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Chapter 47 - Nidalee - In A Rut (c)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 47 - Nidalee - In A Rut (c)

Chapter 47 - Nidalee - In A Rut (c)
Commission for parappa624
The heat that sent Nidalee scurrying to the glory hole was not one she was proud of. She wished she could have helped herself, wished that there wasn't something so utterly enticing in the prospect of sinking to her knees in front of the hole in the wall and opening her mouth wide to accept whatever cock was about to push through it. To be offering her body up in such a lowly service was nothing short of embarrassing, but even more embarrassing would have been for Nidalee to have to publicly find a mate who could see her face, who could recognize the now-famed warrior and open up lots of probing questions and interest she didn't want to deal with.

So instead, she found some seedy back alley joint in the middle of the city, unable to help herself as the need to be mated overwhelmed her, left her head dizzy with lusty images of cocks fucking her every which way, sometimes multiple at a time. As many as she could fit. Stripping out of her clothes, she got ready for the worst that could be done to her, a whining wreck prepared to lose herself to hours of anonymous sexual debauchery, and she felt confident that if nothing else, Nidalee could at least be confident that she was going to remain anonymous in the midst of what she was about to do, which was a dubious sort of prize to hold, but it was all she could really do about this now.

When the first cock pushed through the hole in the wall, Nidalee didn't even hesitate to take it into her mouth. She was too horny for that, too her pussy quivering with want and her mouth watering as she felt the first taste of dick hit her tongue. She was in deep, and it was almost a little surprising that Nidalee had been able to get to the glory hole and keep herself under control due to just how frustrated and hot she felt right now. This was a kind of insanity burning up too hotly for her to be able to think clearly, her frustrating heat gripping her and refusing to let go of her body or mind. She'd had a match earlier and barely avoided clumsy defeats multiple times due to being so completely out of it.

But now she had a dick to suck on, and a hunger that flared inside of her as she shoved greedily forward to take it in. Her mouth enveloped the cock, and she didn't hold back the greedy urge to begin slurping it down, sloppy and hot in her shameless advance as she made as apparent as possible her utter desperation for dick. She could have held back, could have shown some measure of shame or self control, but Nidalee was past that now; she craved cock, and once she got her first taste she wasn't really in control of herself anymore, the primal heat and urges taking hold of her, letting her become something bestial and removed from all that she had strove to be.

Back and forth her head rocked, jutting feverishly in place as she slurped it down. It was loud and sloppy, and she paid no mind to the man groaning on the other side of the wall as she hit the almost trance-like state of desire that left her focused entirely on this cock and on worshiping it with her mouth, no other single act mattering to her quite like this did. This was something intense and slavish, something that made her body ache and her senses dull as she sucked forward, greedily losing herself to something hot and throbbing, something that threatened to burn her up from within if she let it, and she lost all sense of herself.

In place of control and composure was entranced cock worship. Hands caressed all along Nidalee's body as she sank into the throes of surrender and want. Back and forth her head rocked in sloppy appreciation for the incredible cock in front of her, eyes dazed and dizzy as she worked back and forth in steady surrender. This was a lot of pleasure to take, and she felt happy to embrace it, groping her tits and rubbing at her pussy as she slurped forward, holding nothing back.

"Your cock tastes so good," she panted, pulling back and breathing heavily, but not actually stopping. She licked the cock with broad, frenzied strokes of her tongue, moaning loudly in hot, throbbing surrender as she let herself sink deeper into her own hungers, overwhelmed by the lust that took hold of her and unwilling to slow herself down. This was ecstasy in a form so pure and intense that she couldn't help but crave it all, left so hungry and so desperate  There was no sense of control within Nidalee now, and her sloppy tongue worship of the big dick in front of her showed that off: she was too hot to care and too excited to help herself.

Just as quickly as Nidalee had pulled back to lick all over the cock, she shoved her face down onto it again, gagging loudly as she took it into her throat and rocked greedily forward. She was stuck in a trance now, so completely overwhelmed by a need to get fucked that she couldn't help herself. Fingers pumping into her hot, waiting pussy as the desperation peaked, flaring in intense waves of desire and want that she felt helpless against. Nidalee craved cock now, her whole body overwhelmed by the heat she felt, the desire and need to be bred and used that refused to let go of her. Instead of pulling away from it, she leaned into the madness, her throat ending up plugged up by a big dick in the process and her mind spinning out excitedly in the struggle of trying to hold it all together.

All of her slurping and slobbering could only lead to one possible conclusion, one final swell of delight. So deep in her trance of cock worship and fingerfucking, Nidalee didn't even realize it was happening at first, her mind completely under the powerful sway of desperate, burdensome heat that refused to let go of her hazy mind, and so she remained completely helpless against the very abrupt and intense flood of cum gushing into her mouth, a hot flood of messy, sticky goo that hit her tongue and lit it up brightly with all of the messy excitement she craved. Greedily swallowing every drop down in desperate, gleeful surrender, Nidalee was overwhelmed by the flavour and the abruptness.

And by how the cock pulled back.

"No, wait!" Nidalee gasped, whining in frustration as her mouth suddenly felt empty, tongue pushing through the hole desperately in a show of need and hunger. She couldn't help herself; there was so much hunger waiting within her, so much that she hadn't yet done or felt that she craved. It was madness of a special sort, but she didn't care. She needed to get fucked. "I need another cock. Please, someone, anyone." There was no helping it now. Nidalee begged, but she realized as the cum settled into her stomach that she didn't want it in her mouth. Not again.

Cum tasted amazing in this state. She couldn't deny that fact, as it burned inside of her hot and intense. It was a wonderful feeling. But she needed something more concrete than that. She needed cum. Rising up to her feet, she turned around and shoved herself back against the hole, calling out proudly, "My ass is up against the wall and my pussy is lined up! Maybe if my mouth doesn't interest you, I can get you to fuck me instead? You can even cum inside!" Nidalee called out in her frustration, tense and frustrated by everything that was happening to her. She needed to do something concrete to make this work and to try and make this all come together in a way that didn't leave her utterly frustrated. This was how she was going to make it work.

Sure enough, a cock soon pushed through the hole. Was it because of the offer to cum inside of her, or simply another man finally coming up to the hole? Nidalee didn't care. She was too hot to care, too tightly wound and frustrated to give a fuck what the motivation was, she just knew she needed to lose herself to it, gasping hotly under the hard, firm push of a big dick into her waiting hole, drawing excited moans from her lips as it pushed in hot and aggressive. "Such a big cock"! she gasped, hands settling onto her hips as she felt the molten, throbbing pleasure overtake her. It was all so abrupt and intoxicating, and it hit the spot just right for Nidalee, who had so sorely needed something like this, so sorely needed a feeling of surrender and desperation to take hold of her. She welcomed it, body shivering as she let out needy, excited moans and embraced every throbbing second of bliss that was about to hit her. 

"Fuck me, fuck me hard!" she squealed, impatient and desperate to be taken as the cock began to pound harshly forward, thrusting into her waiting, tight hole with unbridled enthusiasm and desperation. It was so sudden and hot that Nidalee didn't really know how to handle herself, hands gripping her thighs tighter as she embraced the sensations. Her heat was a frustrating one and she was barely above being able to control her animal instincts during her rut. Now, with a fat dick inside of her, she went from barely able to completely incapable, howling and whining like an animal. She basically was one, almost wanting to lapse into her bestial form as she was given such intense sensation.

The cock worked quickly and intensely. By any consideration, Nidalee was getting fucked hard, but she was too deep in her lust for anything to be 'enough'. She needed more, needed it harder, and so she began to work her hips back and forth, moaning loudly as she slammed back against the cock in feverish, aggressive shows of need. "That's it, take me. Take me through this hole in the wall and fill my pussy up. It feels so empty without a cock inside of it!" This wasn't how Nidalee would have ever spoken to someone on a normal day, but this wasn't a normal day, and she was just too hot to care.

Vulgarity felt good spilling from Nidalee's lips. Everything felt good. The more that she gave herself up to her lusts, the more she felt freed and liberated by the madness, able to push forward and spin out of control amid the throbbing sensations that gripped her body and refused to let go. She didn't know how to handle all of these feelings, but she knew that she needed more of them, knew they burned too hotly inside of her body for her to feel anything but pure joy as she let herself go. This just felt too good and too exciting for Nidalee to be able to control herself, and she let everything out, let the primal, unfiltered glee of getting fucked take hold of her. She would feel no shame here, no hesitation. Just cock.

The tight, slick embrace of her needy pussy held tightly onto the cock that fucked her. The man on the other side groaned in amazement at just how tight she was, how even as he fucked her she didn't really loosen up that much, remaining like a velvet vice right around his cock. It was an amazing feeling for him, one that urged him to keep pounding into her and fucking her through everything that happened, unable to believe the pleasure that ached through him. He craved more, and with Nidalee slamming back against the wall to meet his thrusts, they settled into a powerful and enticing rhythm together, one that drove them both wild with want.

Nidalee was too horny to hold back the need to lose herself. She crashed headlong into fiery, white hot orgasmic delight, howling in pleasure as she was overwhelmed by her needs, pushed over the edge and into an orgasm. "Breed me!" she screamed, unable to resist the urge, knowing it was risky and insane but also knowing that nothing could have felt as good to the desperate woman as being properly and thoroughly bred. She craved it, and without hesitation she crashed into that fiery depth of delight, as the cock fucking her erupted in a sudden gush of messy, sticky, hot cum that filled up her tight twat and gave her everything she had been craving, her body shuddering under the delight and heat that followed, spinning utterly out of control with desire.

"So good," she whined, twitching and shivering happily as the cock began to withdraw from her tight pussy. She whined, wishing it could push back in, but she was powerless against it. It withdrew, cum leaking out of her hole immediately and abrupt,y frustration leaving her hot and hollow. "I need another cock," she pleaded, biting her lip and shivering as she kept her plump backside flush against the wall. "P-please, don't leave me like this, someone come fuck me again. I need it!" She didn't know how to help herself now, not even sure what was on the other side of that wall or if anyone could hear her pleas, but she was just so horny and so desperate that she couldn't help herself.

Then came the cock of her dreams. She didn't know how to handle it, but as the massive, fat prick shoved its way into her, she squealed in sudden ecstasy, almost jumping up in surprise. She let out a stream of ragged, panicked vulgarity as she felt the heat grip her, and immediately the thrusts came bearing down feverishly upon her before she could think clearly or do anything about it. It was absolutely massive, bigger than the last by what felt like orders of magnitude, and she knew that wasn't possible, but she didn't care. Nidalee was stuffed full of a cock so big that it was able to stretch out even her desperate, greedy hole, and as the man started to fuck her, she found that she had no recourse or choice but to take it.

Her legs trembled, and unlike last time where she was able to shove back against the cock, this time Nidalee felt markedly more helpless. So helpless that she had to grab hold of her spear and outright slam it into the ground to brace herself against, hot whines bubbling desperately up as the massive prick pounded into her, a tireless show of aggression and want that she didn't know how to handle. She had to lean against it for balance, shoving against the wall as tight as she could and holding herself steady so that the man could fuck her.

His thrusts were bizarre. Nidalee found them at once dispassionate but also so very, very fervid, driven by something that left her dizzy and hot as she tried to make sense of it all. There was no logic behind this madness, no moment where Nidalee felt like she understood anything. Just surrender, just throbbing release and the bliss of getting fucked raw. Her body shivered, head rolling back in pure bliss as she struggled to keep herself upright. "I've never had a cock so big in my life," she cooed, licking her lips as she was fucked into a state of hot, creamy delirium. There was something incredible about this feeling, about the big, hard cock pounding her already creampied hole and proving that there was no end to her hungers. She was so deep in the lust that she didn't know how to handle herself, but that lack of control only made her even more excited. Made her hungrier.

The man didn't respond, didn't speak or groan or do anything to leave her with much at all in the way of words. It didn't bother Nidalee at all; the dispassionate nature of this anonymous fuck was just fine by her, giving her the raw animal pleasure of physical relief without the needs to involve anything complicated or emotional. Nidalee didn't want that, and even as she felt like she couldn't hold back the plea to be bred by this majestic cock, she didn't genuinely want a mate or to be impregnated, just to be pounded into creamy submission. It was all the same anyway, all the peak and the madness that she craved, and Nidalee didn't shy away from any of it.

Such a huge cock wrecking her cunt was too much for Nidalee, and she didn't for a moment pretend she had a choice as she crashed into orgasmic delight. Her hot, howling orgasm and the pleas to be cummed inside of rang out even harder and louder this time, a rush of shameless, frayed, hungry submission that burned on without a care in the world. This was everything that Nidalee had craved, and she couldn't hide herself from the surrender, winding up in throbbing surrender as she gave herself totally to the pleasure and embraced the bliss. As her greedy pussy clamped down around the cock, she was gifted what she craved, as the cock erupted and pumped forward with gooey, messy spurts of molten spunk flooding into her waiting holes and giving her everything she craved.

Nidalee's eyes rolled back as the amazing cock quite directly fucked her stupid. Her body shuddered, and her heat took over completely, lust gripping her so tightly that all she could do was remain slumped against her spear with her ass to the wall, as the dick pulled out of the hole he had just laid waste to and left her there. Another man came up behind her and slammed into her hole as it began to immediately clench back up again, and Nidalee had been fucked to a state of such pure euphoria that she didn't even care whether or not any of the men who came up could compare to the last one, because all she really needed was more sex. More, more, more.

For hours, Nidalee remained slumped against her spear as cocks pounded and came inside of her pussy, and by the end of the night, Nidalee's lusts may have calmed down, but there was no chance that she hadn't been thoroughly and shamefully bred by some stranger's cock. She knew it too, but she was going to have to wait until morning to feel shame about what she had done, because for the time being all she wanted was more cock.


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