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Chapter 39 - Widowmaker - Learning Talon Discipline (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 39 - Widowmaker - Learning Talon Discipline (C)

Chapter 39 - Widowmaker - Learning Talon Discipline (C)
Comission for parappa642. Contains mindbreak, drugging, orgasm torture.
The drugs took such immediate and brutal hold of Widowmaker's body that she almost knocked over the sybian machine she was placed on top of through mad, hot squirming, and had she done that she wasn't entirely sure anyone would have done a damn thing to help her. She sat in the dark, cramped, stuffy glory hole booth with her hands tied behind her back, a collar and leash anchoring her down to the floor as she straddled a turned off machine ready to fuck her senseless when she 'earned' it. And already the sensations bubbling up through Widowmaker left her angry about the fact that she hadn't yet earned it, as something hot and agonizing swelled up inside of her.

As the final step in Widowmaker's indoctrination into Talon, her mind was to be completely broken into a state of pure obedience, and the twisted punishment of choice was an entirely selfish way to go about things, but therein lay exactly what they wanted out of her. Widowmaker found herself staring at a hole in the wall, cut out with ominous precision and inviting her to feel the shame of realizing exactly where this depraved mess of a situation was going the drugs they pumped her full of wore her down quick and hot. Aphrodisiacs made her eyes widen, made her body shiver as heat got hold of, breath turning ragged and heavy as she felt an intense pressure lean down upon her body, something firm and fiery making her want to crumple beneath the force of it all.

A sudden, hot, desperate, “Please!” was the best that Widowmaker could muster in the moment of agony that followed, as the punishing swell of lust bubbled inside of her, growing stronger and hotter with each passing second. She could feel the tension rising up inside of her, something hard and hot taking hold. She squirmed and struggled against it all, winding up in agony as she felt the frustrations flare up out of control, so powerful that she didn't know how to handle any of them. What was she even asking for? Widowmaker hadn't the slightest fucking idea, but she didn't care. She needed to express something, needed to rise up through the frustration and the heat.

There was nowhere for Widowmaker to go but down, and she didn't yet realize how dire it was until someone actually responded. A cock pushed through the hole. A big, thick, meaty cock that shoved itself right up into her face. It took Widowmaker all of about two seconds to suck it into her mouth, not even thinking about the fact that maybe it was what she was expected to do, but just because it was a cock and she could feel her body burning up with feverish lust so intense that she just needed it. It was a cock, and everything inside of her said to suck on it, so suck she did.

“Eager slut,” groaned the man on the other side, and so deep in the throes of frustration, Widowmaker didn't even care about objecting to the remark as she loudly sucked on the big dick, wanting only to give herself up to the chaotic thrills and excitement of sloppily adoring the big dick. She didn't need anything else. Her eyes softened, dazed and glassy as she shoved forward, head rocking back and forth as best it could, but she found quickly that she was only able to move so much, given the collar around her neck that anchored her into place and ensured she couldn't move that much as it was. There was little hope of doing very much to help herself out of this predicament, but with a cock suddenly in her mouth, Widowmaker wasn't sure she wanted out.

“Smile for the camera, you dirty little bitch,” growled another voice, this one over the speaker. “Or don't, because that mouth is too busy doing what it was made for: serving Talon. Keep on sucking it, and don't you fucking dare stop. If you're a good slut and get it down to the base, I'll even turn on that machine and make it fuck you.”

Almost too dazed to even understand what was happening, Widowmaker received a sudden moment of clarity through the lust haze as the words rang out bitterly. The machine she sat on had a big, thick shaft buried inside of her, one that didn't move at all, leaving her frustrated and helpless when it came to doing anything else about it. All she noticed was the offer, the claim that she could get something for this, that she could earn something. Her eyes widened as she realized the implications, and that she could actually enjoy something more than using her mouth. That she could get fucked. It was a heavy prospect, something that didn't exactly come without complication or problem, but it was enough that Widowmaker was willing to give it a try, willing to throw herself to the wolves in pursuit of what she craved, and she didn't care about anything but getting it.

So she redoubled her efforts, head rocking in broad strokes back and forth as she forced herself to take the cock down deeper, fighting against dignity and her own physical limits as she shoved forward and took the cock down deeper, into her throat. She choked loudly on the thick shaft, which proved far more trouble than she was prepared to handle, but even still she wasn't able to stop, pushing on in desperate heat as she slurped it down deep. Her gagging noises made the man on the other side of the wall laugh and snicker, “You've still got a while to go, whore.” She did, and she knew it, but nothing could stop Widowmaker now as she wound up tightly and felt herself needing to just press forward and give it a try no matter what.

So she went deeper, and her throat felt like it was getting outright stretched by the fat cock she struggled to handle. It was a lot to take down, and every struggle and spasm of her throat confirmed it as she shoved on with continued fervor, struggling to keep her thoughts straight but wanting it so badly that she didn't care about anything, not even her ability to breathe. She could feel the cock plugging her throat, knew what it meant and that she was definitely in way over her head, but even then she couldn't bring herself to give any fraction of a fuck. All she wanted was to get fucked now, and as the lust flared inside of her, the chance to slobber all over and worship a massive cock was its own twisted kind of reward, something she wanted more than she had any reason to.

Drool ran down her chin, and the sloppiest, most vulgar sounds imaginable spilled from her lips and bubbled up her throat as she pressed onward through the heat and the panic, wanting to give in to the craven delights, feeling oddly excited about the idea of getting used and ruined like this. Widowmaker just couldn't help herself now, as she gave up everything to the pleasure and surrendered utterly to the twisted pleasures and indulgences that ruled her through the panic and the throbbing sensations. She pushed on, keeping her head moving, keeping herself completely victimized and ruined by the insane sensations that burned up inside of her, until she was so lost and so worn down that it didn't matter. She just needed it too much to help herself.

Down at the end of her rope and the end of her sanity, Widowmaker got her lips flush against the hole, the cock all the way down her throat, which spasmed around the dick with vulgar, pulsating delight, a lurid form of massage that made the man snicker as she remained in place, desperate and whimpering when the machine didn't immediately begin to hammer away at her tight cunt. She shook, holding herself down and waiting, impatient and angry as it didn't follow, as she waited and waited, ready to go mad in anger.

There was no warning given for when the sybian began to buzz. It simply did, startling a Widowmaker who was willing to black out if it meant getting what she needed, as insane a fact as that was. But the machine made a steady, loud buzzing noise as suddenly the dildo buried up her pussy began to vibrate feverishly, and Widowmaker pulled back to catch a desperate, sudden breath, gasping out in surprise and ecstasy as she felt the sensations wind her up so suddenly and so hotly. Her body shook, moans bubbling up with heat and fire as she felt it take hold of her, everything burning just like she hoped it would through her needy, weary body.

“Don't stop now, or I shut it off. You're not getting this for your pleasure, whore,” called the man over the speaker, who quickly shut the machine off to prove to Widowmaker who held the power here, drawing an angry gasp from the bound woman, before he turned it back on again. With the flaring, angry panic taking hold of her, Widowmaker quickly realized what she had to do and shoved forward again, gulping the cock down her throat and resuming her sloppy treatment of it with glee. It was the missing piece of everything she'd been waiting for, as Widowmaker was fine to worship the cock messily, but if she could get fucked while doing it then she'd be in heaven. So back and forth she moved, feverish in the way she began to slobber all over the cock, now fueled by the machine's work at her pussy.

With her body pumped full of drugs, Widowmaker was in sore need of something like this, and the excitement of being hit by the wave of crushing lust and need inside of her was more than she could have possibly wanted. Her sensitive, tight pussy leaked sticky nectar all over the machine as she sat atop it, shoving her body down tight against the sybian as it sent buzzing bliss through her with an aggression she didn't know how to begin handling. There was something so vindicating and relieving about feeling her body treated to those sorely needed sensations, and she was ready to give herself up to them now as she pushed on, recklessly worshiping the cock as the pressure drove her utterly wild with need.

Settled firmly down onto the toy to savour its unending, aggressive buzz, Widowmaker was happy to treat the cock to all it demanded in exchange, showing it unending and unquestioning affection in exchange for the pleasure taking hold within her. Her sopping wet pussy was a desperate mess, the sensations that burned through her almost too happy to let something hot and incredible take hold of her. The drugs were powerful, and they had worn her down to nothing with such speed that she almost couldn't believe how much her body burned, the craven thrills that she surrendered to burning her body down to its core.

The machine was like nothing that Widowmaker had ever felt before in the realm of masturbatory delights. The vibrations were more intense than anything she'd ever felt that ran off of batteries. So deep in the frustration of being taken like this it was the worse, and the throbbing sensations that ached through her needy body only felt even stronger, her sensitive nerves relishing in the vibrations that surged up through her and overwhelmed her body so intensely. Her body didn't bounce atop the cock, if only because she felt like that would have been taking away from the thrill of having something vibrating so deep inside of her and giving her such a decadent swell of excitement that she couldn't help but want more of it. There was something so crazed and desperate about giving in like this and Widowmaker just couldn't hold back from it, giving herself completely up to the sensations and letting them drive her wild with need.

Gargling on the big cock kept her throat plugged up with cock, preventing her from breathing or thinking clearly, and that was more exciting than it had any right to be. It was powerful and depraved, hot in ways that made Widowmaker just want to burn. And burn she did. Even if she'd had to suck plenty of cock before the machine was turned on, Widowmaker's body was so primed and needy that she just couldn't hold back any longer. She came hard, came fast, came hot, bucking and burning and losing herself to the pleasure throbbing up through her. The raw pleasure burning up through her body felt almost vindicating, felt like something she needed to just give in to. Widowmaker shook and twisted and felt the raw elation of just succumbing to the madness burn through her.

And just when it seemed like things couldn't get any better, she found herself happily guzzling down a flood of cum pumping into her mouth without warning. She panicked, choking the cum down as she swallowed without a care and without warning, body shivering under the sudden flood of cum and pressure that followed, but dutifully she took it all down, wasting no time in giving the anonymous Talon agent everything she had. There was just too much for Widowmaker to contend with, too many sensations vying for control of her at once for her to care about pulling back as she gulped the loads down even though she hadn't even been asked to, just too deep in the throes of lust to care.

Pulling finally back with drool running down her chin and her breath ragged, Widowmaker was startled by just how much her body burned up with continued, aching need. She couldn't get enough, and even as she pulled back, she was gasping for air, a ragged, quivering mess unable to hold still as she panted through the panic and the lust, heat getting the better of her as she stared deliriously forward, still wanting more, still aching for all the indulgence she could get. “More?” she asked, as she pressed herself down against the machine, desperate and hot. “Can I... More cock? Please?” Widowmaker didn't even know what shame was in the midst of her throbbing, drugged out lusts. Her body shook, tongue left tingling with a craving for more of the salty thrill that she had guzzled down, the most indecent swell of hunger that she had ever known.

True to her demands, another cock followed, happily slurped down by Widowmaker. All decency and control was gone now, replaced by hunger, replaced by sloppy cock worship and a willingness to lose herself to the chaotic thrill of getting fucked. As the sybian continued to vibrate inside of her, she was treated to an endless rush of pure sensation, bliss carrying her through orgasm after orgasm, as her drugged, over-sensitive body was given the overwhelming thrill of sensations. The orgasms served as a potent reward for the constant cocksucking, which she continued to perform as man after man stepped up to the hole to get theirs.

As each of them finished, Widowmaker became an even bigger, more desperate wreck. She swallowed plenty of the cum, but most of it ended up on her face, mingling with the drool was her dark blue skin gained white streaks all over, marking her in the most twisted and perverse manner possible. And yet all Widowmaker could think about was how fun it was, how much delight she felt in drooling all over big cocks while orgasms burned through her body time and again, the powerful swell of excitement and heat driving her mad. This was too much to handle, and Widowmaker didn't even know where to begin dealing with any of it, but the undeniable, unbridled pleasure it brought was addictive, and that was almost entirely the drugs talking, but the unquestionable damage that it inflicted upon her mental state could not be understated.

It didn't matter. Through all of her drooly cock worship, Widowmaker happily became the wreck they wanted her to be, overwhelmed by the endless flurry of cocks and depravity that continued to bear down upon her. Happily choking herself down on the endless supply of cocks offered to her while she ground herself down onto the machine buzzing deep in her twat and supplying her with all the blissful explosions of pleasure she could have ever wanted, Widowmaker was unstoppable, burning up in raw sensation and excitement through each and every turn and twist of their treatment. There was just no stopping her.

It went on for hours. She felt like she was going to break. Maybe she did, in some ways. Her body reached a point of sensitivity so excessive and so powerful that she was cumming every couple minutes, body unable to slow down or still itself as she bucked and heaved feverishly through the excitement, not wanting to stop no matter what happened as she chased on through the panic and the chaos. She knew it was too much, knew it was no good for her, but even the reasonable realizations she was going to break did nothing to still her mind or give her a moment of clarity. All she wanted was to get off, and nothing was going to stop that. Nothing could have stopped that.

Sucking and fucking and losing herself completely, Widowmaker became in some strange way everything that Talon wanted her to be, as she learned submission and to serve. To give herself up completely to Talon even at the expense of her own dignity and her better interests. There was no point where Widowmaker blacked out or lost herself, no moment when she stopped of begged for an end to this. Each cock pushed in front of her received her most thorough efforts in spite of her exhaustion and her frantic need, and she didn't stop until they were all satisfied, even though she was covered from the waist up with cum and below the waist with her own sticky juices. It was too much for Widowmaker, but she never faltered, never let that fact prevent her from surrendering completely to it. She just didn't know how to do anything else.

When finally the hours of mindbreaking torture and sex were over, the machine turned off, and Widowmaker let out nervous, whimpering cries. “No, wait,” she pleaded, shaking her head and wishing for more. “Don't stop it yet. I-I want more. Please, let me get fucked some more, let me feel the...” She trailed off, head slumping down against the wall, jaw trembling and exhaustion setting in. Some Talon grunts came over to unhook the leash from her collar before they lifted her up and hauled her away, a broken, twitching wreck.

“Don't worry,” the voice said over the speaker for one final message. “When you're not killing for us, you'll be spending your days in here. You'll be able to enjoy this for the rest of your life.”

No words could have made Widowmaker happier as she sank into confused slumber.


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