cock and letting it carry her away.

Faster her fingers pumped, twisting about clumsily inside of her, as amid all the noisy, throaty sounds she made she couldn't even hear the groans coming from the other side of the wall. She was going fast enough to be practically facefucking herself, almost forgetting about the wall between her and the man she was fellating until her lips pushed right up against it; she had run out of cock, and the entire intimidating shaft was buried down her gullet, which nearly pushed her over the edge right there on pure realization. The thought of being able to pull off something like this made her feel both dirty and excited at the same time; she was riding a special kind of high that she had never felt before, and there was no going back once she'd had a taste of it now.

Although she didn't know it for sure, she was certain people were losing their minds, and they were. Her stream chat exploded with awe as she throated every last inch of the cock, her every push forward planting a kiss onto the wall she was sucking cock at. Nobody knew what to make of any of it, but there had never been more people simultaneously masturbating to one of D.Va's streams as there were that night, with people so in awe about what happened that for the seven digit viewer count she got, the chat should have been even more active still, but nobody wanted to spam emotes with one hand. Word was spreading like wildfire, and the amount of attention and explaining that Hana would have to do when she was done playing slut were far greater than she could have ever expected.

Although it was a bit challenging to breathe, there was a thrill to deepthroating a cock this big that Hana couldn't get enough of, and she didn't care about the mess she made, the big strands of spit dripping from her mouth as she sloppily fellated the cock. There was time to breathe when she had gotten him off, and when she had finished too; her fingers were toiling faster between her legs and she had tightened her grip up, thighs pinning her hand down as she worked happily to try and get off faster and harder than she could have ever dreamt of.

"I'm going to cum, D.Va!" called the man on the other end, loud enough to overcome even the sounds of her sloppy cocksucking, and Hana drew back in a panic.

"Cum on me!" she yelled, the passion within her lit up by the sudden swell of pleasure hitting her. Sensation tore through her quickly, and she was left crying out in surprise and bliss as the climax hit her with dizzying speed. She moaned loudly, nearly a scream as she threw her head back, jerking the cock off with one hand as the other hand pushed fingers all the way into her needy twat as it spasmed and ached, her body burning up with pleasure just in time for her to be hit by another big gush of spunk splashing all over her face, another gooey load she was able to feverishly jerk out of the cock as she took the warmth onto her face and felt it widen into a broader smile.

"I'm never going to be able to reward all of my fans at this speed," she said, pulling a hand from between her legs, quim dripping from the gloved tips as she grabbed the cover over the other hole and pulled it off. "So it's time to raise my APM!" Two cocks pushed quickly forward, before Hana could even shift herself into a good position knelt between them, and she smiled in delight. "All of my fans are so hung! I wish I could let every fan fuck me!"

Both hands reached out, each grasping a cock and stroking quickly as she found herself with two dicks in hand and little in the way of an actually constructive plan to deal with them all. But she wasn't going to let such a silly thing as not having any idea what she was doing stop her from slutting it up, as she leaned in to start licking at one of the cocks, giving it a nice tongue bathing before switching quickly to the other hand. She closed her eyes, thinking back to the times she'd seen videos like this and what they did there; she was going to have to think fast on her feet to work over both dicks at once, because otherwise, what was the point in opening that second hole up?

Aside from making her feel even dirtier than she already was.

It wasn't too hard to find a good rhythm, the only problem she found being that in the brief few seconds she pulled off of one cock and moved over to the other, she didn't have a dick in her mouth, and she was really too horny at that point to be able to live with not having a cock to suck on for even a second. She gave each dick a nice, brief little sucking, emboldened by the fact that she could fit that last cock down so deep into her throat to go all out on slurping the dick down fast and as deep as she felt like, before moving over to the other one. With her hands giving wet, spit-slick handjobs to the bases of both cocks she didn't even have to go down that far, giving the boys only peeks at her throat, but what she lost in feeling the slutty struggle deep down her gullet was more than made up for in the fact that she had two dicks at once to please, and jerking them off made sure that she wasn't leaving one guy too without any pleasure at all.

She just wished she didn't need both hands to do it, because she was soaking wet with need. Quim dripped down her thighs, left a puddle of arousal on the floor as she worked hard and fast at the cocks even if it was leaving her wanting. She knew she had to keep it going but she needed something inside of her needy cunt to slake the thirst she was being overwhelmed by. She could only imagine what everyone was thinking as she went at the dicks, wondering how many viewers she had and what kind of reactions she was going to wake up to. Not that she cared, proudly showing off a different side of herself. A side that craved indulgence, and the fact that knowing she had countless people watching her sloppily worship two cocks at once was turning her on so much was its own little affirmation that she was on the right track here.

Everything about her mouth was a dream come true for the two guys, who stood side by side with their dicks in the wall, not even minding that they had to share mouth time as the hands slid along their dicks, the mere fact that this was all happening being more than enough for them. That the gorgeous Hana Song was actually servicing them at a glory hole, her breasts jiggling as drool ran down them, her modified MEKA uniform making her body an absolute dream to watch. If they weren't at home they would have been masturbating just like the people watching at home, but to actually be there in the flesh and feel her hot mouth around the dicks was paradise.

Paradise enough that neither boy lasted very long, and Hana was pulling back before long, moaning as she stared over at the camera, sticking her tongue out and readying her face with a lurid expression, just waiting for them to give her their gooey treats. She jerked both cocks off happily, a moaning wreck with two facials proudly worn already, but the third and fourth were definitely something special. Double the cum landing on her face at once, coming in from opposite directions to deliver twice the warmth and twice the slutty bliss to the happy gamer who moaned, wiggling in her kneeling position before them as she gladly took the offered treats that were the sign she had done her job perfectly.

Four loads of cum on her face was far more than D.Va had ever felt before, and there was something so exhilarating about it. But there was one thing she wanted to change immediately. "I don't think I want to suck two dicks at once again. I like it better when I have just one to focus on." She let it hang for a moment, hearing the groan of disappointment from the guy who was already getting his dick out in front of the second hole as she closed it shut again, giggling as she added, "But... I do think I want someone to fuck me now, too. Sucking cock has me so turned on right now, and I want to enjoy myself even more." She reached behind her, opening the hole on the opposite end and smiling as she heard the rapid footsteps of the disappointed guy realizing he was about to get something even better.

Rising up to her feet, Hana got into position, the stall designed to be big enough for exactly this. A hole at each end and lined up meant it was perfect for getting spitroasted, and she was so happy to push herself up against the wall, hands bracing against the wall as she spread her legs and her lips in tandem, readying herself for something so much more exciting than she knew what to do with.

It didn't take very long at all for the dicks to descend upon the eager gamer, who moaned as cocks pushed into the stall from both ends. She greedily slurped the one in front of her down, relishing in pressing forward and letting it fill her throat back up with that amazing, slutty sensation as she wiggled her hips, shoving her bubble butt right up against the stall wall as she let the other slide into her primed pussy, hot and aching for the pleasure that followed. Fingers had nothing on a meaty, fat cock pushing into her, and she felt so delighted and full as it took her, as she moaned in hoarse delight around the cock buried down her gullet and got started.

Just as she was filled from both ends with cock--not that Hana would ever know about the timing--her channel shattered Twitch's all time concurrent viewership record. All to the sight of the eager gamer being spitroasted, and being so very happy about it. She rocked back and forth as she started to get into the groove, used to having to move her head but needing to do so much more here to handle all the things she had to handle. The cock in her pussy felt so good, and thankfully it was a simple enough motion to just shove back against it, rocking feverishly back and forth as her head tried to accommodate the motion of her body in moderating the way her head moved, but before long even that melted away in favour of just going as fast as she could at the dick before her.

After waiting so long with her hands occupied, having a warm and massive cock pounding her dripping pussy was just what D.Va needed, and making it all the better still was the fact that her throat was nice and full too, both holes taking dicks a bit bigger than she could have expected and stretched out a bit to accommodate them. Once more sloppily gagging loudly and drooling down onto the floor, she felt like she was being tested, but in the best of ways, and her knees shivered as she worked happily back and forth to try and handle it all, loving the feeling she was in for as she got to work at pleasuring from both ends.

There was no more over dramatic way to reveal her appetites and the sort of girl that lay beneath the surface of the cheery gamer, and she was so happy to be able to do it so publicly, to expose herself as she got fucked by strangers, spitroasted with walls separating her anonymous lovers but nonetheless being able to broadcast it very broadly from her little box. It felt so strange, but the pleasure was impossible to deny, and the thrill of exhibitionism even in that narrow stall provided a heady contrast that made her mind spin with more than she could handle, but it all went where it mattered; to her pleasure centers, igniting her body with the powerful swell of lust.

Her ass jiggled vigorously from the impact down against the wall each time she shoved against it in her desperate bid for cock. Each impact was noisy, and the sounds of sex and slobbering cock worship filled the stall as she worked tirelessly, the feeling of deepthroating a nice, meaty dick proving what she needed to push the bliss of getting fucked over the edge. There was something so perfect about the way it all came together, the way the pleasures met in the middle to form something she couldn't get enough of. Hana burned for more and the feeling of utter bliss wasn't something she could easily shake, the muffled, gagging moans that rose up a sign of just how eagerly gone she was. Nothing felt quite as good as the blinding sensation becoming so intoxicating that she didn't think about anything other than the pure thrill of more.

And she knew there were plenty of guys to go. Hana had slotted herself in for hours of service with a cocky certainty she could handle it, and now that she was drunk on cock, she felt like she had made the best possible decision. Of course, this was also probably awakening a few other things inside of her that she would have to figure out how to deal with, like what she'd do at cons and tournaments that didn't have an officially set up glory hole to service, but she would deal with those worries when the time came, more than open to the idea of furthering her sluttery down whatever avenues presented themselves if they felt even half as satisfying as this did.

It was with those lofty, aching delights in mind, paired with the cocks hammering her holes from in front and behind, that drove Hana over the edge, made her choke and yell around the dick in her throat as she gave in. She nearly didn't pull back in time, screaming as she drew away and not even able to get her hand onto the dick to jerk it off before it blew its load, landing onto her face but especially in her mouth, where it settled onto her tongue with all that pungent, salty delight that drove her mad. Her fingers tightened against the wall as she shoved back one last time, the orgasmic spasming of her pussy milking the cock within her for a massive load pumped deep into her hole, and for as good as the warmth landing on her face felt, the warmth shooting right into her womb felt so much better still.

As the dicks pulled out, D.Va fell to her knees, moaning as she slumped down against the wall for a moment, staring forward at the camera. Her legs were spread, revealing her creampied pussy already dripping with spunk as she sat there, wearing five facials. She put up double peace signs against each of her cheeks, rolling back as she let her tongue roll out, cum drooling from her mouth as she shuddered, moaning an eager, "I'm a slut for my fans," with a quivering earnest before the next cock pushed through, the gamer almost immediately abandoning the theatrics to gobble the dick right up.

This was even more fun than stomping at the start of a new ranked season.


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