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Chapter 35 - Felicia Hardy - Filling Up (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 35 - Felicia Hardy - Filling Up (C)

Chapter 35 - Felicia Hardy - Filling Up (C)
Commission for parappa624
“Wish it didn't have to be this way,” Felicia sighed as she took her place comfortably before the hole in the wall she'd come to visit, kneeling like she was  here to worship at the altar of anonymous cock. And in some way, maybe she was, the extra anonymity of her Black Cat costume helping keep a bit more barrier between her and what she was about to be. “You could have just said yes and fucked me so I didn't have to go off sucking anonymous dicks like some kind of tramp.” She was talking to nobody while definitely talking to Spider-Man, the elusive wall crawler that had won her over in ways that drove her absolutely mad for the fact that he didn't seem to really realize the good thing he had in front of him. She'd been frustrated by his refusals of her advances, something she didn't think any man was capable of when she was walking around looking normal; strutting around in skintight leather with all that cleavage, she couldn't understand a damn thing about it.

So in some way, kneeling down at the glory hole was almost some gesture of revenge as she sought to get back at the man who had expressed no interest in her; not the most elegant or damning of plans, but she was resolute in her need to get the fucking she deserved from somewhere, and what better somewhere than a glory hole? Down on her knees and waiting eagerly for a hot surprise, Felicia was ready to get down and dirty with a kind of fun that she knew she was sorely in need of. Fun she'd rather have with the man who had captured her attention, but fun she would more than happily enjoy with anonymous stranger instead if she had to. It was all sex in the end, right? Felicia wasn't picky.

It was a decision that seemed all the better when a cock pushed at last through the hole and a gasping, excited Felicia found herself staring down a nice big, meaty dick. “Mm, I'd never call myself a slut,” she said, bringing a hand down onto his cock, “But this is the kind of cock even a good girl would want to slobber all over.” She leaned forward and got right to work, giving some steady licks along the head and listening for the man groaning on the other side; she was going to have her dirty, thorough fun with him and she wasn't going to feel the least bit bad about it either; she was, despite her efforts, still very single.

The licks weren't quite soft and fleeting enough to count as teasing; there was one thing Felicia made sure of, and that was that she gave him a nice starting sucking, a solid swell of initial delight to start things off with before she got too deep into anything else, wanting to make sure that she took her time with this guys and gave him what he deserved. She was going to take her time and work up to something big, sure, but she wasn't going to sleep on a dick like this. Before Felicia was more than enough cock to be excited, free hand unzipping her suit down the front and wondering how long she could go at sucking some rando's cock before touching herself without being slutty. Not that good girls showed up at glory holes.

Once the cock had received a nice, steady baseline of oral attention and she'd laid her spit all over it, Felicia could finally proudly bring it up to her lips and giving it some slow, careful kisses, taking her sweet time with the cock before her. There was no real hurry, no need to get too worked up or out of control yet, taking her sweet time and sucking him into her mouth slowly, low rumbles and purrs giving the man on the other side of the wall an audible peek at just how much she appreciated the sight and feel of his cock. It wasn't long before she was taking him into her mouth anyway, sucking him down a few inches and working herself slowly forward, letting the pleasure come slowly to her. In good time, it would.

The hot embrace of her wet, eager mouth made the cock throb between her soft, plump lips. She was shameless in her steady advance and the hunger for more that ached within her. The deep, aching sensations that had driven her to come pay a visit to the glory hole to begin with. With one hand steadily stroking the base of his cock, the other was down between her legs, starting to rub needily at her slick mound, driven by all the frustrations and need that Felicia had been expecting. Answering the burning call within her for pleasure was what she'd come here for, after all, and she liked sucking dick, but it wasn't going to give her the relief she craved or tend to her real appetites. But that was fine; masturbation felt almost justified if she could get a dick in her mouth while she dealt with herself.

Rocking her head back and forth, Felicia took slow, sultry care of the cock, moaning around it as she sucked it almost delicately, hand stroking with graceful motions that didn't quite fall into lockstep with her head's, but only because she had a better idea in mind for that. She didn't stress the small stuff; she was a pro, and everything she did when sucking a cock was sure to succeed. Her track record spoke for itself, and even if he had no idea he was getting head from either Felicia Hardy or the Black Cat, she was confident he'd soon be on the receiving end of more pleasure than he could have ever imagined, and she worked his cock over with a patient, careful pace with that in mind.

Indeed, she could hear the groans building on the other side, the bubbling excitement from the man who could feel the mouth working him over. “Fancy broad, ain't you?” smirked the guy on the other side, and it had Felicia purring in delight. She took it as  approval of her methods, of the way that she worked him up to a peak slowly and cultivated a proper reaction from him. All Felicia wanted as to push and encourage him onward, and that escalation was what made it all so excited, the chance to slowly worship a cock until she and the man she was sucking off were both losing their minds with need and a desire for it all to come unraveled.  She hadn't expected that kind of response from the sort of man who'd call her a 'broad', but it wasn't the worst thing she'd been called at this hole before.

Faster she worked, taking him down deeper as she grew more confident with matters and, more importantly, hornier. Without any hands on her head or any eyes to read, Felicia had to set the pace somehow, and she chose to go by the burning of her loins, the lust throbbing within her as she continued to suck this anonymous man off, shamelessly building up hotter and harder toward a sweet, powerful end driven by all the madness she could muster within her. Her head bobbed faster, taking him down deeper, and all Felicia wanted was to bring the both of them to their needy peaks, her ceaseless and devoted cock worship making him more and more vocally excited. Everything was in the palm of her hands now, and she wasn't going to let anything slow her down.

By the time she felt the cock push against the back of her throat it just felt right to shove herself down, the whole moment bending under the weight of her own frustrations as she pushed forward and shoved herself right down, taking his cock down her gullet with such a fervid, vigorous push that all she could do was moan and shiver, giving up on everything patient and steady in the name of just going all-out on a fat dick. No longer able to be patient and holding back, Felicia showed the cock the treatment it deserved, the treatment she kind of wished she could have given 'someone else' instead, but she hardly felt like she was settling as she gave him a thorough sucking, slurping him down and throating him easily, showing off her prowess for big dicks and how little trouble she had taking him in. Sure, she gagged on the thick cock, but how could she not? She was dealing with a big, hung dick and the fact that she was able to handle it as well as she did was still something to admire, dammit. Most girls couldn't work the kind of magic she was on a cock four inches shorter.

Working faster, working harder, feeling her mouth fill up with that thick, gooey kind of saliva that only formed when she was having her throat stuffed with hit cock, Felicia was on the warpath now. Her fingers hammered at her pussy, buried in her needy hole while she worked the cock down, taking him deep enough that the hand that had previously been upon his base and stroking was now braced against the wall for balance, her lips brushing against the rim of the hole as she happily took him all the way down, so easily handling him that she could hear mumbled remarks from the other side of the wall of a man deeply impressed with her handling of his cock. Because of course she was doing a good job; she never failed to please.

She wasn't going to get off before he did, and Felicia was okay with that, earning what would surely come in time as she just went all out on his dick, choking noisily on it, making all the wet mess of herself she could. Saliva drooled down her chin and into her cleavage, and she didn't care one bit about that fact, gladly becoming a complete mess in the name of all-out cock worship, bringing the man soon enough to a powerful and shameless orgasm. With her head finally going still and her lips flush against the wall, Felicia savoured the feeling of a rigid, virile cock throbbing within the tight embrace of her hot throat before pumping a load of sticky, burning cum right down her gullet. She shuddered, feeling her stomach fill up with that gooey need, and the satisfaction was its own sweet reward.

Drawing her head sharply back, Felicia let out a much needed gasp and sucked down frantic breaths, shivering as she asked, “You up for a second round, stud?”

“Get that big ass up against the wall,” confirmed the voice from the other side, a man who had no idea how big her ass was nonetheless having high hopes about the matter at hand.

Fortunately for him, Felicia had a fine behind, and as she rose to her feet and pulled her suit down enough to get fucked from behind, she teased it against his cock, purring as she got herself out of her costume and then bent forward, guiding herself back as she pushed down against the cock, moving carefully and lovingly down as she tried to keep from thinking too much about Spidey now, focusing only on this new guy and all the pleasure she could find with him instead. And once she had a nice, big dick sink into her, it was all much easier; gasping in eager delight, the feeling of her pussy being filled up made a lot of things easier. Placing her hands onto her thighs and steadying herself as she backed her ass up against the wall and pushed all the way down his cock.

She remained there for a moment, purring and working her hips in a few slow, teasing circles, leaving him wondering if she was going to be taking her sweet-ass time with everything about what they were about to do, but that was all part of the plan; once she had him ready to accept she'd be teasing him, Felicia burst into action, pushing forward and then slamming herself down hard onto his cock, whining in delight as she threw him for a loop and a feverish pace. There was no warning, and that made it all the exciting, able to hear him shout in surprise over the sound of her own shuddering, shameless moans; she was on the right track, and the sound of him being dragged along for the ride was so deeply, endlessly satisfying to Felicia.

The hard slams down onto the big dick she was fucking herself on made a thudding noise against the wall, fleshy slapping sounds following as her ass bounced from the force of her movements. Everything Felicia did was unrepentantly hard and fast, driven by her burning lust as her hot, sopping wet pussy was forced open by a big dick that was all too happy to fill her up like she craved to be filled. She was here to fuck away her frustrations, and fuck she did, slamming down hard on the big cock and pushing herself as hard as she could in desperate pursuit of enough pleasure to not have to think about anything other than getting fucked. That was what she was here for,  after all, seeking sex so empty and anonymous that she could numb herself to everything else. And it was working perfectly, as her moans twisted, growing hotter and louder in the swell of pure, unrepentant need.

Her pussy dripped down her thighs, and there was no comparing fingers to a big, hot dick that could fuck her right. Every part of Felicia was so excited and pleasure-wound, which kept her moving fast, kept her hammering down on the big cock and refusing to surrender, feeling her problems all melting away under the satisfying weight of pure, shameless indulgence. The faster she fucked the less she worried about anything else, and all of her energy went toward racing to the finish as she set out to sear away the problems. Spider-who?

"Your cock is so big!" she whined, giving him her all and making sure that he knew how good she felt. Felicia was the kind of girl who would tell a guy if he was fucikng her shittily, but conversely she was always happy to praise a man with vocal appreciation for his efforts, and everything she felt was worth praising. With Felicia doing all the actual work in the matter, that meant focusing on his amazing cock and giving him all the sweet compliments she could muster, losing herself and spinning out of control hard amid the feeling of pure delight that followed. Mad, shameless pleasure was all Felicia needed now, and riding it out as she enjoyed the company of this anonymous and very well endowed man had her as happy as could be.

Felicia had primed herself a little too well with her fingers, because she barely felt like she had really gotten into the swing of things before it all came apart. With a mad gasp, Felicia felt an orgasm rush suddenly up through her, overwhelming her and driving her to a loud, harsh conclusion, one that included plenty of bucking and writhing, her inner walls clamping down around the cock buried inside of her, and that spelled the end of the guy standing there, who couldn't possibly resist the tightness that followed. They came in unison, Felicia throwing her head back and whining as the shuddering, tingling sensations creeping across her body were only made more intense by the feeling of throbbing cock and hot spunk pumping deep into her, filling her up with all the gooey satisfaction that a girl could have ever wanted. It was as pure and perfect a sensation as they came.

Felicia moaned as she remained pressed up against the wall, her ass pressed tight as she waited, resting against it for support and shuddering in her breathless delight, the afterglow always doing such sweet things to her. She could feel the man pull out, whimpering as he proved himself only capable of two rounds, which wasn't the kind of stamina she needed, didn't have the same punch as a man who could go all night at her, a man with superhuman endurance and strength, who--

Dammit, Felicia, not again. She scolded herself for her thoughts, but now she was left alone with them, left to think hard on the matter, and the only reason that she wasn't pulling out her phone to take a vengeful, "It's your loss," photo of her pussy oozing with cum were the dual facts that she didn't have his number, and that another guy was coming up to the stall, Felicia quickly sinking to her knees again and ready to start the process of fucking her worries away all over again.


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