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Chapter 49 - Cho Chang - Finding Ingredients (c)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 49 - Cho Chang - Finding Ingredients (c)

Chapter 49 - Cho Chang - Finding Ingredients (c)
Commissioned by pantboy678
Cho visited the glory hole by necessity. It was a situation she never thought she could find herself in, but there was little chance of stopping the situation once it had begun, the Ravenclaw settling down onto her knees in front of the hole and shivering nervously. She'd been working on a love potion, and the ingredients for it had all been pretty run of the mill to start with, getting a bit weirder and more obtuse, before finally, the last one struck her like a brick. Fresh semen. It was an unthinkable and insane kind of offer, and she found herself nervously lingering back and forth on the verge of panic and frustration trying to think about how to even broach the issue.

Were she to go out asking a guy to cum for her, she would have come off as a slut. A really, really big slut. She needed some discrete way to get a good volume of semen for her potion, as it formed a very potent ingredient in the potion brewing and bubbling in front of her. The hastily scrawled directions in the margins didn't really specify an amount, they just said that when enough semen was added to the concoction, it would turn milky white, and then it was to be drank right away. And so Cho decided not to take any risks.

The glory hole in Hogwarts was a very poorly kept secret, and there was little about the place that made Cho feel very comfortable, a dingy and dark little closet of sorts that rather than holding supplies now played host to lots of slutty students seeking twisted sexual fixes. This was the place where girls who wanted the kind of reputation Cho was here to avoid got down and dirty, and Cho wanted to do her best to avoid that kind of issue as she leaned in slowly, hoping she could avoid detection as she started to work at the glory hole.

All for a love potion guide hastily scrawled into the margins of a library book by some anonymous wizard.

The first cock pushed forward, and Cho couldn't believe what she was doing Her hand trembled as she got her grip around it, nervous and confused about what she was doing as she shoved forward and decided she just had to do this, no matte how insane it was. She got her lips around the thick cock head and began to suck on it, closing her eyes tightly as she eased forward. This wasn't the first dick Cho had ever sucked on or anything; she was no virgin. But she wasn't the kind of girl to suck anonymous dick or anything like that, and yet here she was. This was insanity, and she wished she could fight against it.

But instead, she sucked. Taking the cock a good depth into her mouth, Cho just accepted what she was doing and began to suck the cock, showing off a bit more flair and aggression than she would have were she able to lock eye contact or was at all able to know who she was sucking off. She told herself it was because there were expectations of the kind of head guys came here to get and that she just wanted to make sure she was doing it properly, giving them what they wanted and expected out of her and out of an anonymous glory hole cocksucking. Insane as this whole situation was, Cho found herself in the depths of something now so hot and hazy that all she could really do was accept it all and try to lean into the madness, pressing forward with steady motions meant to help ease her down into the depths of something hot and surrenderous.

But maybe, there was some element of desire in the chance to let loose and enjoy something chaotic and frenzied without having to attach her name to it. She firmly denied and pushed down any thought that occurred to her in that vein, shoving it all down and keeping up a relentless pace of sloppy, hot cock worship, adoring the shaft thoroughly as she worked to try and coax out his load, wanting his cum and wanting to get this all out of the way as quickly as shew could. Raw efficiency guided her in the motion, relentless and firm as the pressures sank deeper into her. There was little that Cho could do to help herself in this messy situation, the haze of desire and heat overwhelming her as she leaned in closer, taking more of him into her mouth.

Every second of messy, hazy cocksucking made Cho feel just a little more ashamed. Her portable, self-stirring cauldron bubbled with the runny pink potion waiting for the semen to be harvested, and served as an odd, imposing reminder that Cho had work to do. Back and forth she worked, finding a new reason to suck fast and hard: to get this over and done with. Relentlessly slurping the cock down, she did her best to try and get him off and to service him thoroughly so that she could be finished with the entire embarrassing situation. So she sucked fast and sucked hard, trying to adore the cock with as much treatment and love as she could.

Everything about the sloppy service she gave him made Cho ache with shame and surprising heat, overwhelmed by the sensations of letting something grip her tighter and harder. Faster she worked, hands pressing against the wall to brace herself so she could work even faster, struggling to keep herself sensible and in place through the speedy pressure, working quicker on still as she struggled to balance these factors. All of the heat and pressure shook her to her core, and it was in the midst of all that worry that Cho wasn't in a completely focused position to really consider that maybe the cock throbbing within her mouth was an indication that he was about to cum.

The result was a cock erupting into her mouth with warning, almost gushing down her throat as she pulled back in panic, overwhelmed by the flood of cum pumping into her mouth and filling it up. The salty, pungent taste overwhelmed her, and she almost spat it all out, but she realized she had to keep all the cum in her mouth. Like it or not, this the easiest way to earn it and to transfer it into her cauldron, even if letting the overwhelming and funky taste linger far too long on her tongue was the last thing she wanted. When finally he was spent and his cock was pulling back from the wall anyway, she turned her head swiftly downward, spitting and drooling the too-voluminous load of cum into the cauldron. It lit up and flickered in response, smoke billowing that smelled the same kind of foul as the semen tasted, but ultimately it didn't change colour.

She needed more.

Even as Cho cursed her fate, she stared eagerly at the hole, hating that she had been reduced to this, but ready to accept it for everything that came with it, if it only meant that she could get through this okay. She would take on all the embarrassment and shame she absolutely had to if it meant getting through this hell, she decided, holding firm as she welcomed another cock forward.

It didn't take long at all for another dick to shove forward, and for Cho to shove forward and begin to slurp it down. Sloppier this time, driven by panic and a desire to get things over with. But she underestimated the length of the cock pushing through the wall, and the particularly long dick ended up pushing into her throat, making the Ravenclaw choke on it harshly as her body shuddered and she twisted in worry under this haze, wanting so badly to try and hold herself together even as everything turned hot and wrong, turned into a writhing mess of desire too hot and potent for her to handle.

This was something so wrong that it looped back around, and on some guilty level Cho could feel a wetness between her legs that she did her best to avoid amid the greedy shoves forward as she sloppily worked the cock deeper and deeper down into her mouth, struggling to hold herself together through the thrill and the haze of such hot want and such throbbing desire. There was nothing she could do to help herself through this madness, but she felt like the best way to handle this was to just let it all happen, to just accept the pressure and work to try and get this over and done with before she had to confront anything about herself that she really, really didn't want to be acknowledging.

But it was far too late for any of that now, as she decided to roll with it, working forward to fuck her throat down onto the cock, accepting him in as deep as she could for the sake of treating his whole cock all of the attention she could muster, not sure what else she could do in this situation but hoping that sense somehow might win out. She continued to suck and slobber all over the cock amid her sloppy deepthroating, as she did her best to handle this mad pressure and persevere, not even sure what would await her at the end of this as far as it being enough to sate the spell's demands for cum.

Cho couldn't let that stop her. She pushed those worries out of mind and struggled to shove on without shame, relentlessly chasing all of the pleasure she had to seize as she worked faster and hotter back and forth in a show of mad desire and heat powerful enough to earn what she sought. If she had to choke on a big cock to settle herself and keep her thoughts steady, that was what she would have to do, relentlessly chasing the pleasure as deep as she could in the throbbing, hazy midst of her surrender and her desire. Back and forth without shame or worry, she treated the cock to something as primal and hot as she had ever shown before, all for the sake of making this potion work.

"I'm gonna cum!" groaned the voice on the other side of the wall and she was almost certain she'd heard his voice before, but it didn't matter. More important than figuring out who he was was getting his cum into her mouth; a load down her throat would only go to waste. So she accepted the flood of gooey, hot spunk pumping past her lips, and quickly drew back to spit it all out into her cauldron again, mingled with her spit as she tried to scrape her tongue against her top front teeth to remove the lingering traces and flavours that dominated her mouth now, vulgar reminders even when she thought she was out of what she had to deal with.

The shame only got worse for Cho as the potion remained undeterred, and she was left to keep sucking cock again. Without waiting, she pushed forward to get right back to work, hoping she could find some sane, sensible way to overcome this embarrassment and work through the pressures to come out on top. She knew she could do it, a brilliant girl with great grades and a sharp mind. She just needed that spark to completely figure out how to forgive herself for this.

In the meantime, she kept sucking. What else could she do? Cho had a responsibility here to continue sucking and slurping down every inch of cock pushing through the hole. Some were unbelievably thick and difficult to get her mouth open enough for, some were long. Some guys demanded she deepthroat them almost until she felt like she would black out, while others seemed wholly unsatisfied with her pace and technique, even as she worked as fast as she could to meet their demands. There was so much trouble to go around and it left Cho a worried, frayed mess struggling to compose herself as she inched closer and closer to something that felt so primal and chaotic that she just had to accept it and let it all happen. Back and forth she worked to treat the cock to all the madness and hunger in the world, a desperate wreck messily worshiping every cock that pushed through with equal vigor.

How did Hogwarts's glory hole have this kind of traffic? The cocks never stopped coming, and she never stopped sucking them, little downtime between each successive round leaving her dizzy and hopeless as she tried to feel out a way around this all, working to try and find some solution and sanity in the hazy midst of all of this, but it was harder than it sounded and she was lost to this hopeless mess, forcing herself to go on and service the cocks without really knowing how to handle all of this. What was she doing? How was she supposed to stop this? Everything hit her with such abrupt fervor that she felt herself just hopeless now, stuck in place and letting them use her however they wanted.

But what really bothered her was the fucking potion. It flickered, it throbbed, it turned lighter shades of pink, but it refused to cooperate. Sometimes drooling a mouthful of spunk into it would only make it darken! This made no sense, but Cho had come too far to stop now, and she operated on a level of such desperation that she didn't stop to think that maybe it wasn't worth all of this work: to charm the man of her dreams, this was worth all of it. So she kept sucking, even if it made her ache, even if shame refused to let up on her.

The endless stream of men got off, and if only they knew it was clever, gorgeous Cho Chang on the other side of that wall playing secret slut this whole time. She refused to consider the idea of letting that scandalous idea get out, and Cho was ready to protect it with her fucking life, chasing down desperate swells of primal desire as she gave herself completely up to something so senseless and insane that it felt too good to be true. She worked to satisfy these urges, but the more she did to push on, the less she felt like she was even remotely in control now, and the cauldron bubbling away only proved it.

Finally, she spat up one last load, and with a brilliant plume of smoke that smelled like cock, the potion changed. The spell was complete, and it suddenly thickened up, becoming a gooey, oozing, rich mess that greatly resembled the semen that Cho had spent all this time earning and trying to fuel her potion with. She shook in worry as she stared down at it, knowing what came next.

"Now," she said nervously. "'D-drink the resulting potion, and the man of your dreams will find you irresistible when next you meet.' I have to do this. I've come too far now, right?" Lifting the cauldron up, the thick, gooey load of what greatly resembled cum was rich, hot, and sloshed eagerly about. Bringing it to her lips, she just drank, chugging the contents of the whole cauldron down and accepting no hesitation of herself now: she needed to do this, and nothing could stop her.

Every drop of messy cum she guzzled down made her shiver nervously, the twisting reality of what she did dawning heavily upon her as she chugged what not only looked and seemed like, but also tasted like, semen. It was just cum. A cauldron full of cum that she drank, gulping down mouthful after mouthful of it as quickly as she could out of loathing and frustration for the taste of it and how awful it was. She rejected everything about what she was tasting now and tried her best to fight against it, but it was pure inevitability.

The taste of cum wasn't going anywhere, and she found it impossible to keep herself steady as she guzzled the rich spunk down and let the striking flavour of it all get the better of her. She was hopeless now, a hot wreck struggling to keep any sense of dignity upon her as she swallowed down what felt like an endless supply of cum. She didn't look, if only so she didn't know how long she had to keep chugging for. She just did, moving automatically and without care, imbibing every last drop of the messy, rich seed. She could feel herself trembling under this hazy panic, working to try and contain herself even as the pressure dawned hotter still upon her.

In her mind, it was all worth it. The sucking, the swallowing, the cocks, the embarrassment... If she could land the man of her dreams and simply never speak of this night again, it all felt well worth it to her. So she accepted it for all of its embarrassment, and when she reached her last gulp she let out a gasp of excitement, her mouth finding no more cum to swallow, and finally she was free to rise up to her feet and head off, leaving the glory hole behind forever and never again thinking about it.

After all, she'd drank her love potion. Now she just had to wait for everything to line up perfectly. Surely it would work; sure, she found it scrawled unofficially in the margins of a book about finding love, but she reasoned Hogwarts would not have such an illicit potion recipe in the library, and she really felt a sense of gratefulness for the rogue authors of the potion who helped show her the way. Surely, G.W. and F.W. were witches who only wished for others to find love, and not tricksters out to waste the time of girls they could trick into chugging spunk.


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