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Chapter 45 - Brigitte Lindholm - A Quiet Escape (c)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 45 - Brigitte Lindholm - A Quiet Escape (c)

Chapter 45 - Brigitte Lindholm - A Quiet Escape (c)
Anonymous commission.
Brigitte had a secret. A secret she didn't let on to anyone, both because of the inherent shame involved in it, but even more importantly because it was so much more exciting not to let anybody know the truth. Whoring her mouth out at a glory hole just felt right, felt like something twisted and exciting that she so very much enjoyed, a chance to lose herself to something mindless, mad, indecent, and completely out of control. Nobody knew she was on the other end of it, and Brigitte wasn't really anybody, but the distance and the isolation behind it, the twisted sort of almost-intimacy that remained distant and walled off, so twisted and decadent that she was able to enjoy something depraved and hot with whoever came up to the hole with their cock out.

Sucking cock for money was a necessary evil sometimes. Brigitte had builds in mind, things she wanted to experiment on, and she needed money to do it. Money she didn't always want to try and ask relatives for, and presently she was too deep into traveling with Reinhardt to be able to find money in conventional and decent ways, so she lapsed back into the fun of old habits, of depraved little things she loved to venture out into and experiment with. She didn't mind though; with a cryptic remark about how she'd 'take care of it', Brigitte went off to deal with making money herself and promised Reinhardt he didn't have to worry about it. She was intent on keeping that promise as she slipped off into her task and welcomed the chance for something different, something fun and a little twisted.

The first cock pushed through, and Brigitte didn't hesitate to grab hold of it and push forward quickly, licking along the cock and whining excitedly. “Hi there, stud,” she purred, hoping she could milk out a nice tip out of this with compliments. Sucking up before she sucked cock always proved a good way to make money, and Brigitte had the matter of glory hole cocksucking down to a silence. A different city, a different guy, but there was something universal about a hot mouth lovingly working on a big dick.

Something that she was happy to get right into, as her mouth embraced the hot cock and she sucked it eagerly down, moaning in slow, steadily advancing approval as she let the pressure take hold of her. It was something sudden, indecent, brazen, and totally without a care. That was how she liked it, moaning as she took a few inches of thick cock into her mouth, her eyes slowly closing as she let herself wind up for a quick, efficient push of attention to the cock. Her eyes lidded softly as she let herself go, embracing something special and craven.

The heat was immediate, as the taste of cock hit Brigitte's lips and she got the chance to savour something special, something needy. She happily sucked on the big dick, pushing forward and taking it deeper into her mouth, starting to pace herself against the idea of working on back and forth, moans rumbling with heat and excitement as she felt the pressure lay into her, so sudden and so hot that she didn't know how to handle herself. She just knew that she wanted it, just knew that she ached for the fun of sucking this big dick down and that the idea of getting paid for it almost took a backseat to the indulgence of her vulgar excitement.

Her lips tightened around the cock, moans rumbling in her chest and sending vibrations to course through the big dick she was happy to push on and service, working her head back and forth with steady motions and a desire to earn her money, but it wasn't all just about the money. She was here to have fun, and the cash was a nice thing to back it up; the real fun now was in sucking big dicks and enjoying herself, and everything else began to take a distant back seat to the excitement of her lust. She just couldn't help herself now; she wanted it too badly to care about anything sensible or decency, as she let herself go.

"Such a big dick," she moaned, pulling back a moment to lick along it every which way, musing about her lust before she abruptly sucked it right back down again, deeper this time. There was no shame in pushing further, in letting Brigitte enjoy the cock pushing on further down into her throat even, and as she gagged loudly on the thick shaft, she didn't let that bother her or halt her advance. She kept moving, feeling bold and excited as she pressed on and took the dick down into her mouth, eagerly letting her lips wrap tight around it as she gave herself to the excitement and the shamelessness of her own lusts.

On the other side of the wall, groans rumbled up, indicating to Brigitte that she was on the right path, and she pushed further down, excitedly letting her mouth work at pleasuring the big dick that had come in search of her attention. "Fuck, I don't feel a lot of mouths like this around here. You must be new." A shiver ran up her spine as the 'compliment' gave her all the more reason to want to push forward. She took him down deeper, wanting to prove herself now, wanting to indulge in all the twisted thrills she knew awaited her in serving this big cock and in letting herself go. With nobody around but this man who couldn't even see her, Brigitte had nothing but raw opportunity in front of her now, and she was intent on riding it out as far as she could.

Faster she took him down, moans rising up hotter and needier as she serviced the big dick with tireless, gleeful vigor, sucking and slurping on the thick shaft and opening herself up to the chaotic delights of just losing herself. She was unstoppable, so hot and so excited that she couldn't help herself. Her head worked back and forth as quickly as she could get it to, the broad motions picking up as her hand braced against the wall and she worked tirelessly to bring something special down onto this insane situation. She choked louder, shivered and sputtered as she worked her mouth harder and with a reckless lack of care now for anything but getting what shew wanted from him.

This was where Brigitte shone the brightest, where she could feel herself spinning out of control in the devoted swell of lust that took hold of her. she wanted only to work now, to suck on this cock until she could take no more and until she was completely gone. This was everything to her, and she wasn't about to get anything get in the way of it, wasn't about to leave anything to chance. She was hot, she was hungry, she was desperate, and there was little about how she worked at sucking the cock that felt like it had anything to do with just trying to make money anymore. Completely removed from the ability to care now about anything else, she happily let herself become consumed by the desperation of her lust and her desire to suck cock.

The sounds from the other side of the wall grew louder, warning Brigitte that he was drawing closer, that he was about ready to lose himself to the lack of control or shame that followed. It was all the more reason for Brigitte to want to keep Pushing, frustrated and hot as she let herself go, let the pleasure take hold of her. She wanted to get him off, wanted to make him cum and lose himself to her mouth, as she sucked on faster, gagging louder but not caring about nay of it. Tears welled up in her eyes from the pressure and made her mascara run, but even that couldn't slow down the madness that Brigitte rode, couldn't slow her down as she took all the pleasure she could get and let her body and mouth become the tools by which she made this man lose himself.

All of the trouble and the sucking and the fervor came to a boiling point as the man started to yell and holler, warning Brigitte he was about to lose himself. It was then that she pulled back, so sudden and hungry that she couldn't help herself. He let out a confused gasp as he felt the mouth pull back from his cock, only for a hand to take its place, jerking quickly along his shaft. "Cum on my face," she moaned, her voice tense and breathy, frustration bubbling up inside of her as she felt herself raging out of control, unable to bring herself to stop as all of the hunger gripped her and she felt too worn out and too desperate to want it to stop. She let raw pleasure overwhelm her, and nothing was going to stop the madness she craved.

The man was already close enough that Brigitte didn't need to do much to him, her hand working quickly and eagerly along the cock until the man on the other side could take no more, and with a loud groan, he gave in to the frantic working of Brigitte's hand. He came all over her face, cock erupting and sending forward hot shots of gooey, messy spunk that splattered across her face and left her startled by the mess he made. So much cum followed, so much sticky seed that splattered across her face and made a needy mess of the redhead knelt in place and happily accepting the facial, moaning loudly as she felt herself squirming out of control in the excitement of being given such a messy surprise. "Thank you," she moaned, biting her lip and watching as the cock pulled out from the wall.

Before he left, the man shoved some money in. She would be paid for each cock she served at the end of this mess, but a generous tip definitely made her feel better about it; it meant she'd done a great job, meant she had earned some more love.

While she waited for the next cock, Brigitte tugged off her tank top and cast it aside, abandoning it for the sake of letting out her breasts, which she groped at as she waited, ready to use them next for what she had in mind. The eager groping of her ample chest left Brigitte hot and eager; she always ignored her pussy while using her upper body, since it made for something so much hotter when she could tense herself up, denying the frustration until she was ready to come undone, until she was ready to lose herself completely to the pleasure. It was all a matter of time and patience, and she was eager to play a slower and steadier role in things for the time being, playing with her breasts and letting the tension build.

When a big cock did push through, Brigitte didn't hesitate, leaning forward to suck the cock down deep, immediately choking on the fat prick as she forced herself down and worked to slobber all over it for a moment, drawing back only once she had left it nicely covered in her spit before drawing away and rising up to wrap her breasts around it. "How's that feel?" she asked as she embraced the cock with her breasts, hearing an eager groan from the other side. "Mm, I thought so." She bit her lip, knowing she was all ready now for what was to come, and she began to work in broad motions with her breasts, working them up and down the big cock in front of her as she let herself go.

With the cock nice and wet with her spit, Brigitte had no trouble at all in working her body up and down to treat the cock to the utmost of attention and love, eagerly getting to work at teasing the man who she had right where she wanted him. "Your tits feel so good," he groaned, and she knew she was well on her way to another very satisfied customer, and he wasn't the only one who was enjoying this. The cock Brigitte worked over was so generously endowed that she could lean down and lick along it with impunity as she got to work, happily servicing the big shaft with all of her affection and attention while she worked. This was right where she felt most confident and most ready to shine, and she was eager to make the most of the opportunity now.

Her pussy ached, and she could feel her panties growing sopping wet from how needy she was. It helped push delighted moans from her lips as she continued to press on, feeling the lust take hold of her and the excitement bubble up out of control. She was so ready, so horny, so full of want and desperation that she didn't know how to keep hold of herself, she knew only that she wanted more. This was everything she wanted, and she couldn't believe how good it felt to give in like she was, how much her body shook with excitement at the idea of complete surrender. She moved quicker, rocking on carelessly and embracing the chance to get this stranger off with her tits.

On the street, she rolled her eyes whenever men stared at her chest. Getting checked out in public always left her tense and almost maybe a little bit aggressive, but here? There was no shame here, no sense or decency or even semblance of control. Nobody knew who she was, nobody knew what she looked like, and she in turn couldn't see anything but the big dick that awaited her attention. She was a strange creature and she knew it, but everything about the way she lost herself to big cock just left her unable to think straight, and she wanted so badly to give herself up to the pleasure that she didn't care about anything else, shoving on feverishly and racing through the winding, throbbing heat as she let go of everything resembling a care to give, thinking only of giving a quick, hot titfucking to the man on the other side.

Licking quicker along the thick cock head as she let her focus and her control all slip away, Brigitte cared only about working as hard as she could to earn her pay now, and to earn another facial. She was right where she wanted to be, enjoying something hot, something brazen, something so completely removed from sanity or decency that it felt almost too good to be true, and she wanted more of it. "I want you to cum all over my face," she moaned, biting her lip and closing her eyes. "You're throbbing so much... I bet you must be ready to burst, and there must be so much cum waiting for me."

Brigitte would never have so brazenly talked dirty like this to a man if he could see her face, but here, all bets were off, and that was where this became so fun. Cutting loose and having some fun made her hotter, hornier, ready to press on and make this all work so much more easily. It helped fuel her moans, helped give her the confidence and the excitement to press on with unapologetic glee and work at the big cock as hard as she could, dragging him down deeper into the throes of shameless, steady indulgence. She was so happy to work at the big cock, to give it all the attention and the affection she could muster as her body heaved on back and forth and she found herself ready to spin utterly out of control, barely able to contain the excitement taking hold of her, gripping her so firmly that she could barely think. The more she felt of this excitement, the more ready she was to give herself to it, and with that in mind she couldn't hold back the noise and the glee, which in turn helped drag down the man she worked at.

There was no warning for the orgasm he gave her, but Brigitte was delighted to find she'd been right about how backed up he was, how tense he must have been to cum like he did. Pearly streaks of hot cum blasted across her face, and she let out excited moans as she received the disastrous flood of cum, shivering in excitement as the pleasure took hold of her and she felt herself absolutely ready to lose control. Rocking on back and forth with shameless delight, she took the cum onto her face and all over her tits, leaving them frosted and messy as she gasped in excitement, made an even bigger mess of now, but she was too happy to care, to excited to let anything bother her as she pressed on and embraced the chance to surrender to the pleasure.

"So much cum," she moaned, happily letting go of the cock and watching it slip out of the hole and away from her, wistful and needy as she watched it go. "Mm, that was so good. Thank you for all the cum."

He shoved some money into the hole, leaving Brigitte to whine as she pushed it over to the side. Her shirt slipped down, but the cum caught it, keeping it from falling properly down her body as she rose up to her feet. She was ready for more now, ready to surprise the next guy who came by with something more than a blowjob, as she got her pants down and bit her lip, preparing herself for what was to come. Her pussy was soaked, dripping with need and desperation as she bit her lip and prepared now for what was to come, for the pleasure and surrender and desperation. Just as she wanted it to be.

It wasn't all that long at all before Brigitte got her wish, before a big dick pushed through the hole and she let out an excited gasp, turning quickly around and shoving back against the cock, bottom lip firmly between her teeth as she surprised him with her pussy. The startled noise he let out made her laugh, as she moaned, "You're the lucky guy who gets to fuck my pussy first today." She pushed back against it with steady motions, teasing the cock as she worked at driving him mad with want, feeling like there was no better way to make this all turn into something just absolutely perfect.

"That does feel pretty lucky," said the man on the other side, whose body pressed against the wall with a hard thud, shoving in further so that he could best keep right up against the wall and ready for her to have her fun. Brigitte was fine with that, fine with doing all the work and having all the fun, as she hammered back against the big cock, moans rising up out of control as she shoved against it again and again. The feeling of a big, hard dick inside of her needy, tight cunt at long last was everything she'd been working toward, now so ripe with desperation and with need that she could hardly hold her thoughts together. She was out of control, wanting nothing more than to give herself up to the pleasure and to embrace madness in its purest form, so full of need and heat that nothing could have possibly felt better to her now than this. She was desperate, needy, raging on out of control as she gave herself up and let raw bliss take hold of her.

With her hands settling onto her thighs, Brigitte worked quickly, ass slamming back against the wall loud and hard with each push as she relished in the chaos, letting her moans rise up free and without hesitation as she gave herself up to the pleasure, surrendering her body fully to the bliss and to the shameless thrill of losing control. She was so hot, so ready, so utterly incapable of holding herself back now that she didn't know how to deal with how good this all felt. She was unapologetic about embracing the worst of her needs, about letting pure bliss take hold of her. She was without a care in the world now for anything but just letting go, and the pleasure that came with this all was just too much to bear.

To think, Brigitte was getting paid for this! The idea sounded absolutely insane to her, making her feel so excited and eager to lose herself that she barely understood how to handle it all, but she was so happy to give up her body to the madness, loving the idea that she could actually get money from this insanity. There was something so desperate and so shameless that she just wanted to give in, wanted to surrender her mind and body and soul to the pleasure. It was dramatic and ridiculous, but no less true, no less incredible. The raging heat that Brigitte surrendered to was so incredible that she felt like giving in to it was the only thing she could do, and that there was no sense in doing anything but accepting that this was exactly what she wanted.

"Fuck me," she moaned louder, even though she was the one doing all the work, just unable to hold herself back as she gave in to it all, as she raced on without a care through the heat and the throbbing need that swelled through her body. Everything she felt was pure ecstasy, and she didn't know how she could have ever held back the pleasure, the raging heat that gripped her and helped carry her on harder as she worked herself harder, so ready to cum that she didn't need much more now to lose herself. She was gone, and she could not have been happier to lose control like that.

With one final slam back down against the big prick, Brigitte lost herself. "Cum inside!" she pleaded, hot and needy as she clutched her thighs, head rolling back as she gave in to the pleasure, gave in to the bubbling need and heat that burned through her. Her body was lit up with bliss, shivering all over as the reward for her hard work at sucking those cocks was to be overwhelmed with excitement when she finally got hers. It felt too good to handle, and the sounds she made spun out of control and out of decency so quickly it left the startled man with no choice but to give her exactly what she wanted.

A hot, messy creampie pumping into her waiting, slick hole was precisely what Brigitte had been waiting for, the perfect reason to keep going as she felt the hot cum fill into her, so messy and so gooey that she couldn't help but shiver as it filled her up. She let out the most needy and shameless of moans as she felt pure satisfaction creep across her body, and she was so ready to lose herself to it now, whining and cooing as the cock pulled out and she pushed forward, immediately feeling the mess run down her thighs. She had a few more hours in her before she was going to call it quits, and this was only the beginning, but a nice, warm mess made of her insides was the best way to give Brigitte purpose and a reason to press on without a care.


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