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Chapter 27 - Ciri - Awkward Meetings (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 27 - Ciri - Awkward Meetings (C)

Chapter 27 - Ciri - Awkward Meetings (C)
Anonymous commission.
Another hunt contract, another boresome village with a glory hole. It surprised Ciri to see it when she passed by the building on her arrival into the village, and some part of her wondered if there had been these sorts of things everywhere she went and she only just now begun to notice them. Whatever the case, it wasn't very long at all before she found some time after settling in to pay it a visit, recounting her experiences at the last one, the troll being a bit of a strange one, but other local men later passing by that she was all too happy to service as well, and the thrill of it had her soon enough down on her knees in front of this new hole.

Cirilla didn't have to wait long for a cock to push through the hole, for her eyes to light up with delight as she reached forward to grasp the shaft, purring and giving it a few strokes before she could even get a good look at it. Too impatient to think it through, she just started stroking, letting her hands feel out the cock before her eyes were even able to soak it all in, in the dimly lit conditions of the shack she had knelt down in. It was an impressive cock, one that made her bite her lip as she began to admire it more closely, her hand certainly giving an impression as to its generous length and remarkable thickness, but it was all so much better when her eyes could soak it all in, when she could mentally compare it to every other dick she'd sucked at one of these stalls, and it was certainly one of the best. Beaten only in size by the troll cock, but infinitely better for not being a troll cock.

There were no words, no playful banter or hints that the woman down there stroking a cock was the same white haired stranger passing through the village. She felt no reason to out herself, or to interact with anything other than the big dick pushing through the wall, the sweet, enticing treat of indulgence that left her leaning greedily forward and licking up and down the shaft, her tongue lapping happily at the shaft as she let herself get carried away by the growing sense of indulgent need burning between her legs. There was too much else to do to worry about making nice and introducing herself to the man she was about to give a shameful anonymous blowjob to, and she didn't hesitate in the least to get to work on what really mattered.

Bringing her lips forward, Ciri kissed the head a few times, letting her tongue slowly slither its way out of her mouth to caress it as she took her sweet, patient time with what she was doing. There was no reason to rush in her eyes, no hurry that demanded her attention or her time aside from the cock in front of her, which let her savour the experience, purring softly as she licked at his cock, letting the motion come to her. The already slow burning arousal inside of her could wait a moment longer until she was more riled up and more ready to go, certain it would consume her in time and that she would be better off for it. All the experience she had gathered in the wake of her contract being concluded was all brought to the table, as she learned how to expertly pace her glory hole cocksuckings.

Her tongue licked further down the shaft, her lips pressing kisses and moans into the cock as she showed it the attention it deserved, and in particular deserved more than any other cock she had sucked before, fixated by the delights taking her from within. Her tongue left streaks of saliva along it that her quick handjob used to get quicker, making his whole shaft nice and wet with the steady build up of saliva coming from each successive lick. She took her sweet time with him, letting this stranger acquaint himself with her mouth slowly over time, rather than all at once. She liked it better that way, getting lost in the bubbling thrill of a slow build and the way she worked the man on the other side into his own frustrations.

When her mouth finally wrapped around his head, she heard a groan of relief from the other end, one that set her cheeks alight as she pressed forward and began to suck harder on the cock, more eager and excited than ever as she pressed onward. The cock sank deeper into her mouth as the excited, white haired woman began to give him a warmer, wetter reception, the heat of her mouth providing a perfect spot for him to feel his cock be sank right into. As her moans rumbled through her mouth, the embrace became even better still, as the drawn out process of her even getting his dick into her mouth was a prospect she made exciting and increasingly arousing.

But for as slow as her start was, Ciri was getting unbearably horny almost embarrassingly fast, and she didn't stay slow, moaning as she slurped the cock down deeper, head rocking quickly back and forth as she began to get carried away by the sudden rush of excitement seizing her from within, making her tighten up and whine with bliss. She didn't even realize she was taking the cock into her throat until it was already down her gullet and she was already gagging from the thick shaft plunging into her throat. She could hardly believe the bliss, the relief and searing sensation that took her by storm, but she happily let take her away. Once she got rolling, Ciri picked up the pace quickly, but she liked spiraling out of control.

Once she pushed her lips right up against the stall wall itself and slurped down every inch of cock before her, Ciri didn't need her hand anymore, and it ran down her body, reaching into her pants and curling a pair of fingers into her pussy, beginning the unrelenting, steady back and forth of her digits pumping in and out of herself. Her dripping twat craved this on a level she couldn't bear, the overwhelming, out of control spiral of madness that tugged at her from deep within and pushed her forward, excitable and desperate. All Ciri wanted was to ride this wave out for as long as she could, moaning and shivering as she gave herself up completely to the sensations tearing away at her.

The wet, sloppy sucking made Ciri feel free and unrestrained, caring of nothing that could have bothered her as she settled firmly into the flaring hungers that tugged at her from every direction. Sucking cock shouldn't have felt quite as good as it did to Ciri, but she found herself craving this twisted glory hole treatment more and more as she sank into the crazed, nigh obsessive delight of giving up her everything to the overwhelming hungers tugging at her. It was strange to think, but she craved this, and the more she felt, the more it in turn drove her wild with excitement, pushing her further into the reaches of depravity and carelessness. Silent, sucking anonymous cock, letting everything about the world around her slip away for a few twisted, delightful moments of pure indulgence... This was the life. Everything she craved, everything she lusted for, was found here, and every twisted delight surged within her with a powerful throb of need that she couldn't get enough of.

Quicker she went, moaning and choking, giving herself up so completely to the rush of pleasures and indulgences she lost herself in, too horny to even feel ashamed of how much she loved them. Not with her throat clenching around the cock, the groans she heard from the man she was fellating, the warnings that he was drawing closer toward release, which only pushed her faster, making her head bob rapidly and her utter lack of control deepen even further. She wanted him to cum, wanted the shuddering thrill of knowing that she had succeeded. It was a far cry from how she had fellated the troll, but it was how far she had come, and she didn't feel the least bit bad about it.

One final grunt from the other side, ringing deep and loud, with hands slamming against the wall to hold himself steady. Ciri pulled back most of the way, wanting him to empty into her mouth. She moaned and closed her eyes, her free hand grasping the cock so that she could feel every pulse and throb of the cock, all while stroking it to help milk his shaft. It was mere seconds before the cum gushed forward, flooding into her mouth with its thick, salty payload. She moaned and whined, the gooey treat making her shiver as she swallowed it happily down, pulling back and letting a little bit trickle down her chin.

A quivering moan was all she needed to give in response, something that would keep her voice secret while still conveying her gratefulness. She wiped some spit from her lips and drew back, letting out a delighted breath, expecting the cock to pull out from the hole. But it didn't. It didn't even soften, and as she looked at it, she heard him clear his throat beyond her the opposite end of the wall, indicating to her that he wished for more.

Drawing a heavy breath, Ciri grabbed hold of the cock with one hand as her other grabbed her pants, pushing them a little clumsily down her legs as she rose to her feet and turned quickly around, bending over and pushing back against the cock. Her hand guided it as she moved excitedly, the fact that such a hung man wanted more exciting her, as she sought to capitalize on 'more' with the most fun possible way to. With her pussy slick and dripping, she was lit up and ready, pushing back and crying out in delight as she slammed herself greedily down onto his cock, not pacing herself despite his girth and immediately going all out on fucking herself right onto his cock. The moans rumbling suddenly up within her were vigorous and intense, her voice struggling to stay quiet as her as slammed back against the wall, her pussy filled with a cock that felt absolutely incredible, his size filling her up and the warmth that soothed through her both proving so much more pleasurable than her fingers. It was the hard push she needed to really lose her mind.

Getting fucked was something she didn't take for granted when visiting a glory hole; everyone came wanting their dick sucked, and Ciri had come to love sucking dick. But as a round two, when she was riled up and had already thoroughly worshiped the cock, her dripping, needy twat was so ready to be stuffed with cock, stretched out, loosened up, and fucked. So ready to get fucked that she slammed herself down against the wall and fucked herself on the cock her damn self, not waiting to let him do it or push him to actually have anything to do with this. Why let him? Why make this anything but her own time happily doing the work herself and throwing away everything in her mind but the craven need for more?

So she took charge, let herself get carried away with the mad pounding of sex on her terms and at her pace. A man with a big dick was what she needed, but Ciri didn't need any other part of him--hence the wall dividing the two of them, keeping Ciri's focus only on what mattered. And what mattered was buried deep inside of her twat, making her moan and twist about happily, as she slammed down against him, pounding herself senseless. Ciri was alight, head rolling back as she let out the most vigorous moans she could muster, all driven by a powerful, desperate craving for dick.

Past embarrassment, past shame, past anything other than the burning, insatiable craving for more that drove Ciri wild with desperation, was nothing but bliss. For a few minutes, Ciri could lose herself, give in to something primal and intense, something that could carry her away into the brimming, pulsating bliss of her hungers given their indulgence. She craved this, and didn't let anything stop her from admitting that, moaning as she licked her lips, fingers tightening against her thighs. A thick cock filling her up and fucking away her troubles was what she needed after all her time on the road, riding off into the horizon in search of more contracts and work, answers and meaning to her life proving a bit more elusive than she'd like, but keeping busy with work and helping people was at least a way to keep her from going mad.

Although, her glory hole fixation was proving a twisted kind of madness all its own. With cum settled into her belly and more that she waited eagerly on, Ciri was nothing if not consumed by the burning needs that she surrendered to. No cares in the world, no worries, just need. Just the burning, pulsating delight shuddering across her body. Satisfaction and careless, mindless bliss were all she sought now, and she found it. Found it in the cock of a stranger pounding away at her, found it in a tight little shack with a hole in the wall for dicks to poke through, dicks she had come here to service. This was all so twisted, so insane, and she could have only imagined what Geralt or Yennefer would have thought if they ever knew what she did, but she didn't let that stop her, in a place past shame now as she gave herself utterly to it all.

Gave herself to it so hard that she went right over the edge, gasping out in bliss as she came, as her orgasm tore through her suddenly and vigorously. She hadn't seen it coming, hadn't expected it to overwhelm her, but the pleasures washing immediately over her proved to be more than what she needed, but their excess was hardly unwelcome, as a big cock fucked her to a big orgasm, and she could not have been happier, a twisting, bucking mess giving herself to the pleasure as she screamed, "Cum in me!" with a carelessness that was undeterred by the dangers of revealing her voice; one impassioned scream would have meant little to a strange.

But as the cock erupted within the tight, velvety confines of her pussy, a frustrated, pleasured grunt came out edged with confusion. "Ciri?" asked a too familiar voice as cum pumped deep into her womb, flooding her hard enough that for a second her mind didn't even know how to recover from it all, throttled by the madness she heard and shaken to her very core, before she finally stumbled forward from the cock, groaning in confusion as her heart sank and reality set back in. She reached for her panties, pulling them up her sleek legs and her taut ass in a panic, not even bothering to do anything about the cum dripping from her snatch as she stepped out of the stall.

From the side of the building stood Geralt, who was clearly torn between so many different emotions all at once, none of which he fully understood how to convey. In silence they looked at each other for a moment, some cum on the side of Ciri's chin still. His cum. The same cum leaking out of her sloppy twat and into her leather pants. The man she saw as a father figure, and who in turn saw her as his daughter, had just been serviced by her at a glory hole and gotten off twice. Pumped her full of cum.

There were a lot of ways Ciri could have reacted to this reveal, but she chose the easiest; to not. She licked her lips and then pulled back, grabbing the horse she had tied to a nearby post and climbing up onto it nonchalantly, riding off and leaving Geralt to sort things out with his dick in a wall.


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