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Chapter 43 - Makoto Niijima - Investigation (c)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 43 - Makoto Niijima - Investigation (c)

Chapter 43 - Makoto Niijima - Investigation (c)
Commission for simo09
Rumours surging about around school about one of the bathrooms and illicit sexual activity going on in it had stirred Makoto to action. The kind of action that was probably part and parcel of why she didn't have too many friends among the student body; she was a fucking snitch. When she went on the hunt to find out what was going on and put a stop to it, she did so as someone whose main goal in mind was to shut it the fuck down, to put an end to whatever was happening like a responsible student council leader. Why wouldn't she? It sounded dangerous, sounded like a big risk and something she had to get rid of, for the better safety of the student body, for her classmates who would have risked falling into something dangerous. In her mind, it had to have been something as dangerous as the blackmail scheme she'd broken up, something that would exploit people who didn't know better until it was too late.

Stepping into the bathroom, Makoto had her eyes open for what it could have been, knowing nobody was going to answer her questions, so she pieced together what she could through eavesdropping and then set out to figure out how to deal with this herself. In the rumoured bathroom, a small and seemingly never used bathroom in a part of the school nobody really went to and where there wasn't even a sign denoting what kind of bathroom it was, she found a few stalls and little sign of use. It didn't even have the smell of gratuitous overuse of cleaning chemicals to try and mask the smell of a bathroom; it smelled like nothing but maybe a bit of stale air. Nobody was using this for anything bathroom-related.

Into the stalls she went, checking them for cameras or condom wrappers or some kind of evidence about something. There was a lot of stuff around, a lot of different things she could have been on the lookout for and no certainty what was here. Fumbling around blindly in search of a vaguely defined something wasn't ideal, but Makoto knew it was smarter this way; nobody knew she was messing around or what was happening. She gave each stall a thorough inspection, closing the door behind her just in case someone came in--not wanting to be found in a bathroom people were fucking in, as if it wasn't a scandal it would be a sure sign Makoto was snitching.

It was in the second to last stall, at the far end of the room, that Makoto found something odd. A hole bored into the side of the stall wall open up to another, ample amounts of padding and tape laid over it. She squatted down a bit, finding herself roughly eye level with it as she peered down, looking curiously at the hole. "Is this it?" she asked, not sure what this was or what it meant, not sure how it related to anything at all, but Makoto felt like she needed to investigate as she whipped out her phone and began to snap some pictures. She could research this later, and if it was something, she'd know find out.

During her rigorous efforts to figure things out was when the situation dove south. Makoto was looking around for anything else and tucking her phone away, eyes way from the hole, and when she looked up again she let out a startled gasp of surprise as she saw a penis pushing through the hole. Her eyes went wide, worry following as she stared at the big dick suddenly making its presence so firmly known. She had no idea how to help herself out of this one, panicking as she stared at the cock. Something washed over her and she wasn't sure if it was panic or curiosity, as Makoto stared long at the cock in front of her, having not the slightest idea where to begin dealing with any of it, but she felt drawn in by it all, felt captivated by the big dick in front of her and by the sweet allure of maybe just letting herself kind of lose control a little bit.

"Come on, I haven't got all day," urged the guy on the other side, and impulse took over. Before Makoto even know what she was doing, she was licking along the cock, shuddering and wide-eyed as she realized what she was doing when it was already too late. She gave the cock a steady drag of her tongue along the side, whining as something began to bubble up inside of her. Something hot and confused, something she didn't really understand, but before she could think too much about it her fingers were wrapped around the cock and stroking it quickly, more licks following as she gave the dick what it had clearly come here for.

Taking another lick and shivering in heat as she let herself get carried away by the chance to press on, Makoto found herself shifting forward. She didn't feel it was right or sane or sensible, but either way she was giving in to it, sucking the cock into her mouth and taking it down deep, shudders creeping through her body as she accepted something so brazen and hot without really understanding what to do about it. This was a lot to take and she felt like it was going to become even more as she tasted the cock more strongly now, hand moving faster along it. "Ah, that's the good shit. Keep sucking, you're doing great."

Encouragement was a strange thing to be enjoying given the circumstances, but with a nervous shiver, Makoto accepted the words, pushing on further forward as she let the excitement carry her away. This was starting to feel pretty fun, actually. She knew she'd come here to break this madness up, but the whim that carried her on to begin sucking the dick now had her wondering if maybe she was in a position to want to keep going actually, to keep sucking and slurping on the big dick as she embraced something a little crazy and insane. Back and forth she rocked, head moving on quicker and more eagerly as she felt out the boundaries of what she was doing, not sure what to make of any of this or if she was in way too deep or over her head. She just sucked.

Giving in to something like this felt so odd to Makoto, but also in some ways so exciting, and she could feel herself sinking deeper and deeper into an odd kind of want as she embraced the flare of odd sensations rumbling up from within. She hadn't been ready for this, but she found it impossible now to keep from giving in to something like this, bubbling up in confusion and heat as she continued to suck, feeling a heat aching between her legs. She slipped a hand up her dress and down her panties, shuddering and confused as she began to rub at her slick pussy. She was so wet, so sensitive and hot that her hips bucked a little bit.

Makoto really had never felt anything like this before, and she found herself sinking in further and more eagerly under that crushing weight, moaning as she embraced the confusion and excitement, guilty as it was. She continued to suck on the cock, not sure what to make of this sorry mess she was in but so eager to find out where it went as she pressed on, servicing the dick and embracing something so chaotic and confusing as this. There was an edge of raw excitement and confusion to everything she did that just felt too good for her to deny herself, as she raced on quicker and more eagerly, not sure how this ended but knowing she wanted to feel more of it, to test whatever was happening as curiosity turned to lust.

But the cock fired off too soon. Before Makoto could get off or get too into it, cum flooded into her mouth, startling the brunette as she pulled back and gasped, swallowing it down and taking the last couple shots onto her face. There was a rush of something burning up through her, something more potent and hot than she knew what to do with, but she felt like she had to press on, even if this was all over. She whined, shivering as the sensation of swallowing the load down left her to quiver nervously, but she felt she had to do something more, had to keep on with this insanity no matter where it led her.

She stayed.

It wasn't long before another boy came by with another cock for her to suck, but it had been long enough that Makoto's nervous rubbing had turned into outright fingering, plunging her slender digits deep into her waiting pussy. She threw herself at this cock with a bit more desperation, drawing a startled gasp from the student on the other side as he felt the unexpected swell of attention seize him. "Fuck, that's nice," he groaned, and Makoto didn't have the presence of mind to shy away from it or from any of what she was feeling as she pushed on and continued to service the big dick. Makoto didn't know for sure what was coming over her, but she didn't care, embracing the idea that this was a good, sensible thing to press on and continue doing in spite of everything spinning out of control in her head.

Back and forth her head bobbed, and perhaps because of how quickly the last one seemed to end, Makoto didn't waste any time on slowly working her way up to going all out on this cock. She took it down deep and hot, shamelessly embracing what she was doing and the pleasures burning up through her as she sought to satisfy it thoroughly, and that meant taking it into her throat. She gagged as she went, taking it down too deep too fast and ending up responding loudly in the process, but in some fucked up ways that only made her even hotter, for reasons she felt horrified by, but she didn't care. Pressing on harder, Makoto continued to work at it, ignoring any sense of worry that should have taken root in her as she deepthroated the guy on the other side of the wall and let herself go.

There was something so exciting about surrendering this hotly to something so crazy, and Makoto felt a rush of pure exhilaration surge through her as she bobbed on faster, giving the cock all of her sloppy affection even against anything resembling better judgment. She just sucked faster, moaning loudly as she slurped and slobbered all over the big dick, losing herself to the chance to embrace something so hot and so desperate, and the more she went the more she found herself not caring about anything else. Her fingers hammered faster into her hot and needy pussy, body alight with something primal and desperate, so much sensation taking hold of her that she hadn't the slightest idea how to handle it all, but she knew that she wanted to keep going, knew she wanted to persevere and make the most of this insane situation. There was nothing now that could stop Makoto as she explored something within herself.

Throating a big cock wasn't like anything she'd felt before, but it was so different and so exhilarating that she didn't for a second hesitate or consider maybe slowing this mess down. She pressed on harder and louder, moaning and slobbering around the cock in pure, shameless delight as she let something take hold of her, something that only grew more primal and frustrating in nature with each swell of excitement taking hold of her. The more she thought about opening herself up to the madness, the more easily it all flowed, and a sense of readiness and debaucherous intent helped carry her on through the panic and the heat, sucking louder and harder, deeper and more desperately with each pass.

Giving herself up like this was more than Makoto was prepared to deal with, but that was what made it so exciting, what wound her up toward that last push of frustration, as she gagged and sputtered around the cock she so stubbornly sucked, frustrated and enticed by the chance to press on and give her all to what she was doing before finally he let out an excited yell, warning her, "I'm cumming!"

"Cum on my face!" Makoto gasped, pulling back with a sudden snap, body shivering under the frustration and heat that followed as she took the mess of spunk all over. The cock erupted in front of her, and as Makoto accepted a facial--this time on purpose--her body gave in, bucking feverishly through the excitement of opening herself up to surrender. She came hard, body shivering as she trembled on her knees, leaving her panties and her hand totally soaked with her sticky juices. "Ah, so good," she whined, biting her lip as she drew back, only to realize the guy wasn't leaving. "Oh? You're still hard?'

"Yeah, I am. You wouldn't mind if I got some pussy action, would you? Most Shujin girls don't do it, but most also don't deepthroat and you just blew my mind with that."

Makoto's cheeks burned, as he gave her maybe the one piece of praise that would actually stir her into doing that. "Sure, why not?" she asked, pretending it was something she was considering for his sake, when in reality her pussy was drenched and she felt herself overwhelmed by a level of want that was just too much to bear. She stumbled up to her feet, tugging her pantyhose and her panties down, lifting her dress up and then back against him slowly. It was a clumsy motion, but she managed to get his head against her entrance and then push down easily enough, a gasp shuddering up from her lips as she felt the excitement take hold of her. With an eager moan she pressed back further, delight taking hold of her as she sank down and prepared herself for what was to come.

With him on the other side of the wall, Makoto knew she had to do all the work, but that felt oddly okay by her. She bit her lip, rocking her hips back and forth with confident, steady motions driven by a slowly burning ignition of something hungry and desperate inside of her. This was an odd way to express the shivering aches within her, but she appreciated the chance, appreciated the excitement gripping her as she began to heave on back and forth, moaning through the flare of excitement she felt as she gave herself in so quickly. It was a lot to do, a sudden and unexpected swell of sensation that left her feeling very ready to roll, but she was eager to feel it out as she moved steadily in place and began to embrace something so hot within her.

There was a certain kind of excitement to be found in opening herself up to such chaos so quickly, but in short order Makoto had gone from wanting to have this whole place shut down with a report to the principal to suddenly fucking herself down on a big dick and even moaning in delight as it took hold of her. She hadn't been expecting something that intense at all, but it hit her so abruptly that she just had to roll with it, body heaving back and forth in steady, burning excitement as she began to accept the idea of maybe losing herself to something primal and hot, something more intense than she knew how to handle.

A steady thudding noises noisily pressed against the wall as she went, as she embraced the chaos and accepted that this really was what she wanted. Makoto was having the time of her life at work here, and she felt like there was still so much more pleasure to explore, so many things she hadn't known yet that were suddenly burning her up from within. "Nngh, w-what is this thing called?" she moaned. "This hole. I kind of came here by accident, but it feels so good that I've stayed, but I don't know the term for it."

"It's called a glory hole," the guy on the other side said, sounding almost confused by that idea, not knowing how someone accidentally stumbled into sucking strangers' dicks through a hole in the wall, but he wasn't about to judge."

Something about those words made her feel a wave of intensity and excitement that she felt all too happy to embrace, moaning loudly in acceptance and biting her lip. Faster she rocked, her slick pussy so wet and so hot from the feeling of the thick cock inside of he, and she was eager to ride this out as hard as she could. More moans followed, and Makoto felt like she was becoming a bit of a wreck in the process, but it didn't matter now. Nothing was going to get in her way, nothing was going to stop her from rushing through the excitement and the chaos of surrendering herself to the pleasure now as she greedily pressed on and let pure delight take hold of her.

It wound up to one final, intense swell of pleasure at the very end of the line, when Makoto's body gave in. She came hard, gasping and shivering in excitement as she lost herself, her tight pussy clamping down tight around the cock buried inside of it, and she happily dragged the guy on the other side down with her. He came in her pussy, creampieing her and leaving Makoto so full of excitement that it took her a moment to even realize what she'd done and that she'd let him cum inside of her. She couldn't even muster up the chance to panic as she let herself go, moaning like something altogether far more wanton than Makoto would have ever accepted she was as the pleasure seared through her, and she felt so good that she didn't shy away from any of it.

"Mm, thank you so much," she moaned, crumpling back down to the floor and waiting, slumped breathlessly back against the hole's opposing wall. "Maybe I don't have to report this to the principal," she whined to herself. Yes, it was better if she kept it to herself. If she didn't tell anyone else about it, or that she was starting to really love it here, or that within a few weeks there would be new rumours about some crazy enthusiastic girl at the glory hole who nobody would have ever suspected was the heavily repressed and pent up student council president herself.


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