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Chapter 0 - The Punishment

R'hyll is an alien God of Control. His worshippers tried to summon him on Earth, but the ritual went wrong and he got stucked inside a black mask.
Pon is his pet-slave, who (after getting brainwashed, obviously) got a power of transformation from her Master. This is why she has cat-ears.
Also, kinda obvious, but this story contains lots of humiliation.

Chapter 0 - The Punishment

Chapter 0 - The Punishment
Mark sat on the outside stairs of his house, sighing. He was a young adult with a long, brown, greasy hair and a slightly overweight stomach and untold boredom that was torturing his mind. The weather was nothing spectacular, since it forced him to wear a brown jacket and long jeans, but in normal circumstances it would have been more than enough for a quick jump to the city.

But now, due to the actions that he had no control over, pretty much the entire city was closed. Everyone was staying at home, most shops and restaurants were closed and his friends were unwilling to go to the city centre. And so he was left alone, with a single joint in his hand.

Normally he would want to smoke it outside and alone, but he was desperate for some fun. Especially since this one was made by his friend, Marco, who always loved adding something “special” to his drugs.

He lighted the joint, put it in his mouth and took a deep breath. The smoke entered his throat and lungs, making him cough for a second.

-Well...- he said, after taking another boof. - Now I just have to wait until it starts working.

To pass some time, he decided to focus on something different. At first, he found himself disappointed – the flat was completely empty, with not a single soul around. But then, he noticed a movement, from one creepy store around which he always felt uneasy.

What he saw almost blew his mind.

He saw a girl, that looked as if she was around his age, carrying a small box in her delicate hands. That girl had long, white hair and one of the most incredible bodies that Mark ever saw. And he could see every detail of it – because aside from the collar around her neck, she was completely naked.

Mark watched with an opened mouth, as that girl hummed under her nose, with her enormous tits moving up and down with every step of her bare feet. Mark almost started drooling, as his cock rose with every wiggle of those ridiculously big breasts. He was so focused that, while he surely saw the spiral tatoo on her left breast,  he didn’t even notice how the pair of cat-like ears appeared on girl’s head.

The girl turned around, showing Mark the most alluring ass cheeks he has ever seen. They were so thick and eye-catching, that he barely ever noticed the fact that she possessed a long, white tail.

-Oh my God, a thicc, naked cosplayer. - Mark said to himself, looking at the joint while slowly moving his hand toward the crotch. - This shit hits way harder than it should.

Mark’s eyes quickly moved back to his most preferable target. He picked a right moment – that white-haired girl bent over, spreading those seductive cheeks and showing the source of her tail. It was attached to as massive, black-red buttplug, that was stretching her ass to its absolute limits.

Mark started breathing heavily, with his face turning completely red. That girl. Those enticing breasts. Those hypnotic hips. That ass, legs, everything. Just looking at her was one of the most erotic moments of his life. Which is why he decided to record it.

Mark quickly took out his phone and just as he raised it, that girl turned her head in his direction. She saw him, which made him froze in fear.

White-haired girl jumped with her back to the wall of the shop, covering her breasts and crotch with her hands. This, somehow, made her look even more erotic in his eyes.
-Maaaster! - the girl shouted in fear and embarrassment.

That scream echoed through the street, making Mark panic so much that he nearly dropped his phone.

-Did she...She just shouted “Master”, right? - he asked himself.

Before he was able to answer his own question, he noticed a small, black object, moving fast through the street. Before he was able to fully comprehend what it truly was, the object jumped on his face.

A black, stylish mask threw itself on Mark’s face, covering his eyes. Mark quickly jumped, shaking his head and desperately trying to remove that strange thing from his head.

-Let go! - he shouted.

The energy that he put into that scream was not to be seen again. The mask was swallowing his power. Mostly, the willpower.

The fear slowly started fading away and so Mark stopped shaking so much. His mind became attacked with the thought that weren’t his own. With the personality much stronger than his. he mumbled under his nose, as his willpower enormously dropped.

The mask started bombarding Mark’s mind with the wild memories of that girl’s curvy body, making his arousal stronger and his sense of self much weaker. It took only a few seconds for Mark’s individuality and personality to dropped completely. He was now possessed. And as he opened his eyes again, they started glowing with a sinister red light.

“Mark” was no longer there. His body became a vessel for R’hyll, the alien God of Control.

-Me-damn-it. - R’hyll said, with Mark’s corrupted voice, moving slowly towards his slave. - And I wanted to take a nap.

Pon, the white-haired slavegirl, stopped covering her body in the moment she saw her Master approaching. She was ready to jump and hug his new body, but R’hyll simply grabbed her cat-ear, dragging her behind her painfully.

-Aaaahh! - she screamed with pain, biting her lower limp. - I am a toy, I have no control.

R’hyll opened the door to his shop, moving in and dragging his slave behind. He wasn’t surprise with Pon’s choice of words – after all, he programmed her to speak them whenever her Master was causing her pain.

They moved like this through the entire shop, passing the shelfs fool of toys and bowing women. Each of those accessories were powered by R’hylls magic, that gave them hypnotic, mind-melting powers. Every woman that they passed had the Mark of R’hyll - a black-red spiral tatoo, that enslaved them to their Master.

R’hyll only stopped dragging his slave after entering the warehouse, where they were completely alone. Then he moved away his hand, letting Pon caress her red ear.

-Maaaster! - the naked slave said with grievance, with her pink eyes almost in tears. - That was humiliating! - she looked away. - And not in a good way.

-Get wet. - he commanded, snapping his fingers.

Pon gasped, as the juices from her exposed pussy started dripping on the floor. Her body became warmer, her body shaking from arousal. She blushed, pointing her pink eyes on her Master. She was completely under his control – mind, body and soul. His one word was enough to completely rewrite her personality and appearance.

And she loved every second of it.

-See? - he said, with a cheeky smile. - Now it was in a good way.

-N-not fair, Master...- she said, slowly fingering herself.

Then, a black-red tentacle appeared from behind R’hyll’s back, moving with untold speed and slapping Pon’s naked ass. The sound of clapping echoed through the warehouse, with the tentacle leaving a red reflection on slavegirl’s cheek.

-I am a toy, I have no control! - Pon said on one breath, gasping and getting even wetter.

R’hyll used the moment to look at his new body. Since he got imprisoned inside the mask, he started using it to possess mortal bodies. The mask was pretty limiting, which was something that couldn’t be said about human bodies. But even those could not handle R’hyll’s presence for very long, which is why he needed to jump from person to person.
Once he left one’s body, his victim found him/herself without any memories connected with being possessed but with a greater self-esteem and desire to be on top. This often evolved into an enormous ego, but R’hyll didn’t care about such consequences.

R’hyll looked at his vessel’s arms, finding them to be not as muscular as he would want them to be. The same could be said about the rest of Mark’s body. For a mere mortal, solving such a problem could take months and years. But for a being that was once worshipped by hundreds of races as Master of The Realm of Corrupted Minds, it was a matter of seconds.

As R’hyll’s power started flowing through Mark’s body, he became way more muscular. His hanging tummy quickly disappeared, replaced with an impressive six-pack. The change was so huge and sudden, that Mark’s clothes started ripping apart, but R’hyll didn’t seem to care.

R’hyll looked at his slave, ready to ask her opinion about the look of his new body. He didn’t have too. Pon was drooling and moving her tail happily, watching her Owner’s transformation and its results.

R’hyll smiled, seeing his favourite slave happy, but he still remembered her behaviour. The fact that she went outside, completely naked. And then she started screaming, which could bring ever more attention from random people.

R’hyll grabbed Pon’s chin, making her blush. As she looked deep into her Master’s red-glowing eyes, she could feel how her juices were sliding down through her legs.

-It was dangerous, moving outside like this. - R’hyll said, caressing Pon’s cheek with his big, strong hand. - Have you lost your mind?

Pon started purring, rubbing her cheek against R’hyll’s hand.

-No...Mrrraster. - she answered. - I gave it to you.

It was true. She surrendered to her Master’s will willingly. She gave up her mind and body, asked for her breast to be marked by R’hyll’s tentacle. He changed her. Her personality. Her appearance. Even her name. He made her better. More focused. More powerful. Just as she always wanted to be.

At least that’s how she most often remembered it. Master liked to play with her memories, making her forget the things that happened and believe in the most ridiculous lies. It often made her dizzy and confused. But she liked it. Being lost and unable to focus on her own made her devotion and obedience to Master R’hyll even more justifiable than it already was.

-You went outside, completely naked. - he said, still caressing her cheek. - Why?

Pon instinctively came closer, rubbing her enormous breasts on her Master’s hard, muscular body. Her heart started beating faster as her repeatedly brainwashed mind was focused on finding an answer to R’hyll’s question. But it was hard.

She remembered...things. Lewd, mind-melting things that occurred in the shop. Marked bodies, rubbing against each other. Tentacles filling every hole. Spirals. Brainwashing. Line of slaves, standing at attention before their Owner. Completely and unquestionably devoted.

But honestly, that sounded like every second Saturday, so she wasn’t even sure if it really happened today or if she was remembering something completely unrelated.

She did remember one thing.

-The box...Mrrraster. - she said after a few second of silence, moving her head so she could place a kiss on the hand that was pleasuring her. - I remember that I had to take out the box. The shop was empty, so I probably forgot that I wasn’t wearing any clothes.

R’hyll smiled, satisfied with the answer. And then, he snapped his fingers.

The sound of it triggered the reaction in Pon’s brain. Her mind became completely empty and the body stood at military attention. Even her ears and tail moved in the high direction.

-You went outside because you are my pathetic, horny pet. - R’hyll said, looking into Pon’s heart-shaped, spiralling eyes. - Because you get crazy when you don’t have your Master’s cock, stretching your nasty ass to its absolute limits.

-Yes Master. - Pon said, mindlessly, barely understanding the nature of the words that were becoming an absolute truth to her. - I went outside because I am your pathetic, horny pet. Because I get crazy when I don’t have my Master’s cock, stretching my nasty ass to its absolute limits.

R’hyll smiled, grabbing Pon around her hips and slowly materialising more and more of his tentacles.

-And you need to be punished. - he said.

Pon, although still mindless, smiled and took out her tongue.

-And I need to be punished. - she proclaimed and when the last word was spoken, Master snapped his fingers again, waking her up.

-I’m glad that you understand, pet. - he said and got into work.

Before Pon had any opportunity to say anything, the tentacles wrapped around her wrists, pulling her arms above her head. Then, her Master’s animal limbs lifted her above the ground. Pon’s body instinctively tried to regain the sense of stability, but her wiggling feet couldn’t reach the floor.

-It is an uneasy work, but it needs to be done. - R’hyll said, moving closer to his favourite slave. - It’s not like I like punishing you, pet.

Pon started breathing heavily, getting wetter and wetter with every of her Master’s steps. She was a pathetic, horny pet. She couldn’t live without her Master’s cock, stretching her already filled ass. She was shaking. She was drooling. She didn’t remember if she was that horny just few seconds ago. Maybe she was, but she didn’t notice. Or maybe her Master played with her mind, putting his obscure, humiliating and degrading ideas inside her cute little head.

She hoped that it was the second option. Having her own mind turned against her was unbelievably hot. Her Master could fuck both her mind and body without her even realising. She was so happy to be his toy. No other being could enslave her to this extent.

-I...I actually believe that you like Master. - she said, rubbing her legs from the anticipation.

She didn’t know why she said that. Maybe her Master put those words in her mouth? Or maybe she said them because she hoped that he will get mad and will aggressively ravish her body? Did she even have enough willpower to do this?

-Ha! - her Master laughed, putting his arm around her hip. - That’s my Good Girl.

Then R’hyll, without a word of warning, grabbed Pon’s tail and started pulling it. His slave shouted with extasy, as she felt her gigantic buttplug moving. Her ass was so sensitive, every movement gave her bits of pleasure. This pull was brutal, painful and – because of that – made her scream like an animal in heat.

-I-I-I-I aaaam a toooy! - she screamed her mantra, as her pussy exploed with an orgasm. - I-I-I haavvvve no control!!

-Hahahahaha! - R’hyll laughed, pulling the tail again, making his slave wiggle in the air. - You came just from that? You are so pathetic, slave. Pathetic, but mine.

Pon kept moaning, unable to say or think anything. Her Master was right. She came. Then again. Then again.

She was pathetic. She was his.

In this stream of untold pleasure, she didn’t even notice that her eyes gleamed with a red light for a second. Her Master, recognising that her usual trigger words were way too long for such a drooling mouth, gave her a different set of words.

R’hyll grabbed the tail again, but this time he pushed the plug back to its original place. And then even deeper.

Pon screamed, her body twisted and convulsed while her pussy was erupting with juices. The sweet pain of having her ass ripped in half made her cum again and again and again.

-I deserve to be abused! - she screamed, at this point not even being surprised by her own words. - I deserve to be abbbbbbused! I-I-I dess-serve t-to be...- she breathed heavily, swallowing the still increasing amount of saliva in her mouth. - aaaabbbbuuusssseeeddd!

-Good Girl. - her Master praised her.

He was far from finishing, however. The plug that Pon had in her ass was made specifically for his slave’s asshole. To stretch it to its limits and beyond. It would have been inhumanly cruel to try and stretch it even more.

Luckily, R’hyll wasn’t a human being.

New sets of tentacles emerged from behind his back, slowly reaching towards Pon’s ass. The tentacles slapped, rubbed and toyed with her cheeks, like the predators playing with their food. Pon moaned again and again, while those animal limbs were pressing on her plugged asshole, trying to find any entrance.

R’hyll looked at the mess that was his slavegirl. And at the juices, that were now all over the place.

-I-I-I deserve to be abused...- Pon declared between breaths, completely dominated by her Master.

-I didn’t even touch it. - R’hyll said, pointing at Pon’s pussy. - And yet you came more times that one can count. That makes you a good slut. And a subject to a funny game. - he smiled to himself. - Yesss, today you will be cumming without me even coming close to your wet cunt. How does that sound, pet? she mumbled under her nose.

Then, one of the tentacles found its way. With the great force it fitted in a small space between the plug and skin, entering Pon’s asshole. And then ravishing it with all its strength.

Pon cried with pleasure, throwing herself in all directions in the air. Her ass was her weakest spot. She loved to have it filled, have it broken. She was an ass-slut. She was weak. She was powerless. She was a slave to her Master.

-Good Girl. - R’hyll said, pleased, although his slave was screaming too loud to hear his words.

The two tentacles that didn’t manage to enter her ass quickly focused on Pon’s ankles, wrapping around them. Then, while still ass-fucked, Pon’s body was turned upside down. With her legs up and head down, R’hyll decided that it was his time to feel some pleasure.
He ripped off his already torned pants, revealing his big, strong, monstrous cock. Pon felt dizzy just by looking at it. The size. The look. The aura. She knew he was born to serve that cock with every inch of her being.

-Nyaaa-a-a-aaa! - moaned Pon, knowing that 1/3 of that cock would completely fill her needy, wet pussy.

But as R’hyll proclaimed, he had no interests in her “wet cunt”. Three new tentacles emerged from his body. Two of them entered Pon’s cat-ears, completely filling them, reducing her ability to hear at the moment. The last one wrapped itself around Pon’s head, covering her eyes.

The results were felt immediately. With no way of hearing or seeing, her other senses became much more active. Especially the sense of touch. And so, the painful pleasure of having her ass aggressively penetrated became ten times stronger.

She wanted to scream as loud as possible, but then R’hyll grabbed her head and entered her mouth. His gigantic cock reached deep into Pon’s throat, fucking int mercilessly.

Now, with her mouth also covered and her senses strengthen, she was completely helpless. The pleasure of abuse was all that she could feel. It dominated her mind, body and soul. Her mind was now only able to recognise her Master and the pleasures that she was experiencing. There was nothing else. Just Master and pleasure. Master and pleasure.

Using her powers she instinctively made her tongue unnaturally long, wrapping it around Master’s cock. She licked and sucked fanatically, showing her gratitude to her Master.
R’hyll was visibly pleased, as he kept fucking his slavegirl’s throat. In and out, in and out, with a speed and strength unseen in most mortals.

After a while, just for a few seconds, he took his gigantic, wet cock out. Pon breathed heavily, waving her long tongue around, confused. Her Master took away the cock. But she pleased the cock. Why taking the cock away? To give her time to breath? Breathing wasn’t as important as serving her Master!

Blindfolded Pon was unable to notice that R’hyll’s cock was just few centimeters from her face. She realised it only after he used that cock to slap her cheeks. First left, then right.

-I-I dese...- she tried to say, but her Master came back to violating her throat.

Pon happily returned to sucking her beloved Owner’s cock, while her asshole was still mercilessly penetrated. After a long session of cocksucikng, she realised that her Master’s dick tasted...differently. But still in a familiar way.

It took her overwhelmed mind a few seconds to realise, that she came so many times, that her juices were turning into a stream. Stream that, because she was still upside-down, was moving through her belly, between her jiggling tits and into her mouth.

But she didn’t care. Worshipping Master was much more important. She sucked her Owner’s cock with all her heart and strenght. And after few long minutes of having her throat violated, Master finally came.

Pon, as a good slave should, swallowed every single drop. Master’s cum, mixed with her juices, filled her entire stomach. She was so happy, that even if she was able to think, she wouldn’t know how to express her excitement. Her broken mind could only interpret her Owner’s cum as something absolutely delicious.

When the last drop was sucked out, R’hyll threw away his slave, hiding all his tentacles while her body crashed on the floor. Pon breathed heavily, her body remembering to rise from the ground and fall on the knees before Master.

-That was just a tease, my sweet pet. - R’hyll said, grabbing Pon’s chin. - You are going to experience all forms of corrupted pleasure and abuse imaginable. I am going to break you again and again, using you to satisfy all my darkest needs. And then, when I am done with you, I will erase memories of that experience from your lovely little mind. - he grinned. - But I will leave enough to make you come back to me for more and more.

Pon didn’t answer. She simply took out her tongue, showing that she was ready and willing to be used as a pleasure toy should.

-Let’s go. - R’hyll said, laughting.

All that Pon remebered was darkness. Darkness and glimpses of untold pleasures. She saw herself, fucked in the ass in front of a mirror. She saw her legs, wrapped around another slave’s face. She saw herself moaning in thousands of different places, from thousands of different reasons. But all of those images were far and foggy. She tried to reach them, but was unable to. She wanted that experience with all her heart. To be used. To be humiliated. To be fucked.

Then, she opened her eyes. The first thing that Pon realised, was that she was tired. Every inch of her body screamed in pain. It was as if she was working for days, without a second of break. However awful that feeling was, she felt happiness. She wondered why.
Then she noticed that she was in the bathtub. Her face was resting between pair of big, wonderful breasts. They were soft as pillows. The water was hot, and herbs put inside it were relaxing her muscles. Good Girl woke up? - a corrupted female voice asked.

Pon forced herself to look up. She saw the mask that was her Master, placed upon the face of a beautiful woman with long, blonde hair.

-O...wner...- Pon said, with a sleepy voice.

R’hyll smiled, slowly petting Pon behind her kitty ear.

-It’s okay, pet. - R’hyll said. - I chose this one because she has a big breasts that you can rest on. Just close your eyes and don’t worry about a thing. Everything is under control.

Pon smiled, closing her eyes and wrapping her hands around her Owner, hugging R’hyll.

-Yes, Owner...- she smiled, slowly taking a trip back to the dreamland. - Under control...


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