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A quirk of his travels through time have made Momonosuke a little 'special' for his age, and soon Nami discovers the transformation he undergoes every night, leading to the busty navigator's own transformation into his personal slut.

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In which Tifa Lockheart is a massively hung futanari dominating countless attractive women, starting by using magic to  turn Cloud into a busty blonde bimbo bride.

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Quentin Beck has a different plan for how to gain power in this version of the MCU, specifically by doing things a little more personally. So posing as a teacher, he uses nanites, holograms and other supertech to turn MJ into his bimbofied, ass-twerking black slut.
A freshly turned 18 Wendy Corduroy finds herself stranded alone after a concert in the city. Luckily for her, a kindly older black man offers her a ride in his car...he just has a few favors he'd like to do for him in return.

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Kinks: Interracial, gangbang, light mindbreak
To pay a debt to the Inuzaka clan, Tsunade has to perform...certain acts with a powerful new ninken. Will she tame the savage beast, or end up knotted and broken?

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To smooth things over between their two villages, Tsunade sends Kushina and Sakura to have a private meeting with the Raikage. Once there, he engages them in a sexual wager that sees both women losing, and then winning, big.

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A Fire Emblem Three Houses story featuring a hung OC making his way through the women of Garreg Mach Monastery, starting with Edelgard.

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A young boy rescued by Cammy and Chun-Li from Shadaloo turns out to be more than they expected, and far more than they can handle.

Chapter 2, featuring Sakura, now up!

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James is fed up with Jessie, and he and Meowth hatch a scheme to rid her of her arrogant attitude once and for all by hiring a half dozen hung men with grudges against Team Rocket to break her in.
An anonymous commission.
Tired of her son keeping her up all night by banging his girlfriend Hinata, Kushina goes to have a conversation with him.

It goes...exceedingly well.
YorHa decides to "product test" two of its new android models, 2B and 2P by letting them push their sexual boundaries with two of the most hung, horniest men they can find., one black, one white.
Kushina Uzumaki is once again captured by the Cloud Village. Subjected to strange technology from the deepest labs of the Snow Village, the mighty redhead finds her body and mind transformed, until she ends up a brainwashed, big-titted, brainless bimbo breeding whore for huge black cocks!
Tired of Urahara monopolizing Yoruichi's time, Soifon finds herself in an endurance match of sorts with the shopkeeper so she can have Yoruichi all to herself.

An anonymous commission.
A My Hero Academia story in which, shortly after graduating and becoming a Pro Hero, Kyoka Jiro finds herself somewhat listless. Until a friend gives her a push into becoming an Escort Hero and opens her eyes to a whole new way of 'helping' people.

Chapter 2 now up!
Set in a somewhat ill defined time in Bleach, this story sees Yoruichi Shihoin struggle to come up with a way to rid herself of her brother's constant horniness and recruiting other women to be his personal 'stress relief'. Her first choice, Soul Society's bustiest blonde bimbo, Rangiku Matsumoto.

Contains NTR, raceplay, absurd sizes, rough sex, incest, and more!

Chapter 2, featuring Orihime, is now up!
A sequel to my 'Tracer's First Prom' story, this features D. Va paying a visit to the family of Tracer's new boyfriend, and seeing if she can handle all the fat hard, All-American white cock meat they have for her.
Wally West and Artemis sneak off to her house for a afternoon hook-up, only for Artemis' mother, the retired Huntress to walk in on the pair of them and decide they need to be taught a little lesson.
Deciding the war-torn world needs to repopulate, Aang and company come up with a way to make certain woman impossibly more fertile than before. The first person to receive this blessing is none other than Azula herself.

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(Contains mindbreak, gangbang, hatesex, incest, body mod, breeding)
Midnight and Mt. Lady find themselves assigned to a young student at UA High to keep him on the straight and narrow and make sure he doesn't become a Villain. Teaching a young boy a thing or two should be easy for the busty beauties, right?

Chapter 2 now up, featuring Bakumom!
In this sort of choose your own style story, the reader (a white Shinigami named Matt, for what it matters) has finally had enough of Rukia's posturing and decides to put the uppity little piece of ass in her place.
Ritsuko decides to enlist Misato to help her run a little experiment, seeing how well pregnancy effects EVA synch rates. The Major ropes Shinji and Asuka into the science project and soon everyone gets more than they bargained for.

Chapter 2, released a month ago for everyone who pledges to my is now up!
Franziska von Karma meets a criminal from the old country that she convicted years ago, to find he's been plotting the perfect vengeance for five long years. How will the perfect prosecuting prodigy deal with this hung uncultured brute?
While on a mission in Orion space, Deanna Troi accidentally breaks a local law and soon finds herself put on trial, one that will test her sexual limits and change her life forever.
Bowser's plan to use the Super Crown to take over the Mushroom Kingdom doesn't quite work as planned, and what results is a marathon of rough hate-fueled sex between Mario and Bowsette.
After proving victorious in their final battle, Naruto decides to cement his victory over Sasuke by turning him into a fat-titted woman and fucking her stupid.

Chapter 5 featuring Hinata is now up!

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