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Chapter 40 - futa!Camilla - Envy in Cyrkensia (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 40 - futa!Camilla - Envy in Cyrkensia (C)

Chapter 40 - futa!Camilla - Envy in Cyrkensia (C)
Anonymous commission.
The oh so very salacious rumours Camilla had been hearing about a glory hole in Cyrkensia that she just had to visit when she finally had a trip over to the city in Nestra. The idea of a glory hole itself was  a captivating sounding premise, one that Camilla was all too happy to explore and indulge in, and it was with great excitement that she settled down onto her knees before the hole, curiosity swelling up inside of her as she readied herself, her dress hiked up and her aching cock standing upright and ready, aching with excitement for what was to come as she prepared herself for the treat before her. If she could find cocks as big as hers to suck on then it was going to be a wonderful day.

She knew she could have visited the hole on the other side given her dick, but truth be hold, Camilla liked to be orally lavished in much, much more amenable sorts of locations than this. Somewhere dark, dingy, and anonymous, where hot, dirty sex was a matter of physical aggression and little else, Camilla felt much more at home doing the sucking, able to conduct herself in some very lewd and messy ways given the absence of all the usual trappings and expectations of composure. Under what other conditions could Camilla ever be expected to be able to sloppily worship cocks?

So she settled happily down into place, and when the first dick pushed forward she didn't even have to think, leaning forward to lick along the shaft, moaning in eager approval of what she felt as she got to work. “Such a lovely cock,” she moaned, not caring about the distinctive rumble of her voice and how it meant she could have been recognized by anyone at an inopportune time. She didn't care one way or another about any of that, seeking only to let herself become enamoured by the excitement and the insanity of giving herself up to this momentous swell of lust. Camilla had been waiting all trip to adore a dick, and the one pushing out before her was big enough to deserve some compliments.

Dragging her tongue in an eager dance along every inch of the meaty cock before her, didn't hold anything back in adoring the cock with plenty of oral attention, ready to settle in for the long haul as one hand took hold of it to steady it in front of her, and the other grasped her own cock, giving it a few teasing strokes to help calm her own tensions down.  Feeling like she was exactly where she wanted to be, Camilla's body eased up, relaxing as she fell deeper and hotter into the unquestioning embrace of her own lusts, letting her appetites swell up inside of her hotly as she pushed on, moans bubbling hotly from her lips and everything she did settling into the primal, indulgent idea of just letting herself go. She released all worries, all hesitation, all thoughts that there was anything she should do other than succumb to the insanity with glee.

Every lick and every kiss that Camilla laid onto the cock before her was one driven by a desperation and excitement that burned up through her powerfully. Feeling herself in place now to give in to everything she could have ever hoped for, Camilla let herself succumb piece by piece to every burning thrill that awaited her, her mouth offering up the utmost of affection to the dick in front of her. To Camilla, there was something about sucking a big cock and letting herself become completely enamoured by the hot embrace of lust that she just couldn't help. Feeling herself settle happily down into everything she had been hoping it would be, Camilla's mind was set on having as much fun as she could, and letting go.

“Fuck, that's good,” groaned the man on the other side of the wall, his voice tense as he pushed his cock through the hole a bit more firmly, excited by the feeling of the mouth all over his cock, by the firm heat pressing against him. The tongue and the lips that adored his cock every which way had a talented edge to them, but even better was the very unmistakable and unrepentant glee that burned in the background of it. There was an undeniable hunger that had been for too long chained up, and Camilla's attention now had all the hallmarks of unhinged aggression as she let the pleasures overwhelm her and let the bliss overtake her very essence.

There was an excitement in the mindlessness of letting herself go so completely, something about surrendering to the heat and throbbing need that spoke to the deepest, most needy reaches of Camilla's sexual wiles. Nobody expected a princess here, nobody held her to any standards or considerations, just letting her be herself and do whatever she damn well pleased as she spun off out of focus and out of control, fingers wrapped around his cock just to get it steady as she let her licking turn to sucking, mouth hotly wrapping around the big cock and pushing down slowly forward, shoving her way along it and letting the excitement take hold of her.

As her head worked back and forth, Camilla's own cock ached in excitement, rock hard and eager to get something, but she was deserved about how she held herself back, not quite going all out on herself. She didn't even know what she was going to do, if she would try to turn around and get fucked at the hole, or if she'd subside on a handjob. Maybe she'd wait, go back to her room at the inn, and jerk off all night. Camilla really had no idea how to handle the lust inside of her and the excited sensations burning up so hotly within her. She just knew she didn't want it to stop, didn't want to pull back from the growing need and heat that burned through her whole body as she gave herself up to the pleasure so eagerly.

Neglecting her own appetites even as they flared inside of her helped make Camilla a more efficient cocksucker, helped keep her pushing on eagerly as she adored the dick every which way, driven faster and needier in her adoration of the big dick in front of her. This was everything to Camilla, and she happily raced on in her hot, eager embrace of this big dick and everything it made her want to do, mouth happily sucking and slurping on the shaft as she focused her efforts on giving it all the tireless, unending pleasure she could, wondering how far she could take this and how much she could give up to the madness before she was utterly spent.

The precise, expert cocksucking that Camilla lavished the man with pulled him down into the throes of hungry release swiftly. She didn't stop or pace herself in her sloppy, aggressive approach, drawing hot groans from the man who wound closer by the second, unable and unwilling to ask the crazed woman on the other side of the wall to slow herself down. Camilla just pressed on boldly, not caring about what followed or what she had to do as she pursued lust above all else, pushing on through her hungers and her need, which right now settled its focus squarely on the idea of getting this stranger off, treating his cock to all she could get until finally he was gasping and hollering out in excitement.

Camilla drew back quickly, fingers tightly wrapping around the cock as she braced herself, bottom lip bitten down on tightly as she welcomed it. “Cum on my face, I'm ready,” she moaned, jerking the cock off feverishly and letting it have its way with her. As the hot shots of gooey spunk splashed across Camilla's face she relished in the intensity, in the heat, in the vigor that followed. She moaned hot and loud, uncaring about the pleasures taking hold of her as the sensations throbbed up hotly within. Every drop of the hot, gooey cum gave Camilla precisely what she had been waiting for, and she could not have been happier to enjoy it.

It was only the beginning of the madness for Camilla as she went on through cock after cock, happily adoring them all in turn with her mouth as they pushed through the wall, each individual dick treated with the utmost of care and hunger as she let herself go with a shameless swell of excited heat. This was everything that Camilla could have hoped it would be, and she let herself spin out of control through the excitement that followed, as she took cum all over her face, into her mouth, right down her throat, and even let a few paint across her deep, ample cleavage as she worked on tirelessly through the madness.

And then came the cock of Camilla's dreams. A big, aching, throbbing dick, longer and fatter than even Camilla's own. Something to inspire jealousy and heat within her as she leaned forward, eyes wide with curiosity. It was big enough that her hand snapped down to her own cock and she began to feverishly stroke herself as a wave of lust washed over her that she just had to deal with. But then came the shock, the startling revelation that made this all so much better for Camilla.

“I've never done this sort of thing before before,” said the voice. Female, a bit on the deep end, just the faintest bit of abrasiveness to it. Hinoka, the princess of Hoshido, had just suck a massive cock through the hole and it took every ounce of self-control left in the very delirious and needy Camilla to keep from letting out the hottest of whines in excitement as she beheld the insane sight, knowing she couldn't out herself now even if it was oh so very tempting to let out a startled gasp of excitement. But fortunately for Camilla, she had other things she could do with her mouth, other excitements that took hold of her just the same.

Filled with craven lust and desperation, Camilla shoved herself right down onto the cock, slurping it not only into her mouth but right down her throat, as the only proper response to any of this was most assuredly hot, sloppy cock worship. Rocking her head back and forth with desperate, eager hunger, Camilla happily choked on the biggest dick she'd ever seen, on one good enough to not only rival hers but far exceed it, which provided her with pretty much everything she could have ever wanted. Back and forth she heaved, feverish in her approach and in the way she started to zero in on the chance to show off the depths of her hunger.

Now more than ever, the anonymity and its ability to let Camilla get dirty thrilled her, as she rocked greedily back and forth along the big cock, knowing she could never unwind like this in person. Camilla never submitted to a dick, never showed off this kind of desperate, sloppy attention or need to someone else. This was all new, all insane, all as desperate and hot as anything in this world could be, and she wasn't afraid to show it or let herself sink deep into something raw and intense. Especially not to the princess of Hoshido, of all places. But here, secure and confident nobody was going to do anything about this, Camilla had the chance to embrace her worst urges here, and to be eager about them.

“Ah, that feels amazing,” Hinoka groaned, inexperience shaking her as she found herself unable to hold back the eager moans that quickly spilled from her lips. She was in way over her head here, brought by the same curiosities as Camilla to looking into this while on vacation in Cyrkensia, and there was something about being treated to this insanity that just felt too right for her to handle. The pleasure was intense, and even if she was in way over her head and hadn't the slightest idea how to handle the pleasures, she wanted them, pushing her pelvis flush against the wall so that every last bit of her cock was through the hole and down the tight, hot throat spasming down around it.

To choke on the cock of another kingdom's princess was one of the most strange sensations that Camilla had ever felt, but it helped empower her hungers further, giving her all the more reason to push on as she bobbed back and forth, the lining of her throat almost massaging the fat prick as every time she gagged on it, it twitched. This was everything to Camilla, and she didn't care about how insane or wrong or out there it was, craving only surrender now to the madness as she gave herself a wide berth and felt out the madness bit by bit. This wasn't like anything she had ever known before, and the idea that she could so eagerly do all this and actually get away with it was incredible to her, an excuse to let go even more as she showed Hinoka's cock in loving oral attention.

With it nestled down her throat, it was a bit hard to breathe, but so overcome with need and excitement, Camilla couldn't exactly care, feeling the urge and desperation so powerfully throbbing through her that she needed to keep sucking it to the best of her ability, sloppily worshiping Hinoka's cock even if it wore her out. This was just too good for her not to give herself up entirely to the sensations, and she wasn't about to hold back from any of it as she raced feverishly on, hands bracing against the wall for balance so she could pick up the pace and suck it even faster, fucking her face down on the huge dick and loving every second of it.

Even more pleasures still awaited her, as she felt the throbbing heat take hold of her. Her cock was being completely neglected, but something inside of Camilla just didn't care. It throbbed and oozed with pre just fine on its own, and she couldn't shake the feeling it was all going to even itself out in the process, that she could press on and give herself up fully to the madness as she heaved on back and forth a hot, sloppy, moaning wreck, slobbering and drooling and giving herself up completely to pleasures beyond her wildest imagining.

Hinoka was reduced to breathless, gasping moans as she felt the insanity burn through her still. This all felt so real, so sublime, so unlike any pleasure she'd ever felt before, and in the throes of need and lust she was ready to give in to all of it. “I might have to come back for more,” she groaned, not even cumming yet but already thinking about future visits as the madness took hold of her and she let herself go completely, a shivering, hot mess ready to lose herself to the pleasure and succumb to insanity.

When Hinoka came, she did so right down Camilla's throat, cock twitching and throbbing a few times before it erupted with hot waves of gooey, delicious cum. Camilla let the first few shots pump right down her gullet in reverence before she pulled back, letting the rest fill into her mouth. Hinoka's cum tasted almost infuriatingly good, and was just another piece to the growing frustrations winding her up as she embraced it and the madness fully. She When she swallowed it all down, her body shivered, and between the jealousy, the envy, the lust, and the excitement, Camilla came.

She'd never had a hands-free orgasm before, and she found herself gasping in sudden shock and dismay as she pulled back off the cock, moaning in feverish indulgence as the pleasure took hold of her and she lost her mind, twisting about through the need and excitement. She came all over herself, a pent up load supplying her with plenty of mess to make as her hips bucked and she humped the air desperately, her voice rumbling around deep, hot, sultry moans that she realized all too late were very, very loud.

“C-Camilla?” Hinoka asked, pulling suddenly back from the hole, gasping in shock and embarrassment.

“Well, the opera is going to be a little bit more awkward tonight, isn't it?” Camilla noted nervously.


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