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Chapter 51 - Futaba - Convention Experimentation (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 51 - Futaba - Convention Experimentation (C)

Chapter 51 - Futaba - Convention Experimentation (C)
Commissioned by simo09
"Really gonna do this," Futaba said as she stepped into the little closet-looking space she'd been fixated on for the entire convention weekend. She'd heard rumours about American cons before and how a lot of them had glory holes, but she hadn't ever paid quite as much mind to the realization of what came with it as she now did when she actually went overseas and visited a convention, only to pick up rumours of a glory hole. Through Friday and Saturday the idea kept nagging at her. She was a more confident and assertive person now than she used to be, a few years and some friendships helping to give her something to ground herself. Not only was Futaba not a virgin anymore, in truth... she'd become kind of a slut.

She lingered outside of the door for a while, wondering, waiting. A Sailor Moon cosplayer emerged from the door wiping some cum from her lip and straightening out her skirt, leaving the door open for a peek and allowing Futaba to see the inside of it. The room but its way into one of the mens' bathrooms, a cramped little space converted out of a bathroom stall, where the two adjacent stalls had holes cut through them so men inside of them could stick their cocks through. And already, Futaba could see a cock emerging. 

"You still there?" came a voice. Muffled. Distant. Futaba could barely hear it over the noise of the convention going on all around her, and it left her cheeks burning with worry. With the door open, the cock was exposed, and she stared at it fixated and nervous. It was a big dick. Thick. Long. Her legs trembled a bit, fingers fretting with the handles of the bags she held crammed full of new figures that were too heavy for her to be standing still like this. Sex was nothing scary or new for Futaba in any way, and her friends often remarked on how perpetually horny she was. Because she'd gone braless the barbell piercings on her nipples were almost visible through her shirt, her tongue piercing tapped against her teeth in her mouth, and fishnet stockings hugged her legs as her usual short shorts were replaced with a miniskirt, lending to an aesthetic that stood out in the anime convention more than she had been expecting.

"Come on, you there?" The voice called again. This time, Futaba answered the call. She rushed forward, dropping her bags of merch inside of the stall and slamming the door quickly shut behind her. 

"Sorry, the last girl just left," she said hastily, and was on her knees in a second, getting her hands and around the cock. "But I'm here now to pick up where she left off." Giving it quick and firm strokes, Futaba doesn't miss a beat in treating the dick to something aggressive and firm, the confidence flaring up inside of her as she gave herself fully to these desires, to the ideas of hunger and lust that seize her and simply won't stop. The urgency and the panic of throwing herself into this booth took a moment to even register upon Futaba, snap instincts just getting to her and driving her into something insane and nigh unthinkable.

Quick motions jerked off the cock with a confidence and firmness that couldn't be beaten. With a sense of ready excitement, Futaba gave herself completely to the idea of doing this. Her mouth wrapped around the cock as she pulled herself in firm, shoving her way down the shaft and letting the indulgence speak for itself, her sluttier side leaping into action and into life now as the taste of dick fired up her taste buds. She may have been antsy about sucking anonymous dick--as if she hadn't looked plenty of men in the eye and told them to creampie her nerdy ass before--but once she got into it, the throes of hunger and desire got to her and helped push her right into what she needed to do to get things done and achieve the lustful heights she craved.

Futaba got into a pretty quick groove with the task before her, one hand working along the back half of the cock while she sucked the front half greedily. Her other hand reached down between her legs, tugging her panties down and lifting her skirt up as she started to feel out the many ideas in front of her and the ways that she needed to let them take control. Whatever Futaba was about to do, she needed to give in to it, needed to let the idea and the chaos of this whole mess get to her, and she welcomed the idea before her.

"Shit, that's good," groaned the man on the other side as he felt the mouth push further down his cock. The size of it only gave Futaba more to enjoy as she made her move, as she sucked and slurped loudly on the big dick and let the idea of losing all control speak to her in a very deep way. The frustrations throbbing through her were getting even fiercer and weirder, tongue slithering along the cock and letting the stud piercing in the middle of her tongue do something exciting that she was happy and shameless to indulge in.

It took minimal coaxing or consideration to get into this position. Futaba was ready for this, and while it threw her blowjob technique to not be able to stare up into the eyes of the man she was sucking off, she felt pretty free. There was no risk to sucking anonymous dick, and it was possible the man on the other side of the wall was one she had run into or even talked to on the convention floor or at a panel at some point over the weekend. They weren't going to know either way, which allowed Futaba to go all out with treating his dick, not fearing anything or feeling like there was anything to be afraid of. She worked on back and forth in the greedy treatment of something out of control and hot, something that she was able to really dig into and savour.

A nice big dick to suck on was never going to be hard for Futaba to deal with or feel out. She worked on back and forth with a firmness and need that she was happy to give in to. Moaning around the big dick, Futaba showed her appreciation as best she could without doing much to interrupt the action. There didn't feel like any grounds for intimacy or closeness; Futaba was in a place where she really just had to lean into this spiral of frustration and pressure. Her mouth was greedily at work, tending to this stranger's cock and indulging in the heat of something greater than she was really ready for, but the idea of accepting it only made her feel hotter and needier.

Working up to a sudden and fierce deepthroat was something that she was shameless about giving in to, and Futaba didn't hesitate to give in to it, pushing forward and choking the big dick down. This was really happening. It was insane to think about, but as Futaba got into the pace and the groove of sucking this cock, it all came together in ways that she begged for, body shivering and swelling in need and hunger, a pulse of delight that begged her for more. Her fingers shoved their way into her pussy as she went,  the greedy swell of delight and hunger doing to her more and more by the second.

Groans of delight and excitement from the man on the other side spurred Futaba on harder, and she was shameless about shoving greedily onward, sucking the dick down and savouring the cock. The ravenous hunger and indulgence with which she threw herself into this proved an unexpected shove, something wicked getting the better of her. Futaba had wanted this, but she didn't know that she'd get this into it this immediately. As she gagged on the stranger's dick though, it was all so much better than she could have imagined, and Futaba's glory hole curiosity turned into something so brazen and hot that she was amazed she hadn't tried this sooner.

Hearing him grow louder and bolder on the other side even over her messy slurping and slobbering, Futaba knew he was close, and she was unafraid of pushing on to satisfy his deepest desires, to keep the pleasure moving on stronger and hotter, letting everything get her down deep into the throes of ecstasy and lust. Her hard work and oral indulgence pushed on stronger, tending to the man without a care until he was crashing over the edge,  hard grunts following as Futaba found herself treated to cum gushing down her throat, the cock pulsating and aching as it dumped shot after shot of gooey seed right down her throat. Futaba only pulled back enough that she could let the last gush of seed fill her mouth up, letting her savour the salty, pungent flavour for a moment before she swallowed it down and shivered in place.

"Your cum tastes so good, thank you," she moaned, biting her lip and watching as the cock drew back from the hole. Her head rolled in place a little bit as she drew into the middle of the cramped stall, not sure which hole a cock would emerge from next, and she wanted to be prepared, shifting about and getting her hand out from between her legs, which trembled at the thought of maybe getting a cock between them instead. Anticipation swelled within Futaba as she held steady for this, lust and eagerness holding tight onto her. There was nothing sensible about the way that she was opening up to all of this, but she needed to give in to it, needed to push against the fervor and the hunger that she embraced.

It took a moment for Futaba to get what she wanted, but when she did, there was a lot to be overjoyed about, because not one but two big dicks pushed through the holes in the wall, one on either side, and Futaba became a very happy woman. "Two big dicks for me to suck on?" she gasped, hands reaching out. "I hope you boys are patient and don't mind sharing, because I have a lot of work to do."

Neither man complained, and Futaba was free to reach out toward both dicks, shifting into a position between the cocks, trying to space herself evenly in place to begin diving into this excitement and this indulgence. Her legs parted as she settled happily into the position of complete indulgence and hunger, lunging on and getting right to sloppy and slutty work servicing both cocks happily. Even just having her hands around the dicks was enticing, as she looked on back and forth between the dicks, enticed by their sizes and by the opportunity so raw and so exciting before her. She felt so lucky and excited to be here.

Stroking cock wasn't going to get Futaba what she wanted just leaning her head to the right and diving in for it, legs spreading to steady into position so she could really dig in to all of this excitement. Back and forth her head rocked, giving in to the excitement and the hunger that held onto her now. Her lips wrapped around the cock, very aware that she had two dicks to deal with here, that she had a lot of things to try and work through and indulge in that were going to make for a different situation. She couldn't play at once pace steadily to get what she needed, she had to switch it up and tend to both these dicks.

A double blowjob only deepened the well of how little she could play around with the performative thrills of this situation. She was in a weird position here, a situation devoid of sense as she got into the throes of excitement and hunger. To feel a big, juicy cock around her mouth while her hand pumped along another was an absolute delight, but she had no eyes to make contact with, no men to impress and slut it up for. There was a lot to do here, many things to keep juggling and moving as she tended to all these ideas and these heats, but Futaba had a better sense now of just what she was doing and how she was to work, and she sought to make the most of it.

Switching over to the other cock gave her a bit more trouble on top of that, given the ways that she had to lean her head and turn her focus entirely to the other side of her. The men weren't usually this far away, but she was shameless about giving in to it all, throwing herself happily into the pleasure and the desire of this treatment. All she could do was look at the walls as she sucked, not given much else to take in or to enjoy, but even still Futaba found the grounding and the focus to work at the pleasure, working greedily along the cock to treat it to all the attention it needed.

"Your cocks taste so good," she whined, delighting in the big dicks she had to suck on, the thrill of working at two dicks now in complete secrecy. Futaba couldn't resist this lust and this excitement, mouth greedily at work to satisfy her needs and her cravings, letting the pleasure push on stronger and fiercer. Sucking dick at a glory hole was more exciting and smoldering than she was expecting it to be, riding high on the excitement and the ecstasy of something very unrestrained and hot. Groans from either side gave her the rewarding thrill of engagement and certainty, letting her know that she was in able to ride high on something potent and hot, something that she wanted more than she could deal with.

Drunk on the thrill of sucking cock, all Futaba could do was keep up the pace, finding it easier by the second to get into this groove and satisfy her deepest cravings. The sloppy back and forth of her head rocking on was able to bring on something powerful and fierce, allowing for something potent. Her pussy ached between her spread legs, Futaba's boots steady to the floor and her legs spread out wide so she was grounded and able to work at the two dicks, to handle both sides and the attention hitting her from everywhere. New problems required new solutions, and Futaba may not have been expecting to handle to deal with these sensations.

She was fucking herself on the next cock through the wall. Futaba was certain of that much, as she sucked the dicks down into her throat now, escalating into something feverish in its panicked pace, and she was without shame here. She wanted to accept the pressures of utter desire, wanted a big dick inside of her to fuck away all this excitement, but she knew she had to get through this first, and that holding off on getting fucked would make it all the more exciting and satisfying.

So she kept sucking to work at the mens' pleasure, racing to a finish and shamelessly giving them all they could have wanted. Futaba was selfless and hasty, accepting that these strangers needed her mouth and that it was her duty to give them what they wanted, accepting herself and her hungers in this hazy and chaotic swell of pure desire, getting deeper and fiercer into the ideas of utter hunger that burned her up, set aflame by this need now and refusing to hold back on any of what she could give them.

For her hard work, Futaba got the messy finish she craved. "Cum on my face together," she whined, working them over with her hands once more as she whined and shivered under the swell of pure need, pure heat. Delirium threatened to overwhelm her as she chased these pleasures on deeper and hotter, rewarded for all her hard work with two big dicks gushing right into her face from either side, splashing cum onto her cheeks and trailing along the bridge of her nose, onto her glasses, just all over her. "Thanks," cooed the nerd as she licked her lips, feeling all that warm, gooey delight across her face and craving just a little bit more before it was all over.

There was little wait for the next cock to show up, with Futaba forcing her panties down and her skirt up so she could lift up and shove back against the dick. "Fuck!" she whined. "You don't mind my tight pussy instead do you? I'm so horny right now!" Futaba didn't get any response from the other side of the wall, which suited her just fine as she settled into place, right up in front of the other hole and bracing against the wall before her so she could shove back against the cock with a firm and rapid intensity driven by all the pleasures she needed. There wasn't any real sense to this treatment now; Futaba just needed to bounce on a big dick, and she threw all technique out of the window to pursue that very feat.

The pleasure was dizzying and intense, and Futaba was shameless about getting it now, about fucking herself down onto the cock, gasping as her perky butt smacked against the wall and she embraced her most desperate of desires. Everything Futaba did was finally now about herself, and she cared about the pleasure of the cock inside of her only insofar as getting it off meant a big, gooey finish for her to enjoy. There was no sense or restraint to this, and she was free now to chase the pleasures down deep, refusing to hold back or hesitate now in the way she surrendered to pure ecstasy.

As she went about slamming about against the cock behind her, the hole in front of her suddenly saw some action, a cock pushing its way through, and even though Futaba was happily moaning and opening up to all this pressure, she didn't miss a beat in shoving her way forward and slurping it down. Her hands had to hold steady and balance her, which meant that she wasn't going to really be able to work the dick over with her hands; it needed her mouth and her throat, and Futaba took that as an excuse to get down deep. She swallowed the cock, gulping it down and using all the practice and prep she'd had to really go to town on deepthroating the big dick, an over-eager wreck now utterly lost to feelings and sensations spiraling completely out of control.

An utterly anonymous and senseless spitroasting was not how Futaba thought she was going to be spending her convention. She'd even curbed most of her temptation to get completely out of control and lose herself, senseless and hungry and completely removed from all logic and control. Everything being done to her felt hotter and needier, a big cock to shove her pussy back down on and fill herself up with behind her and another dick to force into her throat up front. The back and forth was simple and efficient, allowing Futaba to work herself down onto both shafts with equal vigor and desperation, the heart-pounding thrills of getting fucked leaving her more and more dizzy and overwhelmed. The pleasure was intoxicating, addictive, and she was unable to resist the call of pure ecstasy unraveling her. Everything Futaba did was another push into madness, and she loved every second of this.

Everything slutty and mad and lustful within her craved this pleasure, and she wasn't about to stop for anything, fucking herself down onto these cocks and doing all the hard work while the lucky guys on either side of the stall got to stand there and relax, got to savour the thrill of her mouth obediently serving their cocks, and there was nothing that could be done now to stop this. This was ecstasy, and the cravings hit her harder and hotter still.

Sensations reached their boiling point and the swell of madness that took hold of Futaba felt well earned and absolutely incredible. Her body heaved and shivered under the pulse of pure orgasmic delight, and she let herself go without a care, climaxing hard and whining in completely desperate and overwhelmed ecstasy, a pounding orgasm setting her aflame and leaving nothing but pure bliss in its wake. Futaba whined around the cock stuff down her throat, thrashing and bucking to give up to this pleasure completely, craving the validation of her sluttiest tendencies. The orgasm felt like everything she could have wanted enveloping her, and the bliss was like nothing she could have ever fathomed, burning up and abandoning all sense and all control.

Then came the other man. Their cum pumped into her holes, filling her with the gooey reward of all her hard work. Futaba made sure to slam back and force herself onto the cock buried in her twat so that it pumped her womb deep and she could let the other fill her mouth up, treating her to that salty ecstasy and the molten cravings of her sweet indulgences. But then the cocks pulled away, left her empty, left her wanting, and all Futaba could do was whimper and shiver as she swallowed down her well earned load and another leaked out of her twat.

"I should have been here all weekend," she whined, eyes rolling back as she embraced the afterglow for  moment, wistful and longing for all the wasted time, for her new love of glory hole cocksucking, and she knew she had to get back on this the second she got home to Japan. But those thoughts didn't last long as another cock pushed through the hole, and the over-eager nerd happily got right back to work choking down big American dick.


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