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Chapter 5 - Cosplay Cumrags part 2

When a strange girl at a bar asks you some strange questions, you don't think you're on your way down an insane rabbit hole, but you awaken in a world almost exactly like your own, but where you have the ability to freely use any woman you wish for without anyone seeing it as anything other than completely normal, and where anyone will accept any word you say as a truth to be listened to. Which leaves you only one in this world of casual free use: to become king.

Commission for hopviq.

Chapter 5 - Cosplay Cumrags part 2

Chapter 5 - Cosplay Cumrags part 2
You walk in with the crowd of people, smirking wide as you walk in with Christine, your hand squeezing at her ass through her clothes. It's probably the sanest, least lurid interaction with a woman you've had all day, and that's saying something. The door is at the other end of the room from the actual stage, but as you move with the gradually thinning line your aim is not the front row like some peoples' is. The room is pretty sterile looking; just a usual conference room, lined with hundreds of chairs in rows running their way down the room. A raised platform holds a table and some microphones, high enough that even in the back, the guest will sit visible and high for all to see. It's that stage you're on your way to; there's nothing you really want to do that can be accomplished in the front row, and you don't care very much at all about Tess Rosa Cosplay's question and answer session.

Tessa Rose Cosplay's fine ass, however, is another matter entirely. She comes in through another door, a few staff members coming along with her. She walks up onto the stage dressed as Wonder Woman, straight out of the recent movie, a short skirt, plenty of cleavage, looking the part incredibly well and looking like an absolute bombshell. She's fit, she's taut, she's exactly the kind of woman you'd be happy to fuck in front of a whole room of people. She gets up onto the stage amid some cheers.

You reach the front of the room and just casually divert away from the crowd all turning hard left or right to take their front row seats, veering to the side and getting to the three short steps moving up toward the stage. You're not particularly timid about the motion, either, but nobody seems to notice or care too much as you slip into the chair right beside Tessa.

"Hey there," you say, putting your hand out for her to shake and introducing yourself by name, like you're supposed to be up there and like nothing is wrong at all. There's a microphone turned on and picking up your voices. Not loudly, but enough to broadcast it over the room just fine.

"Hi, I'm Tessa," she says, smiling brightly at you and completely accepting that you're someone who should be up there with her. "It's nice to meet you. Is there anything I can help you with?"

Your face lights up, and your gaze shifts over to Christine for a moment, your companion's eyes also lit up bright and excited as you nod. "Actually, there is something you can definitely help me out with. Would you, by any chance, like to suck on a fat, throbbing cock until it blows a load down your hot throat?" The room booms with your vulgar request, but nobody bats an eye.

"Why yes, I would absolutely love to suck on a huge dick, and to feel that cum sliding down into my stomach. You can even fuck my face until I cry if you'd like to; I have time to redo my makeup before the photo shoot later." Tessa's vulgar agreement and the eager nodding of her head come with an absolute lack of reaction from the audience, who seem to be sitting there like this is all just a normal part of waiting for a panel to start. But it really doesn't matter one way or another whether they care too much or not, because you're already rising up from your seat and about to fuck Tessa in front of a room of her fans. The matter of them just treating it like nothing has become a vital part of the whole game.

So you perk upright, already getting your dick out and shoving it in her face. One hand takes the back of her head while the other grabs hold of it and gives her a few smacks back and forth with your cock, rubbing it against her cheek as you admire her pretty face, readying yourself to facefuck Wonder Woman essentially. As she obediently sticks her tongue like she's rolling out the welcome mat to her own throat, you smack your cock down against her tongue a few times for good measure before pushing a few inches in and beginning to feel things out. This is your time to shine now, and you don't feel any incredible, intense hurry or rush pushing you into getting too carried away with speed right now. You've been fucking all day, and it's not really tiring you out, but it's good not to get too rapid or carried away, lest you spin out of control.

You keep a good handle on everything. Tessa's long hair helps, your hair gripping it firmly as you pull her head in a little bit, letting go of your cock as her mouth holds it steady for you. It lets you bring the microphone up closer, dragging it along the table so that her lurid, sloppy sounds of cocksucking delight can play over the room for all to hear. Her obedient mouth is certainly doing its part in sucking aggressively on your shaft, tongue slipping back into her mouth and slithering along your dick while her lips tightly wrap around the shaft and keep a nice, tight seal for you to enjoy in the early goings of this depraved indulgence.

Tessa's hot mouth feels so good around your cock, and as the microphone picks up all the wet sounds she makes you really can't help but to start wondering how far you can take this. Your eyes shift out toward the crowd and it's startling; there's hundreds of people in here, and the room is only getting fuller with time. You need to make this better, need to take advantage of this. "Tell everyone how good my cock tastes," you tell her, keeping your hips moving steady as you drag the mic a bit closer to her mouth still. It's not even a matter of testing your powers here; you know this is all well within your abilities now. But you've never before had a room full of people to play witness to it, and power corrupts.

Fuck does it feel good to be corrupted, though.

"I luff hifff cock fffo muhhh," she says happily into the microphone. "It hays so gooo an I cann waii ffor hin ho fffuck ny hhroa." There's no hesitation or stumbling as she tries to speak with your dick in her mouth; she does it in one go, not choosing her words for sounds she can pronounce or bothering to do anything to make it easier to understand her. She just follows your commands no matter what they involve, and that obedience is rewarded as you give her what she couldn't wait for, slamming your cock down to the hilt inside of her throat, until your balls are flush against her chin and her choking, spasming throat is massaging your dick.

There's no reason not to go back and forth with deep, powerful thrusts for the kind of raw facefuck that should bother some people. You're not just forcing her to throat your cock as you rock back and forth; you're choking her out with it, fucking her so hard it almost comes off like you're trying to fuck her until her jaw comes unhinged, and maybe even a little bit past that. Deep, harsh strokes make her gag and sputter on your dick like no girl has had to all day, the kind of brutality that you've saved for the most special of occasions as you effectively turn Wonder Woman into a drooling cock sleeve struggling to do anything but accept your dick all the way down her throat. And if you fuck her into blacking out, then so be it.

Your eyes shift over to Christine, who is very blatantly bottomless and fingering herself as she writhes in her seat, happy to watch you at work on Tessa's pretty face. "Fuck her lights out!" she yells to you, not so far away that she actually needs to yell from the front row, but you appreciate the very vocal support nonetheless, hand tightening even harder on the back of Tessa's head still as you pound forward, making sure you're putting on a show for her.

The sound of Tessa getting violently choked out on your cock rings through the massive room and into the ears of hundreds, who all sit patiently, chatting or texting or just waiting idly for Tessa's panel to start. This throatfucking isn't even an interruption keeping her from it; it's still early enough that nobody is expecting her to talk now, but they don't seem all that bothered by the throaty, sloppy sounds of a woman getting orally abused before them.

Drool runs down her chin, which receives a steady, noisy slapping from your swaying nut sac as you show give her the harshness she so sorely wants, even if it's a want you have entirely given her. It doesn't matter; you're just happy to hear her obediently going along with it, hear her moaning amid all of her choking. "Finger yourself," you snarl, and she does without hesitation, pulling up her combat skirt and tugging her panties aside, shoving a pair of fingers up her twat to the speed with which you pound her throat. Tears are running down her face from the pressure building up as she struggles to keep herself together and awake.

You stare into Tessa's eyes mostly to keep watch for signs of her blacking out, for any reason to believe she's about to fade and completely succumb to unconsciousness. You don't want that at all; you just want her to veer just short of it, want her to come dangerously close to losing herself completely before you draw back and let her gasp for air in the midst of panic like a good fucktoy. In fact, as she seems about to lose herself, you do just that, drawing back and letting her gasp desperately for air as you rub and slap your cock down against her face.

"Let them all know," you tell her again as you watch drool spill from her lips, watch her shiver and convulse under the crushing weight of your cruelty.

But she obeys. "This is the biggest, yummiest cock I've ever sucked on, and it's amazing to be throatfucked by it. I almost blacked out, but it felt so good! I've never admitted it before but I'm a total oral slut, and I love having dicks down my throat, love choking on rock hard, fat cocks that can cut off my air. Oh, please, sir, take my throat again, treat me like a dirty oral whore. I want so badly to feeo you hominaa heee like a huher sluh and glurk glack glack glack!" You take her mouth first, then her throat, and still she's talking through her gagging on your cock, showing off a new side of herself as you feel this whole trip take a radical shift in tone. You look toward Christine, whose eyes light up like you've hit the depravity jackpot and she's not sure if you realize it yet, but oh have you realized.

You keep fucking, keep thrusting, keep putting Tessa through the worst you can muster right up until you're ready to lose yourself. Mascara is running down her face, and you can feel the pleasure so intense and so intoxicating you can't help yourself anymore. You draw your hips back and pull out of her mouth, your cock erupting with hot bursts of cum that blast all over her wet face, making her whine and twist as her fingers work faster at her pussy until she loses herself too, head thrown back as she cries out, taking the last shot of your cum right into her mouth and gratefully gulping it down as she rides out her hot, throbbing release happily.

"It's time to begin the panel now," she says, not wiping even the drool from her chin. "So, hello everyone, I'm Tessa Rose." The room lights up with cheers as you lean in toward the mic, deciding to derail this further.

"Tessa, I think after what these people just saw, you should be more honest with yourself. So, we should open these questions to what everyone really wants to know. Show of hands; how many people here have jerked off to a picture of Tessa before?" A startling number of hands shoot up into the air as the innate urge within people to listen to you seems to override any sense of shame or decency. "Well there you go, Tessa. That's a good half of the room. How many more people really, really want to fuck her, but haven't jerked it to a cosplay pic because there's no tits?" Almost every hand in the room went up.

"Thank you so much for your support!" she chirps excitedly. "I'm glad to know people like my costumes that much. I am trying to break into mainstream modeling, and this is such a great compliment."

This world is a fucking trip. You grab another microphone from the table. "Tessa, out of your chair, back that hot ass up for me," you say, pulling the mic from its stand so you can hold onto it as you too leave your seat. "Bend right over the desk and tell everyone about your true nature for me. Start the introduction again, but this time, tell people what they really want to know about."

"My name is Tessa, and I love sucking dick," she says, all while sticking her round, perky butt out for you to enjoy. And you do, flipping it up as you tug her panties down and give it a nice slap. "I also really like sex in general. I like to post on my accounts about how I would never do nudes, but I also get fucked by guys and girls all the time. I'm huge on casual sex, I just care about my public image, and not wanting people to know it. I'm into some filthy stuff too, like being choked by cocks and having my ass fucked so hard it makes me cry." Your eyebrow perks up at that last one as you smack her backside again.

You guide your now very slick cock right up to her tight ass hole and began to push deep into the Wonder Woman cosplayer's ass with a steady approach, one rooted in wanting to make sure you enjoy this all very, very thoroughly. "For today's panel, Tessa will only be taking sexual questions, nothing about cosplay or social media or any of that boring shit. You guys want to hear this bombshell fucktoy talk about getting fucked, don't you?" More cheers follow as your powers continue to pay dividends.

The lurid thrill of how people have so casually accepted the sex happening in front of them and paid little mind to it has been great. You love the nonchalance sometimes veering into outright annoyance that comes from you fucking someone in public. But there's something even better to be said for the kind of world where you're not just someone with his dick down some woman's top, but where sex is so common that there's plenty of other someones with their dicks down womens' tops. Where this sort of thing isn't you going weird and crazy, but everyone is happily leaning into the tailspin. You want that more than anything, really, and with Christine's words in mind, you decide to start with this room and this audience, veering them into the direction you want for this world hopeful that doing so will help influence everything along.

Deep strokes into Tessa's tight ass make her groan in excitement as people begin to line up at the microphone to ask her questions. Her moans ring out softly through the air as your free hand settles onto one of her hips, getting ready to really start taking it to her, but wanting to give her just a second of appreciation first as you work her ass a bit looser first. Violent anal ravaging is fun, but if you don't prep the hole at least a little first you'll only hurt yourself in the process.

It's not too long before Tessa is under some real pressure, though, as your hips build up some steam and you show her tight back door a good, deep pounding, making her gasp and whine as you start to fuck her harder, her hands gripping the table to try and steady herself as the line moves closer to the microphone. "Please, don't be shy to ask me anything. I would love to talk about my sex life today, and nothing is off limits." You slap her ass in excitement, getting up harder; she said she loved getting fucked so hard she cried, and you want to see if you can make it happen. Just how much of a pain slut is this girl?

"How often do you have sex with strangers?" was the first question.

"Three or four times a week; I like to go out a lot on weekends and sometimes I go back for seconds after I'm done with someone, and then of course there's when I go home from a bar with a couple or something. During conventions, though... Nngh, it's so dirty to say, but during conventions I like to take people up to my hotel room all weekend and get fucked as much as I can. I can't help it, I love my fans so much!"

This is all music to your ears as your hips keep up the pressure on fucking Tessa hard, winding up to pound into her tighter, enough to make her wince in frustration as your thrusts become too much to bear, an overwhelming mess of something too intense and cruel to hold back from. You're getting to her now, and she's not going to be able to keep it up for much longer.

"How do you like to eat pussy?" asks a cute, blushing girl who's looking up at Tessa like this is opening up all sorts of new worlds.

"My favorite way is to push a girl against a wall and have her sit on my shoulders while I hold her upright and just go to town on devouring her hot cunt. Or when they're sitting on my face. Eating a girl out is never as rough as having a cock jammed down my throat, but I still love my oral being intense in some way, and that's how I keep it up."

The next guy up asked, "What's the dirtiest thing you've ever done at a convention?"

"Let a guy titfuck me down my top and then wore my cum all day under the costume. I even did a photo shoot with half-dry cum in my top and nobody ever found out. It's a miracle nothing leaked." As she finishes answering this question, Tessa yells in surprise, the agony really getting to her now; she's close. You can taste it.

"Have you ever taken flirty cosplay nudes for people for private use?"

"Yes!" she screams, voice heavy with frustration. "A lot of them! My phone is full of all kinds of secret nudes."

"Once this panel is over, you're going to post all of them online," you groan. It's not as exhausting as it should be to ravage an ass this hard, but it's definitely a fucking task.

"Of course I will, sir!" She nods, shivering and groaning, whimpers bubbling up as she tries to hold herself back, but Tessa can't do it any longer. She starts to sob, shivering and shaking as tears begin to trickle down her face from the sheer ferocity of your cock absolutely destroying her tight ass. But she's loving it, a hand down between her legs rubbing at her pussy, your balls smacking against her knuckles with each thrust. She's loving the pain, and screams, "I know I'm crying but don't worry, I love having my ass fucked this hard!"

She proves it amid all of her sobbing squealing as she cums, throwing her head back in burning, brazen ecstasy. You're happy to follow it up with a deep slam into her ass as you pump her back door as full of cum as you can. This rough, intense bout of public anal and humiliation has reached its climax for you, and oh what a climax it is, as you tug on her hair and make sure everyone can see her face, see the bliss spread so plain across it while tears run down her face. She is a mess of contradictions and insanity, but it is absolutely the best thing you've done to someone yet, A pure spectacle of sexual brutality.

You pull slowly out of her ass, and decide to make things just a little more fun. You speak over the microphone, but directly to Tessa. "You're going to post those pictures online, you're going to let anyone in this room who wants to go back with you to your hotel room do so, and when you get home, you're going to rethink your 'no nudes' policy. I want you to start selling cosplay porn videos online; you'd be a star that way. Understand me?'

"Of course, sir, that sounds like an amazing career path," she says, her voice shaking as she cries, but there's no denying the pleasure in her voice as you pull your pants up and leave her there, bent over the table and completely ravaged as someone steps up to the microphone to ask their question next like nothing has happened.

Christine gets her clothes back on and races up to meet you. "You are a fucking monster," she moans, throwing her arms around you and leaning in to kiss your neck and cheek. "I fucking love it! That was the hottest thing I've ever seen; you made her admit to some shit and then made her an even bigger slut, and now you're just walking away from the fire you set."

"Well, I was done fucking her ass," you say with a shrug. "There's other hotties around here to fuck, right? Maybe we should find a few and drag them up to a hotel room for the rest of the day. I like walking the con floor, but I feel like a writhing harem of hot cosplay girls is how I want to spend my night."

"You deserve it, stud," she moaned. "But once we're done, I hope tomorrow you find some time to rail me plenty. I've been watching you fucking girls left and right for so long, but don't forget the hot blonde who helped this all happen."

You smile, about to reassure her and smack her ass, but then your brow furrows for a second, and you eye her red hair. "Wait a second," you say slowly. "Why isn't your hair blonde right now?" You stop to think a little bit about it, and you're dead certain that wasn't how it was before, but you're not sure what to say or how to go from there. And before you can say anything else on the matter, your eyes fall onto the back-most row, where all of your dreams seem primed to come true. Immediately you forget about your weird worries about Christine's hair, because they're inconsequential now.

There's some chairs right beside the door too, rows in the far back for people who come in late or want to hang by the doors to make a stealthy escape with nobody noticing them. And in that row sits an entire line of gorgeous Disney princesses, all wearing great movie-accurate costumes that, thankfully, leave plenty of wonders on offer, from Jasmine's cute, bared midriff and cleavage to a dress accentuating how trim a waist Rapunzel had. Ten women sit there, dressed in a line as Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Merida. For any normal, sensible person this would be a time to compliment their costumes and ask to take a photo after the panel.

But you don't have to be a normal anything.

"Excuse me, lovely princesses," you say, and they quickly turn their attention to you. "Your costumes are all very well put together, and they look very good on you, but I think they would look even better if you were in varying states of undress and covered in cum. Could I interest you ladies in a hotel suite and a night spent worshiping my cock together?"

They all agree happily, overlapping remarks of, "Of course," and, "We would love to," chirping along as the women all rise up happily from their seats.

Merida even says, "I hope you fuck my throat like you fucked Tessa's."
The hotel across from the convention center is all too happy to downgrade the scheduled but yet unarrived penthouse guest to a lesser room so that you can live the fine life in the most expensive suite in the lap of five star luxury. That new paycheck you're earning is really getting put to great use here, as you, ten princesses, and a very amused Christine all head up in the elevator, crammed together with very little care for decency. It's crammed as can be in there, but that's exactly how you like it, riding up the elevator with one hand down Belle's dress and roughly groping her tit, another shoved up Pocahontas's dress so you can grope and swat at her ass, your lips against Aurora's as she makes out with you all hot and heavy, and your cock out so it can rub against Jasmine's bare midriff. You have more princess than you know what to do with, but being buried underneath a mountain of princess pussy is just how you deserve to spend your night.

Into the room, you take a moment to just enjoy thing a little bit. It's about time enough to order an early dinner with room service, and you figure it's better to eat now and fuck later than to have a whole bunch of food coming up. Not even because of the awkwardness of it; you just don't feel like getting all tangled up only to have to disengage so that you can eat. The bed is absolutely massive, and looks as comfortable as can be, plenty big enough for a writhing orgy of this scale.

"You notice how there's no Ariel?" Christine asks as she sidles up next to you, adoring your neck up and down with kisses as you wait for the food to arrive. She leans in tightly, pressing her body up firm against yours. You look out toward the group of princesses all lounging around your hotel room, and she's right; there's ten women here, but no Ariel to be found. "That is every official Disney princess in the merchandising line, except for Ariel. I don't think your harem is looking very complete."

You shrug. "I don't feel like scouring the convention to find another girl just to complete the set." She's right, but it's not something you feel like worrying too much about. It's what it is, and you have other things to do, other things more worth your time and concern than finding princesses. Ten is still plenty decadent enough for you to be all too happy to get ready for this madness. "Why? Is it that big a deal to you?"

Christine lets out a soft purr and pulls back from you for a moment. "You'll probably think this is very weird, but I hope by now I've got a surprise for you," Christine says, biting her lip as she shakes her hair--still very, very red for reasons she hasn't yet explained. She gives you a kiss and for a moment pulls back to head into the bathroom, leaving you to stand there curiously as she struts away, coming back a moment later in a flowing turquoise dress the colour of the ocean, smiling brightly as she steps out. Her hair has changed its style up a little bit too, still flowing long and beautiful, but now with bangs sweeping from a corner part to accurately resemble the princess herself. "There, that is much better isn't it?"

Of all the weird, contradicting quirks and lack of anything concrete to the woman before you, this is probably the weirdest one yet. "How did you do that?" you ask. She seemingly just pulled a dress out of nowhere, just whipped up a costume to match with the other girls strewn around your hotel room. Something is definitely very off about all of this, but you find yourself with no idea where to begin expressing that as you look her up and down. "Christine, what's going on?"

"Do you really want to question it? You have the power to make people do whatever you want, and you still think there isn't a thing like magic in this world?" Christine shakes her head, leaning in to kiss your lips and sighing. "Just roll with it. Come on, you don't have to dwell on what's weird, you can just fuck Ariel's tits instead." Dropping right down to her knees, Christine as Ariel licks her lips, motioning toward the cleavage her dress exposes. "If you were going to spend your night fucking princesses, I didn't want to get completely left out, so stick that cock down my dress and make me a part of your world."

Christine raises a good point; this might be weird and fucked up and indicate that something is not quite 'normal' about Christine, but how the fuck has that not been obvious through everything else she's done, and through everything about this bizarre adventure you've found yourself on? Instead of questioning it or fighting this idea you embrace it, pulling your cock out and happily pushing it down Christine's chest. "I need to start fucking you more often," you groan, head easing back as you sink your cock deep into the plush embrace of her soft chest. "You didn't get jealous all day watching me fuck all those other girls, did you?"

"Not jealous, just horny," she moans. "But as long as you give me some good, hard fucking tonight I'll be okay." Christine has sat around watching you fuck a variety of women all day, and it seems to get her off, but she definitely requires some upkeep too, and with her Ariel costume putting her in league with the other girls she's suddenly more than fitting into your whole thing about fucking cosplayers today, completing the princess set and turning this into a one man and eleven women orgy for the ages.

You give her tits some steady, quick thrusts, patient and steady in your approach and in the way you savour the embrace of her chest and the chance to enjoy yourself thoroughly. Christine's chest feels amazing, possibly the single best pair of tits you've fucked since this whole crazy mess began, and as you sink yourself down her dress you definitely feel that same sort of relief washing happily over you as you work tirelessly at her tits, deep strokes happily pushing down her chest as you relish in this excitement, in the beginning of your indulgent night.

The princesses all sit strewn across the room, taking off their heels and relaxing, all very casual about this, but all with smiles across their faces, happy to be there and to be relaxing in the lap of luxury. All these beautiful, busty princess cosplayers have no idea what they're in for. Or maybe they do; you wouldn't have expected Tessa to be admitting humiliating things about her sex life and how hard she liked it but all she needed was a little coaxing to open things up and she was ready to give herself up completely to the insanity. Maybe these girls would be the same. They were certainly going to act that way, at least.

Christine holds her breasts tight together, moaning as she stares up at you with the brightest, most adoring look she can possibly give you. There's something brazen in her treatment and her affection, in the way she leans into the tailspin and relishes in your presence, and you don't for a moment want to shirk away from any of it, embracing the insanity and the chance to really enjoy the utter devotion of the one woman you don't have to 'order' to do anything as she happily gives you everything. Whatever is going on with Christine and the mysteries around her that she seems to actively cultivate like she's the quirky protagonist out of a romantic comedy, even if there seems to be something much more ridiculous bubbling beneath the surface than that, she's become a part of this crazy side show attraction of an oversexed life you're coming to lead, and she's so absolutely welcome there.

You cum down her dress without shame, groaning as your head snaps back and you grab tightly onto her, clenching Christine as you lose yourself in the thrill of blowing a big load down her top, making her whine and shiver as your cum gets down there and stays in her dress. She doesn't seem the least bit bothered by it though, almost excited to wear your cum as you slowly withdraw your cock back. "Feeling?" you ask.

":Much. It will help tide me over until you can shove it into my pussy." She grabs hold of your cock and gives it some licks and kisses, just idle little bits of affection.

A few steady knocks on the door are followed by a call of, "Room service!" and you quickly motion for one of the princesses to open the door for them, as they push in several carts full of everyone's food orders. You're happy to cover all of it; the fuck else are you going to do with all this money?
Five star hotel food proves every bit as good as you could have hoped it would be, but you can't dwell too long on how good it tastes when you have so many more important things to indulge in than good food. Once everyone is done, you guide the women all to the bedroom, undressing yourself with each step as you prepare yourself for the raw indulgence to come, for the very peak of pure indulgence. "We're going to start with cock worship," you tell them as they all happily file in behind you, still all very much clothed. "We're going to see how many of you can swarm my dick and its surrounding areas all at once, okay?"

You climb onto the bed, having a bit of trouble believing this is all really happening. What's your record for women on your dick at once before? You know you've done three a couple times before, but this is potentially eleven. That's a lot of women, a lot of potential, a lot of raw decadence to enjoy, and as you settle comfortably onto the bed with your cock standing high and proud, you feel ready to enjoy every second of it. "Princesses, come service your king."

There's not a second of hesitation on any of the womens' parts. They all crawl onto the bed happily, beautiful princess cosplayers all seeking to indulge in being your harem girls for the night as they crowd around your lap, having to come in from different angles here and there to even find the space to get into position or give you what they can. There's so many of them and it's definitely a clumsy endeavor to come in and find space, but they handle it well, circling around your cock and the surrounding area to get their hot, eager mouths onto whatever part of you they can.

Your legs spread out to offer up as much space as you possibly can as heads duck in, not sure what to make of any of this beautiful, delightful moment as they somehow all manage to get at you at once. Eleven women crowding your cock with their intention of servicing you like a king, and oh how much of a king you feel like as it happens. Ariel, Tiana, Pocahontas, Aurora, and Cinderella all manage to get at your cock, with Pocahontas wearing no panties and her slick pussy pressed directly down against your lips as she lies backwards atop you, while Aurora gets her lips around the tip of your cock for a shallow, slow blowjob.

Mulan and Rapunzel manage to get in lower than that, their mouths happily pressing against your ball sac as they choose their places to focus. Belle and Merida can't fit their heads in around your cock, but your thighs offer up somewhere for them to adore instead, and even if it's not sexual pleasure on your cock, it's still the kind of lurid, devoted service that can only do good things for you. Jasmine and Snow White seem to think the same, coming in from the other way to get to your stomach and pelvis with their own affectionate kisses, perky butts raised high up in the air, and your hands can't deny the chance to pull their dresses up and their panties down, then smack their cute butts and begin to finger them as they all move.

It's a writhing, clumsy mess. Maybe too good to be true. Eleven women! They aren't all on your dick, but it is all part of the oral worship that they're intent on giving you, and it all feels amazing as they began to move, begin to lick and kiss and caress in the loving name of showing you everything they can possibly do for you. Their mouths are eager to provide whatever pleasure they can, even if it's a very supportive and enhancing form of pleasure. Anything is worth it to give you what you want. And it feels fucking incredible.

Aurora focuses on sucking on your cock head, lips wrapped tight around it and tongue slithering about within her mouth, keeping herself very steady and cool as she works at the very top of the cock. She can move up and down with some small, shallow motions, eager to leave plenty of room for the other four tongues to have all the room they need around your cock, all the girls happily sharing it. But as long as her mouth feels so amazing you're all too happy to let her claim the very top of it. You're not too used to shallow blowjobs anymore, a pretty big artifact of being able to facefuck a woman to the point of blacking out only to have her thank you and wipe her mouth afterward. It's a change of pace, but a welcome one.

As Aurora does that, the combined tongues of Christine-as-Ariel, Pocahontas, Tiana, and Cinderella service your cock in their own different ways, all adoring your shaft but through radically differing means. You can't really tell who is doing what as you devour Pocahontas's tasty pussy as it pushes up against your face, so the specifics a little bit hazy, but it's all good; you're still relishing in the sweet pleasure nonetheless, still embracing the special kind of shamelessness that comes with it. You feel so many different things all overlapping at once. Flurries of kisses running along your cock, not able to move nay space at all without planting another quick peck down onto your pecker. 

Tongues broadly lapping up and down your cock contrast the quick licks that refuse to stay very long, even as both paint your cock with thick coatings of warm saliva, making you squirm and shiver as you relish in their attention. The licks are out of control moving up and down, from side to side, and one tongue even liking to encircle the base of your cock as much as she can, upward licks starting from one place and sliding slowly along the way. There's no sense of order in the writhing madness of it all, but that's what makes it so hot; they're all out of control, all desperately pushing along and doing their best to pleasure you through whatever means they can, no organization helping unify their motions as they go off on their own little oral tangents and service your dick through pretty much whatever means pop into their heads at once, but it all comes together into something incredible.

Lower, beneath your cock, Rapunzel has one of your balls in her mouth, sucking excitedly on it with wet little slurping noises as she wraps her lips in tight. Mulan takes another approach, entirely based on licking with eager, slithering strokes up and down along the side of your ball sac she's able to reach. The contrasting approaches feel so good pressed side to side, as they worked in different techniques along your balls to the similar effect of making you feel like a king, writhing at the very height of bliss atop this insanity. You're right where you want to be, and everything is coming together so perfectly it's hard to think about how this could get any better.

Your thighs and stomach aren't exactly erogenous zones, but there's something about kisses along your inner thighs and your waist that just feel right. Places where nobody has any reason to touch outside of the sexual, places where a pair of lips gently gliding along the soft, sensitive skin there evokes very lurid ideas... There's nothing about what they do that is even remotely lost on you as you squirm hotly against the four mouths all happily working at you. There's something right about it, something that just feels so good you can't help yourself. Finding room where they can take it, Snow White, Merida, Belle, and Jasmine are making the best of what they can reach and they're doing an excellent job at it.

With your tongue up Pocahontas's hot twat and fingers pumping into Snow White and Jasmine, you can hardly consider yourself greedy or nonreciprocal about it, either, your mouth and hands at eager work enjoying the girls' bodies to the furthest extent you can muster, unrepentant in the way you give your everything to using their bodies. There is no reason to slow down or stop the hot indulgence you're so deep into now, to keep from giving in to the pleasure and pushing onward boldly, showing everything a shameless sense of forward, aggressive need. Their bodies are yours to play with, and with their skirts flipped up you can reach in and play with them all you want.

All the squirming and throbbing reaches its feverish peak, and you're not the least bit sorry about giving in to it all, about pushing into the madness and embracing the shameless thrills that wash over all of you in tandem. Your cock twitches and throbs, ready to blow a massive load, and the anticipation building inside of you is ready to boil over. In response, the three girls you've been working at cum as well, all three of them gasping and moaning as their hips buck and they quiver out into mad, frustrated ecstasy together, leaving you to relish in their hot releases as your cock erupts too.

As if knowing it's about to happen, Aurora pulls away, and four more tongues lick up your cock, all five of the girls who were on your dick happily taking their shares of a massive load that leaves them all with the streaks of a hot, lovely facial to enjoy. Your hips twist and your cock simply won't stop twitching as you feel the heights of winding bliss do to you things you really weren't ready for. This is all new sorts of amazing lows, and you love every second of it.

A lesser man may have decided that having his cock adored by eleven women at once is the kind of delight that deserves a break, or maybe a trip home, deciding that you can't possibly top the experiences and indulgences that you've just reached new heights of. That you've done all you can today to live like a Roman emperor--one of the fun ones. But if you were a lesser man you wouldn't have this writhing princess cosplayer harem to begin with, and so you keep the matters up. "Take turns. Two or three at a time. Impress me with your devotion to my cock." You lean back, decadently inviting the women to prove what they can do rather than grabbing hold of them and making them do anything specific. Each of these girls has to have their own ideas and their own twisted little quirks to indulge in, and you welcome their creativity.

Cinderella and Tiana both get their dresses off their shoulders, pulling the nice costumes down in ways they maybe shouldn't be pulled so that they get their breasts out, both women laying their ample bosoms into your lap, perky nipples pressing and rubbing together as soft moans rumble up hotly and the women begin to dive you a double titfuck together. A nice, steady up and down treats your cock to the sweet worship that only two pairs of gorgeous breasts at once can provide. It's warm, it's soft, and they move with surprising ease, working with a coordinated push of adoration toward you as they reach for each others' lips to make out, both women having taken the facial from earlier and now lovingly sharing your cum back and forth as they go, Tiana in particular moaning, "Your cum tastes so good!"

Their well synchronized pace holds even as they get faster, both cosplayers moving in perfect concert with one another, not speaking or organizing anything and yet so flawless in how they move, so perfectly driven to adore your cock. It's impressive, and as you lie there enjoying two sets of breasts at once it feels almost too good to be true, but there is no longer such a thing as 'too good', and chasing the indulgent pleasure overload as you lie back and relish in their attention is well worth the world, leaving you to squirm happily as they work you over quicker and hotter, right up to that sweet peak as they cry out in excitement and ravenous delight. Your cock bucks upward and erupts again, blasting both their faces with even more cum, and as they roll off to the side, they both seem happy to begin indulging in each others' tastes of you together, grabbing hold of one another and making out hungrily as they rotate out for someone else.

Belle and Ariel are next, guiding you to stand up as Christine pulls the brunette into a deep kiss and urges you to slip your cock between their lips. It's a double blowjob made even better as you feel them kiss around your thick cock, pulling each other in tighter as you begin to thrust. Rather than two mouths competing for real estate on your shaft, they keep still and indulge in whole sides of your cock to themselves as your hips move with broad strokes back and forth to fuck their mouths. Their steamy kiss seems absolutely focused on one another, and you can't blame Christine for wanting to make out the gorgeous Belle cosplayer adoring the left side of your dick; if she didn't have her mouth on your cock you would be all over getting your tongue down her throat, and then probably fuck her throat for good measure anyway.

It's a little bit of effort on your end, but that effort is well worth the time and effort, made only better by the fact that you get to watch them make out while you go, feeling their tongues running along your cock or pushing across to meet the other's, still licking your dick even as they share their sloppy external tongue kiss. It's the strangest feeling but it gets you all too happy to blow your load as you grab them by the hair and offer no warning for the way you press them cheek by cheek and command them to open their mouths. You cum first into Belle's mouth, then switch over and deposit the other half right into Christine's, and both girls happily gulp down their salty treats from you with a hot moan and a bright smile.

Taking your seat the edge of the bed, your legs are gently spread out as the trio of Aurora, Pocahontas, and Snow White all dive for your balls together, sharing a sloppy tongue kiss against your sac as they stare up at you, moaning and whining in the eager beginnings of their service. "Can you cum just from having your balls sucked on?" Aurora asks while the other two pepper your balls up and down with kisses. They're shameless about their adoration, and Aurora quickly joins the others with licks, which the other two quickly start to do as well. There's little direction or sense of certainty about what this entails, but they all seem so eager to worship your balls that it hardly matters.

"Why don't you find out?" is your reply as you settle comfortably into place and adore the feeling of three tongues all working in concert along your nuts. They sometimes go in to suck on one of them, aggressive fitting a whole ball into their mouth and slurping on it while the other two share a nut with their tongues, while at other points their tongues move chaotically all around. The past two rounds have involved girls being on the same page, but these three hungry sluts just want your cum and aren't in too big a hurry to figure out how to get it as they just sloppily adore you every which way.

You grab hold of your cock and smack it down against their faces, all the warm spit coating it making the impacts louder and harsher. They reply with hot moans to your cockslapping, happily relishing in the quick little bursts of abuse from your cock as they shamelessly give in to their hungers. Even if it's scatter-shot and messy, all three hot mouths are still more than talented enough for you to happily surrender to their touch, your cock erupting and your hand guiding it back and forth as you glaze their faces with hot streaks of gooey seed, making them all whine and sigh happily as they accept their facials.

A bottomless Jasmine strips Mulan out of her pants and pins her down onto the bed, wiggling her hips as she presses her hot twat right up against her friend's. "Fuck our slits at the same time, please," she moans, giving you a hungry, lip-biting glare over her shoulder as you happily get into position. Again, it's a little bit of work as you guide your dick between the hot, dripping pussy lips of the two cosplayers, but it's well worth the effort as you get to feel the heat of their slick mounds against your cock on both sides. Your hips roll steadily back and forth as you get into the rhythm, and the friction of your thick cock rubbing up and down their slits is enough to make them moan in excitement.

Maybe it has something to do with your cock rubbing against their clits as much as it is. The girls writhe, and more you grind against their hot cunts the more they do so, moans hotter and hotter still as they make out with each other feverishly, absolutely refusing to slow themselves down in the steady process of what they're doing. They welcome your cock, let it fuel their own hungers, and it's a massive surprise when it hits the girls so strongly that they manage to cum before you do, screaming out in ecstasy and bucking excitedly, turned into slick, leaking messes who can't keep their hands off of you and couldn't possibly want to let go. It's all the extra reason you could ever need to blow your load between their bodies, leaving their midsections blasted with cum that, through all their rubbing together, smears their stomachs and tops with all your spunk.

Back down onto your back you go as Merida and Rapunzel lean over your cock. It looks for a moment like they're about to share it, like they're about to give you a very typical double blowjob, but then a hand seizes the back of Rapunzel's head and you watch with wide-eyed delight as Merida shoves her face right down your cock, shoving her down until you're in her throat, choking on your cock and shuddering, eyes wide as Merida snarls, "I know how much you love getting facefucked, so here, slut, have some." But she does it with a smile, like this is two friends playing with each other, albeit in a very depraved manner.

Rapunzel flails about, sweet panic setting in as she's taken so quickly, but she obediently accepts the back and forth of your cock down her throat. She's getting facefucked but you're not even doing anything other than watching with a wicked smile, leaned back in the lap of luxury and savouring her struggles. But once she's let up for air by a shred of mercy, she's quick to grab hold of Merida's head and shove her down too. "Who's the thirsty bitch who said she hoped she could get facefucked like Tessa?" Rapunzel asks amid her rapid gasp for air, but there's a broad smile across her face as well.

The two girls take turns fucking each other's face down on your cock, aggressive and shameless about how they go back and forth, forcing each other into brutal turns with plenty of hair pulling and harshness. It's a delight to see as your cock becomes the playful 'punishment' for these two cosplayers. You can't help but remark. "It sounds like you're both total oral sluts to me. Just a pair of vengeful cocksuckers." They both smile at the remark, too, and when finally you blow your load, you're all too happy to cover their faces in big shots of cum that leave them both gasping and whining in well fucked bliss at the feeling that's followed.

You're not done yet though. You've had them all on you at once, had them team up to adore your cock however they so chose, and now you're ready for something even better. You roll out of bed and clap your hands drawing their attention toward you as your lips curl into a wicked smirk. "I want each of you bent over the bed and lined up, dress up, panties down. If you're wearing pants, get them around your ankles and present those cute asses to me. I'm going to fuck down the line and creampie each of your pussies."

The girls squeal in excitement at the promise of each getting their own gooey creampie, all eleven of them lining up together for the opportunity. You start at the head of the bed, Merida's hot twat spread open by her eager fingers and inviting you in. You're all too happy to slam up her cunt and give her steady, quick thrusts. Nothing harsh, as she's still red in the face and covered in drool from the raw facefucking Rapunzel gave her, but you don't feel like holding much back as you take her, lucky number one receiving a nice, deep pounding that has her moaning in ecstasy right up until you bury your cock to the hilt inside of her hot twat and make her squeal like a pig.

Belle is up next, her perky butt receiving a hard slap as you decide to go at it a different pace with her. Deep and slow, but powerful, each thrust into her making her body heave and shake with excitement as you take her, showing her a methodical treatment that makes sure she doesn't have to be left wanting, her tight twat stuffed full of cock as she savours the fullness a moment, before you finally blow a huge load into her as well and leave her to shiver in excitement.

You're quickly over to Aurora, whose pussy by contrast receives a quick, speedy pounding, making her shriek in delight as you fuck her with rapid strokes and don't even do anything intentionally driven by the need to fill her up too much. She begs to feel your cock sheathed inside of her, but you don't worry about that too much; it's not worth the trouble. She gets her creampie in the end, that's all that matters.

Pocahontas receives a harsh surprise in the form of your cock slamming its way up her hot ass, making her shriek as you pound her tight backside instead. "Can you please still cum in my pussy at least?" she whines, fingers toying with her dripping cunt as you hammer into her ass, making it bounce and shake before finally you pull out at the last second, sheathing yourself balls deep into her pussy and creampieing her as planned, making her whine and thank you with frantic cries.

Snow White takes it up her pussy like normal again, but you make no qualms about smacking her cute butt constantly, each balls deep thrust into her slick hole followed up with a noisy slap that has her whining and twisting about. She takes it like a champ though, moaning, "My ass is yours to abuse as you want to," as she welcomes the roughness, welcomes the treatment. Like any other woman she'd never for a moment consider telling you no, and you use that to your benefit right up to the moment you leave her with a hot deposit of spunk in her womb.

Your hands grab Cinderella's hair and shove her face-down into the bed as you pound her quickly, a good, deep ravaging that has her writhing excitedly, the mattress and sheets muffling her moans as you take her with deep, relentless thrusts. She howls in excitement at the treatment she receives, thrashing about on the bed and moving feverishly as her orgasm rips through her. You fuck her to an orgasm so quickly it's almost shameful, but it doesn't matter much to you as long as you get what you want out of her, and as long as she ends up taking a gooey creampie of her own.

Rapunzel's hair provides the perfect handle as you take the opposite approach with her, pulling her head back and railing her with equally brutal thrusts, but this time she's free to speak, and 'fortunately' she can't shut up. "Your cocks feels so good, sir! I want you to pump my hot, desperate pussy with as much cum as you can, please. Fill me up and make me feel all that hot warmth to tide me over until you come back to my cunt again; I want to feel a part of you never leave me!" You don't know if there's anything that special about creampieing her, but she receives what she asked for regardless, so it's all worth it in the end.

You grab Mulan's arms and pull her up off of the bed entirely, lifting her a few inches off the mattress as you pound her as harshly as you can, making her whine in ecstasy as each powerful thrust to the hilt inside of her needy hole is harder than the last. She doesn't offer up much in the way of conversation, just the ecstatic delight of being fucked at all, her moans rising up hotter and out of control as she's taken without care of consequences, and as you blow your load inside of her she yells louder than the other girls did.

Jasmine gets treated to the worst of it. There's no real rhyme or reason for it, but you give her the kind of brutal pounding that has her shivering and near the point of tears by the time you're done, ripping her a new one as you ravage her hot cunt, smack her ass, pull her hair, make her really feel the aggressions you really have no reason to want to vent aside from the fact it feels so fucking good to utterly ravage someone that hard. But she loves it in the end either way, even whining, "Thank you, sir," as she crumples down onto the bed.

Ever eager to change it up, Tiana gets a nice, steady stroking as you work back and forth almost passionately, reaching forward and even kissing along her neck as you take her. Again, no reason for why you're treating her like this, but every last thing you can do differently feels nice as you work up a very different sort of pace with each girl if only because you can. When you cum inside of her she's a gasping wreck, moaning, "I love you," as she loses herself. You don't say anything in response.

At the end of the line is Ariel. Christine. Her cute butt is high up in the air, and as you go to claim her pussy you feel just a little bit of extra push upon you to make it count. Completely shameless and craving every second of what you can get, to slam your cock into Christine last, groaning and clutching her tightly as you begin to fuck her. "Don't worry, I'd never forget about you," you say as you thrust feverishly into her.

"Nngh, I know," she moans, hands spreading out to run happily across the bed. "I went last on purpose, just for this, and I'm so happy I did. You're doing so well in this role; your confidence and you depravity are through the roof. It's so attractive. I knew you could do it. And now, I'm getting your cock up my pussy again, and all is right in the world. Go on, creampie your slutty mermaid princess, make her a real girl." She's crossing Disney movies a little bit with that remark but you don't care enough to correct her as you thrust on forward and carelessly show her what you can do, pushing her up to the very peak of her depraved bliss as you keep hammering on, making her lose herself with gasping delight to the pleasure before long.

Like the ten women lined up before her, Christine earns a nice, hot creampie, completing your set of all the official princesses as you pull back in elation and admire your handiwork. The girls all remain bent over the bed for you, letting you marvel now at the truly disastrous mess made of this whole situation, of the eleven cute butts raised up high as cum leaks from eleven dripping, hot pussies. You've left your mark on all of them, impressively handled the pleasure of eleven women at once, and that should be enough for you. But there is no enough. There will never be an enough.

You grab Jasmine by pure luck and roll her onto her back, pulling her legs up over your shoulders and slamming into her hot pussy as you begin to fuck her again. Less violently, this time, but not exactly sappy or gentle. "Orgy time!" you yell, inviting the women to stop following your demands and whims as they break off into the sloppy chaos of fucking each other however they'd like. Mulan pulls up to your side and begins to make out with you while you fuck Jasmine. Cinderella, in turn, lies on top of Jasmine for a sloppy sixty-nine that sees her licking her pussy lips and the big cock spreading them apart. Belle and Merida roll Ariel onto her back and spread her legs so they can chow down on her creampied pussy in unison.

Snow White, Aurora, and Pocahontas feverishly sixty nine to do the same and eat each other out thoroughly. Rapunzel shoves Tiana up against a wall and fingerfucks both her holes. You have no idea if any of these women have had an interest in girls before now, whether or not sex is anything new to this group. It doesn't matter. It will be now; you're going to indulge until dawn in this orgiastic bliss, and make sure when they leave, they do so a heap of loving women all devoted to one another, a ten woman pile-up of lesbian affection that nothing can ever break. They can consider it a thank you gift for starring in your Disney princess harem.

Some women got out of sex with you today with their lives totally unchanged, others ended up 'lucky' in being able to have your positive, perverted influences effect them moving forward. It's been a hell of a day, but the one thing above all else that you feel as you happily thrust into Jasmine and relish in your power, is that this world is yours, and it's going to piece by piece learn that fact.


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