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Chapter 0 - Full Story, CLICKITH HERE!

I take Oluo camping in my huge SUV. He's taken out of his dimension and into a more modern world. Then I bone him. (•̀ᴗ•́)و

I wrote up the outline and handed it to SuccubusMikasa, who put it all together in elegant writing form! Permission to post here, as well.

Chapter 0 - Full Story, CLICKITH HERE!

Chapter 0 - Full Story, CLICKITH HERE!
“Oi, what’s that thing?”

“A stop sign, Oreo. It tells drivers when to stop and whatever so we don’t smash into someone else.”

     The soft revving of the engine was the only thing the female driver could hear once again as her lover went silent upon hearing her answer. However, his silence was nothing more than expected- after all, this wasn’t his world. It was very, very similar to his world, but missing one rather large detail: Titans. As outlandish and bizarre as the thought of a world without man-eating monsters was to the soldier, it was certainly one that he wouldn’t reject whatsoever. However, his mind was more focused on trying to piece together all the new things that he was currently witnessing: long, winding pathways made of some sort of dark, gravel-like material, those things that Dash called ‘cars’ riding along atop said material, and he couldn’t forget those things that she called ‘stoplights.’ Those were certainly the oddest contraption he had seen since his arrival in this new world.

     Dash, wanting to know exactly the male was currently doing in his bout of silence, glanced over to her right, only to see the man staring out the passenger-side window in utter bewilderment. He had his cheek pressed lightly upon his fist, his elbow resting upon the door as his eyes took in every sight that there was to see on the other side of the glass. She knew there was probably a lot on his mind, especially since a lot of the things he was seeing were missing within his world, but there would be a time for better explanation later- it was rather cute how he was staring like a wide-eyed doe at this wonder of a new world, however.

     This routine of occasional question, answer, then silence went on for a few hours as the female
continued the drive towards her favored campsite. It honestly made the whole ordeal much more
adorable than it needed to be- her lover was acting like a child going on his first field-trip. Again, such behavior was to be expected when someone was yanked from their kill-or- be-killed world into a peaceful, quiet one. Oluo was eventually pulled out of his bewildered trance upon feeling the vehicle come to a stop. In his trance, he hadn’t noticed that the two of them had entered a wooded area- it reminded him much of the forest outside the Walls in his home world, simply with much smaller trees. After fiddling with the door handle, unsuccessfully the first few times, (damn this thing called a ‘car’) Oluo finally managed to hop out of the vehicle and onto the ground below him.

     As the man glanced around, he could see several people wandering here and there a bit further out from where he and Dash currently were- several couples, one with a young child, and a few people who were seemingly alone. He hummed to himself as he noticed this, and then heard something coming from behind him. He turned, noticing his lover sitting upon the dirt in front of a hole dug into the ground. Around this hole was a circle of rocks, both large and small, and Oluo immediately knew that this was a fire-pit. He nearly dashed over to his lover’s side, tossing a few small twigs and some grass into the pit before picking up two rocks and clacking them together. Expecting them to make a spark, he was rather disappointed when nothing happened.

“Oreo, try using this.”

     He glanced over to his left, seeing that Dash was holding out a small stick with a red tip in his direction. He cleared his throat as he grabbed it from her fingers, then struck it against the side of the rock he was holding. If there was one thing he knew how to do, it was light a match; he secretly hoped the light from the flame would hide his pink cheeks, but he knew that it wouldn’t for long. However, his embarrassment vanished as he threw the match into the fire pit and watched as an ever-growing flame began to consume whatever was within the pit, be it grass, twigs, or bits of other flammable items.

“Hah! If there’s one thing I can do, I can still light a fire. Granted I had to do it a bit differently, but I still did it nonetheless!”

“Mhm. Now, hush up. I’m starving.”


     It wasn’t long before dinner was ready, and it was something that nearly all campers knew how to make over a campfire- hotdogs. Oluo, of course, had never had such a thing since meat was rather scarce in his home world, but managed to cook his over the open flame with little to no issues (of course, he would much rather not mention that he had accidentally allowed one side of the meat to ignite into flames). Then there was also the predicament of these things called ‘chips’- according to Dash, the odd, yet somehow addictive flavor, was called ‘sour cream and onion.’ He was honestly very confused as to whether or not he liked this type of food, but he supposed he did since he finished off a whole bag of them. He was, however, very fond of the flavor called ‘barbeque,’ and he would have eaten any chips of
those flavor whether or not Dash wanted him to. He had even attempted to sneak a few from Dash
when she wasn’t paying attention, but that earned him a well-deserved smack to the back of his hand on several occasions- he was stubborn, after all.

     When dinner was all said and done, Dash decided it would be a good idea to take Oluo down the small trail that led to the river in the area- this was a lovely idea in her mind, especially the reward she reaped from doing so. What was this reward, some might ask? Well, she got to experience Oluo revert back to his inner child. He had rolled up the bottoms of his white pants after throwing off his boots, entirely disregarding whether or not the rest of his clothes got wet as he childishly splashed around in the cool water. It had been so long since he had the opportunity to enjoy himself freely and without worry that all rational thought of acting like an adult had rushed from every corner of his mind at the time, and that was something that Dash found absolutely adorable. She watched the man from her seat upon the riverbed, a small smile taking control of her lips as she simply couldn’t help but stare at her lover, who was still frolicking around within the water.

     However, much to both her dismay and her lover’s, the time came for the two of them to return to the campgrounds. However, this wasn’t the end of the time that Oluo would come to enjoy with Dash on this trip. As much as Oluo would have loved to continue messing around in the water of the river, simply enjoying a nice sunset with his woman was far more than he could have ever hoped for. As he listened to the gentle crackling and pops of the fire in front of the tailgate, he came to rest his head upon Dash’s shoulder- if he was entirely honest, he was extremely worn out from all the sights and sounds that he had taken in today. He felt Dash’s fingers begin to gently rub against his scalp in what she generally referred to as ‘head scritches,’ and he couldn’t help the slight shiver that ran along his spine as she did so. He loved the feeling of it, and he would allow her to do such a thing all day and night if she was oh so willing.

     Eventually, after the sun had set and darkness had fallen over the world, Dash decided that now would be a good time to get everything ready for whenever they decided to rest for the night. She took off her shoes, tossing them away from the mattress that the duo were currently resting on so they would be out of the way, and then closed the hatch of her SUV. Her mate, whom at the time was laying on his back upon the mattress, glanced over at her and watched as her finger pressed down on a small button near the front of the car. He heard a click come from somewhere, and he gave a quiet sigh- there was so much about this world that he didn’t know, and he felt rather out of place. As much as he enjoyed being able to live without worry, he was akin to a minnow in a pool full of sharks. This world was so much different than his home, and his normal, egotistical attitude was hard to find when he was so unknowledgeable about the world around him. He felt a weight shift on the mattress, and he turned his head to look at the woman now resting beside him.

“How’re you handling all of this?”

     It took the man a moment to answer as he was attempting to piece his words together in his mind- after all, he really wasn’t quite sure how to feel about all of this.

“It’s… weird. Don’t get me wrong, being here is a blessing since there’s no need for worry about
anything like Titans and whatnot, but I feel kinda out of place. There’s also no ODM gear here from what I can see, so I can’t really say there’s much I’m knowledgeable about. But the car things are pretty neat, and so are those uhm… I believe you called them ‘stoplights.’”

     Dash could hear Oluo continue to ramble on about the things he had seen on the way to the campsite, but his words were a bit of a blur since she was more focused on giving small kisses to his jawline. She eventually began to trail her lips further down, reaching the side of his neck- Oluo had given attention to this by now, and had finally stopped rambling about what this new world was like. What had really drawn him out of his words was the fact that his pants were beginning to grow slightly uncomfortable, and with her constant kisses to his sensitive neck, (as much as he would fervently deny it being sensitive) it only grew worse as the time passed. Thankfully, Dash took notice of this and hummed against the skin of his neck as her hand ran down his clothed abdomen and came to rest on his crotch.

     As much as he didn’t want to be needy and make her work easy, it was incredibly difficult right now- he was unknowingly in need of some stress relief after everything that had happened during the day, and his mind was more than willing to simply let Dash have her way with him. A quiet groan slipped past his slightly-parted lips as he felt Dash unzip his pants, the pressure from the growing tightness dissipating almost immediately after she did. He watched as she maneuvered herself to bring herself atop him, her hands skillfully bringing his pants and undergarments below his hips so that all he held was fully revealed to her hungry eyes. She brushed a bit of her multi-colored hair behind her ear before running her slender fingers along his length- if he hadn’t been entirely erect by this point, this certainly finished him off.

     In Dash’s mind, there was something about how he looked at was absolutely adorable. It wasn’t very often that he was willing to submit to her, but it was certainly a blessing whenever he decided to cave. Her eyes eventually found their way down to the manhood within her fingers- she could feel it pulsate within her grip, several veins making themselves blatantly obvious to the naked eye as more blood flowed to his nether regions. She hummed to herself as she ran a single digit along one of the winding veins, and it was amusing to feel her lover shiver underneath her body. This, of course, wasn’t the first time she had seen what her lover had to offer her, but she always found the look of his manhood pleasing to her eyes- her fingers ran over the thicker portion of it, then along the large vein that ran along the underside of it. They then found their way up to the tip of his member, the previously flesh-colored portion of it blending nicely into a light pink the further up she went. All of this seemed to elicit soft groans from the man underneath her, and she couldn’t help the smile that tugged at the corners of her lips.

“It’s not very often I get to see you like this, y’know. It’s pretty cute.”

     She saw the male scowl, his cheeks immediately becoming dusted with a light shade of pink. Both of them knew that Oluo being submissive wasn’t something that he was accustomed to, nor something that he particularly cared for ego-wise. However, when it came to pleasure senses, Oluo did rather like being on the bottom- it was something he found to be quite pleasurable for him, but nothing beat being able to make his lover whine and cry out his name whenever she was the one underneath him. For now, however, he would simply have to wait to make that fantasy a reality. His amber eyes watched as she slipped her pants down below her waist, eventually taking them off entirely and tossing them to the front part of the SUV. As much as he would have liked to undress her himself, he was more than okay watching his lover reveal her most intimate area to him in this way- the next thing to go was her underwear, which she casually tossed onto her pants at the front of the vehicle.

     What his lover did next was something that was unbearable for him- the way that she was seated upon him allowed his tip to barely brush against her womanhood, and she eventually decided that this was a wonderful time to begin teasing the man underneath her. She allowed only the very tip of his manhood into her, and each time she shifted atop him, he would either go a little deeper within her, or a little further out of her- this was nothing more than a playful torture for the soldier, and it didn’t take long for him to reach his breaking point. Through gritted teeth, he managed to breathe out a husky command.

“Goddammit, stop teasin’ me and just get on with it.”

     Knowing that she had driven the man to his mental limit so quickly gave a small rise to the woman’s ego, and she curled her fingers around a few of the ODM straps lining the man’s upper torso to a bit of support. She decided she would be obedient and give Oluo exactly what he wanted, so she shifted herself in order to begin her mixed rhythm of gliding along his length. Something that she had discovered, a little trick known only to her, was that if she rocked herself to take half his length, then occasionally took all of him within her, it would elicit some very nice moans from him. So, this was something that she began to do- and sure enough, each time she took all his manhood within her body, a rather loud groan would leave his throat. These sounds were music to Dash’s ears, and she would do anything to hear more of them- this tactic, however, was one she found worked rather well whenever he happened to be underneath her.

     By this point, the SUV itself had succumbed to the constant shifting of weight, the metal contraption creaking a bit as it shifted slightly upon its wheels. Thankfully, the darkness of the night hid this movement, and any sounds that happened to drift out of the slightly-cracked windows were hidden by the sounds of nature surrounding the vehicle. If someone were to somehow wander right beside the vehicle, however, they might be able to hear the groans and moans coming from within- thankfully, unbeknownst to the couple within the SUV, this was not the case on this night.

     As much as Oluo wanted to buck his hips, the combination of the room within the car and the position he was currently in left him with little space to do anything. The most he could do was attempt to push back against her, but even that was a bit of a strain in the current situation. It most definitely became a loss when Dash pinned his wrists above his head, then leaned over him to give several intimate kisses to the side of his neck. This made the man squirm beneath her, several quiet huffs and moans leaving his lips once again as she continued to do the work for him- she bounced herself in the same half-way- to-tip rhythm atop him, and eventually, the pleasure grew too great for the man to contain his moans any further. He got a bit louder than he should have, promptly forcing the woman to press her hand against his lips in order to keep him from attracting any attention from nearby campers in the area. This did not halt his noises, however, but simply quieted them down; Dash found this rather amusing, and honesty quite cute if she got right down to it.

     Eventually, the need to dominate grew a bit too much for the soldier to take, and he grabbed his lover’s hips and forced her to come to a rest against him. As soon as he had, he took the advantage to begin thrusting his hips upwards, eliciting moans from the woman above him. He stared up at her, his hellbent, lustful gaze not once tearing away from her eyes as he gave gruff grunts and pants against the skin of her hand that was still covering his lips. However, as much as he would have loved to continue this way, he eventually gave up and pulled himself out of her- he immediately grabbed her body, moving swiftly to press her upper body against the mattress and raise her lower half up towards him.

“H-hey! What are you-“

“So what?”

     His left hand gripped her left shoulder-blade, and he used his free hand to insert himself within her body once again before taking a tight grip on her right hip. Now having the advantage and the room to do whatever he wanted, he began to thrust himself within her heavily- desperately almost. He heard a rather shrill whimper leave his lover’s lips at one point when he thrust himself within her, and he knew immediately what that meant- he had found her most intimate area, and that was something that he couldn’t let go to waste. With a newfound passion, he began to roughly buck against her body, his tip hitting that spot every once in a while with his thrusts. At this point, if Dash hadn’t have had the pillow grasped tightly within her teeth, her moans would have been louder than Oluo’s had been only minutes before. Her fingers desperately gripped onto the blanket beneath her, and Oluo couldn’t help but feel powerful reducing her to this state.

“I’m getting close, Doll…”

     He once more changed positions with her, this time laying her on her back and bringing her legs above his shoulders so that he could get deeper within her body. This time, however, nearly each thrust he gave hit against her inner sweet spot, and with no pillow to clamp her teeth around, her moans freely left her lips. This time, with a slightly-egotistical grin, Oluo pressed his hand lightly down around her mouth, giving her something to mute herself with. The sounds of her moans, however, and he eventually pressed his middle and ring finger past her lips- she appeased him, her tongue gliding around the digits currently within her mouth. This brought the man further over his edge, his thrusts growing in both ferocity and pace. At this point, the woman was desperately clawing at the sheets underneath her, and when she wasn’t attempting to tear holes within her sheets, she was grasping at her lover’s hair or his hips- anything she could get ahold of at the time.

     Then it was over- Oluo could no longer hold himself, and he gave several hard, deep pumps into her body as his essence filled her with a slight heat. Each thrust, each one weaker than the last, elicited a heavy pant to leave the man’s lips, and he eventually brought his lips to press against his lover’s in a long, passionate kiss. When he was finally drained, he managed to remove himself from her body and give a soft kiss to the side of her neck before sitting back on his knees. The next process was always fun, which involved tissues and paper towels, but was something that neither of the duo minded whatsoever. When all was said and done, and both of them were clean and properly underneath the sheets, Oluo was the first to give into the temptation of sleep. Dash didn’t mind this at all, seeing as how it gave her more time to look at him and just watch as her adorably egotistical lover slept. She carefully undid his ODM gear so he could sleep more comfortably, and undid the buttons of his shirt, and the rested against him whilst her fingers traced his muscles and felt his warm skin.

‘God… sometimes I still wonder how I came to love a guy like you. But, I guess you aren’t all that bad.’


     When morning finally came and Oluo awoke to a face-full of sunlight, he groaned quietly and
immediately noticed that his lover was no longer beside him. This brought his attention up quickly, and he rubbed his eyes before stretching out his back. He glanced out the window, and saw that she was down near the fire-pit.

“Hmph… must be tryin’ to make a fire already. Guess I should go help.”

     He gave yet another tired groan, then shifted himself out of the vehicle. Once out, he hastily made his way to her side and smiled sheepishly. He stayed crouched down beside the pit, throwing some sticks and grass into it so that it had things to burn. He then grabbed the box of matches that were sitting by Dash’s side, striking it against a rock he found upon the ground (he still wasn’t used to the idea that the matchbox had a striking strip on the side) and then throwing it into the pit to get a fire going. Once the fire was rather large and crackling, Dash grabbed a pot of water in order to boil it- noodles, after all, made a great camp-side food. Perhaps not the best or most conventional breakfast food, but they were still good either way.

     Once the food was prepared and the couple were seated at the picnic table, Dash was enjoying the sight of her lover stuffing his face in front of her. She gave a quiet laugh before partaking in some of the noodles from her bowl, and then smiled as an idea came into her mind- hopefully one that Oluo liked as well. She waited for him to set his bowl down on the table, and then cocked her eyebrow slightly.

“Hey, Oreo… how would you like to learn to drive today?”

     Almost like a child, Oluo nearly choked on his noodles in excitement. Once he had finished his coughing fit and was able to get ahold of himself, he hastily nodded before taking a long gulp of water to help him recover from choking. Once he was fully recovered, he gave his signature grin, full of an ever-growing ego.

“Hell yeah I would! I’m about to become the best driver in the world!”



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