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Chapter 29 - Elise - Turned Dirty (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 29 - Elise - Turned Dirty (C)

Chapter 29 - Elise - Turned Dirty (C)
Commission for madman1467.
There would always be a place in Elise's heart for her nanny Cassita. Even years after she had last needed the care and nurturing of the lovely older woman, Elise snuck out of the castle to see her, and to help sell flowers to make her some money. But in the dead of winter, there were no flowers to sell, and she didn't want Cassita to go hungry through the harsh Nohrian winter. She'd heard some rumblings before of places where women could earn some good money in exchange for a little bit of shamelessness--even a few firsthand eavedroppings from Charlotte on the matter. She knew it was a little strange and that she would have probably been better off doing anything but finding out if it was true, but curiosity got the better of Elise, and before long, she found herself in a dingy little place at the capital, knelt down before a hole in the wall, nervous as could be.

A wall with a hole in it, a little slit on the side to push some coin through, a little basket beneath it to collect all the money. Efficiency and anonymity, which left Elise feeling absolutely no more comfortable about what she was doing, but she was determined to give it her all, wondering if this was even a remotely sane idea to attempt as she watched the first cock push through the hole in the wall. Long, thick, as intimidating as could be. It ignited Elise's cheeks, and she let out a nervous noise that she quickly fought down, clasping a hand over her mouth as she realized that she wasn't in a position where she could actually say anything.

The odds of someone who could recognize her by voice being in a place like this was dismally low, but that didn't mean it was impossible, and while Elise wasn't supposed to sneak out into the capital, the problems coming from that would have paled in comparison to the ones she'd find if she was caught sneaking out into the capital to whore herself out at a glory hole, so she kept it quiet, kept herself from speaking as she reached a hand nervously forward to grasp the cock. She gave it some experimental strokes before mustering up the courage to get her face forward and start earning the money clattering into the basket, some coins that earned the man on the other side a round of oral service.

Elise knew she'd need to use her mouth, but there was a distinct lack of confidence in the way she licked along the shaft, her eyes closing as she let instinct guide her, and the sheltered youngest of the next generation of Nohrian royals was more than a little unsure even what she was doing, suddenly on the end of something twisted and not even remotely the sort of thing that she would have done on any sane day. For a moment she wondered if this was even completely worth it, if sucking a stranger's dick for money was something she should be doing, and though she knew it very much wasn't, he'd already paid, and she didn't want to cause a problem.

So she pushed forward and took it into her mouth, Elise's need to not disappoint and upset the man on the other end of the wall--whoever he was--proving the catalyst needed to replace the boldness or eagerness that she was so nervously without. But it was good enough, as her mouth wrapped around the cock and she got to work. She began to suck on it, firm and a little bit aggressive, pushing on with only the determination to go and none of the refined experience that should have guided what she did. It felt weird, like she was slipping into an almost trance-like sense of purpose and focus, but as her head began to bob back and forth along the cock, she found herself less worried than she should have been.

The cock throbbed inside of the princess's mouth, a little intimidating and daunting, as her fingers tightened against it. She closed her eyes and tried to focus, tried to put her mind at ease and get into the act, knowing that she had committed to at least making this man happy. She could pull away after this, put this all behind her and just pretend she hadn't been here and that this had never happened. No further worries, no stress after this, and she could just tell herself it was something she tried, and even if it didn't go too well, it was about seeing what it was like more than anything else, right? She didn't need to stress about anything past this, she told herself. 

Another twitch inside of her mouth made some pre-cum trickle out, igniting her tongue with a strange taste that made her want to snap back in mild, admitted revulsion, but she kept at it. There was no turning back now; Elise kept sucking, kept stroking, pushing forward and doing everything expected of her as she serviced him. He'd get his money's worth from the princess, even if he'd have no idea who she was. The pride of honour wasn't something Elise was going to let go of so easily, maybe the most gentle of her siblings, but still raised proud and Nohrian after all. She would do her best here, so that even when she walked away she knew she could do so with her head up.

But something began to creep across her mind, something that made her shiver a little. The motion of her head was starting to feel like an almost hypnotic pace set by a growing madness, one that resonated within her in a way that made her shiver as realization came fairly quickly to her. A nervous whine quivered in her chest as she realized the wetness between her legs and a twisted kind of excitement swelling within her were feelings she knew very well were a sign that she was starting to sink into it. Sensations tingling all over her made her whimper and close her eyes tightly, not sure what to make of the way that she was beginning to like it. Not that she let her stop it, but with each roll back and forth of her head, Elise began to wonder if she wasn't only making things worse for herself.

Clutching at the hem of her dress and slowly pulling it up, Elise wondered if she had been missing something and was rapidly starting to find it, but the more she went, the more frustrated and wound up she became, sinking into a strange frame of mind that began to threaten surprises she wasn't ready for. It was a strange sensation to endure, one that made her whine as she kept working, kept doing what she was being paid to. And as her eyes flashed over to the basket again, Elise found herself reminded that she was indeed getting paid for this. It was borderline unthinkable, and she felt an even deeper shiver rumble through her in shock at that mere fact. It was insane to think, but even more insane still was the impending realizations that she was losing herself to this.

The exact point where this went from reluctantly nervous fellatio into an unbridled excitement felt muddled to Elise, but she eventually found herself so deep into what she was doing that she felt herself almost losing control, slipping away as her head rocked rapidly back and forth, sucking the cock down deeper in a frenzy so immense the only thing keeping her from putting a hand up her dress was the worry she might get a bit out of control and make too much noise. It was so insane to think, but even more insane was that just at the peak of her realization, the man on the other end lost himself, a loud groan from the other end shocking the princess, making her gasp as cum splashed into her mouth. It hit her tongue, even more potent in taste than the pre she had been treated to, and the overwhelmingly salty taste made her pull back, and as she gasped, more cum pumped out, painting across her delicate features with thick, pearly white strands that made her porcelain skin light up an embarrassing, flustered shade of pink.

Elise let out a low whine as the cock withdrew from the hole in the wall. She could have moved. Maybe should have moved, actually; she was suddenly in a position where she had accidentally found herself liking it, and even then as she stared at the wall, she found herself hopeful for another dick to push through. She shouldn't have. She really, really shouldn't have. But she couldn't help herself, whipped into a guilty and nervous frenzy. One so deep and intense that when another dick did push through she let out a happy noise about it that didn't even ignite her cheeks like it should have.

This cock was even longer than the last one, and as Elise leaned forward, something inside of her decided it would be fun not to use her hand, particularly because both of them were currently down at her dress, fretting with the hem of it and struggling very hard not to give in to the temptation to touch herself. Excitement ruled her, and it wasn't more apparent than when she pushed forward and overzealously slurped the cock down, her mouth wrapping excitedly around it, and pushing further down than she would have ever imagined. Into the back of her throat, even. She gagged as it pushed down her throat, and her eyes went wide in shock as she took it down, pulling back quickly as she wondered if she had gone too far, but hearing the man on the other side groan loudly in relief at the feeling of how far down she was going left her wondering if she he hadn't actually gone down as deep as she should have. Confusion set in, tearing at her from all sides, but she felt like she couldn't stop now, pushing forward again and letting the dick slide back into her throat as she gave in to something she never thought she would before she was there.

Down on her knees and taking cock into her throat, Elise was doing something twisted and vile like she would have never imagined, and all she could think about as she slobbered it down was getting more. It was so strange to think, but the warmth of the cock down her throat only served to drive her further up the wall, fingers now rubbing at the front of her panties as she gave in like she wouldn't have ever imagined. Gave in like she probably shouldn't have. It was a strange but highly addictive feeling, leaving Elsie with a rush that made up for the way she choked noisily on the dick sliding down her throat. It was so weird to think, but the more she took it down, the more some twisted kind of excitement within her relished in what she was doing. There was a reason to give in and get carried away that overwhelmed her, and she was so happy to feel overwhelmed.

It was an insane thing to think, one that made little guilty pangs nip at her as she worked, but the thought of being overwhelmed with cock began to sound really good to Elise. She was the smallest of her siblings and would always remain that way, and the cock pushing forward was massive, probably a bit more so than she was in any position to handle, but that was what made it so exciting as she gagged on the cock seriously testing the limits of her throat and her ability to handle it all. She couldn't keep her head straight, couldn't think clearly in this insane, crushing tide of madness and exhilaration that took control of her and carried her off blissfully away, but that was what made it so delightful to Elise.

Her fingers reached down into her panties, shamelessly starting to finger herself properly, toying with her slick mound as she let herself get further and further carried away. It was so insane to think she'd be enjoying this, that it would take so little time for her to go from reluctant and wanting to leave to enjoying herself, but as she fucked her throat on the cock and her pussy with her fingers, Elise was nothing if not completely given now to what she was doing, carried away by something powerful and twisted. She would have never imagined she'd be in this situation, but once there she felt nothing but bliss in giving in so completely. There was nothing she could have wanted more than this, and she craved the indulgence of it so utterly that she began to lose track of why she was even doing it.

Faster she sucked, the Nohrian princess surrendering to a new kind of madness. Her throat felt so good stuffed full of cock in ways that she would have thought it could, given a weird and incredibly satisfying sexual education. She hadn't thought it would be like this, although eavesdropping on Charlotte's account hadn't quite given her much idea of what was to come, but she would have never imagined half of what was going on. The thrill of a cock pounding her throat, that she would enjoy it so much she'd be subjecting her throat to this eagerly, utterly in control of the pace and giving this anonymous man on the other end of the wall more than his money's worth.

As she subjected her throat to its first pounding, Elise's fingers were at work on something familiar, but which she had never done with such a frantic pace. She was lit up with something incredible, something desperate and hungry. Turned cocksucker for money, Elise was letting go of everything and not feeling the least bit bad about it, relishing in a twisted surrender only growing hotter by the moment. It didn't matter why she had come here or how stark the change was; she just let it happen, let it overwhelm her as she discovered things about herself that helped mitigate what she was doing. The money, the deepthroating the carelessness of being shocked and elated by cock... Elise let all of it wash off of her, not letting it bother her as she pressed happily onward and embraced what she was doing and the growing, shameless delights that took her and refused to let go.

Drool ran down Elise's chin, and the noisy choking that came from having her throat stuffed with dick only intensified as she became an increasingly ragged and tired wreck. But a wreck only she could see, a worn down sight even the man on the other side of the wall couldn't enjoy, which meant that what Elise was and everything vulgar about it was private, to be enjoyed by her and her only. Nobody would have to know what she was doing, nobody would have to see the utter delight burning in the eyes of the young princess as she deepthroated a cock and found herself loving every second of it. It was depraved and messy, and her pussy was soaked with need, but Elise couldn't get enough of it.

So engrossed by what she was doing, Elise didn't even realize that the guy on the other side of the wall was going to cum. He was noisy and excited, sure, vocally letting her she was an excellent cocksucker and giving her the kinds of platitudes that would have ignited something twisted and shameful if she had been paying attention to it, but she really had no idea. Instead, she received the messy, gooey finish without a proper warning, as suddenly the cock down her throat twitched and throbbed mightily within the tight confines of her gullet. It was the jostling back to reality that she had needed, albeit the one she hadn't been expecting, and before she could do anything about it, cum was gushing down her throat.

Thick, gooey spunk slid down the lining of Elise's throat, and it was a sensation more unsettling and weird than she had been expecting, but buried beneath it was an odd kind of excitement. She felt weird, felt crazed and thrown utterly off her game by the burning surprise taking her, but as it cum settled down into her stomach, each throb of the cock sending a little more down in the meantime, she felt content. Felt warm and fed, and her finger twisting at her pussy finally paid their efforts off as she came hard and came loud. She cried out in bliss as the cock withdrew from her throat and her mouth, slipping out of the hole and leaving Elise to let out her immodest, desperate cries of bliss as she came, thighs clenching around her hand as she twisted and rocked, consumed by a sudden power and fervor that she craved more of.

It was in the afterglow of what she'd done that finally, Elise had a moment to think, and as her head spun, she found herself looking to the basket underneath the side hole, where some money fell. Good money, too; a day spent selling flowers would almost never pay as well as just sucking off two anonymous dicks did, and she couldn't help but feel like there was some kind of affirming reality in what she was staring at. It wasn't enough to tell her that she was staying around only for the money, as she bit her lip and her fingers toyed more with her quivering pussy, but it was enough that when some more coins slipped through and clattered metallicaly against the ones already in there, she lit up with more excited, and before the cock pushing through the hole was even all the way in, she had her lips happily around it.

She wouldn't have to tell anyone that she was enjoying this. Wouldn't have to admit to prostitution or anonymous cocksucking to anybody. Her family or her former nanny least of all. She wouldn't even have to say where the money was coming from, just enjoy earning it, and begin planning her next visit down to this dingy little place, where she could have a blast.


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