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Chapter 41 - Tsunade - Paying Debts (c)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 41 - Tsunade - Paying Debts (c)

Chapter 41 - Tsunade - Paying Debts (c)
Commission for parappa624
Tsunade was in trouble. Really deep trouble, the kind that she had always been afraid she might one day stumble into. Gambling debt. It was bound to happen eventually, something she couldn't talk her way out of, couldn't bluff her way out of. She'd tried to gamble her way out of debt, which had only doubled down on how much she owned as Tsunade was condemned to even harsher punishment, as nobody in town thought she had the money to get out of this. She had to resort to some other way of paying it off, and the men who she was in so deep to decided that she should put her status as the "Legendary Sucker" into use to get her way out of this problem, something Tsunade wished she could object to, but she wasn't in a position to negotiate anything.

Which was how she found herself kneeling down naked in front of a hole in the wall, eyes narrow as she thought about how she was supposed to do any of this. She was being 'paid' for this service far more than a woman usually would have been to whore out her mouth, as a session here would eradicate her hefty gambling debts and get her out of a whole heap of trouble. But that didn't make it easy to just ignore what she really doing and that she would have to suck strangers' cocks to get there.

Before Tsunade could fret too much about what she was doing the first cock pushed its way through the wall, and no matter what she felt or how insane this was, she knew there wasn't much of a choice when it came to what she did next. She leaned forward and began to lick along his cock, eyes narrowing as she hid her dispassion and frustration behind the wall, thankful that she didn't have to show her face as she was able to avoid needing to fake all that much enthusiasm. She just licked along the cock, showing the penis a steady stream of attention and hoping that was enough.

"First I took your chips, now I get your mouth," sneered the man on the other side, sending a shudder down Tsunade's spine as she remembered that the men who'd decided she was going to work off her debt had told her they weren't going to keep her presence there a secret; the idea that the stacked blonde would be the one at the glory hole was what made it worth the money, and while she understood that, she felt like there was something else in there, a desire to shame and mock her that pushed on just a little bit further past everything else going on, providing something a bit more cruel and intense to make her real suffer for this. She couldn't prove it, but the swiftness with which he started to talk it up didn't exactly leave much room for Tsunade to question it.

Instead of fighting it, Tsunade just kept moving, kept accepting what was happening without much of a way to fight against it. She just had to take it, just had to accept she wasn't in a position to really fight against any of what was happening as her tongue continued to lick up and down along the cock as she tried to think about how to handle all of this, as she heard more snickering from the other side of the wall, comments she wasn't too eager to endure as she sucked on boldly and eagerly, mouth at work along the shaft with a firmness and aggression that she felt was the only way to really have a chance at dealing with all of this.

"Enough foreplay. I want to get down that throat. Come on, Legendary Sucker, show me why you're worth the money." He knocked on the wall impatiently, and Tsunade was very tempted to use her grasp on his cock to pull him all the way through the wall and out into her fiery attention, but she held back, wanting to not end up in deeper trouble after all she'd already gotten into. She acquiesced to his demand, wrapping her lips around his cock and pushing forward, which made the man on the other side let out smug, dismissive laughter that did absolutely nothing to make her feel better about what was happening and what he was doing to her.

In spite of it, she pushed forward, taking him deeper into her mouth and doing what she was here to do. She was reasonable enough to understand that reluctance would only cause her trouble here, that she had to just press on and give him all she had for lack of knowing what else to do about her situation. Back and forth her head rocked as she serviced the cock, moving on with a cadence and push a bit more unreasonably hot than she was all that eager to show, but she knew what he wanted and how she was going to avoid trouble, so she gave it to him. Her mouth tightened around his cock, and as she got into the groove and began to work, it just kind of became automatic.

Falling into the groove of sucking a big dick at a glory hole wasn't something that she was really eager to start getting wound up in, but it was hard to fight against the frustration, feeling herself starting to really wind up and shudder as the tension hit her, as she felt herself starting to bubble up and shiver in frustration. Tsunade couldn't do much but keep on sucking, keep pushing and shoving forward to give the man exactly what he wanted, as much as his twisted hungers were the last thing she wanted to indulge. Her head moved on, and the more she sucked the less she was really hating this.

Maybe it was the wall putting up something hard and unyielding to divide them up and keep her from really having to deal with the man on the other side. Just his fairly nice cock. It was something to help her settle into what she was doing with a bit more firmness, feeling like she was in position to do something special as she rocked back and forth, showing affection to the cock and losing herself a bit to the feeling of heat beginning to swell between her legs, something she did her best to ignore as she pressed on and kept up the service of the cock before her, as much as she wished she could more easily avoid the idea confronting her, having to push on and do her best to handle the idea she was actually doing any of this. Without any idea how else to handle herself or how to begin composing herself, Tsunade just had to keep going and hope for the best.

His groans were smug and overbearing, but Tsunade found it easier now to ignore them, pressing on carelessly and letting the pleasure speak for itself, winding her up with the throbbing, burning height of excitement she felt overwhelmed and enticed by. Faster she sucked on, emboldened by what she was doing, sinking deeper with each bob of her head into the surrender of something primal and hot, something so wanting and desperate that she really didn't know how to handle it all. And in short order, she'd brought the man over the edge and had him losing himself to the excitement.

Tsunade was surprised by how easy it was when the cock erupted in her mouth and so she shamelessly swallowed it all down, gulping the mouthful of sticky spunk down with the utmost of ease and carrying on like it was fine. It slid down the lining of her throat, making her shiver and twist, but otherwise she was unaffected by it. It was just natural, and she braced herself for the next visitor, another cock that pushed its way through the hole in the wall, and this time Tsunade shoved forward feeling something urgent driving her. Without thinking she took the cock right into her mouth and began to suck feverishly on it, loud and immediate.

The man on the other side gasped at the ravenous, sudden way that Tsunade began to work. She told herself it was just earning her 'pay', that she wanted this to be done with as soon as possible, but there was a certain kind of hunger swelling inside of her now, and she felt it as the treatment of this next cock made her ache a bit more hotly. She rocked back and forth, adoring the cock with her waiting and hungry mouth, showering it with affection and attention great enough that the man on the other side groaned loudly, shoving himself tight up against the wall to try and get in as close as possible, to offer up to Tsunade his cock with as much firmness as he could muster.

Bobbing impatiently on as she serviced the big dick, Tsunade felt herself getting a bit carried away, tingles surging up slowly inside of her as she pressed on feverishly and felt the growing need for hunger and frustration taking hold of her. She wanted more, wanted to see where she could take this and what pleasures awaited her as she stormed on hungrily Her throat spasmed as she took the cock down, gagging on the dick as she embraced a darker side of herself, something that ran counter to her better nature, but in the process she found herself wound up in something exciting. Tsunade's reluctance melted away so fast it was positively indecent, and she pressed carelessly on through the prospect of more pleasure, through the possibility that she could give herself up to something this enticing and this harsh. Raging impatiently on through the excitement, she could think only with single-minded fervor about going faster as she pushed herself.

Tsunade liked sucking cock. She didn't usually like sucking cock when something like this turned it into a big spectacle, but once she got over the initial frustration of what she was doing it became much, much harder for her to keep from the realization that she was losing herself so happily to lust like this, that she was rocking on feverishly in pursuit of something so shameless. She wiped up the drool dripping down her chin, shivering as the tension wound her up, and while her hands were around there she couldn't keep from grabbing hold of her tits, kneading them in feverish excitement as she let herself succumb so utterly to the want and the hunger flaring up inside of her.

There was something unstoppably good about being able to indulge like this. Without a care in the world now for anything but the ravenous sating of her desire to suck a big cock, Tsunade persevered through the heat and the chaos, happily letting herself go, giving up to the madness everything she could muster. This was ecstasy in its purest, most indulgent form, and she couldn't get enough of it, impatiently servicing the cock and not even really getting anything for it from the pleasure, but getting so much hotter and needier in the process that it didn't matter; she was getting what she wanted in the end.

"Fuck! I always knew you'd be the best cocksucker in Konoha," groaned the man. She didn't recognize his voice, but she'd probably lost a lot of money to him before. And now she was deepthroating his cock. The reality of the situation was an insane one, but the pleasure was so unapologetically good that Tsunade didn't care, pressing on along through the madness regardless and letting the insanity wind her up hotter. This wasn't something that made much sense at all to Tsunade, but she was eager to see where it went, eager to just throw herself headlong into something so hot and exciting without caring about anything else.

For her trouble, Tsunade was rewarded with another eager, frustrated throbbing of the cock in her mouth. She kept going as he fired off a massive load into her waiting mouth, letting her swallow up the thick, sticky treat as she embraced the shameless heights of her hunger and let herself succumb utterly to the pleasure and the hunger. It was too good not to. She guzzled down the load of cum again, gasping as she pulled back and reeling from the excitement.

Between her legs, a small, sticky puddle had formed, showing off the depths of Tsunade's hunger and her want. She was frustrated by the way the sensations buzzed up inside of her, by the rising of heat and need that seared across her body and left her unable to hold herself back. She craved the indulgence of even more, craved the chance to push on into new depths and maybe even new lows of ravenous hunger. So she rose quickly up to her feet, and as the cock pulled out from the hole Tsunade shoved herself back against it, biting her lip and bracing herself for the surprise the next guy was in store for.

When a cock slid into her waiting pussy, Tsunade let out a cry of surprise so loud that she absolutely missed the noise of surprise the startled man made, as he felt himself sinking into the slick, velvety tightness of Tsunade's amazing pussy. But he didn't complain, shoving forward eagerly and starting to very happily give her the pounding she needed from behind, as Tsunade's voice wound up in growing need and excitement, hips shoving back to meet the desperation as she indulged thoroughly in the idea of just letting herself go. Without a care, she gave in to the lust and let it consume her, bucking back and forth through the winding excitement she felt as the thrusts began to bear hotly down upon her, sudden and startling and everything that she could have wanted from a good, hard pounding.

There was no shame or pursuit of apology in the way that Tsunade let herself go. She raced on impatiently, letting the madness bubble up within her as she pressed madly back and forth, slamming herself back against the cock as the man settled on staying still. Normally she would have chewed out a lover who just lay there and did nothing, but this time it worked well, gave her a way to relax and settle in as she rode the cock hard, the wall providing something firm for her ass to smack up against as she felt the division between her and the stranger on the other side, helping to keep her aware of just what was happening here.

"You're so big!" she gasped, and utter dispassionate state of this situation turned her on, in some strange way. She couldn't see his face or know his name, and it felt like she was complimenting the penis more than the man for his penis as with zero intimacy or affection this turned into the most fundamental, direct pleasure she could have imagined. Everything about this was just wrong in ways she couldn't help but adore, racing on faster as the pleasure throbbed across her needy body and she gave herself up to the madness inch by inch, letting the fact that this was pure, shameless pleasure and absolutely nothing else become the way in which she came to love every second of this.

Fondling her massive breasts and racing on faster, Tsunade felt like she was spinning out of control, like the burning, hot thrills shuddering up through her body were giving her that special spark of something exciting and primal she had been waiting for. There was nothing now that could slow her down as she embraced all the raw sensations, giving up everything to the pleasure as she chased it on without a care. It was going better than planned, all of that reluctance now melted away as she embraced her darker appetites and accepted the pleasure hotly upon herself. All of the hot, surging thrills rocking up through Tsunade's body now were enticing and primal enough for her to not care about much other than surrender in its purest and most base form. Back and forth she heaved, rocking through the madness as the pleasure burned her up from within, leaving her so full of want and desperation that she didn't know how to handle herself.

So quickly had her reluctance and her unhappiness turned to ravenous hunger that she didn't even know what to do with herself. Tsunade was out of control as she raced on, feverishly indulging in the pleasure and hungers taking hold of her and she knew she wanted nothing more than to let it consume her even more powerfully. Hotter and needier still, she rocked through the pleasure, letting it set her alight as she gave herself up to the sensations, feeling the pleasure sear across her needy body and overwhelm her completely. There was nothing that could have felt better than this, nothing that could have possibly given Tsunade the same satisfaction and relief as being fucked like this, and she wasn't ashamed of admitting with vocal glee how much she was loving every throbbing second of this.

A hot, powerful orgasm was all Tsunade needed to really realize how good this all was, and as she hit her peak the hot, brazen yell of cum, "Cum in me!" spoke to a kind of neediness that she was almost afraid of, something primal and desperate that burned through her body as she let herself go. This was pleasure in its most potent and simplistic form, an almost sublime exploration of her own appetites and she embraced it without a care, letting the crashing waves of hot, burning pleasure overtake her. Unapologetic about how she gave herself up to the bliss, she crashed happily into the orgasmic heights she'd been waiting for, a gasping, shivering mess of need and frustration winding up through the chaos, moaning loud and hot as she gave herself up totally to the madness.

Pushing forward off of the cock and slipping back down to her knees, Tsunade only felt more fired up now for having gotten off, like she wanted to feel more, wanted to lose herself to more. There was so much potential to give in to so much pleasure and she didn't want to stop. As another cock pushed through the hole she didn't even skip a beat in starting to lick all over it, moaning loudly as the fixated, cock-drunk excitement took hold of her. There was so much about what she was doing that should have bothered Tsunade more than it did, but she was so desperately wound now that she didn't care, letting herself just succumb to the pleasure step by step as she gave herself up, eager to feel out where all of this would go.

Unrepentant hungers spiked up inside of her as she went, slobbering all over the cock with so many licks and kisses that it was in short order covered in her spit, and primed now for her to push further. "Do want to fuck my big tits?" she asked. Tsunade knew they all knew she was back there and didn't bother to hide it.

Receiving an answer of, "Fuck yes," Tsunade shifting up and got her breasts around the cock, not wasting any time at all in starting to go in for a quick, slick titfuck, moaning loudly as the lust really got the better of her. She only gave titfucks to people she really liked, something even most partners fell short of, but here, s deep in her lust and in her wanton hungers, she didn't hold back, unable to help herself from going all out on these cocks and giving her whole body up to the service of these glory hole dicks. With her legs parted as she knelt, her pussy leaked a steady mixture of her own juices and the cum pumped into her down onto the floor, a lurid puddle she let build up without a care, too busy pressing on and feverishly embracing the pleasure she was being overwhelmed by to care about anything else. She was just too horny, too wound up.

The eager moans on the other side of the wall helped fuel Tsunade's lust, but really all she needed was the cock before her to lose herself. She was out of control now, focused on the big dicks coming through and almost happy that she was dealing with only the cocks. Nothing else to bother her, nothing else to intrude or interrupt or push in and ruin her focus. Tsunade had a clear destination before her and the chance to push on boldly with it, losing herself to the madness and not for a moment caring about how deep she had to go. Unrepentant glee bubbled up through her, body surging with so much satisfaction and want that she could hardly believe how good this all felt, refusing to slow down as she gave herself completely up to the pleasure.

Rubbing her tits along the cock with feverish speed helped Tsunade sink deeper down into the throes of hazy lust, shoving onward impatiently as she gave herself and her body to the madness without question, moaning louder and hotter as she went on, wondering how she was going to be able to handle all of this. She had no idea how much longer she had to go before she was done but she made no effort to check or to figure it out, just persevering through the heat and the frustration as she rocked on, moaning louder and hotter as she threw herself carelessly into the use of her body for the most vulgar and enticing of pleasures, refusing to slow herself down as she gave herself up to the heat, to the excitement. Faster on she pressed, moaning hotter and louder as she let the madness overwhelm her.

Toying with her nipples as she went on, Tsunade didn't care too much about the fact that she wasn't going to directly get off from this, not caring as long as she found some way to enjoy herself anyway, coming around instead through the raw, unbelievable bliss of just losing herself. Submitting to big dicks and indulging in carnal hungers without care or the need to worry about who the cocks were attached to gave Tsunade the chance to indulge in some odd kinds of hungers, but nonetheless winding up excitedly through the pleasure as she let it all burn her up in a blaze of need and want. Lust flared up powerfully and without apology through Tsunade , and she wanted more.

Too bad her neediness was proving a bit more than the men were ready to keep up with. Her titfuck ended up with a mess of spunk erupting all over her tits, streaking pearly white along them that did absolutely nothing to tire out Tsunade, but the dick pulled out, satisfied and relieved.

"Mm, keep it coming," Tsunade moaned. "I'm here all day, boys, and you might not be able to go more than once but I can go all night." She ran her fingers up to catch some of the cum, licking it up and sighing in relief before she dipped the hand down between her legs. As the next cock pushed through she sank down onto it again, sucking it off with almost hypnotic fervor while she fingered herself. Tsunade was establishing a bit of a dangerous precedent here with all this want, but she didn't mind too much.

Maybe crippling gambling debt wasn't all that bad  after all. This would make a pretty good fallback for her famed bad luck.


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