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Chapter 42 - Faith Connors - Evading Arrest (c)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 42 - Faith Connors - Evading Arrest (c)

Chapter 42 - Faith Connors - Evading Arrest (c)
Commission for pantboy678
Faith was used to running from people. It was a special day if she didn't find some way to run afoul of police, corporate security, or someone who found some reason to want to chase her down. She had become a pro at feeling whatever insanity was bearing down upon her, no matter where it was coming from or what she had to do to make it work. Sometimes she'd lose herself in a crowd, slip into a restaurant and flee out the back before anyone could notice, ensure she left a trail of destruction and pissed off store owners wide enough that they wouldn't be able to keep giving chase... Whatever it took. Getting out with her freedom was all Faith really cared about, and she didn't care where she had to go to get to it.

A sex shop sounded like a good place to run into to drop some corporate security thugs. She slipped in, ready to be completely confident and safe in the security of somewhere nobody in a suit ever wanted to be seen. It was the best place to hide out, and she was happy to slip into it, hiding out among the DVDs, past the vibrators and the handcuffs. Here, she'd be safe.

Well, sort of.

"Oh, perfect, I've been waiting for you to show up," said a man startling her from behind, a hand clasping her shoulder. "You're the new girl, right? Annalise? I've never hired a girl just off of her photos before, but you definitely had what I wanted to see to convince me."

Faith's eyes widened in panic. She had no idea that she was a dead ringer for the new girl, but given 'photos' and the place she was at, she was all but certain they were nudes, and she must have looked damn near identical to whoever he was talking about if that was the case. But she didn't want to cause any trouble; the faintest bit of commotion would get her in a whole heap of trouble, and better have to explain herself to a sex shop owner than to the cops. "Yeah, that's me!" she chirped, brushing off the way she looked like she'd been running by saying, "Sorry I'm so out of breath. I was just too excited to get here to help myself!"

"Are you? Well, then I think you're going to be the perfect candidate. Never seen a girl this excited to be the glory hole slut before. Come on, let's get you going, your shift's starting in a few minutes."

The words 'glory hole slut' were enough to make Faith tighten up, as she realized just what she was in for, but his hand was on her back and already leading her out. She noticed some suits outside, and realized they just might step in, so she went along with him. "Take me to it," she said. "Can't wait to suck some dick!" Faith wasn't a great liar, but she was willing to do all she could to keep out of the fire now.

The glory hole stall in the back room of a sleazy sex shop wasn't where Faith wanted to go to, but she didn't know what else she could do about it. Better to trade of her dignity than get thrown into jail, right? "That's the door?" she asked. "Great, I'll get right to work! Just send people on back, I can't wait to put my mouth to work sucking huge cocks all day long." She was laying it on a little bit thick, but Faith couldn't even bring herself to care. It was this or the slammer, so she walked into the stall, closed the door, and slumped against the wall, trying to steady her breathing as her heart began to race.

She heard muffled talking next. Distant speech, heard some out of breath men gasping for air and trying to ask if he'd seen a girl run through here. Asian, short black hair, a wanted criminal who had just stolen something. With her heart dropping. Faith pushed her ear up against the wall in time to hear the sleazy porn shop owner say he hadn't seen anyone run through there, which made Faith's chest ease up just a tiny bit with relief; either he was keeping quiet for probably some selfish reasons rooted in wanting to dodge any prostitution charges for what he had going on in the back of his store, or he was just kind of an idiot.

"But you guys both look very stressed; maybe I could offer group rate for the two of you to go into my back room and blow off some steam? Got a gorgeous new slut working the glory hole and she is one of the most eager I've ever had. Twenty percent off if you go in sharing the holes."

Oh, he was just fucking dumb.

Faith's chest tightened right back up against at the fact the guy who had just saved her ass--even if completely unaware of that fact--was suddenly offering to let them go to the back and use her mouth at the glory hole to relieve their tension. If they came around back they might avoid knowing it's her, but she wasn't exactly eager to throw herself into sucking pigs' cocks at a glory hole. Sure, it was better than being thrown into jail instead, but...

"Shit, maybe I will," one of the guards groaned. "Got to enjoy something in my day before we head back to work and get screamed at all day by the boss, right?"

"We're lucky if we get paid leave for this fuck-up. Sure, whatever, let's do it."

"Please doing business with you sirs."

Footsteps trailing down the path gave Faith very little in the way of hope for what was about to happen, her body tense and shivering as she listened to the men approach, listened to the foreboding sound of security thugs walking up toward her, something that was never a good thing but now held a particular kind of insanity as they slipped into position. "Let's see how eager this bitch really is," one of them mused over the sound of his zipper.

"She'd better like deepthroating because if not I might have to kick that door in and fuck her throat my damn self." There weren't many things that could have made this already disastrous situation particularly worse, but fuck if Faith hadn't just heard the words that would get the job done. If she didn't give these men a fucking performance, they might just get "carried away" with themselves and cause even more problems for her, which was the worst way to help set the tone for Faith to actually have to give her all to these men to get out of this without having to wear handcuffs. Fuck.

That was when Faith actually took a moment to look at what cramped conditions she was in. The glory hole stall was a tight, glorified box with dim lighting and two round holes on one of its sides. Faith knew exactly what this thing was, but she'd always pictured them as being a lot dirtier and sleazier; this was almost sterile in comparison. At least visually; she didn't want to know what was crawling around these parts. Her thoughts about the booth were replaced by thoughts of panic as a pair of big cocks pushed through the holes suddenly, making her gasp as another intimidating layer of just how insane this was set upon her; these guards were way better hung than she would have liked them to be, gifted with cocks big enough for her to shiver in panic and worry, knowing she was in way too deep now.

"Don't bother waiting, just get sucking, slut," one of the men growled. "We're not here to play games, just use that throat like a fleshlight and get us off."

Impulse pushed Faith forward in just shoving down and sucking one of the cocks right into her mouth, wincing as she gave the vulgar security guard exactly what he wanted. Her lips wrapped around his cock and she took him down to start with, not deep enough to get into her throat yet, but deep enough to begin making her way on, sucking deeper and further down as the man on the other side groaned in excitement. She wasn't happy to be doing this, but she'd take whatever lengths she had to go to for her own safety and to make the delivery she'd been tasked with, no matter the cost.

Her head rocked back and forth, settling quickly into a rhythm far more firm and confident than she would have liked it to ever be, her mouth sucking loudly on the cock as she tried to balance not being the experienced cocksucker they thought she was with what they expected from her, wrapped around way too little care for her own well-being. She hadn't been fond of taking anything into her throat before, only having it in small bursts here and there, never with a cock this big, but she had to deliver, and so she shoved down, gagging loudly around the thick shaft in utter panic as she gave the man everything he wanted and immediately regretted it, her body shivering as the pressure bore down upon her and she found herself in way too deep.

"Don't forget about me, whore. We paid group rate, and I'm not just going to stand here with my cock in the wall waiting for you to finish up."

With a soft whimper Faith pulled back and rolled her eyes. Fuck. "I'm sorry, I got so carried away at the sight of your big, juicy cocks," she whined, trying to pacify them with the very firm awareness that they could bust in at any moment and ruin this all. Her hands reached out to grab both cocks, working the one she'd just sucked on even quicker to spread her spit down the shaft as she started rolling with any and every trick she could think of straight out of every porn video she'd ever watched. "Don't think I'd forget about your amazing dick either." Faith promptly sucked him down, and took even less time to get him into her throat, even if it meant spending longer choking on the thick cock down her gullet, which made her shiver and twist in dismay under the panic of feeling herself barely able to breathe through the tension.

That was the rhythm Faith was going to have to play by. She started to move back and forth, driven on by the chance to suck and service the meaty cocks in front of her, knowing it was her ass if she didn't. There wasn't much chance to be steady or under all that much control right now as she pressed on, trying her best to just work through the pressure even as she shook and shivered in dismay, her body none too eager to deal with the agony of her throat spasming around two guards' thick cocks, but she really didn't know what else she could have done to spare herself this fate now. Faith just had to keep going and hope there was an end in sight for her if she pressed on hard enough.

Switching left and right to keep the two cocks both very well sucked, Faith had to juggle the appetites of two men who were both all too happy to insult and demand her to pay them immediate attention right that second no matter what. It was tense and harsh, almost panic inducing as her dizzy head kept up the pace, a lack of air not doing her any favours in keeping herself thinking straight as she worked at sucking the dicks down as fast and abruptly as she could, taking only the time her head had to travel from one cock to another to relax or breathe before she was right back at sucking again. Her hands worked to keep things going as she jerked both cocks off with quick, broad strokes, rubbing all of her slimy spit into them as she tried to keep herself at attention and avoid spinning completely out of control.

Drool ran down her chin, and she didn't have the time to fight it. Each time she pulled back off a dick, it was covered in ample amounts of spit. Thick spit, the kind that came from having the back of her throat hammered at. She was pulling it all up now, leaving the dicks covered in strands of it that snapped and left her with even more of a mess, her top growing wet under the pressure of it all as she struggled to hold on to any sense of control or self in the process. This was way too much for any one person to handle, but Faith knew it was either persevere here or end up out there and getting fucked up even harder for it, because it wasn't too likely they'd be wanting to let her go after they revenge fucked her senseless.

"That's it whore, keep choking on that fat dick. You can't get enough of our cocks, but even a slut like you is having trouble with them."

"How many cocks do you suck a day? I bet we're the biggest you've ever seen, and you're probably soaking your panties right now because of how big we are."

"Go on, worship our cocks and treat us like kings. I know it's what you want. A dirty glory hole cocksucker like you must have to see so many dicks that can't compare to ours, but you're showing us the love we deserve right now."

Faith tensed up. Just a bit longer, she told herself, just a little more time here until she could get herself out of this mess and on to something sensible again. Keeping up the pace of her aggressive and sloppy sucking, Faith showed herself absolutely no mercy in giving these vulgar, degrading, demanding fucks exactly what they wanted  She didn't have any other option now, pressing shamelessly and feverish on through the chaos of giving her body up to these men, letting them have their vulgar way with her mouth and her throat as she struggled to think her way through what she was doing. Almost rewarding them for insulting her and speaking in such callous terms about her as a woman.

And yet there was nothing she could do but suck, continuing to serve their cocks as they degraded her, her eyes narrow and tense as she gave herself up to the pressure and just had to do exactly what they asked. She wanted to kick the door out and make a run for it while they had their pants down and their dicks in the wall, but she knew it was too risky, knew she would have run the chance of being found again, while staying here and avoiding any chance of being found with keep her safe, even at the cost of her dignity. So she pressed on, wondering how much more she'd have to suck and how many times her throat could spasm around the big cocks before she was done.

A drooly, breathless wreck whose face was red and whose eyes were watering from the pressure, Faith was a special kind of wreck, completely helpless and hopeless now in the pursuit of something even vaguely resembling sense or decency. The only hope she had left was to push on and try to work through this, and she did almost too good of a job, suffering for her work as the men snickered and sneered, enjoying their hot and sloppy deepthroating from the frustrated courier down on her knees and doing everything she could to spare herself their wrath, all while they kept throwing out more remarks. Cumslut. Oral toy. Gutter whore. Their 'creativity' was as boundless as it was infuriating, but Faith couldn't object to it, just pressing on and giving them what they wanted as she continued to sloppily serve their cocks, wishing she had a way out of this but knowing there was only one, and she was on her way to earning it.

"Don't stop sucking my cock, swallow slut. I'm about to blow." Faith shivered, taking that as a warning far more ominous than he probably meant for it too, her eyes tightening as she kept sucking, kept slobbering on his cock and giving him exactly what he wanted, knowing she was on her way to trouble and finding it as it erupted right down her throat, pumping directly into her stomach with such slimy, gooey excitement that it made her shake, the prolonged choking sounds she made as she held herself in place doing little to maintain her dignity as she took them on, then switched over to the other cock. 

She got called a cumslut again as he blew a load in her mouth and told her to swallow it down, and with a noisy gulping noise she did exactly that. She couldn't suck it down fast enough, in fact, as the cum left a taste in her mouth she definitely didn't like at all, wanting to get rid of it as quickly as she could before shivering and twisting in frustration on the ground.

"Thanks for giving this dirty slut her morning cock fix," she whined, slumping back against the wall as she watched them pull their cocks back. Thankfully, they left, and Faith was allowed to lie there and soak in the utter lack of dignity that followed, finally slipping up toward the door and hoping she could slip out before her next "customer" showed up. Her cover had worked, but now it was over, and she could get out.

Except the stall door was locked from the outside. Faith was stuck in here, groaning in frustration as she pulled back, and before she had a chance to kick it off its hinges, the approach of footsteps and the call of, "Do you do anal?" left Faith very painfully aware that her day and its indignities were only just beginning.


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