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Chapter 46 - Disney's Jasmine - Finding Freedom (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 46 - Disney's Jasmine - Finding Freedom (C)

Chapter 46 - Disney's Jasmine - Finding Freedom (C)
Commission for pantboy678
Sneaking out of the palace gave Jasmine a freedom she savoured every second of, a chance to be away from her father and the guards and everyone who was so utterly committed to keeping her 'safe'. Keeping her bored, more like it. There was nothing Jasmine could have been engaged by less than the dour, endless monotony of being cooped up in the palace. Sneaking out let her see the city, let her see things that would have been deemed too real or too obscene for her to see, and in particular, it let her see a place called The Silken Veil.

At Agrabah's finest whorehouse, Jasmine learned everything. She didn't have to participate, as several of the services provided were very public and very open for voyeurs and curious prospective clients, ensuring that Jasmine could simply sit in and watch for no cost, hidden in an outfit that covered her face and made her seem like just another woman, albeit a woman who the madam of the brothel had taken an eye to, as the princess's delicious body would have certainly made her quite a lot of money. Jasmine refused at first, unwilling to out herself to the madam but knowing that to actually serve as a prostitute would have run risks too great to be okay with. But there was still hope for Jasmine yet, as she was shown somewhere that she wouldn't have to show her face at.

For the whole morning, Jasmine had watched a woman serve at the glory hole in preparation for her turn. She didn't need the money, but she wasn't going to tell the madam that as she waited in the wings, even if it meant she was quite directly becoming a prostitute herself in the process. It was insanity of the highest order, but she didn't mind it, embracing the insane ideas. But she couldn't help it; she had always watched on with burning excitement and almost jealous fire at the women as they worked without shame, and now, watching the glory hole girl, she knew that she was had been right for coming here, and that she needed to discover for herself the pleasures she craved. It was the only way to sate the curiosity raging inside of her. 

Sheltered as she was all her life, the idea of being in such a lowly and shameful place like a whorehouse was something special, something insane. Here, Jasmine could find a depraved rush of something more intense and curious than she could have ever hoped for, watching as the woman sucked and slurped on every cock offered to her in ravenous, hungry approval. The madam told her that the glory hole was where the girls went when they wanted to lose themselves to their lusts in the safety and isolation of being removed from any shred of consequence or investment. It was just the girls and the objects of their desires sticking out through the holes. It was so simple and yet so elegant, and the curiosity burned Jasmine up from the inside.

When finally the woman stepped away to finish her shift, Jasmine stalked forward, dressed in silks and keeping her disguise hidden, sinking to her knees in front of the wall in front of her. Her chest tightened up as she did so, getting into position, never having sucked a cock off before, but eager to learn, eager to feel the madness seize her tightly. An insatiable curiosity held tightly onto Jasmine and it just wouldn't let go. As a cock began to push through the hole, her heart began to beat harder and she wondered if it just might burst out of her chest, but she held herself steady, reaching gingerly to grasp hold of it, giving it as firm and hot a grip as she could. This was new ground for Jasmine, but she felt so eager to go for it, leaning forward and bringing her mouth down onto the cock, moaning softly as her tongue dragged its way along the shaft.

It felt so warm. And it throbbed against Jasmine's affection, almost making her yelp in surprise, but she held herself back, closing her eyes and giving it some more licks. “You're so big, sir,” she moaned to whoever waited on the other side, wanting to give them more reason to feel like she was laying on the affection to them, as she noticed all the compliments the other girls had given to the men they serviced here.  Just saying the words and complimenting a cock made her body tense up, made her shiver happily as she began to experiment with the cock, her tongue playing around more with what she was treating herself to, finally able to sate her lusty curiosity and not wanting to hold back for a moment on finding out what she had been missing out on all this time.

Licks and kisses felt like a good start, treating the cock some fundamentally good, confident attention. She had studied the other girls enough to have a fairly solid grasp on how this went, and her head easily mimicked the motions of the woman who had knelt here before. Not as well or as smoothly, maybe, but as her tongue dragged lovingly along the length of the cock before her, the man on the other side didn't seem at all bothered by that fact, happy with whatever this anonymous prostitute would do for him. 

And that was what Jasmine was. The realization hit her again, making her shudder as the reminders hit her. She was having sex with someone for money. He had paid for the chance to use her mouth and she'd be paid at the end of her shift for it. She was a whore. It should not have been anywhere near as exciting or as enticing to Jasmine as it was, but she couldn't help herself. Back and forth  she licked, her body tingling under the hot, twisted pleasure of offering herself up orally to this stranger, driven up the wall with excitement by how wrong this was, by the way she acted out against her father and against her life in the most outrageous of ways. She didn't care, helpless and hot as she worked her mouth over on the cock and let nothing stop her from succumbing to this pleasure.

The taste of pre-cum hit her tongue and she nearly doubled back in shock. Her body shivered, realizing the strange taste was coming from the man's cock, and she found herself swallowing it down before she could even think about doing anything else with it. Then came more, dripping onto her lips, and she found herself licking it up, tongue slithering slow, sultry circles around the head of his cock as she was drawn deeper and deeper in by the heat overwhelming her. She was turned on immensely by the primal want that held onto her body and she felt herself unable to hold back the urge to take things a few steps further, as she spun out of control and surrendered herself completely to the lust and to whatever the hell she damn well pleased.

Jasmine took the cock right into her mouth, moaning as she sucked it down, feeling another powerful throb as the man on the other side of the wall groaned loudly. It was a rewarding and exciting sound, giving Jasmine the feeling that she was on the right track and that whoever stood on the other side was enjoying themselves. Enjoying her mouth. It was a nice feeling, a nice rush of excitement as she took him even deeper down still, mouth clamping down in wet heat around the big dick. This was all so new to her, and her head spun with dizzying excitement as she gave herself up to the idea of actually getting off on this, on the thrill of sucking someone off and working for their pleasure.

With one hand gripping the cock tightly, Jasmine's other reached between her legs, down under her clothes to begin rubbing at herself. She'd never been this turned on before, her pussy outright dripping and leaking all over her thighs as she was left hotter and hungrier by the second. Deeper she slurped the cock down, wondering how far she could take this and how much she could handle of this dick. She'd seen girls suck dicks down to the base, heard them choking on cocks but also showing looks of ecstasy and delight in the process that made Jasmine deeply curious about what she could find here and the kind of sensations awaiting her.

Deeper she went, not only down the cock, but into the depths of her own lusts, accepting the madness and desire of something primal and insane inside of her. All that Jasmine really wanted now was to succumb to her appetites and lose control. It felt good to lose control. Felt exciting, felt like Jasmine was doing things she would never have done otherwise. She was free now, and with that freedom, she was sucking on a strange man's cock for money. It was insane to think, but that insanity only fueled a hotter swell of delight and need as she shoved greedily forward, forcing herself to take the cock down deeper and harder as she let herself sink into the throes of need and excitement, inching closer and closer to throbbing bliss. She wasn't going to slow herself down now, wasn't going to let anything stop her from getting all hot and bothered as she picked up the pace.

Sucking the cock off faster gave her even more reasons to be excited. Jasmine was amazed by how easily this all flowed and how well she was able to work at this. She didn't let anything stop her in the exciting advance, and that led to the cock pushing in a bit too deep, teasing the back of her throat. She pulled back in a panic, shivering and coughing a little as the shock hit her, but she didn't let it slow her down much. She kept sucking, just taking more care to keep herself from taking it into her throat again. Jasmine was curious, but she didn't want to get too carried away on her first try. She focused on just getting the basics down and letting the rest follow naturally.

Her fingers worked in and out of her sopping wet pussy as she went. Desperation gripped Jasmine tighter and tighter by the second; she was getting something out of this more intense than she expected, and the pleasure burning through her refused to let go. It held on tight, a dizzying rush of pure excitement and want that refused to let go, and she didn't for a moment want it to stop. This turned her on far, far more powerfully than she was prepared for. It was a lot to take, but Jasmine took it well, moaning and sucking and spinning out of control as she let herself become completely overwhelmed by the need and desire that gripped her. This was a lot to take, but that insanity was so much of what made this interesting for her, so much of how she was able to keep going, fighting against any sense of reason or logic to completely lose herself.

For all of Jasmine's hard work and devotion, she was swiftly rewarded with something hotter and messier than she had been expecting. Cum erupted into her mouth, and she didn't even realize he was cumming, so deeply entranced in her lusty state of sucking cock that she missed him announcing proudly that he was going to cum. She just lost herself, gasping and bucking happily as she gave in to the pleasure, climaxing all over her fingers as they continued to pump into her slick, waiting hole. Jasmine couldn't believe how good she felt now, how much her body ached for more, and the pure thrill of not even being close to done left her hungry. Hungry for so much more.

She swallowed down the cum that filled her mouth, savouring the lingering salty aftertaste that cloaked her tongue, so heavy and powerful. She felt dizzy, full of a heated, wanton need to keep going that made so little sense to her, but Jasmine didn't care about how insane this was or about how utterly mad she must have been to lose herself like this. She was more turned on now than she had ever been in her life, and the last thing she wanted was for this to stop.

It was too long before the next cock pushed through the hole. It actually hadn't been very long at all, but the impatient Jasmine was so horny and so frustrated that time had slowed to a merciless crawl, and as the dick pushed through the hole she found herself unable to hold back. She greedily slurped the big cock down, and this time, she didn't hold back the excitement as she took it into her throat. She hadn't really meant to, having pushed forward seeking to just take the cock down, but she'd gotten carried away and overly aggressive, sucking his cock into her mouth with an intensity and fervor too hot and heavy to deny. She was helpless now, a burning wreck shivering under the pressure seizing her as her throat spasmed around the cock. Panic bubbled up in her head and for a moment she felt like she should maybe draw back.

But instead, she pushed forward. Took it down deeper, moaning as she buried fingers back into her twat and began to deepthroat the cock, taking every loud gagging noise she made as a sign she was on the right track. Jasmine couldn't let the hunger stop her now, couldn't slow down and slack off. She needed more, needed as much as she could get, needed to lose herself fully to the bliss. Racing on in desperate motions back and forth, she focused on showing all of her affection and madness to the cock in front of her, feeling her throat plug up and pure ecstasy come with it.

It was difficult to breathe as the cock stuffed Jasmine's throat, but she was oddly fine with all of that. She shouldn't have been. She really, really should have panicked in the face of this madness. But she couldn't help it. She was too hot and too turned on to care about any of that, chasing the pleasure greedily as her head worked in place with feverish delight, pushing on and not stopping for anything in pursuit of pleasure. Even if it meant struggling to breathe, choking hot and loud as her body shook and the sloppy thrill of slobbering all over a fat dick drove her wild. The pressure drove Jasmine absolutely wild, and she felt desperate to find more, to push on harder and harsher as she indulged in this amazing cock and let herself sink into the throes of mad ecstasy.

Drool ran down the princess's chin, Jasmine showing off a level of desperation and hunger that felt absolutely maddening. This was something so incredible and hot, and Jasmine didn't know why it had taken her this long before finally making her move and opening up to the beautiful world of sex and rebellion that she savoured. Slurping the cock down feverishly and hotter, she let her body burn up, embracing the chance to lose herself to something so good and so enticing. She had never really felt anything like this before, so hot and overwhelmed that she felt like all she could do was give herself up completely.

A life of being chained up in the palace and kept from the outside world had left Jasmine hot, desperate, overwhelmed and hungry in ways that kept her shoving forward, a greedy and sloppy push of hunger and desperation that she just couldn't help anymore. Freedom had finally come to wash over Jasmine, and she wasn't going to slow down for anything in her mad descent into pleasure. Rocking greedily on and shoving forward without hesitation, she showed off the careless rush of hunger that burned within her. She couldn't slow down now, a moaning wreck sloppily working along the thick cock and having her fun with him. She didn't know this man, but she didn't need to. She just needed to suck, needed to work herself over and give herself to this pleasure.

Finding salvation with a cock down her throat and fingers pumping into her needy twat, Jasmine was on the receiving end of a special kind of madness, moaning loudly in ravenous approval around the dick she choked on, unable to keep herself from giving up completely to the pleasure. This was bliss, and it was a kind of bliss  that was just too good for her to help. Hunger held onto her and would not let go, driving her closer and closer toward another powerful orgasm, another maddening, pulsating rush of bliss. The pleasure that Jasmine felt here was just too much for her to handle, and she welcomed every second of madness that came with her descent into insanity. If this was what awaited her then why was she bothering to be a princess? Why wasn't she doing this full time?

The realization hit Jasmine in tandem with a powerful, searing orgasm, overwhelming her body and making her lose control. She whined, gasping and bucking about in thrashing, feverish bliss as the sensations hit her. She couldn't help herself, loving every second of her hot, throbbing climax as she choked on the cock, her spasming throat massaging it and every needy, rumbling moan vibrating through the amazing cock. She was so happy to be here, so happy to be overwhelmed and worn down until she could take no more, until she was just laid utter waste to.

Cum erupted down her throat again, and reflex sent her pulling back before she blacked out. Gasping hotly for air, Jasmine was hit with more cum as it splattered onto her face and she took the facial, a messy hosing down that painted the princess with hot streaks of messy cum. It was an amazing feeling, making her shiver under the winding, tempting pressure of feeling like she wanted more. So much more. “Thank you!” she panted, and as the cock pulled out she rocked back and forth impatiently as she waited for the next cock. She couldn't help herself now.

Something had awoken inside of Jasmine, and there was no sating it. She just wanted more, and she needed it. Needed it all. Needed a job at The Silken Veil and to work as often as she could sneak out of the castle. This was where she belonged, and she understood that now.


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