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Chapter 195 - Horizon: Zero Dawn - Aloy, anal

An all-request series of short bursts (usually 500 words) of smut that's been a staple on my tumblr for years. Now fully retired until further notice.

Chapter 195 - Horizon: Zero Dawn - Aloy, anal

Chapter 195 - Horizon: Zero Dawn - Aloy, anal
Aloy had things she needed to do, duties she had to fulfill and answers she had to find, and she couldn't risk letting anything interrupt that, but she also had needs that had to be dealt with. Her ass was the perfect compromise for it, and she was a moaning wreck as she lay knelt down on the blanket laid down at the small trader's camp set up in the middle of pretty much nowhere. She'd take whatever she could get, but when the trader revealed his meaty cock she knew she was hardly settling at all, and soon enough her ass was stuffed with a nice, thick cock, and she was a delighted mess, keeping her ass up high in the air, emphasizing it by resting her cheek down onto the blanket and ensuring he was coming at her from the perfect angle to pound her ass raw.

They didn't say much to each other. They didn't have to, really; neither was doing this for anything other than relief, and they were better off being strangers, just passing each other in a desperate situation by a campfire. This was an exchange in a sense, even if they shared in the delight, the tight gripping of Aloy's ass holding tightly onto the cock opening it up, as her round, toned cheeks bounced from the vigor of the pounding she received. Never before had Aloy had such an intense fucking in such deep silence, but he was as withdrawn as he was intense, not getting to know her, but subjecting her to a fast, merciless fucking driven by as clear and apparent a need as she could imagine. The pleasure was a burning one, and it made her whine happily, savouring the blissful hammering she received.

Fingers toyed excitedly with her pussy, which dripped down her hand and onto the blanket. Anal was hardly a desperate measure she accepted only for the sake of it; her sensitive ass felt amazing, every slap and squeeze her cheeks received nothing short of amazing, each thrust of a fat cock right up her back entrance until she felt a pelvis squishing her cheeks down proving just as good as one that went balls deep into her pussy. Maybe it was learning to like what was safe, but she was so enamored by the thrill of getting her ass fucked that she almost didn't want to stop; there was no temptation to have her pussy railed, and it had nothing to do with her fears of getting impregnated, and everything to do with loving to get fucked in the ass so much that any other kind of sex stopped meaning anything to her.


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