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Chapter 33 - Futa Terezi Pyrope - Fixated (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 33 - Futa Terezi Pyrope - Fixated (C)

Chapter 33 - Futa Terezi Pyrope - Fixated (C)
Anonymous commission, Terezi and Vriska have wangs.
Glory holes seemed like an obvious choice for Terezi; the blind troll's oral fixation wasn't much of a secret, and here she could really savour the opportunity, even if she was able to very effectively ruin the possible mystique of it all with her tongue's keen ability to identify a troll by colour. But even if she was likely to unravel the chance for anonymity, her mouth offered promises too sweet for some to resist, and as she settled down onto her knees, Terezi knew she wasn't going to have to wait very long at all for someone to come by for her, her mouth ready and her hands settled against the wall in eager wait for what was to come.

Her ears weren't as keen as her tongue, but she still listened closely, able to hear someone on the other side of the wall moving into position, and excitement made her spine straighten out a bit and her mouth part a little bit as she awaited with a wide, toothy grin, her first visitor. She heard pants hit the ground and eagerly leaned in closer, her tongue slithering out of her mouth and licking up along a wriggling bulge pushing in through the wall. She could taste something sweet and faintly fruity along her tongue, as her hands reached around the base of the cock. "Hm, I wonder who it could be," she rasped, smiling wide as she went in for more licks, not the least bit confused and knowing exactly what she was dealing with in truth. "A big, candy red cock to play with. Karkat, you shouldn't have."

Karkat grumbled on the other side of the wall, not saying very much and just letting Terezi got at him with her skilled tongue. The way she licked along the shaft left him tense and feeling a pressure build up within him, and he was mostly eager to just see this through to the end and be done with it, groaning as Terezi clung to his cock so firmly. There had been a lot of history between the two of them, at times very rocky history, but things had settled down well between the two of them, and now Karkat was at the glory hole looking to indulge in the fleeting curiosities of an old crush.

Terezi tightened her fingers around his cock, holding tightly to his base in an attempt to contain some of the squirming as she began to work her tongue aggressively along the shaft proper. "Fine, just stay quiet then," Terezi sighed, rolling her eyes as she slithered steady circles along the head of his cock, leaning slowly inward in a sloppy, spiraling advance along his shaft, licking just a bit further on each pass. Aside from being able to put to the rest the lingering tensions between them by finally just fucking, Terezi was eager to savour just the pure treat before her. Karkat's candy red cock tasted incredible, and she could feel the swelling hunger within her, a deep urge to give in and give his cock a bout of thorough oral worship.

Without warning, Terezi slurped it into her mouth, moaning as she got her lips tight around his shaft and started to feverishly suck him down, aggressive and hungry, wanting to shower his candy red cock with as much affection as she could in her needy, ragged pursuit of tasting him thoroughly There was no way for Terezi could go anything short of all-out with a cock at the glory hole, not with her oral fixation and her taste-driven senses. And she showed that off here, giving Karkat such a thorough and sloppy sucking from the word go that she could hear him getting louder on the other side, hear him winding up with excitement and need. It urged her onward, urged her deeper down as she soaked in the sounds of his moans and let them fuel her hunger.

"Shit, Terezi," Karkat groaned from the other side, hands holding tight against the wall as he made all sorts of embarrassing noises, pent up frustration and lust getting the better of him as he felt her mouth sucking him down, so hot and firm, the sensation drawing him in tighter. He didn't want to start talking up how he'd always thought about her doing this, didn't want to throw himself into that level of embarrassment with admissions of old feelings and long done crushes, but the way that she was working over his cock left him wanting to say something, which led to a lot of confused, pleasured noises dying in his throat, making him sound even worse off for being unable to articulate how good he felt.

Down her throat the tip went, Terezi shameless and fervid in her need to appreciate every inch of Karkat's cock. She didn't hesitate to throat his cock, ignoring even the ways she began to choke and shiver as she felt him slip down into her gullet, gagging noisily but completely undeterred in the steady bobbing of her head. In fact, she only got faster, lent a sense of fervid urgency by the way that he felt wriggling about inside of her throat, his tip rubbing along the lining of her esophagus and leaving her with a sensation as strange as it was exhilarating. Her lips dragged back and forth along his cock, unable to get a tight seal around his base as she moved too sloppily, but that was fine; what she lacked in vacuum tightness she made up for in sticking her tongue out of her lips and caressing further down his cock, even sliding her tongue through the hole in the wall itself to push in further.

Feeling Terezi's tongue so eager to pleasure his cock that it actually pushed through the hole was the kind of pleasure that seemed utterly unfair to Karkat, as he groaned harder, fingers tightening against the wall. "Fuck," he moaned, more noises scratching at his throat as he felt himself overloaded by excitement and need, the pleasure that bore down upon him all so intense and swift. He felt a little dizzy and very excited, his cock throbbing within the mouth and throat that clenched around his cock. It was overwhelming and absolutely incredible, his pelvis shoved up against the wall as hard as he could get it to make sure as much cock as possible was past her eager lips and that he could get as deep into her throat as possible.

Shamelessly, Terezi kept going, the sloppy noises rising up louder as her head rocked back and forth and she pushed herself harder and faster in the name of achieving pure, unrelenting delight. Nothing was going to stop her now as she pressed onward, craving the delight of making Karkat cum. Terezi felt gluttonous as she slurped his cock down, enjoying everything about the red cock, from the taste on her hungry tongue to the feeling of it inside of her throat, from the sounds of Karkat moaning loudly on the other end of the wall in floored amazement to the way her head spun about wildly as she tried to handle it all. Everything just felt so good that she couldn't control herself.

Terezi was so deep into her almost trance-like state of sloppy cock adoration that she didn't even realize Karkat was yelling, "I'm cumming!" It only occurred to her when she felt his tip wildly flailing about and gushing thick, gooey shots of troll cum down her throat, which led Terezi to pull sharply back, gasping and gagging as she grabbed hold of his shaft and held him only a couple inches into her throat, letting her mouth fill up with his cum, thick and tinged with a faint red that ignited her tongue with all the same sensations of the cock unloading into her mouth. But there was so much, and she couldn't swallow it all down fast enough; cum began to leak down her the corners of her chin and leave her with so much dripping, sticky spunk to contend with that as she drew back she was almost drooling Karkat's cum.

But the smile on her face was indomitable, and she gave a few parting kisses to his cock and groaned, "Come back some time," as she felt him leave, sighing wistfully and licking her face to lap up some of the cum that leaked from her lips. She felt a delightful satisfaction washing over her, and eagerly awaited the next arrival.

Once more, a silent approach led Terezi to wonder what was happening as she listened to someone get up to the wall, get their cock out, and press it forward, leaving her tongue to intuit who was coming to visit, but as she dragged her tongue around the next bulge, she found herself pulling back in surprise, snarling at the sudden sensation of blueberry against her tongue. It was a surprise that left her pulling back. "Really?" she groaned. "We're dating, and you still had to run over here?"

Vriska snickered, knocking on the wall and pushing her writhing bulge in a little further. "Come on, Terezi, let me have your ass. Don't pretend you don't want me to fuck it. That's not worth it." Her throbbing, thick bulge wriggled against Terezi's face. The two had long since made up, and were even dating, but a little antagonistic flare was always fun, settling well into how they got along.

"You can admit you're just desperate, it's okay," Terezi teased, slipping up to her feet and tugging at her pants. She had been so enthralled by the delight of sucking Karkat's cock that she had ignored her own needs bubbling up within her, but as she dropped her pants, her throbbing teal bulge was dripping with a strong enough excitement to remind her that she was in deep. Her hand even seized it tightly as she pressed her bare ass up against her girlfriend's aching cock, reaching between her legs and seizing the base with her other hand. "Just admit you're desperate to fuck me around the clock and I'll let you have my ass."

"Fuck you, your bony ass isn't worth begging." Vriska knocked harder on the wall. "You're not getting shit. Not even a reach-around, but now that your bulge is out you know how horny you are, so slam down on my dick and get to it. You're the one who decided to be a huge slut and suck random dicks all day."

Terezi gave a hoarse laugh and pushed back against it, accepting that yeah, she was horny enough to just roll with it, and after some back and forth teasing it was time to press back hard against her girlfriend's cock, taking the cerulean bulge into her ass and groaning as she felt herself filled up immediately by the thick, aching delight she craved. Rather than deny it, Terezi leaned into the tailspin and into her own arousal, groaning as she slammed back against Vriska's cock and feverishly began to fuck her own ass down against it, groaning as her hand tightened around her own bulge, the sensations washing over her finally starting to get the good juices flowing.

Sucking off Karkat had been good, but now that she was finally getting a dick inside of her and feeling the pleasure herself, it was night and day, the sensations that hit her making her moan excitedly, shuddering loudly as she showed her hand a little too much as far as that 'need' that she had been shirking away from. it was hard to deny that she was whipped up into a horny enough frenzy to spin out of control as she craved Vriska's cock, slamming down feverishly against it and letting the pleasure hit her hard and faster. "I needed this," she groaned, and didn't feel the least bit ashamed of admitting it.

"That's what everyone says when they have my dick in them," Vriska said boldly, and her own hips had no hope of holding back as she drove forward to, pounding into the tightness of Terezi's ass. "Get your butt against the wall," she ordered, and her girlfriend followed suit, pushing up harder against it to let Vriska take a more active role in pounding her tight behind. She could still feel Terezi moving about plenty, bucking wildly as she slammed back against the cock in her ass then thrust forward into her hand, but it was a bit more restrained, allowing Vriska to more steadily focus on taking charge and being in control. "Even when there's a wall between us I'm still topping," she bragged.

"Even when there's a wall between us you don't shut the fuck up," Terezi snapped, back, but by then she was so far past the point of caring, just savouring how good she felt as she kept the motions going, hand gripping her cock tightly as she masturbated with a fierce and rapid pace, stroking feverishly and trying to get herself off quickly. She didn't have time to let anything worry her, or to tease and deny Vriska anymore. She just wanted to get the most out of this, to savour the dick up her ass and the raw delight of being fucked so hard and so fast that she could crash into her own sweet orgasm at long last. People didn't visit glory holes because they were looking to get fucked plenty, especially not people with such a deep and abiding oral fixation, but Terezi wasn't going to say no to some raw pleasure and the reward for all her hard work bearing down so intensely upon her.

Vriska grunted hard, but above the noises of effort was the sound of their bodies thudding against the wall, slamming against it again and again as they fucked without a care in the world, the barrier doing little to deter them and left shuddering and shaking as they tried not to get so hard and fast they ended up breaking it. There was nothing that could slow them down as the two lovers took their mid afternoon fuck, Vriska not caring about anyone else who wanted a turn with Terezi and wasn't going to have the chance to fuck her that night in bed anyway. She was too busy staking her claim over her girlfriend to let anyone else's erection bother her any, and she was just happy to be there and taking it to Terezi so right and so hard.

The only person who mattered to Vriska right now was Vriska.

With her cock dripping thin teal pre all over her hand and her thighs, Terezi didn't care about that greed, and wasn't going to complain at all about Vriska completely ruining Terezi's chances to get with other people. Not when the fat blue bulge was up her ass, not when she was having so much fun getting fucked. She wasn't going anywhere today but the Vriska break was very much appreciated, the eager troll slamming back against it hard, racing toward a messy and intense orgasm, the moans scratching against her throat as she hit her peak and felt herself overwhelmed by the pure excitement hitting her.

But then Vriska came first, to Terezi's absolute amazement, and the sudden flood of thick cerulean spunk filling her ass set her over the edge, left her own bulge pulsating as she came all over the floor excitedly, howling and wheezing and slamming back in delight. The pleasure was intense, and the sweet thrill of being fucked so right and so hard was enough to leave her pulling back from the wall and stumbling a little, gasping for air and shivering as she drew back from the hole.

Vriska's cock dripped some more down onto the floor as she stood there, panting heavily and groaning in delight, a smug smile wide across her face. "Just remember when you're done sucking everyone else's dicks that you're coming home to me," she said, "And that I'll be your best memory of today, because nobody can fuck like Vriska can."

Terezi wanted to counter that remark and dismiss her girlfriend's swollen ego, but after being fucked like that, it was hard to argue. She just slipped down to her knees, shivering and feeling her ass drip with her girlfriend's cum as she awaited her next visitor.


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