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Chapter 44 - Naruko and Kushida - Old Tricks (c)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 44 - Naruko and Kushida - Old Tricks (c)

Chapter 44 - Naruko and Kushida - Old Tricks (c)
Anonymous commission.
Naruko really didn't know how to deal with the surprising sight she'd been led to, as she knelt in front of the glory hole with confusion. "Mom?" she asked, looking at Kushina with a wary and nervous glance. "Why did you bring me to a--"

"It's okay, Naruko," Kushina replied, cutting her daughter off as she knelt in front of the wall. It wasn't a glory hole so much as several glory holes, the wall lined with depraved invitations. There was something shameful but exciting about the offer before her, as Naruko watched her mother sink down, not knowing what to say. The redhead wasn't afraid to get messy and to give herself up completely to the pleasure and to the chance to lose herself a little bit to something so craven and so insane, settling happily into place and inviting forward a special kind of madness.

Kushina settled comfortably into place, and it wasn't long at all before a cock pushed through the wall, one that she happily leaned forward and began to suck on, mouth lovingly at work along the shaft as she went, letting her body sink forward and the excitement take hold of her. There was a very unapologetic kind of forwardness to the way she gave in, the way she began to lick and adore the cock without much of a care for anything now but giving herself up so eagerly, and immediately Kushina began to fall back on old habits and lusts that had been with her for so long she was happy to embrace them, feeling like a natural down on her knees and licking along the cock.

Naruko watched nervously at her mother's show of lusty aggression, feeling herself shiver in frustration as she beheld the sight of her at work. It was a lot to deal with, and it only filled her with more questions about why her mother had brought her here and what this was all supposed to lead to. It made so little sense to her, but she didn't pull away or question it too firmly, just staring on in confusion, even as her knees got a little weak and she began to feel the creeping swell of arousal wash over her, something excited and ignited by what she was seeing before her, as wrong as that was.

It urged Naruko down to her knees beside her mother, shivering as she found herself urged onward. "Join me," Kushina moaned, happily running her fingers through her daughter's hair as she urged her inward, mother and daughter starting to share the cock Naruko's licks along it didn't have the firm and confident pace that Kushina's did, but that was made up for with the enthusiasm behind how her mouth began to move, tongue licking lovingly along the cock, not sure how to handle the excitement taking hold of her but knowing she had to try it, had to lean in for more. Back and forth her mouth worked, tongue lovingly adoring the cock before her as she gave herself up to the excitement and the pleasure, inching closer with each steady advance toward something primal, something ready to just give in.

Kushina sucked the cock down into her mouth first, eyes locked on her daughter's as she showed off to her how to do it, rocking her head slowly back and forth in eager approval of the big cock she had before her. Her head bobbed steadily, showing it plenty of attention before she pulled back and purred, "Now you try it." Her eyes glowed with excitement as she guided Naruko forward, the hand on the back of her head urging her on to start sucking, and Naruko found herself all too happily giving up to the sensation, her mouth embracing the thick cock as she slurped it down. She wasn't exactly a virgin, but this was something new, something totally insane and out there that she wasn't even remotely ready for.

Another cock pushed through the wall on Kushina's side, but instead of leaning over to suck on it herself, her hair began to lift up, luxurious read locks reaching out to grasp the cock, wrapping firmly around it and beginning to stroke. Naruko pulled back with a startled gasp at the sight of her mother's hair suddenly moving like that. "Mom?" she asked.

"I'll show you how to do it later," Kushina purred, promptly pulling her daughter back in to resume sharing the cock between their mouths, and in spite of the frustration taking hold of her Naruko happily leaned into it, giving herself up to the madness as the tension shivered and swelled within her. This was exactly what she wanted to feel, something hot and primal taking root within her as she gave in to it. She could see Naruko's eyes lingering in awe on the sight of her hair, and she knew it was only a matter of time until she could pull her daughter in deep with her, but for the time being she wanted to just focus on sharing this big cock with her daughter and embracing the chance to spend some time with her.

Their eager mouths found a steady cadence together, moans rumbling up hotly as they gave the dick a nice, steady treatment together, one rooted in adoration and excitement, burning up in need under the chance to shove forward and give herself up to the excitement. They found common ground there, Naruko rising up to the occasion in matching her mother's pace and opening herself up to the madness and the heat too powerfully to control herself or to hold back. She just let it run through her, let the pulsating, primal thrills take hold of her tightly, leaving her twisting and shuddering under the chance to lose herself.

It wasn't long under the eager treatment of both mouths that Kushina and Naruko brought the man over the edge, and he was happy to blow his load, which splattered all over their faces at once, messing up both of the, but by then Naruko was so deep into the decision to not even question what was happening that she happily and abruptly shoved forward to take her mother's lips. She kissed Kushina, moving on pure instinct now as she gave herself up completely to the opportunity before her, head hazy and fraying as she gave in to something so primal and confusing, but it felt too good to care, too good for her to be ashamed of herself. Not now. Not when she had waited so long and was finally so close to being able to lose control.

Kushina happily accepted the kiss, accepted the tension and frustration as it overwhelmed her. She had to press on, had t chase the stubborn excitement as it raged up inside of her so hotly, everything she did proving more frustrating and exciting by the second. They licked the cum from the other's face and let it join the kiss, swapping it back and forth as Kushina's hair kept jerking off the cock the whole time, eagerly treating the dick to the utmost of pleasure. "Should I tell you about this now?" Kushina asked, as her daughter nodded in slow, eager approval, wide-eyed and excited by what she saw. 

"I have to know," Naruko whined.

"I have a thing for men using my hair. For them--" She was interrupted by a sudden groan from the other side, which actually worked out perfectly for Kushina, as she took a sudden load of cum right into her crimson locks, leaking gooey white streaks in there and made Naruko whine in surprise, but Kushina seemed only more excited by it. "For them to use my hair to jerk off, and even to cum in it. There's something about it I just can't help myself with. It turns me on so much, and it lets me pleasure so many more guys here." She leaned in closer, seeing Naruko's excitement and knew what she had to do. "Do you want me to teach you how to do it?"

"Please!" Naruko gasped. She couldn't believe she was giving herself in like this, but she was too excited not to, and watched as her mother began to work through the hand motions for a special jutsu she'd developed to give hairjobs. Naruko followed after it, and gasped as her hair began to rise, suddenly under her control as though it were any other part of her body. She could move it around and swish it about, gasping in surprise and excitement as the odd feeling of controlling her hair gave her all kinds of weird shivers.

Just then, three dicks pushed through holes in front of Naruko at the same time, all lined up one by one and leaving Naruko to gasp in surprise. "Go on, Naruko," Kushina said encouragingly. "You can use your hair and your mouth on these boys. Go on, try it." She leaned in to kiss her daughter's cheek, and Naruko shivered in surprise, heat, and confusion all at once. She was horribly unprepared to deal with any of this, but she felt so ready to work and so ready to give herself up to the opportunity that she couldn't hold back. She leaned into the madness, giving up her body to the pleasure as she embraced the opportunity, and began to feel out what she was doing eagerly.

Her pigtails reached out to the cocks on the sides and wrapped around them, her blonde locks startling the boys as they felt something so odd embrace their dicks, but once she began to stroke they quickly warmed up to it, groaning excitedly as Naruko then focused her attention on the cock in front of her. She was riding solo this time, but still want to do something to show that could impress her mother, still wanted to perform. Her mouth wrapped tight around the big dick as she got to work at sucking on it, moaning loudly and eagerly as she gave herself up to the excitement and slurped it down deep into her mouth and right into her throat.

It was no trouble for Naruko. Sure, she gagged a little bit, but she was so eager and so excited to pleasure this big cock and to show her mother what she could do, rocking back and forth as the excitement seized hold of her, a tight and intense swell of something primal taking root inside of her body as she gave herself to the pleasure. It was tipping her hand a bit too much to show off to her mom how well she could take a cock down her throat, but on the other hand she was so excited to flaunt her ability that it didn't matter; she wanted her mom to see what she could do firsthand and to reel in excitement as she let herself go, let the throbbing swell of primal, needy excitement take hold of her. Back and forth her head rocked in eager, desperate abandon, flaunting her eagerness and how well she could suck as she went on and gave herself up.

Kushina watched eagerly at the sight of her daughter sucking the cock while her pigtails worked along two more. "That's it, Naruko," she purred, caressing the back of Naruko's head as she marveled at her hard work and her determination, loving the sight of the blonde down on her knees and working the glory hole. could not have been happier to see her take up so much eagerness and so much excitement, doing her best to pleasure all these cocks as she rocked on back and forth a steady, eager mess losing herself to the chance to go out of control. This was everything she'd been hoping would happen when she brought Naruko here, and it could not have been better than this.

There was something oddly exciting about jerking cocks off with her hair, as her hands remained firmly against the wall and she was able to control herself and steady her aggressions in the midst of working her head on back and forth in eager, adoring the cocks as best she could. The men groaned on the other side, letting Naruko know she was doing a good job while also leaving her even more eager and excited about pressing on and servicing these dicks thoroughly and eagerly. She made sure her head was moving in sync with her hair, servicing the dicks with equal measure as she moaned around the cock down her throat, surprised this was all going so well and that she was having so much fun, but not wanting to stop as she gave herself up to it.

Naruko had all too quickly and all too happily given in so deep to the idea of glory hole time with her mother that she couldn't help herself now, gagging loudly and happily on the big dick she was sucking, encouraged on by her mother and urged to keep going. She was so happy to be sharing this kind of mess with her even if it was insane to think she should have ever been. There was just something so utterly appealing and satisfying about opening herself up to this, about giving her body and her mind to the pleasure and madness so completely, and it left her wanting more, left her spinning out of control and focus as she gave herself to the pleasure and let nothing stop her from embracing her own frustration and the pleasure that came with it.

All of the sucking and the slurping and the insane, chaotic push to give herself up to the insanity paid off for Naruko in a great way as cum flooded into her mouth without warning. She moaned, sucking greedily on the big dick as she tried to get every drop she could, all while cocks erupted in her hair. The warm, sticky mess pumped all through her blonde pigtails, and Naruko felt a shiver race up her spine as she accepted it. It did feel oddly good, a strange kind of excitement taking hold inside of her as she gave herself up to the insanity more eagerly now than ever, ready to accept that this was exactly what she wanted to do and what kind of insanity she wanted to embrace wholeheartedly.

With cum in her hair and more cum in her mouth, Naruko turned back around to look at her mouth, lips parting with the gooey mouthful of spunk she'd held onto, and in short order Kushina was down on her knees to shove against her daughter's lips, moaning and seizing her in tight as they shared a hot, messy kiss, something desperate and craven and completely out of control. But that was what made it so fun, as they pressed tightly against one another and embraced the madness taking root within them.

Mother and daughter happily swapped the cum back and forth, sharing it in a lewd, hungry kiss. Kushina was so happy to see Naruko come around like this and open up so shamelessly, and she knew now that she wanted to press no further. As two cocks pushed through the wall, she saw the opportunity. "Mm, let's get fucked together," she moaned, taking her daughter's hand and standing upright, backing herself against the hole eagerly. Naruko followed suit, smiling brightly and clutching her mother's hand as they got ready for this twisted little game together. On the count of three they backed against the cocks, pressing their hot, needy pussies down against the dicks, and from all of the sucking and hairfucking they'd been doing they were so wet and so ready to get taken.

Hips hammered back against the cocks in sloppy, reckless, mistimed abandon. Neither Kushina nor Naruko tried to keep anything steady or controlled as they just let themselves go, slamming back hard against the dicks and letting the excitement carry them. As they did this as mother and daughter, holding tightly to each others' hands, they felt all of the excitement they needed to feel, embracing all the pleasure and heat that they needed, so moving in sync wasn't something they needed to push for when they could instead just let themselves go, let their hips get to work and embrace the lust taking hold of them. This was everything to them, and they didn't want it to stop, shamelessly embracing the chance to just get fucked as hard and as fast as they could.

"I feel so full!" Naruko gasped. "Your cock is so big, please stay right there." Her body couldn't slow down as she leaned forward as deep as she could, one hand braced against her thigh to keep herself balanced as she fucked herself back as hard and as fast as she could muster against the cock awaiting her slick heat.

"Nngh, I haven't been fucked by a cock this nice at one of these places in too long," Kushina confessed, biting her lip as she slammed her ass back against the wall, bent forward and losing herself without a care. This was too good for her to fight against, embracing the insane thrill of giving in as she rocked back and forth, a desperate, needy wreck giving herself up completely to the opportunity before her as she worked, tireless and desperate for more. Bringing Naruko here had gone better than expected, and now Kushina wanted to see this beautiful thing through without a care.

It just felt too good for either of them to handle, so intense and so hot that they couldn't hold themselves back. This was everything they wanted, and the uniting pleasure of giving in to getting fucked alongside one another proved more potent and powerful than they could have ever hoped, shivering with want as they surrendered to the lust. Kushina had been here so many times before, but seeing Naruko enjoying herself as much as she was as a first-timer left her even more excited, confident that this was all going to be so much better still once she had given her daughter some more experience and the pleasure could really start to get to her.

Naruko couldn't control herself, rocking feverishly against the dick and embracing the opportunity to lose control. She looked at her mother, sharing a smile as her eyes glimmered and she felt herself absolutely blissed out. "I want to come back here," she moaned, biting her lip hard, fingers tightening within Kushina's. "Thank you so much for showing me this, mom!"

"Thank you for being such a good sport, Naruko! I knew you'd like this place, and I couldn't wait to bring you here when you were finally a woman and could make up y--ah!" She wasn't able to finish that sentence, too busy reeling from the sudden pulsating throb of pleasure tearing through her. With one powerful swell of excitement, Kushina lost herself, cumming hard and hot, gasping out in orgasmic delight as sensations bubbled up through her with more ferocity and power than she could have ever imagined. With shivering, burning heat taking hold of her, she felt ready to give in to all of it, moaning hotly as the sensations crashed down upon her and her body gave in, hammering back and forth.

Naruko came too, squealing in delight and ecstasy as the bubbling needs burned across her body. She couldn't slow herself down, bucking against the wall and whining. The two hot, tight ninja pussies clenched down around the cocks of the men on the other side, who lost themselves to the heat and the excitement, giving the girls exactly what they wanted as hot, gooey spunk pumped deep into their waiting holes, making them whine and howl as they embraced the shameless indulgence together, moaning and desperate through the excitement as it took them.

Naruko happily pushed forward, a look of pure satisfaction across her face as she came down from her high. "So good," she whined, head dizzy and delirious as she tried to straighten herself out. "Nngh, mom that was so good."

"It was." The cock pulled out of her, and she reached forward between Naruko's legs, shoving leaking cum back up her twat again as she smiled and fondled her daughter a moment. "He came so much inside of you."

Naruko felt so warm and fuzzy that it took her a moment to realize what was happening, eyes going wide in panic. "Oh no!" she gasped. "Mom, I'm... I'm ovu--it's that time of month!"She straightened herself up and looked down at her well used pussy, which had indeed been pumped absolutely full of cum. "What do I do?"

Kushina simply put her arms around Naruko and pulled her in. "It's okay, Naruko," she said, patting her on the back. "You were conceived in the same way too, it's okay."

"Wait, but dad and I look so--"

"Where do you think I met him?" Kushina licked her lips and gave her daughter a few quick pumps with her fingers. "Don't worry about it. You had fun, didn't you? Well, a few more cocks pushed out again, so why don't we have more fun? I'll guide this next dick right into your pussy again, and let's see about getting you knocked up at a glory hole, just like your mother."


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