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Chapter 48 - Glynda Goodwitch - Spa Break (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 48 - Glynda Goodwitch - Spa Break (C)

Chapter 48 - Glynda Goodwitch - Spa Break (C)
Anonymous commission, vaguely sort of a follow-up to a Jaune/Glynda fic called Gently Turn
The fact that Glynda's favorite spa had a glory hole really only helped make it into a location she adored visiting. The stresses of her job were always so deep and she had so much stress on her in her day to day life that the idea she could find everything in one place, both relaxation and sex, really helped turn it into a destination she could return to again and again. She could nestle some time enjoying random, anonymous sex in between oil massages and exfoliation sessions, and that was really all Glynda could ask for. The small things in life made it all the more easy to get into and to enjoy, and she wasn't the least bit ashamed of seeking indulgence here. Her life was just too stressful for her to care about decency.

It was the same spa she had brought Jaune to on a rigged contest to be able to make her move on him. She had fallen in love with it for a reason, and the idea of dragging Jaune over to have sex had everything to do with the interplay of calm and sex that the glory hole room had given her. There was a nice little stool on the ground for Glynda to kneel onto, more comfortable than a cold, hard floor would have been, and that only helped make it even more relaxing as she settled into place, fresh off of a sauna soak and looking to enjoy a few rounds before she headed off to her deep tissue massage appointment.

The first cock pushed through the hole in the wall quickly, and that was when Glynda got to work, grabbing hold of the cock and sucking it down into her mouth as abruptly and impatiently as she could. It was a sudden, hot advance, one that made the man on the other end yell out in surprise as she began an immediate and aggressive treatment of his cock without for a moment hesitating to go to town on him. In spite of how relaxed and calm she was, Glynda wanted to assert herself immediately. She was in charge here, and even a wall between them could not keep Glynda from immediately taking control. Dominant in any context, she sucked anonymous dick on her terms and without any hesitation at all.

"Holy shit," the man on the other end groaned as he felt the hot, tight mouth getting to work, sucking his cock down deep and slurping on it with an aggressive, impatient fervor. The suddenness was startling; no strokes, no licks, just a grab and the back of someone's throat. It was so sudden and intense that he almost fell back in surprise, throbbing in her mouth as she greedily took to sucking his cock down and getting to work on him, holding back absolutely nothing in the process of treating it to everything she held back within her. There was no patience or hesitation in the motion, just forward, aggressive delight, as Glynda laid into him and showed exactly what she was here for.

Back and forth her head rocked, moans rumbling through her chest as her first taste of dick started her off nice and steady. It ignited something within Glynda, a need and excited hunger that helped her push greedily forward in pursuit of everything she could get out of this anonymous man. In person, she was a more tender kind of domme, gentle in her approach and in the way she firmly held onto control. But here, there was no time or want for gentle, and she adapted to that, shoving forward harshly and seeking to treat this cock to an aggressive claim of control rather than feigning even the slightest possibility she wanted anything else.

Into her throat it went, and by then she had shown off enough fire and dominance to lose no face as she loudly gagged on the big dick she took down. She wasn't about to stop or hold back, refusing to hesitate as she eased her way on in aggressive, needy motions, refusing to slow down the way she took him down as she hit the ground running, concerned above all else with the means by which she would seize and hold onto control of the entire mess of a situation before her. He remained still and almost obedient as he submitted to her aggressive oral hungers, and for it he was rewarded with deep, sloppy sucking from a woman who clearly knew her way around a cock. If only he had any idea how gorgeous the woman on the other side really was.

Giving an incredibly sloppy and aggressive blowjob without seeming like some crazed, cock worshiping, submissive wreck of a woman was a careful line to walk. Glynda held tightly onto her confidence, and there was always a somewhat possessive flair in her advance, a firmness that helped keep the man on the other side of the wall knowing she was in charge and that yes, she'd suck his cock, but only because she wanted to, and it was going to be entirely by her methods. He seemed fine with it, groaning louder as he held himself in place, not muttering any remarks about her as she sucked him off, just taking her oral treatment and enjoying it all. Which was about as good as Glynda could have asked for in these circumstances, and that helped keep her moving quicker and firmer, slurping him down and refusing to stop.

Aching heat began to swell between Glynda's legs, and she was expecting as much, but she held off from it as she continued to shove forward and take the cock down deeper. She wasn't here to get fucked, she was here to indulge in her sexual appetites and have some fun. It was another part of relaxing for Glynda; getting her pussy fucked at a glory hole could really only go so many ways, and she preferred to save proper intercourse for when she was with someone, when it could be intimate and more enjoyable for everyone involved than pushing her butt against a hole in the wall and letting someone thrust. In particular, the only man she was interested in letting have her pussy lately had been Jaune.

Frenzied oral may not have been the most calming and tender of all things, but it gave Glynda a chance to sate her hungers, dominate someone in between bouts of relaxation, and unwind in ways that a professor her standing never really felt she could in her normal life. Opportunities for this kind of thing were few and far between, but Glynda took them on well as she pushed forward and treated this cock to everything she could muster.

"You know people come here to relax?" the man asked, mostly joking amid his groans as he kept there and felt Glynda continue to slobber all over his cock, amazed by her impatience, her fervor, and the unrelenting hunger that guided her forward. He didn't know what to make of her sloppy oral treatment but he knew he wanted more of it, moaning in vocal approval of Glynda's talents as she drew him deeper and deeper in. She could tell he was close, feeling the throbbing of the big cock in her mouth and the feeling of surrender and bliss that took hold of her then. She wanted him to cum, racing on with confident, aggressive fervor and refused to stop until she had gotten him off.

When he came, he did so right into her mouth. Glynda shivered happily as she felt the eruption of cum gushing forward, hitting her tongue and igniting her taste buds with the salty flavour that Glynda had a bit of a guilty sweet spot for. She held steady through all of it, moaning around the cock as she used her hand on his base and her sucking mouth to try and wring out every drop she could before he puled back, and then she swallowed it all down, heaved a relieved sigh as she felt herself drawn down deeper. Licking her lips, Glynda offered a firm, composed, "Thank you," before seeing him off, already feeling relieved and satisfied with herself.

Wiping her face off and bracing herself for what came next, Glynda felt ready to take on anything, hands briefly running down her body as he held out in wait, patient and calm as she lingered around for the next visitor; one round of oral was hardly going to leave Glynda's hungers fully satisfied after all.

Glynda had never before had a woman pay her a visit at the glory hole. It seemed weird to even think about to the professor, but as someone stepped forward, she watched a pair of shorts go down and a puffy pink mound leaning forward. "Do you eat pussy, too?" the voice asked, already moving before receiving an answer, and although Glynda absolutely did and was fine with what she was doing, the voice caught her attention. It sounded familiar in that way that a student's voice did, and Glynda tightened up at the realization. She couldn't say anything now, couldn't respond to this with words lest she be outed too. Instead, she simply leaned forward with her fingers and her lips, and got to work.

"Ah, fuck, you do!" the girl gasped, as Glynda sank some fingers into her pussy and licked at her mound, treating pussy with the same impatient manner of getting in there and getting to work she had shown the cock before her. She just moved forward and went for it, feeling no shame about what she was doing even though the girl's voice and every moan she made only confirmed she was definitely someone she knew. Not even a student from years past either; this voice was fresh in her mind, and only the fact that Glynda had done everything she could to mentally remove herself from the classroom kept her from being able to put it to a face and a name. She didn't really care to try though; this was shameful enough.

Still, going down on one of her students wasn't really as much of a problem for Glynda as it should have been, given that she had already had sex with Jaune before. She was more upset that she was okay with this than she was that she was doing it. It was a hazy, conflicting mess of emotions that burned through her, but Glynda was determined to see this through and do her best to make the most of it, working greedily forward and treating her student to a firm, steady treatment, as loving as forward as she could make it. Like with the guy earlier, Glynda was in control and she made sure her every gesture showed it, fingers pumping quickly into the pussy as she staked her claim of dominance over her, ready to make the most of this.

"Mm, that feels so good," the girl moaned, more vocal than the man earlier, as her hands thudded against the wall in the process of pressing herself up tight against it to allow Glynda as much access to her as possible. In turn, Glynda used that access to start to lick and kiss the girl's sensitive clit, bearing down upon her with as much pressure as she could muster. "Fuck, you're really good at it, too. I didn't know if this was going to work out, but you're doing great!"

Glynda smirked to herself as she kept up her treatment, shoving her tongue in alongside her fingers to begin licking Yang inside as she worked quicker, drifting back out again and letting her tongue slither across every inch of her mound, careful to weave around the pumping digits. There was a certain grace to the process with which Glynda worked at eating this mystery woman out, one that came from practice that she would never in person admit to anyone she had. The secret life she held wasn't one of dark, shameful secrets she had to do everything she could to keep hidden, but it was still something far removed from decency for a woman who carried herself with the kind of confidence and composure that Glynda held herself so proudly to.

The girl moaned louder and hotter as Glynda continued to work, efficient and unstoppable in her steady, sultry advance, holding nothing back until she had brought the girl to the edge. There was no time to do anything else, and the urgency of the still lingering questions that hung over Glynda's head only made her move quicker and hotter. Under pressure was where Glynda thrived, where she was absolutely unstoppable, and she didn't for a moment hold back the chance to press on and treat the girl to a world class treatment, showing no hesitation in what she did and letting her burn up in the midst of it all. Glynda would not disappoint, refusing to let anything stop her as she pressed on boldly and made the most of the situation before her, and all in the name of sexually satisfying one of her own students.

What a turn this day had taken.

"I'm so close, please don't stop. Please, keeping going, your tongue and your fingers are amazing, I love this!" At this point verbal encouragement was utterly unnecessary, but Glynda nonetheless appreciated the vigor behind the words, the panic-driven excitement that burned through her. Glynda was wet and hot, the moans getting her on way more than she was eager to handle, but even still she held herself back, keeping all of her attention and focus on this amazing girl before her as she let herself sink into the surrender of losing herself to someone else's pleasure. It was a lot to handle, but Glynda handled it like a champ, pressing on boldly and making sure she was bringing her down deeper and deeper to the edge with each push forward. There was no sense or decency behind her motions, and the pleasure only throbbed up hotter as she pressed on

Finally, the girl on the other side of the wall reached her boiling point. Under all the licking and fingering, she could take no more, and she cried out hotly, "Let's go out with a Yang!" as she came, slamming her hands down onto the wall, and it all hit Glynda like a truck. She shivered, shock and surprise making her whine in confusion underneath the sound of Yang's orgasm as her mind immediately filled in with all of the depraved realities about who she was eating out. She had a face to put to this voice and this pussy now, and her body shivered with the frustration of that realization, knowing now who she had just gone down on and what pure insanity it was. It was knowledge that shook her down to her very core as she shivered, holding steady and marveling at the slow pulling away of the body.

"That was so good," Yang moaned, and now that Glynda had put her name to it, the voice was a dead-on match, so distinct that Glynda kind of hated herself for not realizing it sooner. "Best glory hole oral I ever received, thanks a ton!" She scurried off quickly, leaving Glynda to kneel there, surprised.

Not by the fact that Yang Xiao Long was the kind of deviant who frequented glory holes. No, that bit of information almost sounded too sane and sensible for Glynda to know what to do with. The real surprise was in how Glynda's mind began to bubble up with ideas and curiosities so quickly. Something twisted and curious flared up inside of Glynda as she watched Yang scurry off, feeling like a plan was brewing here.


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