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Chapter 32 - Junko Enoshima - Future Foundation Fundraising (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 32 - Junko Enoshima - Future Foundation Fundraising (C)

Chapter 32 - Junko Enoshima - Future Foundation Fundraising (C)
Commission for SHSLDespair. Content warnings for mind control and heavy sluttification/mindbreak.
There was a time when all that Junko Enoshima wanted to do was spread despair. When the destruction and chaos of the world was all she could occupy her pretty little head with. But now, the leader of Ultimate Despair was in the hands of the Future Foundation, and not only had they undone the brainwashing laid onto her victims, but there had been a number done onto Junko herself, who had not been turned over to the proper authorities, but instead put to work for the Future Foundation in other ways, and she loved every second of offering her body up to the madness. At least, she did by now.

Knelt down in front of the hole in the wall of her cell, Junko suckled on the tip of a hot, throbbing cock, pre-cum dripping from the head as she worked it over with a shallow, still motion. Her hand ran along the spit-shined shaft, which her tongue had painted with a thick, generous coating of saliva so that when she got to work. she could run her hand along it as quickly and impatiently as possible. She didn't speak, barely thought, just sucked and sucked and happily surrendered to it all, moaning as she remained in place, servicing the cock pushing into her cell. It wasn't the first of the day and certainly wouldn't be the last. It had become what her life was and she didn't mind in the least.

Junko was rewarded for her service with the sudden flood of cum into her mouth. She gasped as she felt the salty, gooey set hit her tongue, the taste so sweet to her after so long of her cum-heavy diet that all she could do was moan and jerk the cock off faster, every throb of it in her hand helping to coax a bit more thick seed into her mouth, letting it fill her up before she moaned and swallowed it all down. "Thank you for the cum," she whined, watching the cock pull out of the wall as she ran her hands down her body, caressing and fondling herself on the way to bringing both hands down to her pussy, stuffing a pair of fingers up her twat and rubbing at her clit as she savoured the warmth settling into her stomach, leaving her to squirm and twist about happily.

"More cocks, please," Junko whined, biting her lip as she shivered about. She was isolated in her cell, cut off from actually being able to talk to anyone, imprisoned and only able to interact with people when a fat cock pushed through her hole, or when she was allowed into special confinement to handle multiple dicks. Not that she minded, having developed a taste for the careless use of her body and the ways that she was dominated and fucked. The Future Foundation were whoring their prisoner out for top dollar, and a broken, mind controlled Junko was all too happy to be the glory hole slut that was helping keep their coffers packed to the brim, sucking and fucking usually dozens of cocks a day, to the point of developing a brutal, intense addiction to getting taken.

Rising up to her feet, Junko stuck her perky ass out, pressing it against the wall as she lined up the empty wall hole with her own dripping, desperate hole, readying her cunt against the wall and pleading, "Please, someone stick a big dick through the wall and fuck me!" She whined, fingers pushing into her mouth as she held onto her face, tongue rolling out and eyes shutting tightly. The thought of being fucked was too good for her to deny, even though her sticky thighs already had copious amounts of cum from all the spunk leaked out of her after her previous fucks. There was just no end to her endless hungers.

Fortunately, she got what she wanted. A sudden, thick cock shoved its way through the wall and slammed up Junko's twat without warning, and the girl screamed eagerly as she felt it push into her, the sudden fullness and harshness of the sensation setting her alight, making her howl gleefully as she was taken roughly and unceremoniously. "Yes! Yes, fuck me, please!" she screamed, slamming back against the dick and rutting herself eagerly down against it, licking some cum off of her lips as she slammed back against the dick, not even waiting for him to start thrusting as she showed off her brazen and absolutely mindless lust, unaware there were camera capturing every heave of her perky tits and every vulgar expression across her face.

The cock began to thrust, but by then Junko had already whipped herself into a mad frenzy of slamming back hard onto the cock pounding away at her needy body. She could hardly believe how good every inch of her felt, how much she ached for this pleasure and this intensity. Junko had no qualms about the sex addicted life she found herself living, the way that she spent her time getting fucked around the clock and completely surrendering to the madness of her whored out ways. It was all so good, so powerful; in a sense, maybe this was her own little private kind of despair, even if she had been conditioned to no longer think that word. It had been wiped from her mind.

In that emptiness, she found only need, only lust. Slamming down hard onto the cock poking out of the wall, Junko felt at home, happy and natural in the way she indulged in what felt like her new role in life. She was a slut, plain and simple, moaning and begging for more no matter how much she got; it was never enough, never truly sating her impossible thirsts and desperation. All Junko could think about at any moment was finding more, was  getting fucked as thoroughly and brutally as she could be. There was no better life for her than this.

"Don't stop fucking my pussy raw!" she whined, biting her lip as she looked back over her shoulder, not that she could see much of the cock fucking her with her bouncing ass in the way and her needy pushes back keeping her from really lifting away from it enough to see. The fact that the man on the other side was thrusting too ensured she could only put in half the effort, meeting him along the way and still being treated to the thorough madness of being so thoroughly and blissfully fucked that she couldn't care in the least what she felt as long as it simply did not stop. The thrusts kept going, kept wearing her down more and more with the burning, shuddering bliss of shameless indulgence.

The more Junko got fucked, the more she craved getting fucked even harder. It was a cycle of endless need and lust that simply did not stop, and in that intensity she found the utter essence of bliss, relentlessly being taken and used to the fullest and most brutal extent she could have ever imagined. Insatiable and always seeking more, she remained the perfect whore for the Future Foundation's purposes, fucked around the clock, never exhausted as lust carried her further and harder. She was broken more thoroughly than any of her victims could have ever been by a force perhaps even more potent and maddening than despair had ever been. There was nothing that she could do to save herself or maintain a shred of dignity or sanity amid what she was feeling, what was being done to her.

But that was fine by Junko. The life of being fucked and used was one that she had grown all too used to, happily taking the cock deep and fast into her pussy, whining as she fucked herself eagerly down against the thrusting shaft. Nothing could be done to her that she wouldn't thoroughly and genuinely adore. She was beyond shame, beyond reason, beyond sanity, and she loved every second of it, reaching fingers down between her legs to catch her dripping juices and then licking them eagerly off of her fingers, losing herself so thoroughly to the pleasure that she could feel herself simply give up entirely to it all. How could she not?

A thick cock to slam away at her dripping cunt was what she needed, but there was even more shamelessness to be found for Junko as she wound tightly around her own mad peak, reaching the heated, swelling madness that simply nothing could stop. She was in a fuck frenzy that only stopped when her orgasm struck, when she slammed down with a howling, mad scream onto the cock pushing through the hole. As her pussy spasmed around the cock, she invariably managed to bring the man to a predictable and intense orgasm, the hot spunk that flooded suddenly up into her pussy making her whine, twist, and scream as the sensations hit her. There was so much pleasure within her, so much that she didn't even begin to know how to process, and all she could think was how good she felt to be taken.

"Nngh, it's not enough!" she complained as the cock withdrew. "Aw, why can't I have more dicks? Come on, push a cock through, it doesn't have to be big it just has to be full of delicious cum for me to drink! Don't leave me like this!" The pathetic nature of her broken whines was the sort of thing that captivated and enthralled the people scorned by her cruelty and looking for bitter, petty revenge, and they got the satisfaction of seeing Junko brought low, but too horny to even be ashamed of it, as she fell to her knees and began to fingerfuck herself, staring at the hole with her mouth open as if asking nicely was going to solve things.

But Junko got better than she asked for, as on the other end of the cell, a light turned green, noisily buzzing with permission, and the blonde screamed excitedly as she rose up to her feet and scrambled toward the door, throwing it open and tossing her body into the narrow room beside her cell. A smaller and more cramped room that offered up to Junko something very important: multiple holes. The stall was riddled with them, openable holes lining each of the walls, maybe about ten in total across the three walls not leading back into her cell. An oversized dildo stuck out of the floor, jammed in and available for Junko to use to tend to herself, which was useful, because three cocks were pushing through the front wall of the very cramped and tight little stall.

This was the real fun, the real glory hole booth, and Junko saw being in it as a treat, because she was allowed to handle three dicks at once. She impaled herself down onto the cock reached her hands out immediately, grabbing the dicks on the sides as she shoved her chest out onto the middle cock, squishing her plump tits against the wall and embracing a dick snugly within them. "Fuck my tits," she whined as she began to jerk the cocks on her side off, knowing she couldn't give a proper titfuck herself with her hands occupied, but thankfully, she didn't have to wait too long before he did as he was told, beginning to thrust into the tight, fleshy warm of her breasts squished together.

The other two dicks received quick, relentless strokes, as Junko watched three hot, fat, throbbing dicks relish in her attention. "I love my little gangbang booth!" she cried out, bouncing on the dildo as she chewed her lip, thinking about all the things she'd had done to her in here. It was amazing for everything. She'd been spitroasted, handled four dicks at once, and at one point all the holes were filled and Junko practically spun around her dildo taking quick turns sucking each dick in a row for little bursts until finally they all came on her face. This was where the real debauchery happened, which was why it was a secret reward for the obedient little slut.

At least, that's what they said; the Future Foundation really just opened it up when demand for Junko was high enough that she needed to get through more guys.

Without a shred of dignity or shame, Junko marveled at all the throbbing cocks before her, feeling the dick thrusting up into her chest, whining for more as she leaned her head over and licked at the head of one. She couldn't get into position for a proper deep, sloppy bout of throat swabbing due to her need to keep in place for her titfuck, but she could easily crane her head down enough to lick along the shafts on either side of her, licking along them with unrepentant, slutty excitement. She couldn't hold back; she had to taste the cocks, had to lick and kiss and shower them with affection. She lived to serve cock, after all. It was what she was born for.

"So many big, fat, amazing dicks," she said, drooling as she pulled back, letting her saliva trickle down onto the cock between her tits, making the motion smoother and slicker. She didn't care if it was embarrassing, didn't care if she was humiliating herself; all that ruled Junko now was lust; pure, shameless debauchery, and she would stop at nothing to give all of the love she could to this amazing trio of dicks. "These are just as good as the cocks I've had this morning. And for lunch. Oh, all cocks are wonderful, and all the world's dicks deserve to fuck my tight little holes and get off." 

The lust came in waves; vulgar, degrading remarks ebbed and flowed with the tides of her indomitable libido, and the more worked up she got, the more vocally appreciative she got of her gifts. "Please tell me you like my big tits," she called out to the man on the other side. She never received answers, but that didn't stop her from trying. 'And my soft, delicate hands, that have never seen a day of work in their lives so that they're perfectly smooth for stroking big, hard cocks like yours! Oh, and my tongue! Tell me how good my tongue is!" She licked all along the cock to her left and then quickly over to the one on her right. "And how good I am as the perfect glory hole cumslut for the world's dicks. This is all I could ever want in my life!"

To be pulled from the potent promises of despair, Junko had had to be broken hard, and so little of her remained that the people who sat watch over her nearly felt bad. But that was precisely why a list of her crimes and the crimes of her victims was posted in the room; a grim reminder that no, the broken fate she was suffering was a deserved one.

Junko rode the dildo to a loud, vocal orgasm, and it was the genuine, needy howl from her lips that helped drag the men on the other end of the wall over the edge. Cum erupted very suddenly and quickly from the cocks she was servicing, the two handjob recipients painting her face with their seed while the one who fucked her tits left her ample bosom plastered with spunk, the eager blonde whining as she pulled back, licking her face and heaving atop the cock, the orgasm only serving to encourage her to bounce faster. There was no pleasing her, no patience, no wait. "More dicks, please! I know there's so many cocks in this world that haven't drained their balls down my throat, let's change the world together! For the better!"


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