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Chapter 28 - Olivia and Reader - Big Appetite (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 28 - Olivia and Reader - Big Appetite (C)

Chapter 28 - Olivia and Reader - Big Appetite (C)
Anonymous commission. Reader is of unspecified gender.
All you wanted to was use the bathroom. Really. Just a public restroom in a restaurant in Konikoni City, a quick post-lunch stop before you hit the road again. But before you can even lock the stall door behind you, you realize a few things; most importantly, there is no toilet in the stall. It's just an empty, cramped space with immaculate floor tiles. There has never been a toilet here to begin with. It's not the weirdest thing you've seen this week but it's definitely up there, and before you can wonder why it is that there's a stall where they straight-up forgot to put in a toilet, you receive a rude answer in the form of a dick pushing through a hole in the stall wall. You've accidentally stumbled upon a glory hole.

The shock is what does you in. You're taken aback by the fact you've accidentally walked into somewhere you definitely didn't intend to be, but you find yourself slowly, nervously forward. Uncertainty guides your actions as you reach for the cock, surprised you're doing as much, but your fingers wrap slowly around it, giving it a few strokes. You probably shouldn't. In fact, you definitely shouldn't be touching strangers' dick or having anything to do with a glory hole. You should just politely excuse yourself and go find a stall where you can do what you came here to do. And yet you aren't; you're stepping even closer forward, drawing toward the cock and running your hand back and forth along it.

"I didn't come here for a handjob," mutters a voice on the other side of the wall, which makes your cheeks light up a bit with a little embarrassment, as you wind nervously around the fact you're here and not pulling back. Maybe it's the opposite of what your instincts should say, but you sink down toward your knees, gripping the cock a bit tighter as you get into position. As you bring your lips toward the cock and give it a few hesitant licks, a streak of nervousness shudders through you, but not nearly with as much intensity as you should be feeling right now. As your tongue slithers around the cock head, in fact, you're oddly comfortable, leaning in a bit closer as you hear the guy on the other side of the wall groan in delight.

Another voice calls your name, and this time, it's from the side. Your head turns over in shock, only to see Akala Island Kahuna Olivia standing there, the dark skinned rock type specialist smiling as she places a hand onto her cocked hip. "Well as long as we're both here, why don't we sit together, hm?" she asks playfully, stepping forward and placing one of her hands onto the cock you're licking as she sinks down to her knees beside you. "I'll have what you're having."

Olivia pushes her tongue against the cock too, and the surprise of the way her tongue brushes against yours in the process makes you shiver. Your head buzzes with shock as you go from nervously taking a chance you shouldn't by taking up the glory hole offer to now having a Kahuna down on her knees beside you. It's all too much, so strange and twisting, but it feeds into your curiosity and instills an odd kind of near-confidence in you. Your lips wrap slowly around the cock you've been sucking, and you can feel the excitement radiating off of Olivia as she watches keenly, delighted by the sight of you hard at work, as she draws her tongue back but works her hand a little faster.

"There you go," she says happily, leaning forward to kiss you on the cheek a few times. "Suck that cock for me. Suck it right down. You look so hot right now, and I want to see you really give it some love." You've never seen Olivia lit up like this before in all the times you've run across her. She's different now, but then, you weren't sucking a dick those other times, so you suppose it's sensible. Her warmth is the encouragement you need to continue on, and you do exactly as she guides you to do, sucking the cock down a little deeper, letting it fill your mouth more. It's hot, big, and as it pushes down on your tongue, you're damn near salivating at the prospect before you. It's a to to be expected to handle, but you do it all excellently, giving in to the pleasures, strange and twisted as they may be, and start to unwind.

Back and forth your head rolls, the motion proving easy to slip into with an almost hypnotic fixation. The man on the other side of the wall can't do anything to you, and before your eyes is nothing but a wall, providing only a peek of his pelvis around his cock and his balls; there's nothing else to see, no way to interact. It lends itself well to a deep, enthralled focus on just his cock, and as you go at it, the only thing anchoring you to the moment is Olivia leaning against you, so eager in her aggressive, firm touch. She's the fuel you need, and with her there you feel like you need to keep performing, like you're trying to impress the stunning Kahuna with your eager cocksucking. It seems weird to want to impress her, and to do it by sucking dick no less, but you can't much help yourself anymore.

Olivia reaches a hand down between her legs, slipping beneath the band and starting to fondle you. "Deeper," she purrs into your ear as she feels you up, and her words are only lent even more gravity by her touch. You lean forward, doing exactly as she tells you to do, taking the cock into your throat. You gag on it a bit as it pushes down, but you refuse to be deterred by anything, as her hand starts to work you over. She's let go of the cock now, and instead grabbed the back of your head, eagerly guiding you forward to suck on the cock faster and deeper. You give it your all, embracing Olivia's guidance as her touch makes you shiver, and you know she can feel how horny you are right now, but it doesn't stop you or even make you feel embarrassed anymore. You're past that now, focused solely on doing your best now to impress, and to get this guy off.

From the humble beginnings of a nervous handjob to a proper deepthroating, you've come a long way in a short time, and the man on the other side of the wall is much more audible now than before in his vocal appreciation of your efforts and talents. "That's what I came here for," he groans, and you feel elated to know that he's enjoying himself, that you've salvaged this weird turn of events. You're not thinking anymore about what you came here to do or how completely off the rails this whole situation has gotten. You just let it all wash over you as you devote your time entirely to what's washing over you. It's surrender, and it is sweet.

You're rewarded quickly for your hard work, as the man groans and pushes tightly against the wall. You're about to react, though not sure how, by pulling back, before Olivia tightens her hold on the back of your head and tugs you almost entirely off of the cock, ensuring that as he cums, he does so right into your mouth. You feel every salty spurt splash against the inside of your mouth, the salty taste on your tongue proving overpowering as he throbs before your wide eyes. You take it all into your mouth, not doing anything as your eyes shift over to Olivia.

As the cock withdraws from the hole and a little bit of cum trickles down the corner of your mouth, Olivia moves in, moaning as she pushes against your lips and kisses you. Her tongue forces its way into your mouth, and she starts to greedily steal from your mouth the cum that you have rightfully earned. Not that you complain, as you lock lips with the amazing, drop-dead gorgeous Kahuna and embrace everything about the messy, steamy cum swapping kiss. It's too good to pass up, and on top of it all, you can feel that Olivia is a remarkable kisser in everything about what she's doing to you. It makes your head spin and your body throb, and everything for a moment becomes absolutely perfect. You lean into it, desperate for more, craving as much as you can get of all this insanity. You need it, and nothing will be able to shake you from how good this all feels.

But then a cock pushes through, and Olivia pulls back from your lips, purring as she keeps her hand down between your legs. "My turn," she says, licking her lips and reaching for it. "We'll share it, though, but watching you suck cock has me so turned on that I can't help myself." She closes her eyes and pushes forward, flaunting very clearly for your eyes what she can do as she sucks it happily, hungrily down. Your eyes widen in shock as you watch Olivia work at the cock; she takes it deep without a second of hesitation, deepthroating it eagerly and getting to work, all while her half-lidded eyes stare at you with sultry desire.

There's never been a single moment around Olivia that you haven't found her gorgeous, but as she sucks a cock and plays it up for you, she slips into a whole new category of hotness, and you can't help yourself. You lean in, kissing along her neck as your hands grab greedily at her top. You pull it up, impatient as you move to expose her breasts, perky and plump, topped with hardened nipples just begging to be sucked on. And it's exactly what you do, leaning in and grabbing hold of her tits, bringing your lips to one and sucking eagerly on her nipple as she deepthroats the cock. You can hear her moan louder in excitement, feel her shiver against your touch as you take your turn at feeling her up and toying with her. It's an incredible feeling, and it's made all the better by the growing delight you feel in watching her work

As much as you now understand it's definitely possible to impress someone with sucking the cock of another, you're also getting a close up view of how paltry your own fellatio skills are by comparison. Olivia didn't come here by accident, after all; she intended to pay a visit to this glory hole, and she's likely done it many times before. And the thought of the Kahuna casually sucking strangers' cocks in a bathroom is hotter than it has any right to be, sure, but there was captivating about the way she works, her head bobbing back and forth so easily and fluidly, the way she balances knowing what she's doing with just enough sloppiness to rile up the guy she's sucking off and you as the voyeur. She's a pro, and it's so hot to think that she's so capable.

But before long she's pulling back, moaning and pulling you from her breast. "Your turn," she says, and forces you forward.

You don't need to be forced though, happily gulping the cock down and sucking on it some more, the dick already nice and slick with Olivia's spit as you pick up after her. It's an exciting thing to feel, and you gladly lose yourself in once more sucking the cock hungrily. You're really sharing a cock with Olivia of all people. It's a dream come true that you never knew you had, and as you work it over with your mouth you do your best to follow the pace she set, not wanting to get anything behind as you get lost in the eager cocksucking, your fingers entwining with Olivia on the base of the cock.

"What a hot little slut you are," she purrs, leaning forward to lick along your cheek again, tracing kisses along as she leans for the cock, going for the shaft and dragging her tongue all over it. "Sharing a cock with you was an excellent idea." She leans in tightly to you, moaning and shivering in delight as she presses against you with increasing fervor, and the more you feel her against you the more you crave it, thrilled by all the twisting, mad sensations shuddering through you. Olivia has you desperate and aching, but you don't hesitate, don't slow down, keeping up the steady and merciless approach that she's set as how you're going to do this. Something about the way she calls you a slut sends a surge of delight down your spine, and it's all the reason in the world you'd need to keep sucking.

But you don't want to keep the cock all to yourself, of course. You pull back, and with your and Olivia's shared gasp on the base of the cock, the two of you begin to kiss and lick it all over. It seems a bit of a step back to go from having it so deep in your mouth to licking it, but with two tongues, the man on the other side gets even more vocal about his appreciation, his groans intensifying in volume as the two of you share it together. Sloppy tongue kisses along the cock keep you and the Kahuna growing closer in the strangest of ways. You keep it going, keep overlapping your tongues, your saliva mingling together as you share this cock.

You take it into your mouth for a few deep, slow strokes, and then Olivia follows suit, moaning as she slobbers all over it with far less composure and grace than you would have ever expected her to, but it's that dirtiness that makes it so hot to watch her work, and the madness of this entire insane situation is driving you up the wall with excitement. It's in some very unexpected but incredible ways having sex with one of the hottest women you've met in Alola and there is something so maddening about the delights coming with it. Licking the cock head in tandem, tag teaming the cock with your mouths, and even just sharing a sloppy kiss while your hands jerk the cock off.

"Go low," she urges you, pulling her hand--and yours in the process-off the cock and then greedily taking it down to the base. It's a quick and startling motion, and you stare wide-eyed as she moves forward, undaunted and eager, and she begins to sloppily, hungrily deepthroat the dick, facefucking herself eagerly on it. It's a greedy act to be sure, but you're willing to accept it for how hot it looks, almost forgetting what she asked you to do for a moment as you get so worked up watching her go.

As she tells you to do, you go low. The man's balls are there, just waited for attention, and you're happy to take whatever you can get right now as the frenzied need to worship cock fills you. Your tongue drags along the sac as you move with eager purpose. Olivia has the cock lifted up a bit as she comes in from above with her mouth, which leaves the heavy, dangling balls for you to play with, and given how hotly every inch of you is now burning with a need to play along, you gladly do everything you can to give the balls a deep, adoring treatment. The guy on the other side of that wall had better feel like the luckiest man in the world right now, because even if he can't see that one of the eager cocksuckers servicing him is Olivia, he is getting a world class treatment from the two of you right now.

It's all worth it. All for this. You kiss and lick all over the shaft, servicing the balls eagerly, lit up with too much excitement to care. As Olivia gets louder and sloppier, drool runs down her chin and the shaft, down onto the balls where you gladly lick her spit up, everything about this insane, frantic situation so profane and vulgar, but it's absolutely amazing. You love yourself in the thrills of oral sex like you never have before, and even if Olivia hasn't put her hands back on you in what feels like an eternity now you're pushing forward with so much frantic, mad bliss that you can't even be bothered to care anymore, too busy enjoying this insane and derailed situation for what it is.

Olivia sounds so hot choking on the cock like she is; she isn't just taking it into her throat, she's keeping it there, making the motions of her head quicker and more shallow, and you're mentally taking notes and trying not to get too worked up yourself over the intense hero worship bleeding into your tandem cock worship, all while you suck on one of the fat nuts, taking it into your mouth and trying to work the guy on the other side over, relishing in just how blissful this has all become for you. It's insane, and in that insanity is the true pleasure, a burning madness tugging at you in all directions and leaving you elated, sloppily doing everything you can to feed into the excitement. It's a madness you're happy to be consumed by, and you lean into the tailspin, enticed by the chaos of it all as you give in to it all. The pleasure is too good not to. Too pure, too fulfilling.

The man cums, and he pumps Olivia's mouth full. Her lips open up a bit to ensure that cum drools from her mouth down the cock, down his balls, and you gladly lick the cum right off of the sac now slick with your own spit and give it the treatment it deserves. When the cock pulls out of the hole, you reach for Olivia's head and hold it in place as you take your turn now to take the cum out of her mouth, stealing it from her with a sloppy, loving cum swapping. It's completely fair, and she knows it, smiling against your lips as she gladly shares the spunk with you. You've earned it as much as she has, after all, and she's more than happy to enjoy more of your lips and kiss you fervidly.

"For this next one, I want you to show me what you can really do. And if you can handle it, maybe we can head back to my place." She licks some cum off of your cheek, and asks, "Do you like the sound of that?"

You nod eagerly. OF course you do. Whatever she's about to ask you to do, you'll happily do exactly what she is asking you to do if it means getting to go back to her place.

But then she pushes your head right up to the wall in time for the next cock. It slips into your mouth, down your gullet, making you shiver and choke and throb with need. Then, she doesn't actually pull you back, calling over to whoever was on the other side, "Do you feel that slutty throat around your cock? Well I want you to facefuck the pretty trainer I have pushed up to the wall, and don't you stop for anything." It's the kind of demand no sane person would ignore, and indeed, whoever is on the other side seems to be very sane, as their hips wind up, and you realize the madness you're in for.

You're not in the driver's seat for this one, and for that matter, neither is Olivia. Not anymore; she's dominating you, sure, but it's the person on the other end of the wall now in control, as they hammer forward and fuck your mouth through the glory hole. A pair of balls slap against your chin in the process, and the whole situation is as vulgar as it is exhilarating, presenting a mad, twisted sort of thrill beyond your expectations, as you're held in place and forced to earn what Olivia has offered you, something that keeps you going happily, refusing to falter.

"What a slut you are," she purrs into your ear, "Getting so turned on sucking strangers' cocks. Down on your knees in a bathroom, servicing anonymous men like a whore. But lucky for you, I love sluts with a good appetite, and you look like you're just my kind of trainer." She moans into your ear, kissing it amid all her harsh, cruel words, and it's winding you up so much hotter as she slips her hand back down into your pants again, touching you in all the ways you'd want a woman like Olivia to touch you, and it makes you moan around the cock plunging down your gullet, further evidence her words are true, and she tells you as much easily. "And you're getting off on it, too. My favorite kind of cocksucker."

The dominance is twofold between Olivia and the guy you're sucking off, and the pure submission of being held in place and drooling while you get your throat fucked like this is absolutely intoxicating. Your head spins and it's a little troublesome to breathe, sure, but you can't get enough of it, can't stop moaning as you're taken with a brutal, mad thrill. This wasn't the day you expected, nor the day you would have even said yes to if you'd been given the choice upon waking for things to take the path they did, but in the midst of it, down on your knees while Olivia's hand at work and a dick down your gullet, the paradise you're in is something you can't really deny. It's incredible, and even better still in the way that everything keeps twisting madly around your senses.

"Glurk glurk glurk glurk," is all you can say in response to Olivia, who keeps talking. She calls you a dirty slut in one breath and tells you she's proud of you in another. It's an intoxicating back and forth, going from talking you up as a good cocksucker to telling you how dirty you are, and even though she's done everything you're now doing, you wouldn't reject the accusations even if your throat wasn't stuffed with dick. It's too good to bother fighting it, and you instead just let it all happen, taking in stride the that washes over you as you let her do whatever she wants to you, let her say whatever she wants. She's earned it, in your mind. This is all just what you're here for, and you're happy to be there.

You're a drooling, choking wreck, and you love it. Down on your knees in the madness of everything happening, there's one thing consistent here; that this feels fucking amazing. With the sloppy cock worship and Olivia's hands, all wrapped up the twisting, spiraling insanity of the situation gone awry, you don't need much more to lose yourself. You moan and cry out, the muffled, gargling sounds of pleasure ringing out boldly despite everything pounding your throat, and your orgasm burns through you quickly, makes it a powerful, shuddering, writhing mess. The pulsing thrill hammering through you is incredible, and your eyes shut tightly as the pleasure burns.

Olivia pulls you back sharply, and you gasp for air, cum drooling down your chin, as the cock before you erupts. Its payload splatters onto your face, hot and thick and leaving you painted with spunk, a sensation that feels like the sort of end cap that you need for this insanity. You take it, groaning as the cock unloads, and you feel like this is one thing you've earned entirely, gifted with that hot, gooey ending all from your own 'efforts' as you endured the throat hammering that--and Olivia's licking your cheek and stealing all of your cum. Of course she is. But it's all okay now; at this point the weird line between frustration and bliss you're left straddling leaves you just happy she's touching you.

"I knew you could do it," Olivia moans, gladly slipping you some cum. "Good cocksucker."


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