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Chapter 7 - Turn and Face the Strange

When a strange girl at a bar asks you some strange questions, you don't think you're on your way down an insane rabbit hole, but you awaken in a world almost exactly like your own, but where you have the ability to freely use any woman you wish for without anyone seeing it as anything other than completely normal, and where anyone will accept any word you say as a truth to be listened to. Which leaves you only one in this world of casual free use: to become king.

Commission for hopviq.

Chapter 7 - Turn and Face the Strange

Chapter 7 - Turn and Face the Strange
There's a strange sense of wrongness when you wake up in the morning, like something in the air just isn't right. You really don't know what or how or why, because you find yourself lying in your own bed with Christine beside you, snuggled up and smiling softly in her dreams as she lies there. But it's not right, impossible to put your finger on as it is. It's like you woke up somewhere you don't belong, like the couch of a friend you don't remember being at the home of last night, or that weird predictive sense you're sick and your body knows something is wrong and is giving you a general feeling of vague throughout as a warning sign you can't possibly parse as worthwhile advice.

You look at Christine for a few seconds, and her eyes open swiftly. The first words out of your mouth this morning are, “Did you do something?” It's accusatory and rooted in things you still don't understand about who or what Christine really is, but you can't help but feel like if something is wrong and you didn't just partake in too much potato salad that had been out too long, she would be to blame for it, somehow.

“Me?” she asked, voice purring with a knowing and playful rumble. “I've never done anything wrong in my life. I'm a good girl, aside from all of the anal.” Her lips shove against your cheek, and you don't even pretend to be convinced. 'But maybe. A little bit, but really, it's all your fault. Remember what I told you when this whole thing started? About how your actions would change the world around you eventually and that you should have been mindful of what you were doing to guide those changes? Well yesterday was your last day to make it a reality, and you spent it fucking your cousins, so just keep that in mind when we go out today.”

“Where are we going?” you ask. She's already figured this whole thing out and knew in advance how it went. It makes no sense to you, and yet she takes it all so openly and happily. What is going on in her head?

“Wherever you want to,” she purrs, kissing you again and rubbing her hand along your lap, trailing fingertips delicately along your thigh on her way to begin caressing your morning wood, half-rigid and suddenly growing firmer as she leans her body warmth firmer against yours. “That's the fun part. We can go anywhere and everywhere; you'll get to see how things are different. Your actions have molded a complete change to the world around you. Maybe not to history or the course of your life before all this, but society is different now. They're following your lead. And I'm sure you'll want to see all the ways things are different, won't you?”

“God yes,” you groan.

“But you want me to take care of this first, don't you?” She purrs and rubs at your lab a bit more, and you nod in eager approval at the way she's leaning in against you. “Then why don't you ask me to do it? Your fun little polite way of asking women to do filthy things has become the new standard in manners, you know.”

How shew knows any of this or what she really is doesn't matter in that vulgar haze as she tells you what you want to hear. “Would you be so kind as to choke on my morning wood and guzzle my cum down your tight throat so that I don't have to leave bed with a hard-on?”

“It is my duty as a woman to, sir,” Christine moans in response, and gets your cock out, tossing all over the covers aside and taking her place on her stomach between your legs, grabbing firm hold of your dick and shoving her way down. There's few better things to wake up with than Christine sucking your cock, as she happily presses onward to take you into her mouth and slurp you right now, happy to get to work and service you like only she can. She's just so damn good at sucking cock, and as you let out a low, rumbling groan you feel the excitement take hold of you. Her mouth wraps tight around your dick and you let her pull you into her orbit, leaning back and letting her worship your cock to start off what you can already tell is going to be quite the day. Something about Christine just seems so excited to be doing this and with that in mind you can't help but welcome the idea that it's going to be something special, whatever it is.

She takes you in deep, cutting right to the chase of slurping your cock right down her gullet and starting to choke on your morning wood, just as commanded. Her head bobs up and down, moving in broad, steady motions, and as your fingers run through her hair you realize she's gone blonde again for the occasion. What does that mean? You really don't know. But her hair's so soft and you like blondes a little better anyway so you just accept that whatever she's doing is all still to your enjoyment, so it's worth just letting her do whatever she wants as you focus on the pleasure and the calm of just letting it happen. It's a great start to your morning, and if your day is about to descend into some new, untold kinds of chaos then at least you can get something special out of it, right? Christine's oral technique is hardly going to disappoint, and you just lie back to embrace the chance to feel her at work, trusting her completely.

There's an affectionate kind of urgency to how she sucks you off, and you appreciate every second of it as you lie there and let her go. She's become basically the closest there seems to be in your weird new life now to something resembling a girlfriend, and she's certainly showing that fact now as she gives you more than the usually very dispassionate treatment you've been getting from the women sucking your cock because you make them. At this point you've had your sister nonchalantly suck your dick, and it sets the most bizarre kinds of standards to deal with. But with Christine here, it's a little different, and that difference feels a bit more palpable now as the moment really comes in. It's direct, it's shameless, it's loud, and you savour every second of it as Christine services you. That thing she mentioned about her 'duty as a woman' intrigues you, but questions can wait, not only until you're done with having some fun, but until her mouth can actually see use again.

Because right now there is nothing about her mouth that is reluctant, as Christine keeps on sucking, keeps on working at your cock with a steady and caring approach that has you slowly melting into the embrace of vulgar delights until you really can't keep track of any of what's happening. She's laying into you with so much passion and so much fervor you really don't know how to handle any of it, but you know that you want it, know that you crave the chance to just give in and let go of yourself completely. You let the morning take hold of you, let you start off steady and hot as the sensations wind up hot and hard within your aching body. You're ready to feel where this is going to take you, opening yourself up to Christine and to her mouth's treatment as she gets you all hot and bothered until you're groaning and tugging on her head to pull her down your cock harder.

She pulls back just before you're about to cum, and you figure it's all down to her being so familiar now with your dick that she knows exactly when you're due. You don't mind it all too much as she jerks you off all over her face, ensuring a messy, gooey finish that has her yelping in delight as you blow. She takes your load, moaning and delighting in the vulgar pleasure before she leans back and immediately proceeds to do nothing to get rid of it. “Okay, let's get going now,” she says, urgent and quick as she moves immediately and abruptly on with everything, leaving you to lie there wondering just what kind of day awaits you out there.
When Christine talked about the world changing, that always felt like kind of a nebulous, excessively vague bit of nonsense you couldn't really put too much stock into. Granted, the reasons to trust her all hinged on some particularly narrow kinds of things to begin with so you haven't questioned much of it from the start, but this is all now so insane that the only sensible seeming response is to just assume this is all a fever dream and roll with it anyway. But if it is a fever dream then it's the best goddamn fever dream you have ever seen, because there is something very, very weird about the world now and you don't know how to deal w3ith any of it.

You're barely outside of your place when you see it all in blatant, shameless vision. One of the women who lives across the street has her robe open and her tits out as she checks the mail in the nude like it's nothing. When Christine showed up at your 'workplace', she was wearing a top where her breasts were completely uncovered. Now, multiple women walk by you wearing clothes just like that, as well as very tight pencil skirts that expose the outlines of thighs and the curves of their asses. They walk on like it's absolutely nothing at all, just make their way down the street without a care. It's so straightforward and shameless that you almost fall over watching them go, having no idea what to make of how they walk down the street like that. You look back toward Christine, who's wearing a similar top now, but she just motions toward you to look back at the women again.

Along the edge of the sidewalk are some strange objects, almost sort of like benches, but they're too short of that, barely off the ground, thin, and curved, looking more like somewhere that somebody could comfortably kneel rather than anything to sit on, and unlike benches, they run the length of the sidewalk, one every couple feet for some reason. They were definitely not there yesterday when you looked round. In fact they've never been on any sidewalk you've ever seen before.

One of them stops to greet a man they seem to know; you're too far away to hear their conversation but you see them wave to each other as the man grabs her tit and gives it a nice squeeze. She responds by sinking down to her knees into one of the kneeling benches,, and you can see her mouth moving with some manner of small talk as she pulls the man's dick out and begins to suck on it almost like it's a form of greeting. A shiver rushes up your spine as you watch it go, watch her getting down to work at just sucking idly on his cock, occasionally pulling back to say something as she jerks him off, and something about her expression doesn't seem to indicate its vulgar dirty talk, especially not out in the middle of the street like this is. Everything about it is setting off sirens in your head as you look back over toward Christine seeking some kind of an answer.

“Great, isn't it?” she asks. “Come on, let's go for a walk. You might understand a little bit more if you see more of things.” She tugs you along by the wrist and you follow, leaving the weird public blowjob behind.

You're not the only one. People are walking right by it like it's nothing, just going on with their days and focusing on getting from one place to another without much in the way of a care about what's going on. You're almost damn sure if there was some crazy public sex shit going on people would be paying attention to it, but it's treated with the same ignored acceptance that you're used to experiencing when you start fucking someone in public. But you have some kind of weird superpower that just makes it okay, what does that guy have? This isn't making much sense at all.

There is a gym around the corner from your building, one of those lightweight places that don't have any kinds of services, just rows of machine and low membership fees. The big windows always offer peeks into it, and usually you've found yourself unable to keep from giving a few stares in, where usually there's some woman with tight clothes on working out and that's always a good sight, but this time you find yourself startled by the view, as new machines have been swapped in along the window view for other machines entirely. Exercise bikes, but on the seat of every second bike looks to be a very big dildo sticking up proudly. It's the strangest damn thing, and you find yourself watching it in growing confusion, not sure what to make of it as you behold the sight, a sight that only gets fucking weirder as you make your way further down.

You watch as a woman rips a hole in her yoga pants and climbs onto the bike. Her shirt has a heart-shaped hole where her breasts are completely out, and now her pussy is too. She climbs onto the bike, checking her phone and messing around with some music before she starts to ride it, sitting right down onto the dildo and getting to work at it. But she's not riding a dildo, she's getting in a morning run on the exercise bike. Well, no, she's definitely riding a dildo. But the look on her face is one of focus as she gets to riding, and nothing seems like it's going to get in the way of how she moves, even as she inevitably rocks up and down the toy as she goes. It's nothing to her, just a part of the exercise routine, just something she grits her teeth through as she gets a quicker pace along.

“That's new,” your murmur, watching a little longer as her tits bounce before your gaze snaps back, only to see before you that ahead of you on the street is another woman down on her knees sucking a man off, while beside them, another woman gives a man a titfuck. 

You pass by them, and hear the woman giving the titfuck say, “No, the weather's been really nice lately, I'm hoping it lasts a bit longer. I can't remember the last time it was so mild this time of year.” It sends a shiver up your spine, sounding so absolutely bonkers and too much like the way you've had women carry on casual conversations through the thick of getting fucked by you. Everything about this is just so ridiculous, and you don't know how to respond to it. You look over to Christine again, who just smirks that usual smirk, and you wonder how long it'll e before you just give up and ask her what the fuck any of this means, but for now, you keep on walking and keep on hoping something about this starts to make sense.

You round a corner, and by insane happenstance, Rose is right around it, eyes going bright with surprise as you run into her. “Oh, hi!” she chirps. Thoughts of your office crush have honestly kind of melted away into time given how busy you've been with everything the fuck else, just so much going on that you haven't had time to remember anything like this, but now that she's here that all comes rushed back, in particular because she looks so fucking stunning right now, wearing a turtleneck that, unsurprisingly, has her ample breasts open and perky, completely free as she waves at you, and with that wave comes some jiggle.

“Hey Rose,” you say, confronted suddenly with a very exposed Rose and no idea what to do with it. “It's good to see you. I know I haven't been around the office very much but--” You don't get to finish that thought as you watch her undo your belt and sink down to her knees in front of you, so sudden and quick you really have no idea how to handle it, but you know you want to take it as far as you can, deciding to see where this goes as she slips onto one of the benches, kneeling down and fishing out your cock. Only then does it finally click to you what these things are for. They're so that women don't have to get directly down onto their knees on the bare, rocky concrete, giving them something more comfortable to kneel on.

“But what?” she asks, looking up at you with a smile, as if she's not fishing your cock out. You most definitely did not ask her for this at all, and yet she's moving at it like it's all the same, something you really have no idea how to answer to as she gets into position and begins to suck on your cock. It's all so abrupt, and it gets even weirder as she speaks around your cock. “I hihurb who woubebt be aroub mush ahewhay,” she says, a muffled mess that you get the gist of as she works her head back and forth along your cock very shamelessly, the direct and abrupt nature of her sloppy head leaving you more than a little confused, but probably in a good way, for as much as there can be a 'good' way when you're this fucking deeply baffled by everything going on around you.

“But I've been busy dealing with some other stuff lately.” That's a fucking lie, but it doesn't matter. “How have things been over there since I've been gone?” You groan, delighted by the feeling of her hot mouth wrapped around your cock as she works back and forth, starting to slurp and suck on your cock. She's got all the seeming of someone who's greeting a work associate on the street and not much more, and yet she's got your cock down deep in the process. Everything about this is new kinds of weird, even for you and the insane life of public sex you've been riding high on the past week or so.

“Ish bheen hine,” she responds, head rocking back and forth steady. This is all normal to her, it seems. All sane and immediate, something that you just go on and let happen as the pressure takes hold of you and you let the pleasure sink in. “Hork goss om.” 'Work goes on', you think. Without prompting she's sucking your dick in the street and all of it feels so 'normal' in a weird way, as Christine pushes her chest up against your back and gives you a bright smirk right in your face, like she's hoping you'll understand this. And fortunately, you kind of do. It's all starting to come together as you watch her go, as she sucks your cok as a matter of course, moving on without a care and just doing her duty as she goes, helping to bring everything into focus as the pressure washes over you and you give in to the allure of her hot mouth and the pleasures it promises.

“Well, I'm glad everything is still normal without me. Kind of makes me feel good, honestly. I'm probably not going to be around very often still, just because I'm doing so much more work from home now, but we should get coffee some time and catch up.”

“Hohhee wub be goob,” she agrees, and then takes your cock right down her throat. She gags on it, face curling in mild annoyance as she shoves further down your cock like the way she's choking on it is an obstacle she wishes wasn't there, but not really in a way that comes off like she craves your cock so much she wishes she could deepthroat you and breathe at the same time. It's all very weirdly detached, but without any prompting or reason to feel like anything about this is coming from any order you've given her or any lingering effects from what you've done, and that's possibly the most exciting part about all of this. She presses on, sucking you down and letting conversation stop for a moment as she keeps on gagging, until finally you're finished with her entirely.

You pull out of her mouth, and she says, “It was nice to see you again,” as you blow your load all over her face and tits. No hesitation, no grace, no ceremony. Just one big gooey mess pumped all over her face and her chest as you let go completely, and she seems happy to take it, smirking brightly as you give her your worst and everything about it just feels so goddamn right.

“Take care, Rose, I'll see you around,” you say, smacking her face with your dick a few times before you pack it away.

“You too!” She rises up to her feet and walks on her merry way like it's no big thing. Even if it is entirely a big thing.

“You finally starting to see it now?” Christine asks, smile broad and wicked as she eyes you up and down.

“Let's go find somewhere to sit.”

There's a restaurant near your place that serves as the best place to sit down, and as you get there, some new girl walks up, wearing a shirt so tight you can see her puffy nipples strain against the fabric, and everything about this feels like it's just getting fucking weirder as you settle in for the long haul on this madness. She's also wearing a very short skirt, so short you're not sure how she's getting away with anything. Her long brown hair is tied back into a very loose ponytail, and she's got a somewhat stressed look on her face as she clears off a table beside the one you settle down at. Her figure is just perfect, perky tits strained against her top and a soft face that might look hotter if she didn't seem so stressed, but you can scarcely blame her there since she's on the clock.  “I'll be with you two in a moment.”
You sit down and prepare to finally ask Christine the real questions, opening up the menu and finding a whole lot about it is different than you remember it being last time you were here. Your eyes scan almost passively along it, and it takes you a second to double back in realization that the menu is absolutely insane.

Each and every menu item has beneath it an option, offering the addition of semen into the meal for slightly more money. None of it is standard, all listing that it's extra alongside such things as 'extra cheese' or 'side of fries'. Like it's perfectly normal to put cum on your burger. You look at it a moment, then put the menu slowly down, not quite turned off from ordering because of the option but wondering if you're not having a stroke, and suddenly not feeling so much like food is what you need. “Okay, let's talk,” you say, looking at Christine. “So, this... Everything. It's your doing?'

“No, it's yours. Do you really not get it yet?” She clicks her tongue, as if deeply annoyed with you. “All of your actions shaped this world. It was you. You decided to make all of this happen. Everything you put out there into the world and all of the actions that you did, every way you made your behavior normal... It's all happened. Sucking cock is now just an acceptable way for a woman to greet a man. You can lift up a woman's skit and stick your dick in her, and she'll just go about her business. Everyone is just following the lead you set, and I know you're not a sterling example of good behavior, but it's what the world's been waiting you. I said at the beginning to be careful about what you did, and now we're really here.”

“That's insane,” is all you can say, but it's not like you can argue with her. “So now every guy can do what I do?”

“No, not quite. You can still talk your way into whatever you want, any other man has to play by society's rules. Those rules have just changed so that people can do whatever they want to each others' bodies now. If a normal man was pulled over for speeding, he'd still get a ticket even if he could cop a feel on the female cop writing him up. You could tell her it's okay and you're allowed to speed, and that would be all you. The world is just more sexual now.”

“Is that why the menu has cum as an extra for everything?”

“You literally made yourself a buffet item for your own sister to enjoy,” Christine responds flatly.

“Okay, that's fair,” you groan. “Is that okay too now? Incest?”

“Under these rules, absolutely. Every guy who's ever looked at his hot sister or cousin can now fuck her brains out without fear of reprisal, and he'll understand that fact. He can act on those urges, and nobody will do a damn thing about it. Great deal, isn't it?” She smirks, leaning back in her seat and looking down at the menu. “You decided to make this all okay. I told you when this began that you were going to shape the world, and now you have. Everything's twisted now. You saw the exercise bikes. Women will sit down on the ones with cocks on them just because that's what feels right. A guy sees a girl on the street he fancies, he can just stick his dick in her, cum in her pussy, and they go on with their day. Everything is just like you've set it up to be, and there's nothing to worry about. Fashion is sluttier, everyday objects are more perverted, and we just live more sexual lives now. How do you feel? You happy with this?”

Before you can answer, the pretty waitress comes back, leaning over your shoulder. “Would you like a handjob with that while you look through the menu, sir?” she asks, wearing a 'customer service smile.

“I would love for you to wrap your hand around my cock and jerk me off right here,” you say happily, and watch as she undoes your pants and pulls your cock out, wrapping her hand around your cock and getting to work at jerking you right off as you pull the menu back up. Suddenly, food sounds like a real good idea, if only because with service like this you can't exactly turn down the need to actually order something. She asked the question like she would have asked if you were ready to order or wanted some free water. It's getting weirder but in the best of ways, in ways you cherish and embrace as her soft hand embraces your cock and she begins to work at jerking you off.

So you pull up the menu and begin to read through it again. The dishes all remain pretty much the same as they were before, just with the new changes to the extras section, and you know the old standbys are still fine. But you take your time to do it anyway, letting soak in the twisted new heights of character service excellence that feel like how things should have been run from the beginning. You look past the menu to Christine, who's smirking at you behind her own menu as you receive the royal treatment. Or at least, what would have been in every way the royal treatment in the old world. It seems to just be the normal now. Just how customer service works, and it's all entirely because of how you've set this up, which adds a certain air of excitement to the whole thing as you remain seated firmly in place and enjoy the tug job you receive, not minding at all the way that she goes at jerking your cock off while you make up your mind. The idea that you normalized this is really should entitle you to some kind of trophy and public adulation.

Oh well, you'll just keep fucking every woman you see and take your prize through there, you suppose.

“How are their burgers?” Christine asks, looking up at you from her menu and shrugging.

“They're pretty good,” you shrug. “Probably what I'm going to have.”

“We just got a new flat top grill in yesterday,” the waitress says as she begins to shift her position, coming around from and settling down onto her knees over your lap, still jerking your cock all the while. “It cooks the burgers like a dream, I've never seen them come out so perfect.”

“I'll have the southwest burger with extra fried onions, then,” Christine says with a smile and puts the menu down. “And a Diet Coke.”

The waitress responds with a nod before she leans in over your lap to get at your cock, finishing you off into her mouth. You feed her a hot shot of gooey spunk happily, letting her take your load and swallow it all right down, seemingly happy to be of service as she rises up from her place and pulls a notepad from her hip. “Southwest burger extra onions, Diet Coke, got it. And for you, sir?”

“Same order, but regular Coke,” you say, smiling back at her as you watch her lick some cum off the corner of her mouth before she nods and heads off to bring you your food.

You finally have a chance to look at Christine and answer her question. “I love it,” you say, your smile wide and excited as you look around. “And I can get used to this kind of thing being the default.”

“Yeah, like it was so much work to ask every pretty woman you passed by to handle your cock,” she says, rolling her eyes and flaunting a teasing smile at you, and you can't even be mad. Not when you've had two women give you completely unprompted orgasms before you've even gotten a bite in. It's as good a start to your day as you can get. “But now the question is... How do you want to take this up a notch?”

“Well, looks like every random guy on the street now gets his call of any woman he wants, so I guess I should figure out a way to make this special for me, shouldn't I?” You sound absolutely ridiculous in that claim, like you're somehow needing to escalate things because now you're not 'so special' anymore, but nah fuck that you want everything you can get from this situation, even if it's bugfuck insane to think you should. “How about I become king of the world?”

“That is a reasonable, sound goal that makes absolute sense,” Christine nods. “I think it's the only way to follow, honestly. You should go with that.” She remains walking on the line of teasing, mocking remarks that leave your eyes narrowing a little bit as you look at her, watch her smile widen as she tries to play up her charms a little bit more, but it's not quite working out.

“It'll be a few minutes until the food comes,” you say. “And my dick's already out. So get under the table and deepthroat me a bit before it comes.”

Christine rolls her eyes again, but she slips under the table to get at you, crawling in and slurping your dick right down into her throat. As she does so, you have the time to think things out and wonder how you're going to proceed, specifically in terms of actually coming up with a way to start this plan off. How does one go about actually doing something like this? Do you work your way up patiently through a governmental career that sees you steadily rising from the local level up? No that sounds insane and like it would take way too long. You need something faster than that.  It's something to think about as you wait for your burger with your dick lodged in Christine's throat.
Buying a house doesn't seem like a grand step toward making the world yours , but it'd be nice, right? You're making so much more money now than you really have any reason to, and now the modest place you've been living in just doesn't really sound about right. If you're going to live even a vaguely better life, you've got to make something special happen here, right? No more living in the kind of place you can afford as a lowly office grunt. You need the kind of house your old bosses would be jealous of, you just need the liquid cash to make this all move as smoothly as you possibly can. To do that, you decide to actually pay a visit back to the office to get some of that money. You just walk right in, greeting the doorman like normal, like you're checking in for a day of work. In some ways you suppose you are, as you have a very important meeting with the company's chief financial officer, even if she doesn't know it yet.

For the sake of appearing fancy, the lobby has some planter rows with sculpted shrubbery, and previously they spelled out the name of the company on either sides. Now they're mostly just tall cocks, with a few more squat shrubs sculpted into pairs of shapely, leafy breasts. There's some more kneeling benches here and there, not as many, but the floor doesn't look nearly so uncomfortable to kneel on so that's only fair. There's a woman bent over the information desk and jerking off a security guard, while one of the female guards has her skirt lifted up and is pinned up against the wall, getting a dick up her ass while she explains to the man fucking her that she's not issuing another security pass if he loses 'this one'.

You head right into the elevator and go up to the sixth floor, where the financial department awaits you. Past the cubicles of number crunchers you go. Accountants and 'optimization specialists', past the people who deal with the shareholders and the people who handle payroll. Poor souls are still chained to their desks, and you don't want to strut around feeling like you're better than them, but... Well, you kind of are, aren't you?

You catch a peek inside a cubicle of a woman bent over her computer while she gets fucked from behind, while down the way you spot another woman giving a handjob while she stands in line waiting for her turn with the copy machine. It's not quite enough for you to feel like you'd want to come back, but clearly work is picking up in the most twisted of ways and it does kind of suck that you couldn't indulge in this kind of thing while you were still working here. It would have made showing up for work a whole lot easier if you could just pull up someone's skirt and stick your cock in her when you felt like it. And sure, you can do that now, but life in general is a whole lot 'easier' now, and it's not the same.

It's better, though. Way better.

The personal secretary of the company's CFO was the first woman you checked out when you started here, funny enough. She initially worked the desk for the hiring director, a bright-eyed angel of a woman named Sally. In another life she would have been a model, and there's really no reason to think she shouldn't be given how hot she looks, her long blonde hair worn down and loose, framing her striking features that would have looked almost intimidating were she not always wearing a bright, sunny smile to match her cheerful disposition. Her body is one that some women would have killed for, and thanks to some radical overnight changes in how clothes work, it's never looked better. She wears a plain white button-up blouse that's wide open, showing off beneath it a red bra, but it's not actually a bra at all, because it lacks cups over her breasts at all, covering up nothing and only drawing the eyes further to her full, gorgeous chest, which shakes a bit as her arms move and she rapidly types up a storm. A black tie sits nestled in between her breasts, feeling almost like a humorous joke addition to the whole getup.

You slip up to the desk like it's nothing and lean, smirking bright as you make your mode. “Hey Sally, is Mrs. Tremont in at the moment? I really need to speak with her about something.”

Sally smiles up at you in that polite kind of way that says, “You don't go here and I don't remember why  I recognize you but I'm paid to be chipper so I'll keep it up.” But it's a nice fucking smile. Nice enough that you'd definitely want to see it covered in cum, as you size her up and down. “She's out at lunch right now,” she tells you.

“Can you clear me some room for a short meeting when she gets back?”

“Of course I can!” she chirps. “She has no meetings in the early afternoon, so I can pencil you in.” You give her the details put into her system and schedule you in for a meeting once she gets back from her work. She types up the details quickly, fingers clacking and not paying any mind to how your eyes fall onto the shaking of her breasts. You take your peek and nothing about it seems invasive, which seems about right given that she's wearing an open top and a bra that shows all of her tits and offers zero support. “Is there anything else you need, sir?”

“There is one thing. May I please use your throat a cock warmer while I wait for Mrs. Tremont to come by? It would wreck your make-up, but I really want to make you choke on my cock so hard you cry.” It's the kind of words that shouldn't sound so 'normal' to you now, but you're past all of that now.

“Oh, certainly. Please, fuck my mouth until my jaw is sore, it's okay. I can do my make-up again one you're finished.” She speaks plainly and carelessly, focusing on typing up as you slip around front and get behind her desk, fishing out your cock and grabbing hold of it. You give it a few smacks against the side of her face and rub up against it a moment, not even needing to test out the waters, but just putting the waters on fucking notice that you're about to cannonball in there. She doesn't even blink as she continues to handle her administrative duties, leaving you to keep up the abuse of her face with your cock as you take your sweet, vulgar time with her, holding up the pressure just a few moments longer before you turn her head toward you and push into her mouth.

Sally's eyes remain on her screen as you push into her mouth, shifted off to the side to keep her focus on doing her job, by and large ignoring all the specifics behind what you do as you just shove forward and have your way with her. Back and forth thrusts push into her mouth, and as your cock makes that push down into her throat you hear her gag loudly on it. A tightness embraces your cock that helps guarantee with frightening certainty that Sally really is an angel, because it feels like her throat is completely virginal, like she's never had a good, proper facefucking before. It spasms around your cock, tight and tense, offering up to you a special and twisted kind of delight you're not the least bit ashamed of as you push forward and sink into her mouth harshly. She shakes a bit as she takes it, and you feel yourself winding up in raw delight as you push deeper into her mouth and grab tightly at fistfuls of her soft blonde hair.

Steady thrusts back and forth focus on an almost light way to open this facefuck off, as you take your time in being careful and sliding steadily into her throat with a focus on making sure you're in there night and firm before you do anything too desperate, training Sally's throat up for what's to come. It's a good way to take your time with things and to make this smoother down the line, but more importantly, it lets you watch as she does her job in the midst of everything you do and pays no mind to any of this madness. It's all so simple and so focused. Sally is a consummate professional and even taking your cock down her throat can't slow her down.

When her soft lips are flush against your pelvis, you know you can begin. Broad strokes rock your hips back and forth as you take to fucking her mouth with a slow and steady cadence at first, focusing on making her gag loudly on your cock as you build up to something harsher. You can't help it; you want to savour Sally's throat first, want to enjoy breaking it in and making her feel your worst before you go any further, because she will only be this tight once and if you just fuck it loose in seconds you'll never be able to forgive yourself for not enjoying this. So you take your time, figuring it's a while until her boss is probably back anyway. There's all the time in the world to spend enjoying her pretty face first.

Sally's hands move on with an almost frightening precision, like she's going to carry on through anything, and that's kind of hot in a frightening kind of way, her work ethic probably able to endure your vulgar worst, but that's still something you're all too happy to enjoy as you savour her mouth and the opportunity to fuck it. So you move faster, rocking back and forth slowly and enjoying a slow burn on to something harder and hotter. Your hips pick up the pace in a way that just feels right, and you don't make any attempt to slow down or fight against the steady crawl toward something hot and depraved. People can see it, but nobody is really 'watching' you do it, nobody is paying any mind to you or registering how you're moving. They just go on about their day, just move on with it and let the special kind of chaos happen all around them. It's insane to feel, but there's so much to start in with and to savour that you just can't help yourself in regards to.

It's not long before you're really taking it to Sally's pretty face as hard as you can. There's just no way for you to hold back forever, and you're much better off giving in to the pleasure, getting down and dirty with her as you move back and forth with broad, harsh strokes, fucking her hot, pretty mouth and her spasming throat with a very careless cadence. You want to fuck the brightness off of Sally's face, want to dim the light in her eyes, want to challenge the smile she wears that excuses the very secretary-esque welcoming nature that she keeps on because she's so good at her job. It's all you can think about as you hammer forward and take to using her so roughly, letting your focus bear down upon her with a special kind of fire and fervor that nothing can stop now.

Sally starts to drool as your cock plugs up her throat, and the way you rock back and forth only feeds into more of that as you take her, ensuring you pill out some of the thick, messy strands of drool from her hot mouth with each rock. It's a harsh motion, one meant entirely to make your claim on her, and there is nothing she can do about it, nothing that's going to help her get through this as you use and violate her as thoroughly as you can. It's as good as you can possibly imagine, a little twisted fantasy come true that had become lost to time and dreams of fucking other hotties around the office, but which stands out strongly now as you have your way with her.

Her brow furrows, her eyes starting to water. You're fucking her hard enough that she's having trouble taking it all, her throat spasming around your cock harder and hotter as she takes your worst and seems not even remotely ready to handle any of it, but you keep the pressure up on her so much that it doesn't really matter one way or another: she's going to take it, and she doesn't for a moment pull back or try to make this stop. She just accepts it, your rough fucking of her throat  giving it exactly what it deserves, training it up for what you expect will be a lot more use in the future by men as eager as you are to pound her pretty face raw. Which means if anything, you're doing her a favor as you go, as her mascara begins to run from the tears trailing down her face. It makes a mess of her in as direct a way as possible, something that you really can't help but want to appreciate.

Her typing falters, presumably because you're plugging up her throat so hard she can't breathe, reduced to choking and drooling as tears smear her make-up and she becomes a mess. A mess you bear all the blame for. But that's what makes it so fun, and what keeps you shoving forward as you use her so shamelessly, indulging in some special kinds of depravity in making sure she takes your worst, until finally you're ready to lose yourself. You pull back from her hot mouth and her tight throat, tugging on her hair to make sure she faces you just a moment longer as you blow a massive, warm load all over her face, painting her with your cum before you smack the slimy, wet dick all over her face for good measure, spreading out the gooey ropes of spunk you've left as a 'gift' of sorts for her to enjoy before you finally draw back.

“Is that everything?” she asked, not bothering to wipe it away as she turns back to her work.

“Yeah, I'll go sit in her office and wait for her. Thanks for the cocksucking, whore.”

As if she were agreeing to a coffee order, she nods and says, “Being an oral punishment toy is my job.” Weirdest job title you've ever heard but you should look into hiring yourself one of those. Or maybe just more promptly punishing Christine for all of her teasing bullshit.

You walk into Mrs. Tremont's office and settle down in wait for her, taking a comfortable position on her nice-ass chair and dropping your  pants, letting your cock rise up high as you take a look around her office. You've been in here once before to take part of running a proposal by her about two managers ago, and you remembered seeing an elephant statue on her desk. That statue is now replaced by a big ivory cock sitting there, looking in no way like a dildo, but like a decorative penis that's just kind of there. Out the window view, you can see a nearby skyscraper that once had a tall, narrow antenna at the very top of it, but now it's thicker and the end is flared and round, evoking the very clear image of a cock head. The whole world's gone a bit more perverted now, it seems, and there is nothing that;'s going to stop it.

But who'd want to? Everything you're seeing is a great step in the best direction possible.

Eventually, Mrs. Tremont walks in, the chief financial officer and an absolute stunner. The kind of woman young and hot enough to leave people side-eyeing her success and wondering if she's sleeping her way to the top. You don't worry about any of that from where you're sitting, though; it's not worth getting into, rumours of a part of the company you never worked for and never have to think about again. Especially not when you can instead take in how gorgeous she looks. Unsurprisingly, she's got her tits out, an open blazer worn over another very exposing shirt cut out to flaunt her chest. A long pencil skirt does wonders for her thighs and ass as it holds very tightly onto her body, so tight you wonder how she can walk in. Her long, wavy black hair is up in a bun she pulls out the second she steps into her office, like she's ready to unwind and relax a little bit. She certainly seems like she needs it, given, the generally annoyed look on her face.

You sit in her chair, cock out, leaned back and waiting. She doesn't seem to think consciously about how she pulls her skirt up, revealing a lack of panties underneath as she parks herself down onto your cock and sits on it. Only then does she address you, when you're balls deep inside of her already. “Sally says you wanted to see me for an emergency meeting,” she says, regarding you with a faintly polite tone, but there's an undeniable irritation in there. Not at you, certainly, but at someone, and that's going to colour matters pretty hard.

“Yeah, I do. If it's all the same to you, I think I'm going to call you Riley instead of Mrs. Tremont. Sounds a bit formal to call someone who's about to ride my cock like a dirty slut, isn't it?” You speak pretty shamelessly about it, gathering up her let-down hair behind her shoulders and then tugging on it harshly to draw a reaction from her.

“That's fine,” she replies, voice tensing up as you tug on her hair, but aside from that it's just more of the same frustration from before, nothing too out of the ordinary. This is all going almost too well to believe, and you're happy to press on with this approach, not caring about anything as she begins to rock up and down your lap as guided. “So, tell me. What did you come to see me for? I'm sure it's something important, but it's very sudden.”

“Well, as the new Synergy Optimization Manager, I thought it was worth coming here to discuss a proposal I had. It is definitely sudden, but I think it's worth tabling the idea. I want the company to oversee the purchase of a three million dollar house. Don't bother sending me the cash, that'll slow it down with the bank getting involved. Just set up a corporate account for me and fill it up.”

“Three million is a lot of money for a house,” Riley says, not even blinking at the demand. “And you don't even have a family, do you? I'm not objecting to it, but it seems like a lot, and you're not in Malibu.” As she expresses her doubt at it, she works up and down your cock, steady and controlled in the way she rocks atop you, working with a very direct and straightforward approach. As the two of you conduct business, it's clear she's all business, and nothing colours the way she rides your dick. She's as direct and to the point as she could be, a true professional who focuses her attention on the negotiations. The sex is just a thing in the background for her to deal with as she takes up the offer of your cock.

“I want a luxury home I can staff exclusively with beautiful women in skimpy, slutty outfits, room to fuck indiscriminately, space to accumulate all the live-in lovers I feel like, and most importantly, I want a bigger house than everyone who works at this shitty company.” Your hands reach around front to grab at her tits, squeezing them aggressively as you hold yourself in place, grabbing at her and squeezing her body every which way. You don't hide your disdain for this place and your willingness to milk and take advantage of it to get what you want, letting your power take hold and embracing a special kind of wanton need that's only all the better by the fact that you can talk your way into getting whatever you want. That she'll give in to it because that's just your insane superpower.

“You make an interesting case, but the--” Her attempt to speak is interrupted by the ringing of her phone. Riley doesn't stop riding your cock as she lifts it up, and groans a tense, “Yes, Sally?” Her ass smacks loudly against your lap as she takes you down to the hilt again and again, the motion very automatic and careless, completely at odds with the way she's going at your cock and riding you out so hard. “I told him not to call with the--no I know that he's on the line, and I--look Sally this isn't a good time, I'm in a meeting right now, and he's--yes, fine, whatever, put him through. I'll yell at him myself. No, Sally, I don't think you should have to yell at my husband, don't worry. You're my assistant because you're the kind soul I need to anchor me in and I'll--look just patch me through to him, I need to get this over with.”

For good measure you smack Riley's ass and push on along. She doesn't crack as she holds a conversation flawlessly even while she works up and down your dick. It's impressive, but it's also the best norm you could see begin to open up to the world, something that you could really get used to. No reason to have to make the world shut down because some dude's got a boner. It's hot to know you can get your pleasure while she goes on with her day and acts like nothing is happening.

“Yeah, hi. Be quick about it, I'm working” Riley says, as you hear a man's vice on the other end of the line. “No, I know you think it's important, so spit it out, I want to hear what's worth calling me when I'm in a meeting. Yes, I'm in a meeting! I wouldn't make up something like that just to avoid talking to you, I'm in a meeting right now, and right now you are making me seem very disrespectful.” As she talks to the man who seems by all evidence to be her husband, she continues to bounce on your cock, rocking up and down a bit faster and harder.

Leaning back to let the CFO ride your cock and do nothing to stop this, you savour the chance to just lean back and savour the warmth of her tight, hot cunt wrapped around your cock. Even if she's busy now arguing with her husband, her body is opened up now to your cock and there is nothing you want more than to just savour every second of her riding you, even if it's passive and almost half-hearted, driven by something automatic in its response. Maybe even especially. Whatever she's tense over probably has to do with her husband, and he has no idea that while he's on the phone with his wife, your cock is nestled comfortably inside of her, something to enjoy on its most base and depraved level far more than you know what to do with.

You slip back in to mental awareness of the conversation in time to catch, “ No, I just think you could be more considerate of my work life and not do something like this when I'm busy.” Her voice is tense and winding, like she's struggling to hold it together and keep herself quiet, her body betraying her in ways she's not entirely ready to handle as this keeps on going. Her breath catches and some words shake and twist, but it's still buried under something willing to push away from all that and fight bitterly against it. “I'm not using work to get away from you, this is my job! This is so insane and--no, you're the one being unreasonable here, Kevin, and I'm going to tell Sally to stop taking your calls if this is how you're going to act.”

Upward thrusts shove your cock faster and harder into pussy as the argument grows more tense and she seems to be running out of patience. You're testing it really hard, pushing things to the limit and straining all senses of believability or decency as her voice gets even more strained. She's not hiding that she's getting fucked very well, but it doesn't seem like he's picked up on it. Maybe because sexual sounds are just glanced over now. Maybe because she's so openly irritated that the specifics of it are utterly irrelevant. It doesn't matter one way or another; you just go with it. Not like him finding out could do anything to you anyway, and you underscore that by pulling her down harder, fucking her raw and shamelessly as you push on until you have made your point and you reach your hot, throbbing peak.

You creampie Riley while she's on the phone with her husband, and she lets out a gasp as her body betrays her, voice rising into a feverish yell as she reaches orgasm and almost doesn't seem to realize what's happening or why. “That's it? I can't believe you right now, I'm dealing with actual business and you called over that? I'm hanging up now, and you can wait until I'm out of this meeting for me to call you back and scream at you for being so disrespectful.” She slams the phone done quickly and lets out a frustrated growl. “So what did you want?” she asks,. Not at all calmed down by the orgasm or the load of cum pumped directly up her hot pussy.

“For the company to buy me a house. Consider it an investment in letting me better optimize my synergy so I can play moneyball on our ROI.” You almost choke on the empty buzz words, which come up with all the grace and refinement a cat would spit up a hairball with.

“You've got it. Sorry about my husband.” She doesn't seem any less irritated, but she's definitely gained in the area of trying to make up for what happened with firm apologies.

“That's fine,” you shrug. You got one over on him anyway. Even if you've never met him before. “You mind setting up the account for it and moving over the money while I break your ass hole in?”

“You may certainly ravage my ass as hard as you can while I set up your account,” she says, and you're off to the races.
When it comes to actually buying your house, you know there is only one way to go as you sift about for realtors. You want someone representing luxury homes and the kinds of places where you can really make something special happen, but you also want a hot female agent to walk you through it, and it doesn't take much Googling about to find it, as you whip out your laptop down in the lobby. A cute redheaded security guard sucks your cock as you re-purpose her desk for the occasion of looking into things, and you find success so quickly you actually have to stick around and wait for her to finish you off before you head out to make some calls.

“This is Carmella Peterson of Gold View Realtors. How may I help you?”

“Hi, I saw you had a bunch of homes listed on the north end? Luxury places, fully equipped, very nice area. I was wondering if you could meet me at one of them and give me a tour?” you ask, walking out of the building and seeing three women in slutty perversions of office wear, lined up and bent over the planter as they all take a nice, deep anal pounding from men in suits.

“I most certainly could!” she says. Her voice has all the hallmarks of someone who has to talk to the super rich for a living, and who knows how to layer on so much bullshit and glad-handing that the real person beneath is pretty much gone, but to deal in homes running for millions of dollars, that's the only kind of person most of that kind will want to do business with, and she's probably comfortable trading off all sense of a real self for the kinds of commissions she'll make on sales. “Are there any you're interested in in particular? I'm representing several homes in that area right now of different sizes, just perfect for a family of any size.”

“The biggest one you have,” you say, smirking wide and wicked as you head off to your car. You realize your car is going to need replacing too at some point real soon, just to make sure everything is exactly as it should be. “I don't have any kids, but my...” You trail off for a second as you slip into your car. How do you define Christine? She decided not to join you, and you were happy to go off solo for a while. “My partner and I are looking to have a lot of guests over, and if possible I'd like to have hired staff who live on-site, so as big as you can give me.”

“Oh certainly, sir.” Her voice steps up another level entirely at the mention of live-in staff. She knows she's dealing with money here worth going in. You almost joke to yourself that she'd probably get down on her knees and slobber all over your cock if she thought it meant closing a sale, but she'll probably do it anyway just because you told her to do it. Life is good. “In that case, how about we meet at... 3 Elk Grove Lane in about an hour? Will your partner be joining us?”

“Yes, she will.”

“Sounds good! I will see you then, sir, goodbye.”

“Bye,” you say, ending the call and quickly ringing up Christine. “Hey, I'm coming by to pick you up, we're off to look at a house.”

“You had to sleep with your boss to get her to buy you a house,” she says. You don't question how Christine knows that specific detail but you don't bother asking anymore. “I just want you to think you to think about that.”

“I'll go around and fuck her mouth next time while she gives me the money for a car, too,” you scoff, brushing the remark off. “Get ready and be downstairs. I have big plans.”
You pull up with Christine in tow, and immediately you size up Carmella Peterson as she stands there with a clipboard held at her hip, a big, pearly white grin greeting you. So white the sun almost blindingly flares off of her teeth. She's the first woman you've seen all day who's wearing a closed shirt where her tits aren't outright hanging out. But on the other side, they might well pop out. She wears a button-up blouse that just straight-up doesn't have any buttons most of the way up the top, leaving it open and exposing a depth of cleavage that is about as business appropriate as shorts that say “Nasty” across the butt would be. Another very tight skirt leaves little to the imagination, and on the whole you're ready to take this as far as you can in the name of testing the true limits of what you can get away with here. You the answer is 'anything', but what's the fun in leaving it there?

Her long brown hair is parted just off the side, and you notice a pearl necklace around her neck that evokes some very immediate and lurid intentions you're not sure if you'll make good on yet, but damn is it tempting. Her features otherwise come off as very much the kind of pretty, good-for-a-poster kind that you explicitly went for when looking for the most attractive realtor in the market. And you found her. You see her smile dim a bit as you get out of your car and she realizes you're the man she spoke to on the phone, probably due to the fact your car doesn't speak to throwing around millions on a home. But if that bothers her, she doesn't say anything, smiling on brightly. “Glad to see you could make it!” she says, and motions toward the home behind her. “This is the place. Now, just remember, if it does seem a little too spacious, I do have smaller properties in this same area with the same accommodations but a bit cozier. This neighborhood is a very hot development and homes are going fast though, so if you want to keep things moving I can show you a few today.”

You look behind her at the ostentatious home that awaits you. The driveways runs long and leads to a garage with multiple doors for what could easily be multiple cars. Whose cars remains to be seen. There's lush greenery everywhere, trees that are clearly fresh transplants given how new everything looks, bushes and flowers all laid out so perfectly. A cobblestone path leads up from the driveway toward it, every stone seemingly placed with the utmost of care to make it all seem so natural and elegant. A fountain out in the middle of the yard combines the elegance of a water-spouting statue with the raw vulgarity of this new world, as a big marble cock spews water up into the air, which flows back down into the foundation. It's crude but considering your new lifestyle and the fact you're going to be doing a lot of that, you kind of like the inappropriateness of it.

The house itself is a mansion, plain and simple. A gorgeous, palatial estate with a brick exterior awaits you, every last window looking more expensive than any one piece of furniture you've ever owned. Two floors of pure elegance, with some balconies sure to offer a gorgeous view in the future. There is so much to appreciate here, so many things about the world before you that feels like every kind of invitation you could have ever wanted into indulgence and into status. This is the house of someone who doesn't need what they have, but who can afford it. A world where the words 'I have the money' are all it takes. That's a messed up kind of world, but it feels so good right now, and you're not sorry about admitting it.

“Let's take a look at it,” you say, closing the distance between you and Carmella, giving her ass a nice, hard slap and a firm grope to close it. “I'm sure this will be fine though.”

“If you think you need the space, I'll be happy to sell you this home, and make you a happy couple.”

Christine's eyebrows perk up at the word 'couple', but she says nothing of it as you guide Carmella with a hand firm on her ass along the way up the driveway. “So this whole area is new?”

“A company bought out the land a few years ago. It used to be a few scattered small houses, some stores, and a park before then. They converted it into twenty-five luxury homes that hit the market only a few days ago. We've already sold a little over half of them already. I think this is really going to be a neighborhood you'll want to get in on the ground floor to; this would be a great place to raise a family.”

“We're not so interested in kids right now. We came into a lot of money lately, and we just want to have somewhere nice to live. A house felt like a good very first luxury purchase before dealing with stuff like cars, you know?” You feel her ease up a little bit at the comment, which puts the car into context in a way that seems to immediately relax her whole body as she gets an answer to the matter of why you're buying a mansion driving a car like that. 

“I understand perfectly. A home is the most important purchase you can make in your life, and I'm glad you know the standard of living you want to hold yourself to; your taste is impeccable.” Vague, empty remarks and platitudes. If you had to puff up rich people for a living you'd probably have to do the same, so you don't blame her for what she's saying. It's not worth the fight. Instead, you roll with it, nodding politely in agreement as she gets up to the front door and sticks her key in it to get in. You let her open the door up for you as you open her up in turn, pulling her tight skirt up along her body until it's all bunched up around her waist and she's strutting around effectively bottomless, at which point you hoist her right up into the air.

“A little help, Christine?” you ask, looking over to her. “My hands are full.”

“I'd be happy to,” Christine says, pulling your cock out and giving it a few strokes before helping guide it upward as you sink Carmella down your cock with one steady motion. She makes a slight sound as you enter her, but otherwise says nothing as you start to walk her into the house.

“Okay, so as you can see, the entrance way is absolutely gorgeous,” Carmella says, in full realtor mode as you carryfuck her into the house. “Before you ask yes, those stairs are real marble, and they feel as good to walk down in the morning as walking on clouds would.” She's laying on a real thick sales pitch and she doesn't have to, but you don't feel like telling her that when you could instead bounce her up and down your dick, savouring the hot, tight embrace of her slick pussy snug around your cock and just begging for use. You hold her legs up high in the air as you bounce her along carelessly, and nothing can stop you now.

You soak in the sights of the entrance, and oh what a sight it is. There is not just one staircase going up to the second floor, but two, sweeping up from the sides of the room in grandiose fashion. Carmella said the stairs are marble and you believe her; they look gorgeous, as do the elegant railings running through it. The ceiling is high, and sitting between the staircases is a massive, elegant statue that must be about fifteen feet across, and about ten tall, featuring a man sitting on a throne and a legion of gorgeous women dressed in either nothing or silken sheets that offer little modesty all fawning for him. Oddly prescient, given the circumstances.

“Does the house come with the statue?” you ask jokingly.

“Ah, yes. It's a wonderful piece, isn't it? It's  a permanent fixture here, unless you don't like it, in which case we can call to have it removed.”

“No, keep it. It adds character. So, which way down the hall should I pound your tight cunt over to?”

“Please carry fuck me left first,” she says, and it comes out like she's directing people on in her planned tour, not like she's being actually walked through the house impaled on a big dick. But you're just fine keeping this pleasure on as you go, as you bounce her up and down your cock with each step, Christine right beside you and staring at your power trip like she's excited to see it all coming together so well.

Room by room, Carmella begins to talk you through the house. It's furnished with what she says are just display pieces, and that's fine by you, as you can go and buy new furniture whenever you feel like it, but interestingly, the display pieces hold some curious changes, too. Some of the chairs, much like the exercise bikes at the gym, have dicks sticking out of them. Then there's the couch, where each seat seems to have two leg rests. A tall one that pushes out, as demonstrated on the left, and a shorter one emphasized on the right where only a low bench much like the ones out on the sidewalk had, perfect for a woman to nestle into while she acts as your cock warmer while you watch TV. In the “entertaining room” which seems like the boring term of 'where people are over when you don't watch television', there's plenty of open space and it would probably make for good orgy space. Even the downstairs afterthought bathrooms--and there are two on the side of the house--are nicer than anywhere you've ever taken a shit in your life.

Every step you keep on fucking her as she gives you the tour of the house, listening to Carmella talk you through how each room would be perfect for guests and how many people the extra long display table they have set up can seat. You then walk her into the kitchen it leads out to, and marvel at the appliances she says are all included with the house, top of the line shit that she remarks would be perfect for a professional cook to deal with. All the while, you keep her bouncing up and down your dick without a care. You don't need the pitch, but a tight pussy never hurt anything, so you let her keep on going.

It's on your way out of the kitchen again that you cum inside her for the first time. Your cock erupts with a hot flood of gooey, thick spunk that floods up into her pussy, but you don't break your stride, bouncing her on carelessly as you continue on down the hall again. “So what's down here?” you ask.

“A small movie theater,” she explains as Christine gets the door. “It seats fifty. The projector is all digital, and oh have I mentioned the smart home capability this house has? Everything is set for voice recognition. The television, the projector in here, the thermostat... Even the kitchen appliances are all set up for it.”

“Hm, really? Hey house, call Carmella something filthy.”

A generic and robotic female voices chimes in with, “Carmella, you are a filthy cumslut.” You get a laugh out of that in the most juvenile of ways. There's no way computers did shit like this before you woke up this morning, but you'll take it.

You walk her to the right side of the house and cum in her again on the way there, this time making her cum alongside you as gasping frustration and confusion takes her. You think nothing of it and keep walking her along as she continues to talk. “This side of the house is more for recreation,” she explains as you walk on into an open area. “And fitness, as you can see.” She motions toward some exercise equipment. “This is all display, of course, but this would be the perfect place to set yourself up a personal gym or bring in a personal trainer. There's also a tennis court out back, and if we move over one more room...”

Up next is an indoor pool, something so decadent you can hardly believe you're actually considering buying a home with a pool. Not a massive pool, but still a pool. By contrast, the jacuzzi off in the corner feels like an afterthought. Beyond the pool area is lots of space that would do for lodging for service staff living on-site. Upstairs comes plenty more delights, lavish bedrooms, beautiful bedrooms, another home theater room for good measure, walk-in closets that are themselves rooms... It's all so surreal, and through it all you're pumping Carmella full of jizz like it's no big deal.

The steady way in which Carmella continues to carry herself as she goes through the tour and holds herself together is absolutely spectacular. You're bouncing her along your cock through the entire house, up stairs, through rooms, inside of closets and back out again. She's not even looking at her clipboard as she talks up the home she's memorized the pitch for, and it's all very impressive. The fact that she's holding up under pressure is all the more reason to turn you on as she serves as an excellent example of what this vulgar world can really be. You've taken something as simple as looking at a house and turned it dirty.

When the tour is over and the perilous walk back down the stairs with Carmella impaled on your dick is over you almost drop her down to the floor carelessly. She shivers, rising up to a kneeling position where you can finish one last time all over her chest and her face, leaving her pearl necklace with some competition. “I'll take it,” you say with a smile. “I love everything I've seen here, and my only additional request is that you check up once every week or two and slobber all over my balls while you're here.”

“Of course sir, that would be fine by me.” She nods happily. “So, should we get you in touch with the bank, then? We kind of skipped over the financial details of the loan and--”

“No loan,” you say, shaking your head. “I'm paying for this in one go. I'll give you the info of my corporate account, I want to move in as soon as I can.”

“I'm very glad to hear that.”

You're glad to hear it too. What better place to begin your ascent to the top of the world than surrounded by marble, women in uniforms, and dick-shaped plants?


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