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Chapter 30 - Emma Frost - Hail to the Queen (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 30 - Emma Frost - Hail to the Queen (C)

Chapter 30 - Emma Frost - Hail to the Queen (C)
Commission for parrapa642
As Emma settled down to her knees in front of the glory hole stall, she did so with all the lavish extravagance that befitted the White Queen. Decked out in lacy white lingerie with thigh high stockings and garters, a garter belt that exposed her pussy and her ass alike in open diamond shapes, and nothing above her waist but the clasp of a cape, she looked far more dressed up than she had any reason to be for what she did. But that was part of what made it all so special for Emma, as she placed her hands down on her thighs and began to wait patiently for what was to come.

Emma had clawed her way up to the very top of the Hellfire Club, and it had not been a pretty ascension, either for the roles she played on her way up the ladder or for the things she did to climb it. It was strange to have lost love for her days of whoring, just another girl 'entertaining' the elite she aspired to be, but one particular part of her job had been entertaining enough that even now as a 'queen' she couldn't help but occasionally indulge it; the glory hole. Its very simple appeals were almost elegant to Emma as she waited for the cock to push through; the wall separated everything she had little care for from the things she did, able to enjoy a nice, meaty dick and have her sexual fun without having to deal with the men attached to them. The grubby, wealthy elite who were always eager to touch and squeeze her like she was their property, who would push her face up to theirs and make her kiss them.

Emma was disgusted by the entire concept, and those shifts where she had to entertain clients face to face were the ones that helped push her into advancing her plans so ferociously. The glory hole, however, provided something different for the queen, something wonderful. She was in control here, a wall keeping them out, just like the walls she erected over her personality, leaving her alone with what she really cared about: the cocks. So deep was her adoration for this wonderful invention that even then as the queen of the Hellfire Club, as someone who not only had no need to whore herself out but who in fact should not have been, she would use her authority to slip into the stalls during shifts she penciled in under an assumed name.

As finally someone stepped into the booth on the other end and the sound of pants being unzipped and hitting the floor treated Emma from the other side, the man on the other side had no idea that he would be receiving oral worship from the frighteningly powerful telepath who ran the Hellfire Club. They never did. it added an edge of excitement to Emma, as she knew something they didn't, putting into her hands just the slightest bit of power over the situation. She couldn't say no to that sort of promise, that twisted allure. It was a knowledge only she could possess and it helped her keep in control as she reached her hand out to grasp the cock firmly, licking her lips as she studied it. It was a good dick; well proportioned and certainly the sort of thing she could make a treat out of indulging. Emma couldn't have asked for much better than that.

Leaning forward, she brought her lips eagerly down against the shaft, showering it in a few eager kisses as she closed her eyes. The groan she heard from the other side was all they could give her, all they could do to her. Emma was completely in control of this now, and that was everything she wanted, her head surging with twisted delights as she let her tongue drag out of her mouth and run along the shaft in broad, eager strokes. Soft moans helped rile the man on the other side up while getting her much more primed for excitement too, helping to make her arousal something tangible and physical as she adored the stranger's cock.

"Your cock is so big," she purred, masking her voice with a little mental fuckery to make it register differently, providing herself the safety and cover that helped her keep doing this without being discovered..Delicate strokes back and forth gave a nice prelude to what was to come as she let her tongue work in steady, soft strokes, lapping along his shaft but never getting too carried away in what she did, never going too quickly or too fervidly along the shaft; she wanted to take her time and let something special build here instead. "I just want to kiss it all day, but I know sooner or later I'm going to want it all the way down my throat." A little whine helped draw the snicker from the other side of a man who knew he was getting his money's worth.

Despite the playful and submissive dirty talk she threw his way, Emma felt completely in control, and that was just how she liked it. She decided how much he got, and he could do nothing to stop her, nothing to change the pace. Emma Frost did not simply surrender control freely, and in reality she wasn't here; the deception and illusion of submission only helped reinforce her control.

Emma's arousal owned the moment, as she sank deeper into it at her own pace, her tongue getting a bit firmer along the shaft, the gossamer-thin streaks of saliva she left on the shaft replaced by a thicker coating of saliva, amid quicker kisses and a slightly faster stroke. The hand that didn't grip the cock sank slowly down her body as she squirmed and fidgeted on her knees, feeling at the damp heat of her mound, her body already craving something fiery and carnal. She felt herself lit up with with an excitement that nothing was going to be able to conquer, and she pressed happily forward, letting her appetites speak for themselves. With her utter control over the situation, the queen felt no shame about giving one of her subjects a little something.

By the time Emma wrapped her lips around the cock all bets were off, her moans rising up hotly as she pushed forward. The wet heat of her mouth embraced the cock and as she got her first taste, she knew she was going to lose herself happily to all of this. She didn't exactly mind though, glad to press onward and give in to the pleasure that she craved. Back and forth her head began to rock, all while she kept her eyes closed, probing the mind of the man whose cock she sucked, reaching into his pleasure centers and tapping into them.

There was no better reason to give her all to sucking the cock than because she could get the pleasure just the same, and it was with that in mind that Emma began to ride the wave of his pleasure. Tapped into his mind, she could feel everything he felt, and it made her moan excitedly as the sensations washed over her, pure, unbridled pleasure that ran through him and then through her in turn, making her body shiver as her fingers curled and shoved themselves into her pussy, lit up so immediately that she happily began to fingerfuck herself, hammering at her slick twat as she pushed further down the cock.

It wasn't by mistake that Emma made sure she had more pleasure than he did as she sucked his cock, piggybacking off of her own efforts through his mind and working her fingers into herself for twofold pleasure, the kind of twisted indulgence that only someone as well versed in psychic abilities as she was could play around with. Back and forth her head rocked as every instinct screamed at her to suck his cock deeper, her hand pumping faster along his shaft as she loosened a finger, shortening her strokes in exchange for letting the cock push deeper into her mouth. Her tongue slithered against it, and the psychic feedback of what he felt paired with the sensation of her tongue eagerly caressing the shaft throbbing in her mouth, her head spinning quickly as she felt it all.

It was overwhelming not in a way that shook her focus, but in a way she found intoxicating, a rush of sensation from every which way that she was happy to tap into. She knew how to control her powers, knew how to discern her senses and experiences from those of the people she was trying to get a read on, but the ability to feel someone else's pleasure washing over her was almost narcotic to Emma, setting a very bad precedent in the use of her powers and the way that she was all too happy to let them take her away, but she didn't particularly care, too busy soaring to new heights of lust and pleasure amid everything bearing down upon her. On the other end of the wall was a man she was using as a glorified sex toy, and she was getting everything she wanted from him in the process.

Guiltlessly she pressed on, moaning and slobbering all over his cock. Her mouth took it in deeper and deeper while her hand relinquished another fingers. Down into her throat the cock went and she was all too happy to gag on it, because in her mind, this was not an act of submission, not her body struggling to serve his cock; this was her feeling the pleasure of someone fucking her own throat while in turn having her throat fucked, the sinful sensations mingling together. His cock was a toy to her, a tool, and she was unafraid to seize it and use it for her own wicked means, no less something for her than if she pushed a dildo down her throat while fingering herself.

And her fingers went all out. She was whipped up into almost more powerful a frenzy than she could think to handle, messily rocking back and forth as she slurped and slobbered all over his cock, driven by an unrepentant need for more than dominated her mind; she was in control, but her arousal was in control of her, and her fingers were proof positive of that, working in and out of her dripping twat ferociously. Nothing was going to stop Emma now. Nothing could. She rode on a high rooted in the sort of high society debauchery that the Hellfire Club was rooted in, a vulgar madness that she relished in. There was nothing but bliss to be found in the embrace of every last twisted bit of madness she threw herself so happily into, and it was all brought perfectly together by the way she squirmed about happily on the floor, moaning and fingerfucking herself, desperate for more of this insane pleasure.

It was endless and it was madness, but exactly the sort of burning, molten core of insanity that Emma craved. She was gone now, given to the pleasure she sought, debauched and blissful as she sought pleasure in its purest of forms. Making no effort to ever hide how deep and twisted her sexual appetites ran, the libertine White Queen focused on getting her fill here as she turned cock worship into something that could get her off, so thrilled by what she was doing and the pleasure that flowed through her that she couldn't stop herself. Gagging loudly on the cock, some drool running down her chin and onto her tits, she was the picture of lust and derailment, and yet she was completely in control. It was a difficult sensation, but one that was utterly intoxicating for the eager mutant.

The benefit to being inside of the mind of the man she was sucking off was that Emma knew exactly when he was going to cum, leaving her free to pull back happily, her lips popping off of the cock as spit dripped in a big, messy glob down from her lips. "Cum on my face," she panted, whining as her fingers worked faster at her pussy, her other hand wrapping once more around the cock, now very slick and just begging for a quick, rough handjob. The slippery jerking off helped pull him over the edge as Emma got her face into position; he wouldn't be able to see it, and it wasn't for him. It was for Emma, who moaned as she felt him draw closer.

When he came, Emma came, the psychic connection giving one final incredible rush of sensation as she hit her peak, crying out in delight as her pussy tightened down around her rapidly pounding fingers. Her eyes shut tightly as she let out the most delighted of noises, so much louder than his as she experienced orgasms twofold, treated to his and to her own as his cock erupted, spewing forward thick, gooey, hot streaks of cum that landed onto her face and made a big mess of her.  But it was the fun kind of mess, the kind of mess that Emma relished in as she pushed happily forward, kissing the cock all over as she moaned, "Do you want to fuck my pussy now?"

"Yes," he groaned, and did so with all the need she expected from him, all the want and desperation that screamed for her. Emma was in control her, a queen who had taken everything she wanted and held this man now in her iron grip. He needed her, craved her, and that was the real power she held; despite him paying for this, despite her on her knees and dressed in lingerie, it was Emma who controlled this, and he was simply there to want it, to ask for it. He paid not to make her his, but for the privilege for the pleasures her body offered, and it was with that in mind that she rose up to her feet and turned swiftly around, shoving her ass back right up against his lap.

Emma threw herself right down onto his cock, her pussy immediately opening up happily with the sudden fullness of a big, meaty dick inside of her, and immediately she went to work at fucking herself senseless atop it, driven by all the intense emotions surging up within her .She was lit up now, a woman possessed as she felt not only the fullness of getting fucked, but the sensations he was getting, the thrill of fucking her in turn. It was a perverse thing to feel: the thrill of fucking herself while she was getting fucked. Her mind had so much to try to unravel and she didn't even know where to begin, but that was what made it all so incredible for Emma. Made her head spin. It was wrong, but precisely the kind of wrong she craved, the kind she fell deeply into utter need for. No shame could touch her now.

Each slam back against the wall made her ass bounce as it smacked noisily down, and she felt so delightedly full. One hand worked at her pussy, rubbing her clit fiercely while the hand that had worked her to release moments earlier was up at her lips, Emma delighting in licking and sucking her fingers clean as she worked, nothing in the world stopping her now from all out indulgence. She was a mess, moaning happily as she felt the twofold thrills of sexual delight coursing through her like wildfire. Everything felt so good, so sinfully twisted and indulgent. She couldn't get enough of it! Emma craved this level of depravity, craved the feeling deep within her bones that no obstacle stood between her and the pleasure she sought, and as she worked herself senseless on the thick cock pushing out through the hole in the wall she found a special kind of bliss, a shameless and potent form of arousal.

Each push forward, in turn, made her feel hollow, made her feel exposed. Empty. It encouraged her to slam down quickly again, not only to feel the fullness of the fat cock once more opening her folds up, but because in doing so she would always find delight. Moans and utter, unrepentant bliss surged up hotter within Emma than she knew what to deal with, but all of that chaos helped feed back into everything she sought, helped drive her up the wall with the kind of quivering madness that she needed. Removed from the stresses of her power were the fruits of it, the rewards for her station and her dominance, her body given entirely on her terms and with her pleasure in mind first and foremost: if not for how much she enjoyed cum she may just as well have mentally blocked the men from even being allowed to climax while she rutted herself senseless on their cocks.

"So good!" Emma cried out, rubbing circles fiercely into her clit as she finished licking her fingers  clean, reaching down to squeeze one of her breasts, fondling herself as she gave in to all of the mad sensations that threw her over the edge. She kept winding up faster and harder, carelessly giving herself up to all the sensations, not caring about how to handle the pleasure and letting herself get torn asunder. It was what she needed, and there was nothing that she wanted more than to feel more, pushing madly forward and completely giving up to the madness. Everything that Emma felt was the reward for a long day of work, melting away amid the thrill of getting fucked nice and deep, giving herself up completely.

On the other side of the wall was a man who she could feel whipped up into a frenzy by the feeling of her desperate pussy and all the greed she whipped him into. He came to crave the delights of her pussy more than he could handle, gripping the wall as he pushed himself tightly against it, seeking to get his cock as far through the wall as possible, wanting to sheathe himself balls deep inside of the amazing pussy of the mystery woman moaning in desperation on the other side of the wall. It burned within him as a desperate need, and yet he was powerless to do anything about getting it, subject to the whims of the strange woman who had given him the cocksucking of a lifetime.

Were she not so frustrated and lit up with desperation to get more of what she wanted, maybe Emma would have done a better job at keeping him from what he wanted, on leveraging his needs against her wants. But as it was, she couldn't deny him pleasure, the downside to her psychic elation being that withholding pleasure from him meant withholding pleasure from herself, and in her state, Emma just couldn't have that. Frustrating as it was, she found herself trucking along just fine though, gladly giving herself completely up to it all as she set about ending this little dalliance on a bang.

Pressing madly onward and giving herself up completely to the pleasure, Emma let herself get whipped into the kind of mad frenzy that seemed completely without end, screaming in utter delight as the pleasures that washed over her drove her over the edge. She came before he did this time, which was in fact her favorite way to do it, as she felt pleasure course through her body, her spine arching back and her lips parting to let loose absolutely delighted noises, as she slammed down onto the cock, burying it inside of her pussy as her inner walls clamped down onto it. With all the clenching spasms of her folds around his cock, he wasn't far behind.

Which was where his orgasm came into play, the one-two punch of orgasmic delights hitting her as she felt not only his cum pumping into her tight snatch and filling her with all that gooey, molten warmth, but his own climax coursing through her as well. Already sensitive and worked up, she felt another orgasm tear at her body, giving her the most twisted, crazed sense of utter delight that Emma could have ever imagined, and she was unrepentant in her enjoyment of it down to those final, gasping seconds as she came to a dead stop, leaning back against the wall and panting heavily.

"Come again," she purred, biting her lip and tightening her hands into fists as she savoured the pleasure she felt. He pulled away and walked off, leaving Emma to shudder in delight as she licked her lips, sliding slowly down along the wall until she was slumped against it and waiting patiently for the next cock to push through. For the next servant to unwittingly worship his queen.


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