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Chapter 50 - Laura Matsuda - Big Surprises (c)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 50 - Laura Matsuda - Big Surprises (c)

Chapter 50 - Laura Matsuda - Big Surprises (c)
Commission for parappa624. Contains sibling incest.
Visiting the local glory hole was always good to kill some time and make a long, slow afternoon into something more exciting and engaging. Laura found some good relaxation in her visits to it, always ready to loosen up and get comfortable somewhere where she could be and not have to worry about what she was doing, sucking some anonymous dicks along the way. It was nice to get fucked and to take some pressure off, especially after rigorous bursts of training that left her so tense and frustrated. She was overwhelmed by the day-to-day pressures of so many things, and to be able to escape from all that, get fucked, and enjoy something more 'normal' than the usual fare was welcome  Welcome in ways that had her coming back around again and again for visits to the glory hole for all the pleasure and relief she hoped she could find in its presence and its relief.

As she settled down onto her knees, she could hear from the other side of the wall the sound of a whole bunch of guys coming up, chattering and moving about, overlapping voices following. "Let's enjoy this bitch on the other," someone said. A group of friends. Laura's smile widened at their approach, as in truth she didn't mind the idea of guys swarming her. Partly because the hole in the wall meant that only one at a time was getting through the hole and able to fuck her, which helped limit the advance and the chaos a little bit. The other was that a group of horny friends all goading one another into sticking their dicks through the hole in the wall meant that she'd have to do very little waiting, if any, to get what she wanted. It was something exciting and relentless, a nice bout of endurance testing for the lustful fighter on her knees, waiting for the fun to descent upon her.

In Laura's mind, the only way to properly enjoy this kind of advance was to open herself up to pure madness and shamelessness, not sure how much lust and hunger she'd be enduring today, but ready for as much of it as she could muster, ready to find so much attention and excitement in the midst of this situation. To spend her day losing herself so much to the pleasure was the best way to unwind, even if it meant working up a very different kind of frenzy and excitement, forms of tension and perhaps exhaustion that were in their own way energizing. Getting left a breathless mess with cum all over her was something that, in truth, just felt too good to pass up the chance for.

So as that first cock pushed on through the hole in the wall, all Laura could do was dive in and get right to sucking it into her mouth, showing it a shameless burst of attention and want, wasting no time in her advance and showing off to the man on the other side how hungry she was. "Fuck, this bitch must be starved for dick," he groaned, making Laura smile brightly as she pressed on without hesitation, flaunting her desperation and the excitement throbbing up inside of her through every second of how she pressed on with the single-minded goal of showing the depths of her wanton hunger, letting her desires get the better of her, letting the depths of her lusts become apparent. There was no holding back the desperation inside of her now, the bubbling heat and want doing to Laura things she readily expected, but was still always surprised by.

She pulled back from the cock, starting to give it a proper licking all over, eyes closed as the hand not grasping the base of the shaft reached down into her shorts to tend to the ache between her legs. She didn't waste any time or motion getting herself all over this cock, lavishing it with sloppy, hot praise, plenty of wet, lurid kisses peppering the length of it up and down and in all directions, chasing something deeply unrepentant and completely shameless. The only thing that Laura could do was let it wash over her, giving into her hungers without shame or the faintest sense burning up with a direct swell of heat and need, something hitting her hard and without much sense of hesitation.

Getting into the zone and slurping on a big dick just felt like the best way to open tings up. It was messy and chaotic, but the best way to get her worked up and ready for more, ready to lean into the pressure and accept that she was in way over her head, but that chaos was what made it so exciting, what gave Laura something she could really savour. Her tongue lapping at the cock, lips constantly pushing forward to take it into her mouth for brief bursts of frenzied sucking before she drew back and let her tongue move all over it again... This was the finest of descents into chaos, and nothing was going to hold her back from embracing her deepest, most fervid desires.

Deciding that the kind of messy, chaotic pace she set here was a good way to keep things going, Laura didn't spend too long sucking on the cock, always drawing back to  kiss and lick it some more. Once she had a nice, hefty coating of her spit on the shaft, she brought her hand into it, stroking along the cock in broad motions to help accentuate the pleasure, keeping her position up quite steadily and holding on through the impending madness. This was exactly where Laura wanted to be, where she felt capable and ready to serve, eager to impress a whole bunch of guys all at once with her amazing cocksucking prowess. There was nothing else that could ever possibly satisfy her twisted, dark urges.

Laura was never going to be the kind of slutty party girl who did the kind of things that girls who took on whole groups of guys usually did. She was a martial artist and she carried herself at least in part like it. But this was a different world, an anonymous world with no investment or need to do anything, just able to lean into the craziness on a temporary basis with no commitment. She didn't have to find and impress guys, she just had to open herself up to the reality before her and lean into it. And for it, she was rewarded brightly with lots of attention and excitement, able to do what she needed to do without anything but the most fun parts of it all, parts she laid into happily as the pleasure reached a hot, throbbing point she gave herself up to completely, moaning in delight and heat under the tension of desire and a burst of want more potent than she really knew how to handle.

The more she licked and kissed and accepted the desperate position in front of this cock, the more readily that she gave herself up to it all, a complete lack of hesitation guiding her to suck this cock all over, to give it the most thorough attention she could muster for a dick, not sure how to handle how hotly the twisting pleasures burned through her, but Laura was shameless about this and left nothing to chance, pressing on to give the cock the sloppy treatment it so utterly deserved, mouth in total submissive service to the cock and letting nothing hold her back. This was where Laura always found the most excitement, the most satisfaction. She had a nice, big dick in front of her, the wall keeping her from having to pay attention to anything but the cock, and she could play with it happily and shamelessly.

Through it all, Laura kept her fingers hard at work, plunging into her wet, waiting pussy and working through the intense frustration and delight of opening herself up to this rush of need and heat, moans bubbling up hotter and needier as she let the sensations take hold of her, let the wanton need carry her into the depths of gleeful, shameless want. It was a lot to handle, but there was so little in the way of sense to it that she just had no choice but to surrender completely, a wanton mess rocking back and forth through the pleasure hitting her hard, driving her head in motions more desperate and frantic still, accepting the hot, throbbing, spiraling rush of confusing desire that ruled her so powerfully now.

All of the hard work and sloppy sucking paid off beautifully for Laura when she got what she wanted. Without warning, the cock erupted, spewing forward with hot streaks of messy seed that hit her across her face, made her shudder and twist happily under the impending pressure of something overwhelming and messy, a gooey rush of excitement hitting her hard as she let the pleasure wash over her. Not the pleasure of an orgasm, frustratingly. She whined, fingers buried inside of her as she took the facial and work feverishly to try and satisfy herself at any cost.

“Give me another one,” she panted, shivering under the pressure and the want that held so tightly onto her. For her desperation, Laura was given another cock, and she was even more quick and desperate with this one. She took it not only into her mouth, but with one swift motion right into her throat, choking it down and shuddering happily as she felt the cock push against the lining of her throat, a challenging prospect she took like a champ, eyes shut tight as she focused on her sense of taste and on savouring this big dick with a very relentless and chaotic kind of pace. After such a sloppy external showing of cock affection, this equally sloppy but much more internal treatment made for something different, something relentless and feverish.

The messy gagging sounds she made as she choked the cock down weren't lost on the men listening from the other side of the wall, snickering and cheering as she worked her head back and forth. “Shit, we can hear her choking on your dick from the back,” a distant voice called, and it gave Laura a burst of something that more resembled pride and excitement than it really should have. This a weird situation that made for a lot to handle and a lot to open themselves up to, but there was just so much happening here that Laura felt so ready for that she just had to lean into the madness, playing up to be exactly the kind of woman the men expected of her. It was a role she filled readily, showing off the wanton heat and the crazed, desperate rush of excitement that ached through her as she got right back to work and felt great doing it.

Everything about the steady and downright merciless back and forth of her head made for something intense and relentless. The utter lack of shame she felt in shoving forward and having her way with this big dick in front of her was the mark of a good time in her Laura's eyes, opening her up to something shameless and hot, something she was all too happy to accept and push against through the hot, burning haze of something pounding through her body with an excitement she just had to get more of. Back and forth she worked to treat the dick to lots of steady service from the start, moving in broad, eager motions as she sucked down the thick shaft, letting it challenge her throat and letting the haze of delight take firm, tight hold of her.

Faster her fingers worked amid her slurping and sucking of the big dick, trying to treat it at once to the most sensible and direct mess of pure delight she could muster. Laura could feel the pleasure throbbing within her, and she chased those sensations down deeper, hungrier, wondering where he could go and how far she could take this. The pulsating excitement that ached through her body kept her hot and needy, and she wasn't sure just how much she could do with this and how far she was about to go in the chaotic midst of this excitement, but Laura felt ready to give it her all and to not stop until she had quite firmly and desperately taken on the worst of it and completely lost herself.

All of her needy surrender to the big cock made for something she was shameless in taking on, a moaning mess given to the desires and the heat taking her on and letting her feel something primal, something insane. Back and forth she moved with the single-minded, fervid purpose of someone out of her mind with need. It was hard to seem like she was staying contained when she was relentlessly choking on a big dick and humping her fingers, but with the wall separating them there wasn't much to be done but to give in to the chaotic, gleeful treatment expected of her. There was something about giving in to this desire and this heat that just felt right to Laura, and she moved without worry about what she was doing or what it meant for her that she was into these sorts of things. A chance to vent her frustrations and relieve her tensions was vital for keeping her head steady and her thoughts straight.

The messy, sloppy choking sounds she made were definitely louder than was even remotely okay, but anonymity was a potent force and Laura didn't shy away from giving herself up to all of it, relentlessly pushing forward to treat these cocks to something chaotic and unapologetic. There was nothing about these pleasures that gave Laura pause; she was in too deep,but that depth gave her an utter lack of shame or perspective, keeping her moving hard and hot as she pushed forward, treating herself to something chaotic and unapologetic. Just moving on without shame, treating herself and the man on the other side of the wall to something incredible, writhing together in the midst of powerful, throbbing delight. All that mattered was chasing down the pleasure and indulging thoroughly in everything she could get. Right up to that final, pounding, intense moment he came without warning, a grunt and a gush of hot spunk down her throat giving Laura everything she needed.

Her hips bucked as she too crashed into ecstasy, moaning in utter bliss as she came hard, whole body shuddering, head pulling back in delight so she could let out the most excited and hot of noises, shamelessly embracing the fire and the want that gripped her so tightly. As she let out those gasps of delight for them to hear, she took the rest of the load onto her face, not minding a bit of a messy facial at all amid everything else she was doing and all the other ways she burned with delight and want. This was utter bliss to Laura, and she didn't shy away from taking it all on and embracing it, for all of its intense, needy heat.

The pattern continued on steadily, as Laura continued to suck down big dicks with greedy delight, indulging in her rampant hungers and fingering herself to a few more hard, hot orgasms before finally she pulled back ready to up the stakes, licking some cum off of her chin and taking a deep breath for a moment. “The next one gets my pussy.” It was an escalation she desperately needed. Sucking cock was nice, but with all these guys around she was wet and needy, wanting something more than just to be an oral toy for a whole bunch of guys. She wanted to get fucked, wanted to be taken on and used much more thoroughly and intensely still. There was only one way to get that, and that was to throw herself into the deep end and get fucked.

“Oh shit. Hey Sean, you should go up then. You're a virgin, aren't you?”

“I can't be the only one,” 'Sean' said, and Laura's eyes snapped open in shock upon hearing who Sean was. She recognized the voice immediately, because on the other end of that wall was her brother. The name Sean alone hadn't bothered her too much given how common it was, but to hear his voice, unmistakable and abrupt... She shuddered in surprise.

“No, I think you are.” The guys took a minute to run through the group, and it was clear that Sean was in fact the only virgin. “Well then get in there and fuck this girl hard. Come on, here's your chance.”

“You're the only one who hasn't gone yet,” another voice encouraged. “Go fuck her.”

“Alright, alright, I'll fuck her,” Sean said. Laura was speechless as she shivered on her knees in front of the hole. Her brother was on the other side of the glory hole, and he was ready to lose his virginity to the anonymous woman who'd just sucked off all his friends, who was in fact, secretly, his sister. There was nothing sensible or decent about that, something that she should have been worried about and more ready to object to, but she just found herself oddly ready for it. Eager, even. The idea of taking her brother's virginity from him in secret and pushing into something even more wildly sinful than normal appealed to her in ways that things just downright shouldn't have.

But then the cock pushed through the hole, and Laura let out a startled gasp at the size of it. It was a big cock. Maybe the biggest one she'd seen and served here today, and it belonged to her brother. Absolute madness, and yet also oddly enticing and promising. She shifted forward, moaning in excitement and promise as she reached forward to seize the big dick and turn herself around. The position to take on was a very simple one, as Laura put a bit of extra highness into her voice, changing her cadence a bit to say, “Just stay still! I'll do the work. I'm happy to help a virgin.” She smiled to herself as she tugged on the cock a bit to try and pull him in as much as he could while her other hand pushed her shorts and her soaked panties down her legs, stepping out of them in the process of turning herself around and shoving her ass back against the wall, pushing herself onto her brother's cock and starting to work herself down.

With a hot groan of surprise and excitement, Laura began to steal Sean's virginity, pushing her way slowly down his shaft as she listened to him make noises of surprise, confusion, and excitement from the other side of the wall. He had no idea it was her, leaving Laura free to take the most sinful thrill she'd ever found here at the glory hole and run with it, carelessly embracing the wanton, raw desires and shameless vigor of something unlike what she'd ever known before. Back and forth motions helped guide her in position and push slowly down against the cock, taking him into her and embracing the desire and the heat that burned so hot through her body. There was nothing but pure surrender here and she found it almost impossible to hold back and contain herself now.

Quicker, more desperate motions guided Laura deeper into the descent as she sank further onto her brother's cock, riding him hard and fast. All of the fingering and toying had her sopping wet and desperate, but also incredibly tight, as only one or two fingers were in her at a given time and her mouth was the one doing all the hard work. It made her pussy soft, velvety, slick, and incredibly tight for Sean's cock as she pushed down against it,clenching around his cock with a vigor and eagerness he was horribly unprepared for, throwing his expectations completely for a loop with just how good this felt.

“She's really tight,” she heard Sean groan, and smiled with delight as she continued to shove back against his cock, going aster and more eagerly to try and keep this all moving, to give herself up to something relentless and chaotic, the rush and haze of her desires getting the better of her. Back and forth she continued to move, a needy mess completely lost to the heat and the desire that seized her, embracing the ideas of pure need and want that burned through her. Faster she moved, encouraged by Sean's words and tension, desperate to lean into the chaos and keep up the pace of giving him everything she could muster, racing on feverishly and unapologetically through the delight and heat, raw debauchery winding her up as she fucked her brother.

That lingering facet of this whole mess simply would not leave Laura be. She was doing something more far gone and insane than she'd ever done before, and loving every second of it, completely without shame, guilt, or hesitation about rushing on through this pleasure and finding the relief that came with it. Just a steady back and forth was all she could muster, pushing on to treat herself to something wild, out of control, and shameless, the utter lack of apology or hesitation guiding her on deep and hard as she gave herself up to this all, letting pleasure rule her, letting the throbbing, pulsating heat do her in and push her into wild, unfettered depths of pure lust. Rather than hesitating on the verge of this chaos, Laura threw herself into it, and for it she was allowed to completely succumb to the searing bliss and the want that held her, given utterly to pure ecstasy and desire.

Everything moved so quickly, and it was all through Laura's, hips, as Sean remained still by her orders, allowing her to fuck herself down onto his cock without hesitation or mercy, flaunting everything she was about and letting him feel the madness of her descent upon him. SO little about this made much sense at all to the needy wreck of a woman chasing on pure delight and sensation, but Laura wasn't about to stop now, wasn't about to hesitate as she pressed on and embraced every last second of the chaos completely, lost to the utter depravity and debauchery of the moment. She wanted more, wanted to lose herself and show no fear or shame in her madness, and she let everything take her over. The purest summation of raw surrender overwhelmed her, ruled her, and she didn't want it to stop.

Faster she worked, moaning, clutching one of her breasts and kneading it as she moved wild and chaotic, feeling herself able to muster up a wild sense of utter chaos and surrender. She'd never gotten fucked this hard and this well at a glory hole before, and it was all thanks to her own motions as she worked to chase these pleasures down, relentless, hot, completely lost to the bliss. She couldn't stop, couldn't hold back, and for her surrender she was given a pulsating swell of utter, fiery bliss, lost to the want and gasping in throbbing ecstasy. When Laura came, she came hard, and she knew there was no way she could get any better than this.

It seemed her moans didn't immediately give her identity away, which was nothing short of a fucking miracle given the reality of how gone she was and how much she did to open herself up to this all. But she was safe, unscathed and free to keep from completely embarrassing and exposing herself utterly. Not that she even would have minded at this point, as fucking herself back against Sean's cock brought Laura to a downright ruinous orgasm, dragging Sean down with her into chaos and surrender. With a low grunt, he came too, cock erupting into her waiting twat and pumping her full of hot, messy cum, unwittingly creampieing his sister and igniting within her an attraction more peculiar and insane than he was ever going to know. She moaned and thrashed and shivered happily before pushing back a breathless, shivering wreck.

“Thank you so much,” Sean groaned as he pulled out. “That was amazing.” He received some mockery from his friends for it, but otherwise everyone just continued on with the glory hole fun, as Laura sucked and fucked her way through the group all over again. She didn't cum as hard as she had on her brother's cock, but there was no denying the endless fun she found and the relief she felt in throwing herself out there and letting them all have their way with her until they were finally slinking away utterly satisfied and delighted. It was a blast, but it left Laura with a bit of a conflict: did she keep chasing random dicks at the glory hole, or did she decide to cut out the middleman and sink even deeper into madness?


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