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Russel is taken to a strange, kind of shady bar, by his friend for his birthday...
After leaving Rickard and his group behind, Mystra set out on a journey of her own. One in which she would spread the holy word of the Goblin Goddess Hyasint! It's...debatable on how that's going, but then one night she received a vision...
John White took a semester off to go on a road trip after he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. Then, one night, he arrives at a strange hotel...
Brandine Goldminer, the world's best (self proclaimed) goblin treasure hunter hears rumours of an ancient, abandoned temple in the swamp and goes there in search of treasure. She finds some, eventually, but first she has an even greater find...

Commissioned by
Ingrid Clover finds herself in Tranquil Nights Spa, about to receive a massage from to muscular, hung young men...

Commissioned by
Gthack and his girlfriend Kayah go to the local fast food join, Bob's Burger Barn, and decide to use their restrooms for some fun...

Commissioned by
Lanael spends another Valentine's Day busy at work, not knowing that one of her arrows is a little different from the others. At least not until it's too late...
A story taking place over the course of several days as a flat chested gnome, sick of being mistaken for a child, invites over the son of a local farmer to help her expand her breasts...
Jacqueline “Jackie” O’Mara is challenged by her friends to leave the party she is attending topless, with her breasts only covered in paint. Afraid to be caught, she takes a shortcut through an old villa only to discover that it's haunted...

Cover art provided by
A trio of schoolgirls share an interest in the thrill of exhibitionism, and bet each other to go to school commando. The catch is that they share their campus with not only humans, but also a variety of tentacle monsters. Many who have a much lower viewpoint than your average human...

Collab with SnowPuma
My part of a trade between Carmessi and myself, coming over to the apartment of a young man named Nick who isn’t sure if she is who he thinks she is. Not that he really cares in the end.
A story about the exploits of bimbo MILF Trudy Hunt and her love of muscles.

Another collab with , who also provided all of the cover art available.
Stories based on the adventures of goblin cartographer .

Allana Goldgrave belongs to and all art was done by him.
A story about the adventures of a, rather short, succubus called Tani.

Character created by and myself.
All art provided by .
The “Puffer Squirrel” from the Tentacle Pet story makes a return, this time in a more fantasy setting. One of the creatures gets picked up by a female Minotaur that is patrolling the outskirts of Milkton, and takes it back home. Only to find out that it is mating season…

Commissioned by
Martin Thorfall gets tasked by the Adventurer's Guild of Delario to help someone find a specific ingredient. Only he hasn't been told what the ingredient is.
Reeno, a Rhino Faunus, finds himself in a bar brawl with some humans after losing his temper. Unfortunately, due to his anger he has also lost control of his natural lightning magic and the only one that can properly calm him down is his sister Cerise…

Commissioned by
A story about Dieselbrain-art's shortstack Djinn OC Gamila

A story starring Larrylive84‘s Wood Elf Orman Kon and goblin Pepper Goldchime. Orman returns at night after celebrating his birthday. His gift? Pepper in a nightie. And there is one more surprise later that night…

Commissioned by
A story I came up with after a chat with Jamesab. It stars his Helen and is based on .

Contains: M/F, big cock, muscle, titfuck, buttjob, thighfucking, vaginal sex.
A quick story I wanted to do set in the Nex Starshine universe. Starring a delivery girl having some fun in a room ful of tentacles.

If you enjoy stories like this please consider supporting my
This story is about the morning routine of the mother of a dickgirl who has quite the libido and a lot of stamina.

If enjoy stories like this please consider supporting my .
Orman Kon and Pepper Goldchime are tasked with investigating the city of Goldlock, which just appeared out of nowhere, and see what the intentions are of its ruler. Unfortunately, the Queen’s top agent quickly finds them.

Commissioned by
A group of three female adventurers make their way through an old elven ruin, in the hopes of finding treasure. Unfortunately they run into a riddle none of them can solve, although the imps that call the ruin home know the answer. Of course, they want something in return.

Rowena belongs to Kumi-Pumi

Commissioned by Pantboy678
A goblin noblewoman belonging to a long line of explorers decides to follow in the footsteps of her ancestors and sets off to explore the world on her own. However, she soon find out how difficult the explorer’s life can be for a lone goblin when she runs into a band of orcs…

Commissioned by EndGamer.

La’ Lana belongs to .

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