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Chapter 1 - Principals office

Young Bree and two friends break in to the Principals office and the night takes an unexpected turn.

Chapter 1 - Principals office

Chapter 1 - Principals office
"Aaaaand- we're in" Bree whispered as the locked made a snap clicking sound and she withdrew the homemade picks from the lock to the principals office as she turned to her two partners in crime; Lily, the purple hippogirl, clad in the darkest clothes she could find among her otherwise brilliantly colorfull wardrobe; tightfitted pants and a long sleeved undershirt that fought to contain her massive shape. And Harriet. The blonde giraffe was far from Bree's friend. Bree had always been jealaus of her perfect body, long curly blonde hair and big dreamy eyes. Even in her tight yogapants and the black hoodie, her shapes was undeniably perfect. Bree would've never asked Harriet to join them, had it not been for the threat that she would tell om them, had she not come.
As they silently entered the principals dark office, Bree took a last quick look down the dark hallway of the School. By this hour no one but the cleaning staff would be in, but all it took was one phonecall and they'd be in big trouble.
The three young women quickly scanned the office as Bree locked the door behind them, dark- empty. Good. They went to the desk and Lily quickly squatted down to turn on the computer. Doing so made her pants slide down a little and show just a bit of crack. Harriet took no time grabbing her phone to take a picture of the show. "awwww yeah- that's it" she whispered, smirking. "What the fuck, Harriet!?" Lily jumped to her feet, eyes filled with shock and anger. "The hell are you doing?" she whispered.
"Oh calm down" the Giraffe replied, sliding her phone back in her shirt. "Just a little thing to remeber our adventure". Lily sighed and they both turned her attention back at the computer. Bree who had placed herself in the big leather chair in front of the screen cursed. "God dangit. It's locked with password and the one I got from Michelle is wrong.." Slapping Lilys ass, Harriet stood up straight and looked around the office. "Well.. it's gotta be here somewhere, right? Let's get looking"
As Lily flipped through binders by the couch and Harriet made sure to take a selfie to document all that happened, Bree started searching the drawers on the desk. The top one was locked and the second was filled with junk confiscated from other students. The next drawer contained a purple binder- and a small key. Could it really be this easy?
Trying the key for the top drawer, turned out it could. Bree, hoping for a note saying 'password' slid the drawer open to peak inside.
The cover of the magazine featured a busty, blue otter herm wearing yoga clothes. She was stroking a huge cock, cum seeping through the fabric of the tight yogapants and the cover sported huge letters spelling 'Busty Cockwhores #5'. As Brees eyes grew wide, she felt her lips dry. 
"What..the..f.." she started, when suddenly she heard the metallic dangling of keys outside the door. The gasp from her two compadres made her aware that they too had noticed. Harriet quickly hid behind a large curtain as Lily dodged behind the couch. Bree desperately scanned the office for places to hide, but as the door slowly creaked open, she found none.

The huge boar, Principal McClean, entered the office and quickly scanned the room. He sighed. So messy. He would have to clean it properly at some point, making a good example for the students. Well, that'd be another day. Officially he wasn't even here right now. With heavy steps he went to his desk, not noticing the univited guests in the room. He sat down heavily as he retrieved a bottle of whiskey from the hidden compartment in the desk. Pouring a glass and taking a sip he let out a deep sigh "Ahhhhh, that's the stuff".
Bree- who had desperately hidden in the small room beneath the desk- tried to not make a sound as she heard the tapping of the keyboard and the sound of the computer logging in. The principals legs were on either side of her and she could do nothing but pray that he didn't move them around under the table as he would definitely find her. In the small space between the chair and the table, Bree could see Harriet peeking out from behind the curtain, phone in hand to take a picture. Bree noticed Harriets eyes grow wide as the Giraffe looked at what the principals screen was showing. Before having too long to think about it, Bree heard the soft music and the first moan from the computers speakers. As the moaning continued, Bree let out a shocked snapping of air. Principal McClean was watching porn- and enjoying it, by the looks of it. 
As Bree dared to do nothing but hold her breath, she saw a bulge grow in the principals pants. Larger and larger it grew, the fabric of his pants tightening and straining. As she saw Harriets phone pointed towards the desk, probably recording everything, Bree tried to inch further away from was in front of her. Feeling the desk against her back, she silently accepted her inescapeable position and decided to just stay still, as she saw one of the principals hands reaching down to scratch his inner thigh. Shape in the pants still growing, the principals hand moved towards the zipper in his pants and started to unzip. The huge, fat boar let out a small grunt as a highpitched moan escaped from the computer. As he fully unzipped, a smell of sweat and musk reached Brees nose and she felt her throat clench a little. The hairy hand of the boar reached into his pants and withdrew a huge piece of meat. It was more than a foot long and covered in dark, grey loose skin. It was already partially swollen with blood and as Brees eyes grew large, so too did it. The thick heavy skin peeled back as principal McClean started stroking his huge cock and before long, a shiny dark cockhead was revealed. The smell of sweat and musk mixed with that of unwashed boarcock and Bree did her best not to gag as the huge meat in front of her grew ever closer.
Brees eyes moved slightly from the precum escaping from the old mans cock, to the curtain behind the principal. While the phone had not dissapeared, Harriet was now poking out again- a huge grin of disbelief on her face.
With a small grunt the principals other hand joined the first under his desk and with a deep sigh, he let loose the sack that hung under his member. A huge, heavy ballsack with grey thick fur growing up the middle- glistening with sweat and swollen with excitement.
Bree took in a shivering breath of air as the principal started massaging his balls while stroking his heavy cock. The tip was only a hands length from her face and she could almost taste the smell emanating from it. The principals breathing got louder as the stroking got faster. Bree involuntarily started shivering as a little of the seeping precum were slung forward by the stroking. It landed on the chest of her hoodie and drew a long line all the way up her neck and onto her face. Without realising, the young squirrels tongue slid out to savor a little of the sticky cum on her lip. It was salty- so very, very salty.
Her eyes again found Harriet, poking out from behind the curtain. The phone still in her hand, the blonde giraffe girl did a stroking motion with her other hand and suggestively did a moaning expression, sticking out her long purple tongue and licking her lips.
Bree felt anger well up inside her, but she dared not doing anything in fear of getting caught. By now though, she could breathe a little easier as the principals own moaning and grunting had increased. With heavy strokes back and forth he kept working on his now glistening cock. The precum had made it completely slick and by now it literally ran down the huge ballsack and pooled on the seat of the leather chair.
The air was getting heavy in the small room under the desk and the smell was nauseating. Bree felt her eyes begin to water- and to her surprise, began to feel her own cock swell up in her tightfitted pants. "What the..? Why am I growing?? This is NOT the time for me to get turned on! Not by this.. this fat, old pig!" Bree thought to herself but nevertheless felt her cock grow hard against the elastic fabric.
Suddenly she was pulled back to reality by the heavy grunt of the principal as she saw his fist clench around his shaft a second before relaxing and releasing.
The first long, heavy splurt of cum shot out across Brees chest and face, blinding her on one eye and she immediately tasted the warm, salty, cum against the back of her mouth.
The second, just as heavy, landed in her hair and across her forehead. She felt the thick, heavy substance starting running down the bridge of her nose and she closed her eyes tight.
Grunt after grunt. Heavy load after load shooting. Bree felt the heavy cum landing in her hair, sticking it together in lumps. She felt it hitting her shirt and pants, seeping through the fabric and stick to her fur. And she felt it covering her face, felt it seeping into her nose and mouth. She dared not say anything, dared not move her head away. She just sat there, eyes closed, waiting for the principal to finish. It felt like an eternity. Minutes went by and gallons of cum shot forth and covered her. Through cumcovered eyes Bree saw the old boars cock starting to grow limp.
With a deep sigh the boar got up and stuffed his huge- now flacid- cock back into the fold of his pants. With a snort he emptied his glass and put the bottle back, before heading for the door. Just before leaving, he threw another glance around the room. "Gotta clean this mess.. Or rather- have the cleaning lady do it.." He mumbled as he exited the office, locking the door behind him.

The office lay silent. Then Lily and Harriet came out from their hiding, looking at eachother with wide eyes. "So..what just happened?" Lily asked, shocked. "I got something much better, than any sheet of answers, that's what" Harriet giggled, phone still in hand pointing to the desk. "Hey Bree! Why don't you come on out from your hiding?"
As Bree came crawling out, both girls let out a gasp.
The young Squirrel was completely covered in cum from head to toe. Thick, heavy, sticky white cum smothered her face and hair, drenched her clothes. Hanging from her in thick heavy strands and pooled at her feet. Her face was almost completely hidden behind the sticky mess, her one eye still closed shut. Cum and saliva ran from her mouth and dripped from her chin to her breast. Her pants and shirt stuck to her body to a point where the two girls looking at her could clearly see her puffed nipples and halferect cock running down her leg. 
"This..this is pure gold!" Harriet exclaimed as her phone made sure to capture it all. "I can't wait to show the girls this!" 
As she stood in front of them, panting, Bree found little comfort in the thought that no one could tell what was the principals cum- and what was her own..


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