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Chapter 1 - The Only Chapter

In order to win the war for Talon, one plan is put into action. The plan? Turn Widowmaker into a impregnating machine. DONE FOR PATREON

Chapter 1 - The Only Chapter

Chapter 1 - The Only Chapter
The idea, frankly at first, sounded immensely pointless, costly, and above all else: stupid. He almost tossed the plans for it into the trashcan if not for the continued insistence of the designer and the general issues at hand. Akande almost strangled that hapless idiot when he dived into the can to retreive his precious blueprints. Almost. It's only because of the numerous setbacks they suffered at the hands of the various heroes across the globe that he finally relented and allowed the designer to go ahead and do the idea that he proposed. Right now, Talon needed a miracle to survive this year.

Akande is a man that prefers his pleasures to be simple. A well-stacked, and clean whore on each limb, five total across his body. Each one caressing his muscles and complementing him. Where and how did this guy start finding women with dicks attractive, let alone thinking that having a super soldier with one would be able to shut down these heroes? 

Widowmaker was specifically chosen because of her 'skill', as so referred to by the project leader Jack. She could go anywhere she wanted to (Funny, you think people would notice a faint-purple-skinned lady) and she had a certain charm about her. (Again funny, as Akande recalled, the point of the Widowmaker project is to create a emotionless killer) Jack believed the best way to stop the threat of the to both seduce them and then impregnate them.

“Impregnate them?” Akande asked as he raised his non-Doomfist arm up to his face and scrunch his nose. He let out a pained breath of pure annoyance as he also asked: “You think that will stop them?”

“Oh yes!” Jack clicked his tongue. “Look at this.” He pressed on the down button on the remote, and the presentation flickered over to the next slide. This one showed a picture of Lena Oxton, the infamous 'Tracer' that had been repeatedly harassing Talon projects all over the globe. But this wasn't really a profile picture, this one is more about her...'assets'. There's a picture of her rear-end in her spandex uniform, a shot of her at a beach with a focus on her chest, and a graph detailing her three sizes. “This information...”

“ not at all relevant to the interests of Talon.” Akande crossed his arms and stared Jack straight in the eyes. “Tell me again, what do you hope to accomplish with this?”

“Let me explain sir.” Jack held up both of his hands to try and prevent himself from being attacked. “Lena Oxton is a amazing woman; of genetics. Imagine!” He panned his hands out. “The children of Widowmaker and Tracer! They possess Tracer's unique control over her personal time and Widowmaker's killer instincts! Imagine what we can do with the other women!”

The presentation went to the next slide. This one had Mei, the climate researcher that Akande wondered if she had a demon inside of her. And these focused on her impressive figure, including one photo of her walking out of the shower. It seems that Jack had managed to get a bug on each girl. “Now of course there isn't a great deal of women in the world that possess a great power like Tracer's, so we have to lure Widowmaker after more desirable ones for mating. Mei...” Jack sighed. Seems he had a candle for her. Akande did too, and honestly he had the same plans for her as did Jack. “Mei's body will provide for Talon a great number of children.”

“We need results now.” Akande firmly stated. “We cannot wait twenty-some-odd years to raise new soldiers.”

“We're putting heroes out of commission!” Jack pleaded, for once raising a voice and a stand. One look from Akande shut him down. Jack looked away. “Look, it will be a long process, but if we remove a good deal of opposition now, we can easily dismantle the rest on our own. Hell, we might even be able to get some of the women that Widowmaker has mated with to join us...”

Akande sighed. “You are a lucky man Mr. Smith.” He wagged a finger in his face. “If not for Ms. Sombra being 'detained' by that playboy, I would ignore this.” He grimaced. “But for now, I need some edge in this fight.” Akande sighed and lazily tossed a hand down. “Go ahead. Widowmaker has been underperforming quite a lot lately. If this works, you can keep her.” He walked away from the lab. He wanted nothing to do with this now. If there is going to be any updates, he doesn't want to hear them.

All he knew that within a week's time, Widowmaker had been taken down to Jack's lab and went through a series of tests. Akande No doubt giving her a pair of testicles and a meaty rod to go with the balls, along with the potency to inseminate any woman he wanted. No doubt Jack wanted Widowmaker to make babies with that old bag Ana. Other than that, Akande purposely remained in the dark about the project. He didn't want to hear about how Widowmaker knocked up two researchers during testing, or how the researchers now only crave Widowmaker's semen. He had to knock out a few people to keep them from telling him any more details.

But now she's out and about. Akande sighed as he settled into his chair while keeping a eye onto the newsfeed. It would take some time, but perhaps Jack will have worth in his cause. If not, he'll turn Jack's lab into a pool. And then he will turn Jack into a stuffed trophy.

Tracer had heard some reports about some women being attacked in a ward two miles away from King's Row. It's not usually his beat, but she figured she might as well investigate it. The reports did sound familiar to a 'old friend' of hers, at least the description did anyway. As for the other things, it sure didn't sound like Widowmaker. 

Widowmaker is a weird sort. She supposed to be a violent non-caring assassin, not a serial rapist and kidnapper.

Tracer pursed her lips. She hadn't been this in part of London before. She didn't really have time to learn the layabout of this sector, so she would just have to wing it and hope to run into the trouble. She didn't pack much for the occasion; just one of her SMGs should be enough to deal with Widowmaker. They hadn't been any reports regarding anyone being harmed by gunfire, let alone reports of gunfire in the first place. So it feels like that Widowmaker isn't here to kill people...but to have some sick fun.

Where would she roost in a downbeat place like this? Coppers hadn't found a hide nor hair of the kidnapper and rapist after doing a scan of the area. Now, Widowmaker is smart enough to avoid obvious locations that one could be found on foot. She's new here, doubtful she had time to set up shop in some secret attic or find one already in place. And while there hadn't been any reports of gunfie, Widowmaker is a creature of habit and would be somewhere to be in a good spot to snipe.

So Widowmaker would be hanging out in a place that people would have a hard time reaching on foot and would give her a good vantage point. On a roof!

Tracer zipped up some small inclines to reach the rooftop of a apartment building so she could get a good overview of the city and the skyline. Peeking around, she could see a few greenhouses that stuck out from the top of the buildings. These things weren't really greenhouses, but a rather large garden contained within large glass domes.

There's one with dark-tinted windows. Perfect. And as Tracer approached it, she could notice that the glass is not only tinted to keep people from looking in, but the glass is nice and thick as well. Soundproof as well. Based around the dead vegetation surrounding the edge of the garden, the garden hadn't been used in quite some time.

Perfect hiding spot. Tracer retrieved her gun from holster and stepped up to the door, edging it open with her back.

The gardenhouse was dark, no light source in sight. The only light that Tracer could manage is coming from her accelerator and from the open door. And even then with those combining together, Tracer could barely see past the door. She didn't want to close the door as to not be caught in here, but she needed to progress. Tracer proceeded cautiously across the middle row in the garden, trying to peer through the darkness to see some sort of detail...

...and the door shut behind her. Tracer jumped but she did hold her gun steady. She's ready for Widowmaker, or whoever is behind this. She carefully proceeded down the path while keeping head on a swivel. There had to be something here to point her in the right direction, like one of the kidnapped victims or perhaps something that Widowmaker often used.

Something glittered off in a corner, the light coming off the chrono accelerator hitting on it. Tracer darted forward to find herself facing what looked to be Widowmaker's rifle. Tracer reached out with her free hand to grab it, not wanting Widowmaker to use her trademark weapon on her. But then she noticed something weird about the rifle... was dismantled? It did look like it had been assembled together normally, but Tracer noticed a lack of a firing pin, the scope was missing, and there's no trigger! 

This is a trap.

As Tracer turned around with her gun pointed out, she got hit in the face by something fleshy and a bit wet. This surprise lead her to drop her gun and stumble back, coming down to lean to the side as she tried to deal with the recoil. She didn't have time to work back a offense as she got hit again, this one sending her onto her back.

“Welcome, Ms. Oxton.” Tracer knew the voice immediately as Widowmaker's, but she sounded...different. Not the aloof and cold voice that Tracer had long since gotten used to hearing coming out of Amelie. This new tone sounded so completely different. This one had feeling behind it, emotion. And it sounded so...dangerous. Not violent in the usual manner, but rather more perverse-like. Like Widowmaker has plans for her...

“What do you want?” Tracer asked as she scrambled backwards, still on her rear-end. She would get back up to her feet, but something in her body is preventing her from getting up. Her own muscles are locked up. And she didn't know why. Maybe it had to do with the liquid that's staining her face. Tracer managed to raise a hand to her face and wipe There's goo?

Is this...semen?

“Ah, I see you found my Spider's Milk.” Widowmaker giggled, her body still cast in shadows. “A new gift given to me by my friends at Talon. A special liquid that soaks through the skin and creates a...heat...within the people it soaks.”

“Heat?” Tracer parroted. She did feel her heart is starting to race, much in the same way she did when she saw a beautiful woman. She couldn't exactly see Widowmaker in the darkness, but she found herself growing attracted to Widowmaker. Like, her nipples are hardening and she's starting to feel a bit wet down below. Her breathing is getting harder with passing second.

“Yes, sexual attraction.” Widowmaker clapped her hands. Some low-level lights flicked on, hidden in some of the planters. Not enough to properly illuminate the whole area, just enough for the human eye to start seeing in the dark of midnight and not to broadcast; the light wouldn't be able to get through the thick, tinted glass panels. Just enough to see what's right in front of you...

...and god, what a sight.

Widowmaker had ditched her usual spywear in favor of a sligntshot bikini that did little to hide her body. Tracer could see her nipples poking out on both sides of the bikini. But that's the first thing she noticed, but she wished it had been as she looked down to see the weapon that forced her onto her back. 

A large massive cock is sticking out of her crotch area, one that stood as tall enough that the head could be buried in-between her tits. The cock was wider than Widowmaker's arm! And it did indeed leak some-sort of weird white goo out of the top, running down her shaft and staining it wet. It looked grosteque; being of the same distinct color as of Widowmaker's skin.

And yet, Tracer felt oddly attracted to it. She preferred girls, so this seemed to be the best of both worlds.

“You are mine Tracer.” Widowmaker told as she placed a hand on her shaft, giving it a small jerk to help erect it a bit more. “You shall be the mother of many, many children...”

“Is that why you went out and kid...” Tracer started to ask before having to exhale a mighty big breath of hot air. She took a second to compose herself as her head swam in ecstasy. After a few seconds and smacking her lips, Tracer continued with: “...went out and kidnapped several women? To breed with that...?” She asked as she pointed at the towering cock.

“Oh, those were just for training.” Widowmaker sighed as she thrust her hips back and forth. “They will produce children, but not as much as you will be.” She put on a small smile as she stepped forward to the still downed Tracer. “Oh, you shall be with child every single day of every single year for the rest of our lives...”

“Why...” Tracer had to stop again, her thoughts going off in some random direction. She wasn't thinking about escaping, fighting back. Instead, she wanted to ride that cock. Yeah, strip down and let Widowmaker have all the fun she wants with her. Give herself up to Widowmaker. Tracer again tried to continue speaking, only for the words to die in her throat. A distinct wet spot had formed around her crotch, her underwear is soaked, and now her nipples were starting to poke up through her outfit. 

Widowmaker looked on with great glee. Honestly, Talon should have done this to her in the first place. Why bothering with killing when you can create life yourself? Tracer might not have the biggest breasts biggest muscles or the biggest butt compared to other heroes, but she did have a nice body all-together. 

And she's right on the edge, what with her heavy breathing, red face and wet body. Might as well give her one last push. 

Widowmaker reached down with her hands and started to tear up the latex surrounding her body. In the future, none of her wives will wear anything other than transparent items. Those women she found would be joining that lot, but Widowmaker didn't see them as 'wives', just mating partners. Tracer will be her first wife. And the once-punky British girl offered up no resistance to being forcibly stripped. She rolled around on the spot, but that didn't really do anything other than helping Widowmaker continue to remove anything else covering up such a delicious body.

Tracer moaned as she found herself completely naked, save for her accelerator and goggles. The gardenhouse thankfully wasn't kept cold, but she did feel like shivering for some reason. Widowmaker opened her mouth to explain: “My milk has seeped into your very core. You will now need my seed to live...” She licked her lips as she grabbed ahold of Tracer's legs and spread them apart, exposing her wet crotch to her. Widowmaker leaned back, her giant cock resting on top of the clit, rubbing it as she continued to pull back as much as she could. That's the one problem with his cock: it's hard to get into position first.

But once the head of her shaft rested comfortably on the lips, Widowmaker pushed herself inside of Tracer. Tracer let out a mighty roar as the cock immediately opened up her womb wide, the head of the cock itself burying itself inside the special area, pre-cum already leaking onto the walls. That should be enough to impregnate Tracer, but this is never just about making babies.

It's about having fun.

Widowmaker wasted no time with mercy or being slow. She thundered her hips against Tracer, each thrust causing Tracer's body to flop like a beached fish. Tracer's voice started out with loud and painful-sounding moans with each and every thrust. The cock is quickly forming the insides of Tracer's vaginal tract to fit it and only it, and as it did so, Tracer's cries of pain started to melt, along with any remaining ressitance, into pure pleasure.

Tracer had started out with a look of pure terror and pain, but after only a few shoves, the terror faded into joy and the pain into love. Tracer stated to moan like the bitch in heat she had been turned into. “Yes...” Tracer gasped out. “I love it...”

“Good!” Widowmaker got out, slowing down just a bit to instead grind her cock inside, causing Tracer's eyes to roll back with pressing grind done to her. “I shall flood your womb with seed soon. You will get used to this.”

“I want to be the mother of your children!” A already hoarse Tracer got out. “Please, knock me up! I'm sorry I never done this before!”

“I didn't have this cock before!” 

“I'm sorry I never loved you like this! Please, treat me as a whore and knock me up!”

“Gladly.” Widowmaker did one more mighty thrust inside of Tracer to burry her cock as far as possible inside before leaning in and pressing a kiss onto Tracer's lips. After holding the kiss for a bit, Widowmaker allowed her semen to flood out of her and flood inside of Tracer. If the pre-cum didn't get to a egg, this definitely will put a child into Tracer...if not triplets. 

Widowmaker pulled out of Tracer, with a waterfall of steaming hot semen pouring out of Tracer's womb. There, it is done. Tracer will no longer be a threat to Talon but a powerful ally. Well, Jack had the intention of converting the heroes over to Talon's side, but Widowmaker will not be sending off her wives into harm's way. Those random girls will become members of Talon's forces...

But those special heroes are hers and hers alone. 

Mei woke up in a weird way. She's used to waking up in odd positions, she spent her time exploring the world and wouldn't usually have access to a good bed, and at times even a sleeping bag. But waking up all tied up and naked is something she hadn't done before. And within good reasons, she's not into BDSM and she hated sleeping in the bluff.

Come to think of it, last night she checked into a nice hotel following a seminar she had been invited to. Her first thoughts were that of horror: was one of her patrons that invited her a rapist and only invited her to get her to come to him. She didn't feel any sort of different: her head hurt a bit, possibly a side-effect from being drugged off while asleep. But she didn't feel violated...outside of being roped up and stripped of all clothes and worldly possessions. 

The noises of a woman in lust came onto her ears. Mei perked up and looked forward to see something truly terrifying. In front of her, in this warehouse, is the infamous sniper Widowmaker fucking the esteemed streamer and influencer This is a nightmare!

“What the hell is going on?” Mei asked as she tried to sit up. But a foot came from behind her and gently shoved her down onto her face. Mei groaned and then let out a small yelp as she got shoved forward to get a better look at the scene before her. Widowmaker, with a gigantic cock, is slamming right into the womanhood of is slobbering on the floor, letting out sick-sounding moans. is clearly enjoying having herself raped by a assassin. What's going on?

“It's love.” Came a familiar voice to Mei from behind her. Mei rolled around to see something that also terrified her. It's Tracer, Lena Oxton. She had gone missing recently, one of the reasons Mei agreed to attend the seminar is to investigate Tracer's disappearance. Well, she found her, but this is no longer the Tracer she once knew.

This one has turned into a whore.

She wore nothing, save for her trademarks of goggles and the chrono accelerator. She had her left nipple pierced with a silver spider icon. The hairs around her vagina were shaved in the same shape as well. Tracer had this look about her, the same sort that Widowmaker had as she pounded Mei could smell something akin to dry fish coming from Tracer...her body smelt like sex.

“You're so lucky.” Tracer waved at Mei. “Widowmaker has chosen you to be apart of her special harem. After she finishes with, you will be next.”

“What is that!” Mei asked as she looked away from Tracer and stared at the dick as it plowed through's butt, wads of semen starting to spray out with each shove. Mei couldn't take her eyes off it. It looked so monstrous. That thing could kill someone...either as a club or for death sex! And yet is surviving quite well with the trunk of a cock smashing inside of her...

...and then there's's own words. “Fuck me!” She was begging with her tongue braced against the floor. “Please, fuck me as hard as you want! Please!”

“Ah, but you forget, a slave cannot give orders to a master.” Widowmaker calmly spoke as she raised a hand to slap down onto the ass, causing it to deform for a second. “Now, how shall I punish you?”

“Widowmaker!” cried out, much in the same way a lover would. 

Widowmaker let out a soft chuckle before pressing her hips right up against's butt, forcing the lower half of the girl to lean up into the air as Widowmaker delivered a hot load inside of her. let out a loud and shrill moan as she could feel every drop of semen stain her walls and then start flooding out of her. The cum went out into a puddle and then formed into a lake with several rivers as they ran into the small channels in the floor. 

One small river came close to Mei. Tracer looked at the river, interested in it. But instead of leaning in and lapping up the milk, she instead pushed Mei into the semen. “Drink up!” Tracer cheered. The semen stained itself upon Mei's lips, some of it even going inside of her mouth. The rather funky favor of the semen rolled into her taste buds, and it sent such powerful shocks up to her brain.

Mei found the taste to be...amazing. She wanted to be disgusted with it. But her mind and her body surrendered to the taste. She could feel the semen soaking deep into her very core, alright transforming her very core of self into something...perverted. Mei started to find herself...attracted to Widowmaker now. She had no reason to do so, she hated the woman. Widowmaker is a callous murderer...

...and Mei wanted to suck Widowmaker's babymaker.

Widowmaker recognized the lust building up in Mei. It's amazing how potently powerful her milk really is. Even the most prude person in the entire world couldn't resist her if they got even a single drop of her special nectar. Mei seemed to be weak to it as her face went red, her nipples started to erect to full size, and she struggled against her bonds not to escape, but to get closer to Widowmaker.

“Want a taste?” Widowmaker asked as she held up her dick, soaked with's juices and dried semen. Mei nodded. Widowmaker sighed as she snapped her fingers. Tracer jumped to it and dove down, arching her back up to serve as a chair for Widowmaker. Tracer might be pregnant, but it's still the early stages. After the first bump comes up, Widowmaker will go easy on a servant. As a sex-toy, she will be unrelenting. 

Widowmaker motioned over to, despite having her backside ridden hard and her stomach area bloated from all of the semen inside of her, managed to get back up and walk over to Mei, untying her bonds. As soon as she was free, Mei launched herself right at Widowmaker, both of her hands wrapping all around the cock.

Mei's hand glided up and down the cock, massaging it while trying to get it back up to full strength. Not that Widowmaker didn't really need her to do that; enough willpower could do that. But the feeling of Mei's delicate hands running the course up and down the meat did feel extremely pleasant. Cold, but not freezing. It's like a icepack on a hot summer day.

Widowmaker didn't really need to order Mei. Mei just opened her mouth and started to suckle on the head, treating it a bit like a lollipop. Poor girl wouldn't be able to swallow that much meat all at once. She might be able to overtime though. For now, seeing Mei's tongue swirl around the top of her cock while she drizzled drool all over the meat.

“You will be a excellent bitch.” Widowmaker blew a kiss towards Mei, who happily blushed.

“But I am still your favorite?” Tracer asked, a small non-sexual groan emitting from her throat.

“You are all my favorites.” Widowmaker blew a second kiss to Tracer, who blushed but also lost a bit of grip on the ground. Oh well, it's about time for the main event. Widowmaker carefully stood up, forcing Mei to back off. “Now, Mei, it's time to have some fun...some real fun. Do you know what to do?” Mei nodded a few times like a excited kid. “Good...”

Mei turned around and pointed her massive and significantly-awesome rear end towards Widowmaker. The stories were true, this ass is otherworldly for the sheer size of it. It's plump and round, like a perfect peach. And Widowmaker is going to pluck this peach out of the tree.

She again wasted no time. Like with and Tracer before her, there's little point to go easy on these heroes. Widowmaker plunged her dick right inside of Mei, stuffing the Chinese woman to the very brim with sexual meat. Mei's voice shattered into a high-pitched squeal as the dick smashed into her womb. Her insides were melting from the sheer size and heat coming from this wonderful meat.

Widowmaker actually turned Mei over onto her back, now that she could fit her massive dong inside of the girl. Widowmaker pressed a kiss down onto Mei's lips, locking the two of them together as Widowmaker thrusted herself deep inside of Mei. Mei's squeals of delight were muffled by Widowmaker's lips and Widowmaker's more powerful tongue wrapped around her own.

Mei had already came the moment the cock got thrusted inside of her. This only provided lubrication for Widowmaker to really hammer Mei hard. The wet smacks echoed throughout the warehouse as they got louder and faster, like a water machine gun. And as Widowmaker finally broke off the kiss, Mei's machine-gunned groans and moans joined in, managing to be even louder than Widowmaker's violent thrusts.

“Do you want to hold my child inside of you?” Widowmaker asked of Mei before laying a quick kiss down on her lips. “Do you wish to become apart of my harem and spend the rest of your life being my lovely child-creating bride?”

“YES!” Mei begged, small tears forming in her eyes. “Please, make me pregnant! I want it so badly! Give me twins, triplets, anything! I will make a hundred children for you!”

“You're so perfect.” Widowmaker whispered to Mei as she finished up, blasting a huge payload right inside of Mei, with enough force that Widowmaker had to pull out least she gets blasted off by the pressure of her own cumming. A fountain flowed upward out of Mei, only to be cut off by Widowmaker dousing Mei off with the remaining load of semen, staining Mei's entire body white with baby batter. Speaking of which, Widowmaker figured that Mei must be with at least triplets given her big body. She could support multiple child births. She might lack the power that Tracer had, but Mei has got some good genetics about her.

Widowmaker took a step back, massaging her own massive dong to get it to calm down a bit. She watched on as and Tracer surrounded the stunned Mei, licking her clean. Good, the wives are getting along. Widowmaker would hate if her own wives started to bicker and fight amongst themselves to 'prove' themselves to her. She would have to make sure to teach them to be nice to other and share.

She could just do that really just by asking them. They hung on her every word now.

The reports flooded in. (Much like the agent herself often did to others.) Akande couldn't believe his eyes or ears that Doctor Jack's perverted experiment not only worked out, but with flying colors. This one snagged not just one hero, but as of right now, it had seduced four hereos! Akande's jaw felt like falling out the moment he saw the names of 'Tracer' and even the latest one of 'Ashe' appear on these dockets. And by the time he finished up reading the reports, a fifth one was dropped off: 'Pharah'.

Well, there were some costs in the end. Besides paying off all of the supplies needed to turn Widowmaker into a harem-making machine, there was also all of the other girls that Widowmaker had her fun with. A hundred and twenty-two total, all from around the globe. All of them now carrying the eventual offspring of a super soldier. They would have to be taken care of: moving manpower to look after them, places to contain them as a good majority of them were declared missing along with the heroes, and of course providing for them. That set them back quite a lot.

But in the end, Jack's plan had landed them five heroes that lead to so much good for Talon. Success rate of all operations shot up by a whopping twenty-five percent, a record high in years. And it took was to transform a sniper into a impregnator. Such a weird but wonderful turn of events it had been these last five months. 

“Well, doctor.” Akande sighed as he poured some special wine into a goblet. This wine had been stolen from a private and well-esteemed vineyard in France years ago; he had been saving it for a occasion such as this. “Your experiment is quite a success. I must admit, you got me. You legitimately caught me off guard. ”

“Oh, it's nothing.” A bashful Jack waved off as he approached and took his goblet off the table.

“Even though...” Akande pointed a finger to him while still holding the wine bottle. “...I know you did this not for Talon, but to satsify your own specific fetishes.” Jack looked away, a small blush coming onto his cheeks. “But in the end, Talon has greatly benefitted. Without Ms. Oxton, taking control of King's Row and the omnic factory in that area was smooth sailing.”

“Eh? I thought you wanted to blow it up or somethin'.”

“Times change.” Akande told as he poured himself a tall drink. “The omincs will serve us well. We will have both organic and technological soldiers. The former for police control, and the other to serve as disposable.” Akande let out a small laugh as he set the wine bottle down, picking up his own goblet and raising it up to the neck-level with Jack. “To you, doctor.” Jack smiled and exchanged a toast before they both took a long drink.

“Well, speaking of the organic soldiers, I'm happy to announce that my aging process machine is underway. I should be able to shred off decades of waiting with it. All of the soldiers that Widowmaker has procreated will be ready within the month if things go smoothly.” Jack told as he set his goblet down.

“Ah, but will they be combat-ready?”

“That's for the trainers to decide right now. I need more time to develop a program into the aging machine for them to gain the proper knowledge, but I never will be able to actually give them proper experience.”

“Makes sense.” Akande let out a long sigh as he swirled his goblet around. “Moving back to a early point, having Agents Mei and has been extremely beneficial. We have managed to remove a great deal of opposition outside of the heroes or have...convinced people to help us.” 

“Careful.” Jack pointed a finger at Akande. Normally, when people point a finger at Doomfist, they tend to have that finger broken or outright removed, but Jack had earned that right and authority to do so. “Widowmaker is a extremely jealous individual thanks to the experiments. You can use any of the non-hero girls she has knocked up, but the heroes will lead to some problems...”

“I think I can handle her.” Akande breathed out as he took another swing of his drink. “But on the same topic, do you have some sort of control over her? That 'milk' that you gave her has turned half of my female staff into sex-starved loyalists to her.”

“Don't worry.” Jack sighed. “I can control her in any way I see fit. If I want her to lose her cock so somebody could turn her into a sex slave, then I can. If I want to turn someone into a futa and get into a battle, then I can will it. I could even turn a little girl into a futa that shadows her own dick if I so wish.”

“Right.” Akande groaned before downing the rest of his drink, and the grabbing ahold of the wine bottle to start chugging it down. A fifty-k dollar drink being treated like a five dollar beer. “Look...” Akande slurred out after stopping halfway, waving a hand aimlessly. “ sure you can keep her loyal to Talon? I don't want her to become competition.” Akande looked so patethic right now. The legendary Doomfist turned into a drunken coward.

Jack took his time to answer. He could take over Talon and by extension the world if he so wanted to. In fact, if he willed it, he could convince Widowmaker to give up her harem up to him. He let out a sly chuckle as he strolled over to a computer, turning the monitor on and selecting the camera feed to Widowmaker's sector in the base. “Trust me.” Jack told in a gravely voice. “She won't be.”

The camera footage showed Widowmaker creaming inside of the person known as Pharah, who's stomach had already bloated with twins. Cuddling up to Widowmaker is her long-time lover Tracer, rubbing both Widowmaker's chin and her own pregnant belly. Mei and are tribbing each other in a attempt to make the other one cum first. Ashe is being fingered by Widowmaker, both crying and begging to be creampied next.

Widowmaker is clearly enjoying herself. Good. She's going to need for what Jack had planned next.


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