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Chapter 36 - Tsuyu Asui - Froppy's Tongue Adventure (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 36 - Tsuyu Asui - Froppy's Tongue Adventure (C)

Chapter 36 - Tsuyu Asui - Froppy's Tongue Adventure (C)
Commission for Kinky no Kyoukai
Tsuyu didn't kneel in front of the glory hole, assuming a very frog-like stance with her knees bent as she squatted down in front of it, eyes extra wide with excitement as she stared at the hole in the wall, about as ready for what she was about to do as she possibly could be. Rumours had been floating around school about the glory hole that had just sprung up one day, with nobody knowing why it was there or who put it there, but once she found herself some private time away from everyone Tsuyu had decided to investigate the rumours herself. She knew what it was for, at least after overhearing the murmurs amid the rumours of the anonymous, usually oral-focused sex that took place at a glory hole, and for a girl who had come to love oral sex with the talents she could throw around, it wasn't a very hard call at all for Tsuyu to pay a visit to it.

It wasn't very long at all before the first cock pushed through the hole in the wall, a man who had no idea what he was getting into just ready to have some fun. Fortunately, that was just what Tsuyu was here for, as she pushed her tongue out and ran it in curious strokes along the shaft, starting up high and taking her time a little bit in getting down very far. It wasn't the first penis she'd seen or sucked on by any measure, but Tsuyu didn't know exactly how to pace this or how to approach the matter properly. This was all experimental for her, something that she was doing for fun and with an eager goal of enjoying herself in mind, but really having not the slightest idea exactly where the spark for this all lay.

But as she heard the low groans rumble from the other side of the wall, Tsuyu knew she couldn't waste too long playing around with matters. She leaned in closer, moaning as she licked up along the shaft a bit quicker, a bit further down. Her long tongue made it so easy to handle the formidably big cock and show it some varied adoration as she thought about how to do this. Her hands rubbed along her thighs and slid beneath her skirt, pulling her panties to the side as she began to rub at herself, her long tongue almost eliminating the need for hands.

The tongue licked and dragged along the shaft, sometimes in long strokes, sometimes by laying the tongue flat down against the side and dragging along in a slow circle. It took almost no time at all for Tsuyu to outright wrap her tongue around his dick a little bit as she pulled herself in to kiss along the head, and that was when the guy on the other side realized that he knew exactly who was sucking his dick on the other side of the wall. There was only one girl at school with a tongue like that, and he froze up a little but in surprise. It was a delightful shock, but one he had to keep quiet, worrying now that if he tipped off that he knew who she was and that she wasn't quite so anonymous, he may scare her right off from the hole and away from giving him this lurid, once in a lifetime kind of blowjob.

Twenty meters of tongue meant Tsuyu had ample space to do all kinds of things to the dick, but she still wanted to get it into her mouth first and foremost, moaning as she slurped it down a few inches, her tongue coiling down around the shaft and starting to caress it, a far more enjoyable act than jerking off what she didn't have in her mouth as her tongue caressed along the dick. Her taste buds were ignited by the excitement, making it all the more delightful and indulgent for Tsuyu to play along with as she got to work at pleasuring the man on the other side while handling her own appetites, keeping Tsuyu absolutely on the edge of excitement as she worked.

Fingers rubbed at her slit as she grew progressively wetter and hotter through the course of sucking the cock down, deeper and hotter, neediness surging up inside of Tsuyu more and more with each bob of her head. She forced herself further down the cock, and as she did so she focused on making sure her tongue got tighter, each loop shirking closer together as she made a more firm coiling of her tongue around the dick. Her wet tongue got the initial grip down while the heat of her mouth added to it, and once she got the tip down into her throat she was riding newer, even crazier highs, ones that made the man on the other side gasp and thud against the wall a bit as he pushed his hips forward, desperate to get every inch of his cock on down. The hole was very generously cut out, which meant that she could reach his balls with the tip of her tongue, and she happily let the soft end rub in wet little strokes along his sac for that little extra push of pleasure, seeking to make sure that she gave this man everything she could.

Once she had him down deeper into his throat, gagging a bit as she deepthroated the cock and her own tongue a little in the process, Tsuyu picked the pace up hard, rocking quicker back and forth as impatience flared within her and everything that she did became very squarely focused on making the most of it. She was here to please, and she hoped that she could really ignite something special within the guy she was slurping on with such lurid, shameless excitement. It was lewd, it was sloppy, it was out of control.

And it was fucking incredible! Tsuyu's fingers greedily kept up their needy, eager pace as she worked her needy digits in and out of her pussy faster and hotter, finding so much pleasure in this sloppy, eager sucking of the cock before her that she could already tell this whole glory hole thing was going to be exactly how she wanted to ride things out from now on. Her pussy dripped onto the floor, leaving a little puddle of lurid need as she kept sucking, aggressive and shameless, showing off an utter lack of care or hesitation for the way that she was handling this all so eagerly and carelessly. It was too good to deny herself, too good to hold back from, and to lean into the tailspin and let herself be overwhelmed like this proved to be exactly what Tsuyu was after.

Her tongue formed a tight seal around the cock, wrapped firmly around the whole shaft and stroking it on as she sucked on it eagerly and sloppily. It was messy, it was dirty, and drool dripped down her chin as she hammered her throat with the tongue-wrapped dick, but all of that just fed into the many burning sensations making this into something Tsuyu was having the time of her life doing. This high was exactly what she wanted and needed, the kind of throbbing, hot thrill that she outright refused to pull back away from. Fervid, needy sucks and a show of outright desperation kept her moving fast and hot, and she knew that this effective treatment had to have been driving the man she was sucking off wild.

There was just one problem with how much fun Tsuyu was having with the cock; she had made such a tight seal with her tongue that when the man came and his cum erupted hotly in the embrace of her tongue, his cum barely trickled through. It hit her tongue, surely, but she had gotten overzealous with her treatment and ended up locking his cock in tight. Not into her throat, of course, which let him pull back from the wall and take her tongue with her a bit, as she whined and began to unravel around his dick in a panic. The salty flavour lingered on her tongue as she tried to unravel and retract, whining as embarrassment throbbed up inside of her enough to cut off the fun she was having fingering herself, her building orgasm fading away a bit as she tried to apologize a bit while her tongue was utterly useless.

But she got it back in her mouth without incident, sinking down to sit on her butt and whine a bit as she pushed fingers back into herself and got to work while she waited for the next cocks to push through.

Tsuyu sucked cock after cock, holding back just a little bit more as she contained herself, each cocksucking experience proving smoother than the last as she kept a more level head and didn't get carried away. Still greatly successful in what she was doing and in how she sucked each dick coming through the hole, Tsuyu was quickly leaving a series of very satisfied men all very tipped off about the fact that Froppy herself was deepthroating a the glory hole. Which had led to some particular interest from a woman who had heard about Froppy, and who couldn't deny that the girl's incredible tongue had always filled her head with a few curious, deeply twisted bursts of intrigue that she felt unable to deny the chance to indulge in.

"Do you eat pussy?" was a question Tsuyu was not expecting to be asked, but as she watched through the hole as a skirt was pulled up and a slick, puffy mound was shoved forward, Tsuyu didn't even think twice about it. She dove forward, answering with an eager drag of her tongue up the slit before she gave an eager kiss to the woman's clitoris. There wasn't a moment of hesitation or wait for Tsuyu as she got to work, rolling with it instead of letting surprise slow her down. There was a need within her to just give in now, one that she wanted so badly to just let happen, and she didn't seem the least bit sorry about it as she got to work. Her own thighs were slick, and the puddle down on the floor had grown as she worked herself over to repeated, intense orgasms over and over without a shred of shame.

Tsuyu had a funny way of going down on women. There was no denying that her tongue could do all sorts of wonderful things externally, like licking along pretty much every sensitive spot in that area all at once while lapping up every delicious drop of sticky, tart nectar that followed. That was the expected way to do it, and what Tsuyu figured anyone would have wanted. But there were more depraved avenues for cunnilingal indulgence than that, and Tsuyu was ready to spring them on this poor woman whether she was expecting them or not: a very literal tonguefucking of her pussy.

She built up to it first, although to call what she did a build up just seemed wrong. She went rough at the woman with all of her licks, aggressive in how she went down on her as her hands worked at her folds, frustrated she couldn't grab this woman's hips and hold her in place for all this aggressive devouring of her hot snatch. There was so much potential in that idea, but Tsuyu knew she had to walk the line here, knew to play smarter than that as she kept up her aggressive licking every which way, lapping all over the woman's mound as her eyes narrowed and, without any kind of warning, she shoved her tongue right on in there.

The woman shrieked as it happened, no warning given for the way that the tongue pushed into her, far deeper than any tongue ought to be able to. It ignited Tsuyu's many taste buds with the strong flavour of pussy, and she relished in that, moaning as she shoved her lips up flush against the hole to get in deep. She didn't need to, given she had much, much more tongue to push into her than she would have had room to take it, but there was something about the theatrics of it all, and about showing off her eagerness that Tsuyu really loved and appreciated.

A deep, rough tonguefucking was only made worse by the way Tsuyu's tongue began to bunch up and draw back, overlapping a bit to become one thicker, bigger mass eagerly pushing into her pussy. Tsuyu had done this before, and never had it drawn any small response from her partner; it was always big, always loud, and all Tsuyu could do as she kept it going was wonder exactly how she'd take this and how well it would go off. That was always the fun reveal, the mystery that danced and teased about in her mind as she chased the relentless pleasure and shameless thrill of fucking someone with her tongue. It was a horrible misuse of her quirk, an insane way of doing something that seemed absolutely ludicrous, but it was more fun than a girl should rightfully be able to have.

The sensations and aggression were too much, and the woman began to shout, words getting lost in the panic as she grabbed the tongue, eager to try and pull it out of her, but it was so slippery and wet that she couldn't get a handle on it. Her hips bucked about in frustration, and she began to yell, "Too much! Too much!" There was no way to deny that this was way more than she could handle, but that wasn't making this any easier or saner, and over-stimulation took brutal hold of her as raw, brilliant thrills made her ache.

The problem with trying to pull back was that when Tsuyu had her tongue all bunched up in some tight little hole, she became stubborn and any attempt to pull away only made her want to do it even more, made her really want to sink in there and get to work at fucking her to relief. Fighting it would do nothing for the woman now as she let her tongue keep working, let herself keep hammering away until finally she had given the woman everything she possibly would, winding her up for a hot and uncontrollable orgasm. She knew it was building, knew it was close, and the harsh push of keeping it all going only made it even more exciting.

Tsuyu's merciless pace was drawing surprised gasps and whines from the panicking woman, whose legs failed her. She slipped down onto her knees, coming suddenly eye to eye with the hole, but Tsuyu had plenty of tongue to spare, following along with her. Nothing was going to slow Tsuyu down, whether it be with her tongue or her fingers. The frog girl fingerfucked herself with such unrelenting glee that she couldn't keep from moaning loudly herself, hammering away at her slick folds and giving herself all the pleasurable rewards that she needed to keep the pace going and the heat throbbing. This was insane, out of control and so far removed from anything sensible or decent that it felt almost too good to be true.

The woman on the other side of the wall came before Tsuyu, but not by very much. Moans overlapped with moans as the women hit their peaks, bucking together in raw, united ecstasy. For Tsuyu, it was all very rewarding, but the woman she was eating out was overwhelmed, shrieking as the overpowered ecstasy ran through her body like raw electric force. It was a lot, and Tsuyu felt so smug as she ignited this anonymous woman with so much pleasure all at once as her inner walls clenched down around her fingers and she let her sticky mess on the ground, an eager wreck happily shaking as she relished in the rawness of what she had just done.

Tsuyu was still standing at the end of it, and felt like she needed one last good round to close her day out. Which was when the next cock came up, back to dick once more, and oh what a dick it was. The biggest cock she'd seen all day pushed through the wall, and as Tsuyu saw it, her head still tingling with all the raw tingles from multiple orgasms, she felt her mating urges ignite with such force that she sprang quickly up to her feet, grabbing hold of it and moaning, "I want to fuck," as she squirmed about eagerly.

"Do it," was the response she got, and Tsuyu knew she was on the right track as she sprang up, the massive cock in hand, shifting eagerly into position to take the meaty dick down. She got her back up to the wall and pulled the cock upward so she could sink down onto it, and greet got the better of her, pushing her way into place with such impatience and speed that she didn't hold anything back, taking the cock down deep with one past, her head rolling back in delight as she did so. "Fuck, that's tight," he groaned, and Tsuyu could not agree more. She felt her twat getting stretched out by the cock immediately, pushed and strained by the meaty dick that she felt herself spinning eagerly out of control to take. This was something she ached for, and nothing was going to stop her now.

Needy up and down motions bounced Tsuyu up and down the cock, forcing more down into her with each motion. Her head rolled back, knowing immediately that she picked the right cock to end on and fuck herself down on. The sensation of fullness that overwhelmed her kept Tsuyu moving quickly, all that fingering leaving her pussy slick and desperate, absolutely primed to now handle this meaty cock that sent her biological needs spinning out into desperation, so much more than she had been even just chaining deepthroating sessions. This was something special, something smoldering, something desperate for something special.

Which was why her tongue couldn't possibly stay in her mouth. Up and down she moved, moaning loudly and proudly as she trailed her tongue down to her clit, lapping at it eagerly as shew got herself ready and a little out of control, moaning and squirming about as she licked herself. The dripping, sticky nectar that leaked out of her pussy was hers to enjoy, her labia spread out wide by the thick cock but her inner folds so wet that her juices still managed to find a way out anyway, not to mention coated the cock. It was a delightfully sinful little thrill to taste herself, but something that Tsuyu had grown used by now; whether alone or getting fucked, she loved to use her tongue to steal a taste of herself.

But why leave it at that? Tsuyu pushed deeper, keeping her tongue flush against her clit, but letting the tip travel down further. Down along the thick cock she pounded herself onto, licking up even more of her own juices as she sought what she was ready after: his balls. Her tongue went all out on licking them all over, adoring the man's round, swollen sac, feeling it so full and ready to burst with cum all the way up inside of her pussy, and as she moved, Tsuyu had all the hopes in the world that somehow this could knock her up. She was a little delirious and oversexed, but there was a hazy need within her to feel the thrill of getting bred, or at least that's what she told herself as she moved with unrepentant speed up and down the cock without a care in the world for anything now but getting off.

With her tongue hanging out, there was no way for Tsuyu to do much talking, resorting to shameless moans, but the lack of any hope of dirty talk was more than made up for by the way she squeezed and fondled his balls with her mouth, fantasizing about being fertilized by the cum as she moved without shame or hesitation. She was out of control, bouncing along with no hesitation at all to keep her from hammering on with indulgent glee, showing nothing but the utmost excitement at the thought of riding this huge dick as hard as she could. It had been such a long day of going down on people, and sure she'd been able to finger herself plenty, but the thrill of random anonymous blowjobs and random anonymous sex could not have been clearer now to Tsuyu as let senseless indulgence take over.

Groans from the other side of the wall helped keep her moving at her shameless speed. The tight grip of her hot, needy pussy being stretched open by the big dick was something for both of them to savour, and every time Tsuyu slammed down onto it she felt so full she could hardly bear it, winding up hotter and higher with the thrills and hungers that she felt ready to let overtake her entirety. This was too good to bear, too good to hold back from, and rather than try to control herself Tsuyu moved with raw, animalistic fervor, getting fucked and loving every vulgar second of it.

No shame, no hesitation, just pleasure. Tsuyu could feel the sensations bubbling up inside of her, and she was so ready to give in to it that she almost tried to cum quickly, racing toward her climax with impatient desperation in pursuit of what she craved, a gasping and whining mess unable to slow herself down as she raced toward desperate release, head tossed back as she felt herself lose control with such speed it would have been embarrassing were Tsuyu not trying to do everything she could to make it end that way.

The pleasure was overwhelming. Better than anything she could have hoped for, as her spine arched back and with desperate moans, Tsuyu lost herself, slamming down onto the cock as her hot cunt spasmed around it, seeking and begging for his cum with such fervor it was almost too good to be true. She got what she wanted, too, howling in delight as she felt the cum gush into her, the hot flood of gooey, sticky cum pumping into her and leaving her aching for the sinful, delighted idea that this could fertilize her eggs and knock her up. Probably not, but the thought only made the pleasure ache even harder as she rode her high out to its natural, blissful conclusion before finally, with a hot gasp, she felt the cock pull out of her.

Tsuyu dropped to the floor as the cock left her, and this time she fell to her hands. To her hands, too. A needy whine spilled from her lips as she pulled her tongue back into her mouth, cum dripping from her hot snatch as she remained for a moment on all fours, gasping for air and shivering as the pleasure hit her. Saliva and cum had made a mess of her school uniform, and as she hastily pulled her panties over to cover herself up again she could feel them immediately being soiled by all the spunk leaking out of her. It was a lurid, intensely depraved experience, unlike anything Tsuyu had ever felt before, but as she rose confidently to her feet and left the glory hole behind she hadn't even the slightest of doubts that this was one of the best spent afternoons she'd had in a very, very long time.

The glory hole had found someone else to sing its rumourous praises, but even more than that, Tsuyu was so excited by how good it all felt that she needed to go directly to the source and let her friends know just how good a time there was to be found here. She was sure some of the girls she was close with desperately needed this kind of afternoon even if they wouldn't admit it openly or even to themselves, but she was going to plant those seeds and let the intrigue get the better of them just like it did her.


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