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Chapter 31 - Jade Harley - Dog Days of Cummer (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 31 - Jade Harley - Dog Days of Cummer (C)

Chapter 31 - Jade Harley - Dog Days of Cummer (C)
Anonymous commission.
As Jade sank down to her knees in front of the glory hole, she really had no illusions about who was going to show up. She already knew which eyes she'd caught, as the boredom of existing in a new world without as much to do as they all would have liked was taking a toll on everyone. Boredom and frustration led to the glory hole stall, open to whoever wanted to go at it, and it had become a thing people paid a bit of attention to when someone went in it; a chance at consequences free sex with someone they'd had eyes for was a promise that almost everyone found it hard to resist, and with the hole opening up for business as Jade settled into position, she knew exactly who was going to show up.

As expected, the first cock to push through the hole was a wriggling bulge flashing with many colours all at once; a throbbing, strobing effect that made Jade's mouth open excitedly as she stared at the cock of Davepetasprite. She had never before set her eyes on a bulge before, and despite Davepetasprite's partially human nature, the cock before her was very much a troll's, a wriggling, prehensile tentacle of a cock for Jade to stare down hungrily as she licked her lips, wondering how to approaching the cock flashing green and orange before her eager eyes.

Davepetasprite giggled eagerly behind the wall, the weird overlap of Nepeta and Dave's voices ringing out, as if they weren't really obviously them by the color-changing cock in Jade's face. But it didn't matter; Jade was more than happy to oblige, even if the cock before her was a strange one. Maybe in part because, in fact; as her fingers wrapped around their cock and she leaned forward to kiss it, the way that it wriggled against her lips as if seeking the warmth of her mouth left her giggling too, excited to be trying something so strange, so new. "Just leave it to me, whoever you are," she said, and there could not have been more exuberance and playfulness as she kept up the fake mystique around everything.

With every kiss she laid onto the thick bulge, Jade planted an eager kiss, moaning softly as she made sure to give plenty of attention to the impressive cock in front of her. Were all trolls this generously hung? She didn't know, but as she happily covered it in her saliva she certainly hoped so; how fun that would have been. She was fascinated by it, especially the way it refused to stay still as her tongue got to work at it; the cock squirmed and throbbed excitedly in ways a human penis never would, and it made trying to get her saliva coating every inch of it into a unique, interesting kind of challenge. One that Jade was happy to take up.

Along with kisses and the stroke of her hand, Jade even nuzzled up against the cock, letting the squirming tentacle become acquainted with her cheek. She panted heavily, winding up in excitement amid the pleasure she felt and the utterly unapologetic thrill of what she was doing. She hadn't expected to sink so quickly into all-out cock worship, but Davepetasprite's bulge certainly deserved that sort of attention, and she was all too eager to show it to them, knowing they couldn't see her so sloppily adoring their dick, but that they could certainly feel it. Every layered groan on the other side of the wall was proof of that, and she was eager to cultivate the madness, to keep the pressure going and adore herself with unending, desperate pleasure, vulgar and twisted but absolutely incredible.

The licking was merciless, as Jade figured out how to lean into the madness of the bulge's writhing to get the cock covered in her spit, leaving it absolutely dripping with a thick layer of saliva as her eager tongue worked its magic along every inch of the twitching cock before finally she grabbed hold of it, wrangling it to her lips with a desperate sort of forcefulness; she'd had fun licking it, but now she wanted more. Her mouth opened wide as she pushed forward, slurping the exotic, twitching cock down and wondering what sort of blowjob she was in for as the head rubbed along the insides of her mouth, already turning this blowjob into something like she'd never felt before.

Her head bobbed back and forth with a careful motion completely ruined by the pulsating cock rocking in and out of her mouth. "It has a mind of its own," Davepetasprite said from the other side of the wall, and Jade believed it, doing her best to compensate as her mouth tightened around the cock. It tried to push its way in deeper, seeking the warmth and tightness of her throat, and Jade could have done a lot of things, but the important thing she didn't do was actually stop it, happily accepting the tentacle sliding down her throat. 

She gagged a bit on it, a little noisy in her adoration of the impressive and overly eager cock as it penetrated deeper, her throat eager to take it, determined to find some way to make this work, but all she could think about as it slipped further down was how unwieldy it was. Davepetasprite's bulge was not something she was ready to handle, but all she could think about as she pressed onward was getting more of it, carelessly and aggressively throwing herself into the depths of something twisted and mad. There was a sense of utter shamelessness to the way she worked herself along Davepetasprite's bulge, a careless delight she refused to pull back from. The more she felt of the throbbing cock pushing down her throat, the more she wanted of it.

The result was sloppy, all-out cock worship with an eagerness and ferocity only Jade Harley could have provided. She happily got carried away as her head bobbed faster, rocking eagerly back and forth along the throbbing troll cock, even though the human-troll hybrid was technically a sprite. There was no time to worry about technical anything. Not now. Not when she was facefucking herself on this amazing cock, and every shuddering, burning, guiltless thrill within her was demanding that she not stop or slow down for anything. This was a special kind of shamelessness, Jade going all out with an utter lack of hesitation or mercy, throwing herself all in on the insane thrill of slurping down  Davepetasprite's throbbing cock without question. Every part of her burned excitedly for what was to come as she got more and more into what she was doing.

On the other side were moans and mewls growing bolder and louder. Jade knew she was on to something, knew that she could chase this further down into delight as she kept sucking, refusing to let up until Davepetasprite got off. Nothing mattered more to her right now, her fascination with this amazing alien cock so great that she didn't even think to reach down her skirt and start dealing with her frustrations, too busy working the fascination and desperation that overwhelmed her. Nothing could slow the mad approach down, not now. Not when she was so close to getting Davepetasprite off. She knew it was only a matter of time, knew that awaiting her was that gooey, messy finish and the release she so thoroughly craved. She wanted to make the people she cared about feel good, and right now she cared so deeply about Davepetasprite that she wasn't going to stop until they got off.

Fortunately for Jade, Davepetasprite's orgasm wasn't very far off, and the warning of, "We're cumming!" caught her almost by surprise, as even they didn't know it was happening until their cock was already a twitching, throbbing mess. Jade pulled back quickly, surprised by the suddenness of what happened as she gasped, drool spilling from her lips as she took the massive, sudden facial. Cum gushed forward, splattering all over her face as Davepetasprite's cock erupted, spewing rope after rope of messy cum that, thanks to the wriggling cock tip shaking out of control, ended up leaving wild streaks all over her face.

Jade whined as she felt the gooey facial settling onto her features. It felt so warm and delightful, and she let out a happy giggle. 'I hope you enjoyed yourself!" she called, and watched as the cock pulled out of the hole. She was fine with that; she'd had her fun already with Davepetasprite, and there was plenty more to enjoy elsewhere, other people who surely wanted a round with her. It was all a matter of keeping the fun and the love rolling, and Jade was definitely feeling like more love was exactly what everyone needed. Up to and including just letting everyone fuck her mouth one by one, if that was what they wanted.

"Hey, Jade?" called a familiar voice from the other end of the hole, and her eyes went wide with surprise. "I hope this isn't weird or anything, but... Could I put my dick in here?"

"John?" Jade asked, giggling and excited by the surprise of his arrival and his rather awkward request. She didn't expect him to show up, thinking he wasn't the kind of guy who'd come to a blowjob booth, but she was delighted by the fact that he had. "Of course you can! That's what I'm here for, after all! Go on, push it through. You know what? I'll even let you have some fun, and instead of using my mouth, you can have my pussy." It sounded like a great deal, but in truth, Jade wasn't being entirely selfless; she had worked up quite the need sucking off Davepetasprite, and letting John fuck her was a way to deal with all of that efficiently.

"Wow, really?" John sounded so excited and just north of dorky, making Jade giggle happily as she pulled back away from the wall. She saw the thick human cock push through the hole, and what it lacked in being an exotic alien dick it more than made up for in generous size and firmness. It wasn't going to wriggle around or try to rub along the inside of her throat, but sometimes a girl needed that kind of normalcy.

"Wow, John, that's really impressive!" she gasped, pulling up her dress and shoving her panties down as she pushed herself right up against the wall. Rather than bending over and backing her ass up against it, Jade took a more proactive approach, pressing her body right up against the wall and sinking down onto his cock, cheeks lighting up as she eased forward. If not for the wall between them she could have kissed John, and maybe the long friendship mired a little too deeply in affection was part of why she did.

Jade's dripping wet pussy was as ready as could be for John's cock, and as she pressed forward to sink down his shaft, she couldn't help but let out the sweetest of moans, excitedly easing forward and feeling the amazing, firm cock begin to open her tight hole up. His generous endowment gave Jade all the reason in the world to sink down his shaft, moaning as she went along, the cock sinking into her and leaving her feeling so full, so excited. Her cheeks were flush and her breath hitched as she went onward, nothing able to stop her now from getting what she wanted.

"You feel so good, Jade!" John called from the other end, not realizing she was so close to his face, that if the board wasn't there he could see her smiling face. But still, he had only his imagination to guide him, and that added a strange air of something to this entire situation as he kept himself flush against the wall, his cock poking through the hole and completely at the mercy and whims of Jade. He trusted Jade on this; she was going to do something wonderful, he just knew it.

Back and forth Jade rocked, moaning and grunting excitedly as she began to work herself back and forth along his cock. The wall between them was certainly making it strange, a flat surface for her body to thrust against, and she didn't want to make too much noise in doing so as she steadily built up a straightforward pace against his shaft. Back and forth she rocked, moaning lowly as she gave John all the affection and love she could muster, driven by the delighted, playful need to give John the pleasure he'd come here for.

She was a little surprised he'd come here, and even admitted he knew she was in there. It made her cheeks burn brightly as she thought on it some more amid the eager bout of fucking herself atop his big dick. She couldn't shake the excited feeling that she was really on to something. She was going to give John the best glory hole fuck he'd ever had, and she wasn't going to let anything stop her. Back and forth she heaved, hips rocking along it, more confident in how she took his big cock as each thrust brought herself almost all the way down against the wall, so much cock buried inside of her that she knew that finally bit would have felt amazing too but she was fine to temper herself a little bit, all in the name of just going absolutely bugfuck insane on the dick before her.

"You're really big, John! I'm so happy, you're making me feel amazing." Jade couldn't slow down now, panting heavily as she kept up the motion, eagerly slamming herself down onto his cock again and again. She couldn't stop herself now, going all out on the throbbing cock between her legs and letting the pleasure wash over her as much as she could. It felt so good, and shameless bursts of pleasure felt like sweet rewards for her time sucking Davepetasprite off, so that now she could really get a feeling for the pleasure she'd sought and earned. This was better than it should have been, and really helped Jade realize how good an idea it was to come to the glory hole in the first place, not just making other people feel good, but on the receiving end of immense pleasure herself.

Moaning louder and slamming down faster, Jade fucked herself rapidly on John's cock, her knees and pelvis thudding against the wall as she got too worked up and too aggressive, but that desperate sloppiness really only worked in her benefit as she threw herself headlong into excessive, guiltless pleasure. She felt too good to stop now, delighted by just how well every inch of her burned with excitement and need. Nothing was going to slow Jade down in her mad approach, and every throb of John's cock within her pussy helped seal the deal on that. This was a level of pleasure she could get used to, and she knew she was going to be paying a whole lot more bored visits to the glory hole in days to come.

Maybe not even when she was bored. Just in general. Why not?

John could hardly believe the pleasure he was feeling either, on the other side of the wall and remaining rather still out of worry about if he was supposed to or not. Did he thrust? Did he say anything? He just remained largely silent, save for the occasional grunt and moan of pleasure as he felt Jade working herself senseless on his cock without any help at all. There was so much pleasure surging through him all at once, and all he could think about as he felt Jade at eager work on his cock was how good all of it was. He'd never thought she could have been so lusty and so shamelessly aggressive, but the sensations that came with it were too good for him to care about any of that, just savouring the way she lavished his cock with intense satisfaction. He liked this new Jade.

Rutting herself senseless on John's cock left Jade ragged and gasping for air, racing toward an orgasm she deserved too much not to seize it aggressively, and to her absolute delight, she reached a burning, heated peak that she could not have been happier to feel overwhelm her, seizing her up from within as she let out a surprised scream, bucking her hips as her orgasm tore suddenly through her without warning or sanity. She slammed down one last time against the wall, fingers pressed tightly against it as she yelled, "John!" at the peak of her release. Her inner walls clenched down around his cock tightly, begging him for his seed as she shivered and held herself as still as she could, even though she felt like she was going to lose herself entirely.

John was all too happy to oblige, his cock twitching within her inner walls and erupting suddenly, spewing thick gushes of hot, sticky cum deep into the spasming pussy that begged him so hard. "Oh my god, Jade!" he shouted in turn, each throb of his cock sending another shot of cum into her. He felt so good, so delighted, and when his cock was spent he pulled sharply back, groaning in surprise and shuddering nervously. 'Wow, that was... That was really good."

Leaning away from the wall with her pussy dripping semen down her quivering thighs, Jade could only nod. "It was. Please, come by again some time!" She sent John off with a soft laugh before sinking back down to her knees in anticipation of whoever was going to come in next. 


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