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Chapter 1 - Ruby Rose, Deflowered

There are only two kinds of Jaune Arc smut fics: either he's a cuck, or he's a sex god. There is no in-between.

[RWBY] Sort-of AU, here we see Jaune getting it on with a few RWBY girls in this smut fic. Follow him and his erotic escapades in his sexual relations with the different women on the show.

Maledom, Big Cock, Netori, Hate Fucking, Rough Sex, CFNM, Interracial, Breedplay, Degradation, Gym Sex, Public Sex, Stepfordization, Creampie, Harem. More tags to be added.

Chapter 1 - Ruby Rose, Deflowered

Chapter 1 - Ruby Rose, Deflowered
“Oh, dust. Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK––!”

Throwing her head back, the silver-eyed girl screamed at the top of her lungs––something she had grown accustomed to throughout the night. Copious amounts of sweat beaded down her pale body as she came from the fierce pounding she was receiving. Lying on the bed in a motel room, she gripped the sheets from the sheer intensity of the fucking. The girl’s petite body bounced a bit from every thrust as her lover made, as he battered his large phallus down her breeding hole in a furious mating press. Each thrusting motion rocked her body, letting her loosely-hanging breasts bounce freely. Her legs were raised above his shoulders, a bit sore from flailing throughout the intercourse.

Her pussy was red from the hours-long fuck session that began earlier that night, and the sheets were drenched by the bodily fluids that oozed out of her used poontang. Her voice became hoarse after the series of moans she let out during the sexual congress, evidence of the number of times she orgasmed throughout the night. Her ample chest heaved as she breathed heavily, euphoria temporarily numbing her to the rough plowing the blonde-haired man was still giving her.

“Ah, I’m cumming too.”

The male in question paused his thrusting by plugging his ejaculating cock into Ruby’s pussy. For the seventh time tonight, Jaune Arc filled a condom with an abundant amount of semen. He groaned as his viscous fluid filled the rubber, basking in the sheer pleasure derived from dominating his female lover.

Exiting the used hole, Jaune sighed as he took the condom off his lengthy cock. After tying a knot, he placed the sealed rubber among the others on the nearby bedside table––proof of his virility. Looking back at his exhausted, unresponsive partner, he smirked.

“How was that for training?”


A few hours earlier…

“I can’t believe this.”

Ruby Rose despondently walked along the lamp-lit streets of Vale. She had just come from a brutal roasting (though her sister called it teasing) in Beacon, regarding how much of a kid she was compared to her team members. She was used to the ‘little sister’ position, but she was team leader now. Team leader! And they had the nerve to call her kiddie despite that. Besides, she’s been drinking milk for how long! She would be hitting her growth spurt sometime soon. It was all fun and games at first, but noooo, Yang just had to bring up the topic of sex, and let the whole team find out that she was the only one who hadn’t lost her virginity yet.

“It’s not my fault that they’re all slutty…” she grumbled to herself. “Besides, I don’t know many boys.”

The only boy she knew (or actually had any interaction with) was Ren, and he was taken. He said he was single, but everyone knew that he belonged to Nora. All her other friends were girls, and from what she knew, none of them were openly lesbian or bisexual (yes, she knows those terms). Weiss had Neptune as her boyfriend, and Blake had her, erm, ‘experience’ with a past boyfriend who she would not name. Her smutty novels were also great indicators of her…tastes. And as for Yang––

Well, she had her cavalcade of tit-hungry boy toys who she had on her beck and call. She would often disappear after school for a nighttime booty call with another student. Though she frequently complained about them ‘not measuring up to her standards’ (whatever that means), she was by far the most sexually-experienced individual on Team RWBY. Pyrrha wouldn’t say anything about her sexual experiences, something about ‘PR’.

‘I cannot confirm nor deny any of your statements.’ Pyrrha’s answer sounded automated, as if she religiously recited them everyday of her life. Numerous tabloids would print articles of possible Nikos-related sexcapades, but her marketing team would always find ways to shut them up, dismissing them as ‘fantasy-induced rumors’. As for Joan, as far as Ruby knew, Joan had given her first time to a childhood friend back in her hometown. She mentioned that keeping it under wraps wasn’t easy, especially since her large family lived in a small community. Six sisters and a twin brother. Huh.

Yet Ruby herself couldn’t get a guy at all. And she only had one sister!

Because of the earlier altercation with her team, she angrily stomped off and decided to cool her head with a walk in town. Passing by a near shop window, she looked at her reflection and stared at her figure. She began feeling up her breasts gently.

“It’s not like my boobs are small,” she thought. “I’m pretty sure I’m bigger than Weiss, at least. Maybe even Blake.”

The girl eyed herself from head to toe, and followed it up by staring at her sides. Her lean, petite figure was complemented by her perky C-cup breasts, and her rather plump thighs were succulently wrapped in her black stockings.

“I guess I have Xiao-Long genes to thank for that.” Ruby grinned. “In all the pictures I saw mom in, she never really did have a figure as curvaceous as mine––I probably inherited her smaller frame.”

Ruby paused her thoughts. This was really the first time she ever felt conscious of her figure, not in a health-related sense, but in a woman-related sense. She was fifteen, and she was taking in the sight of her body’s maturity. She did exhibit some womanly aspects. She wasn’t flat as a board. She also had a bit of junk in her trunk, now that she thought about it. Her backside was relatively big––or was it? What counts as big anyway? Why does this have to be so hard!?

“I guess I really am a kid…” Ruby gloomily said, noting her lack of information. “Maybe I should look at some weapons––”

Ruby stilled.

‘It’s okay Rubes! No one’s forcing you to rush things. Just go play with your weapons. You’re my precious baby sister after all!’

“AAAAAAAH!” Ruby clutched her head. “This is all wrong! I should start focusing on becoming more adult. Where would adults go?”

Looking ahead, she noticed a small neon-lit storefront with the logo ‘James’ Bar’ on it. Ruby gulped, and began walking towards it, intending to enter. Adults go there, right? Drinking––beer? Or was it wine? Approaching the place, it became apparent that it was not one of the finer establishments of the city. Graffiti lined the brick walls of the store, and there was a puddle of––vomit? Ew! Who did that outside the poor place!? Muffled music was heard coming from the inside, and the dimly-lit interior was indistinguishable as she peered inwards through a glossy window. Steeling her nerves, Ruby entered.

The bar was indeed dimly-lit, with numerous adults inside the compound. The air smelled of tobacco, and Ruby felt the urge to cough. Several adults were chatting on the booths which lined the room, some of them laughing loudly. She saw plump old men in suits surrounded by girls who wore the most revealing clothes she had ever seen. One of them wore a short, neon green dress that barely covered her bare thighs, locking her arms around one of the men. Several bottles of drinks were on the table, indicating their inebriated state. Eyeing the bar table, she made her way to sit on one of the stools. Noticing that she looked a bit lost, the bartender spoke to her.

“Ya lookin’ to order something, girlie?” he gruffly said.

“Bwuh?” ––was the best response the introverted Ruby had.

The man gave her a head-to-toe glance. “Wait a minute. Are ya supposed to be here? I’m not gonna sell to minors. Not since the last time a bitch ‘round yer age came here.” The aged bartender grumbled something about ‘jailbait blondes’ and ‘violent generation of kids’.

“Oh great, even the bartender knows I’m a kid.” she glumly thought as she began to stand. “I better just leave––”

“Hey there.”

Ruby turned to see one of the old men she saw on the booths earlier. He had a round head, dirty mustache, and red face––most likely from the alcohol. His necktie was tied around his balding head, and his collar was undone. He reeked of body odor and third-hand smoke.

Ruby never felt more disgusted.

“How ‘bout you come with me for a good time at my place?” he drunkenly asked.

“Um, hehe, sorry, but I’ve really got to go…” she said as she slowly edged past him.

“Oh come on, don’t be like that,” he said, grabbing her arm. “I’ll take care of you real good––”

“Excuse me sir, but I would advise you to take your hands off her.”

Ruby stared at the tall blonde boy, no––man who walked towards them. He had to be at least six feet in height, looking down at the old man and towering over Ruby.

“I’m going to have to ask you to stop bothering her, in case you want me to kick you out of our establishment.” he said, glaring at the man.

“Tsk. Fuckin’ bouncers.” the old man let go, and Ruby watched him walk back to his booth.

“Are you alright? You don’t look old enough to be here.”

Ruby snapped her gaze back to the blonde. “Argh. Does everyone think I’m a kid!?.”

“Jaune, why don’t ya walk this girlie back home? Yer shift is ending soon anyways.” said the bartender.

The blonde man––Jaune––glanced at his watch and shrugged. “Alright boss. I’ll take her home.”

The two exited the bar in silence. “Where do you want me to walk you?” he asked.

“Oh, um. Just a bit near Beacon Academy.” she replied.

“Beacon, huh.” Jaune had a forlorn look as he walked. His eyes had small bags under them, a result of continuous late nights. He turned his gaze back to her “A girl like you shouldn’t be out in this part of town.”

“I just wanted to be more adult, okay…” she quietly said.


“My friends keep mentioning how I’m too young to be team leader. They said that I’m just a kid, they don’t respect me at all!” she frowned. “I just wanted to be, I don’t know, more mature.”

“Eh, you don’t have to rush––”

“They said the same thing!” Ruby half-shouted.

A palpable silence followed that statement.

“Hey––um, Jaune?” Ruby looked up to see him glance down at her. “How old are you?”

“Seventeen,” he casually said. “but eighteen if anyone asks.”

“You can just make up your age!?” she exclaimed.

“No, I lied to get a job.” he snorted. “Most businesses don’t hire minors for full-time work. I’ve got multiple jobs so my bills can get paid.”

“Oh.” she said. “Have you…ever had sex?”

Jaune raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, why?”

“Well I was hoping to, er,” Ruby gulped. “lose my virginity tonight.”

He stared at her. “To be more ‘adult’?”

“Yes.” Ruby said in a quiet voice.

Jaune chuckled. “Well, if you want, I can always teach you.”


“Of course.”  he smirked. “Consider it a deal to let you graduate from your virginity AND learn the ins and outs of sex.”

“Thanks! When do we, uh, begin?”

“Why, if you just come with me, we can get started with your ‘training’ right away. By the way, what's your name?”


Needless to say, Ruby’s training with Jaune would be nothing short of intense, at least in regards to intercourse itself. Settling into a motel along the side of the road, the two teens entered a room with a queen-sized bed in it.

“I trust you know what comes next, right.”

“Pssh. Yeah.” Ruby rolled her eyes. “We get naked…right?”

The two began stripping down their clothes. Starting with her boots, she quickly untied them and placed them by the door. Ruby then took off her signature red cloak and hung it inside the room’s wardrobe. Taking off her top revealed her breasts, which looked bigger due to her petite frame. Her plain, black bra pushed her tits up nicely, showing a moderate amount of cleavage. She bent over and slid her skirt off, unknowingly showing off her peach-shaped rump in all its glory. Removing her stockings allowed her pale skin to come into view, as well as her luscious thighs. She unclasped her bra, releasing her mammaries as they flopped on her chest. Her athletic form, honed by years of huntress training, gave her breasts a nice upward swell. She stepped out of her panties, displaying her unshaven and undefiled cunt for the world––or rather, room––to see. She was an hourglass figure in the making, only hindered by her small hips and physique––obstructions that would likely come to pass in the future, based on how her sister turned out.

“Alright! I’m all done.” Ruby cheerfully exclaimed. “Are you naked and ready too, Jau––”

Ruby stopped thinking as she saw Jaune’s body. His nude form was more akin to that of a sculpture than that of a man. The blonde adonis was the right balance of lean muscle and supple roundness, preventing him from looking too angular and unappealing. Coupled with his towering height, he gave off a dominant aura which made Ruby swallow her saliva a bit. Unbeknownst to her, this was already a sign of her sexual maturity; her status as a grown woman instinctively making her submit to the alpha male which was Jaune Arc. Directing her gaze downwards, she gasped as she reached his crotch.

While Ruby had studied sex ed during her time at Signal, she wasn’t prepared for the absolute monster that was Jaune’s cock. It was more than nine inches long, and girthy too. It neared the size of her forearm rather than the short, flaccid appendages found in her Signal textbook. It was standing fully erect, and pulsed with life––giving it an imposing aura of strength and vitality. She bit her lip, realizing that she started drooling at the sight of it.

“Okay, Ruby. Let’s begin.” Jaune cheerily said, before following up with a commanding tone. “On your knees. Now.”

Absentmindedly, Ruby obeyed him, lowering herself to kneel on the carpet floor. It was as if her primal instincts had awakened, transforming her into a true woman; not a child, not a kid, not a ‘girlie’, but a woman. She swallowed, looking up as Jaune moved forward and placed his cock directly above her face, lightly slapping her with it. It had a manly stench emanating from it, entering her nostrils and fogging up her vision. It was different odor from the one the old man who grabbed her earlier had. Staring at it up close, she was mesmerized by the thick, throbbing veins which creeped along the rod like vines. She raised her hands and began to touch it.

“Stroke it with your hands, Ruby.” said Jaune. “Don’t be afraid to hold it.”

As she reached for the meaty schlong, she grasped it with both hands, and found that she was unable to fully close her fingers around its girth. Slowly, she began stroking it in an up-and-down fashion, increasing in speed after she had gotten used to the motions.

“Now use your mouth this time as well. Lick it, slobber over it, suck it. That’s what you call a blowjob.”

Ruby made a mental note as her hormone-influenced mind had a short moment of clarity. She began licking the underside of the shaft, lubricating it and easing her stroking movements. Her spit allowed her delicate fingers to glide over the phallus with ease, increasing her pace as she did so. Then, she inserted it into her mouth. It was a tight fit, especially as she began circling her tongue around its head. She pushed it further inside her mouth, savoring its salty taste.

She sucked on Jaune’s dick with fervor, all while stroking his cock at the same time. Jaune groaned in pleasure as Ruby began fondling his balls as well. She did this as she upped the rhythm of her sucking, surprisingly taking it near the back of her throat in spite of its large size. Ruby directed her gaze up to him from her kneeling position as she blew his oversized horse cock.

“By Remnant,” Jaune blissfully thought, “she’s a natural slut.”

“Cumming, Ruby.” Jaune growled, as he pulled Ruby’s head in for one last throat-reaching thrust, emptying his seed into her mouth. With his scrotum smacking her chin, Jaune’s large cock speared its way down her throat. Warm jizz fired from his urethra, dumping a torrent of semen down to her stomach.

Caught by surprise, Ruby began swallowing the thick mix to help it flow down her throat. As Jaune pulled his semen-coated phallus out of her mouth, its bitterness left an aftertaste in her mouth. Sweat dripped down her face from the intense facefuck that just occurred, and she couldn’t help but feel aroused by the whole endeavor. Her overloaded senses made her very, very wet, leaving a small, dark stain on the beige carpeted floor. Heart-shaped pupils seemed to replace her normal ones, as she eyed Jaune’s still-erect penis with lust. Her heavy breathing made her seem like she was in heat, and her tangled, messy hair and streaked her flushed face.

Collecting her thoughts, she finally spoke. “How did I do?”

“Exceptional, for a virgin. You took that face-fucking like a champ.” Jaune grinned as he wiped his sweat. “And since your first-ever blowjob was so great––you’ll be a full-blown adult in no time.”

Ruby cheered. “Did I make your penis feel good?”

“One: yes, you did. Two: don’t call it a penis during sex.” Jaune held his sizable rod up for her to see. “Call it a cock. A big, fat cock. Dirty talk makes sex more interesting.”

Ruby nodded, making another mental note. “Alright, what’s next?”

“Next, I get to use my cock to pleasure you.” said Jaune, as her lead her to the bed. “Get on your hands and knees this time, and face away from me.”

Ruby did as she was instructed, giving Jaune a nice view of the magnificent globe which she called her ass. Smirking, he began fondling her asscheeks, aggressively massaging them with his strong, forceful fingers. Ruby moaned as he pressed his digits into her backside, rubbing and caressing it with utmost devotion. She yelped as Jaune suddenly stuck his fingers into her dripping snatch, fingering her wet pussy. She mewled into a pillow as Jaune continued gyrating his fingers inside her snatch, before taking them out for her to see.

“You dirty little slut,” he said. “look how wet you are.”

By this time, Ruby was already red-faced and aching with desire. She wanted him to put it in her. She wanted his peni––his big, fat, fucking cock to be thrusted into her. She absolutely needed it.

Sensing her desire, Jaune spoke. “Beg.”


“You know what you want. Beg for it.” Jaune huffed. “Look, a proper sign of being an adult during sex would be to use dirty talk. Be as creative as possible.”

Ruby gulped. “I want it. I, I need it.”

“Sorry, what was that? That didn’t sound like an adult’s vocabulary at all.”

“Give it to me,” she pleaded, “I want that big fat cock to slam into my virgin vagina. Just do it! Please, Jaune. Let your massive cock make me an adult!”

“Very nice.” Jaune critiqued. “Next time however, call your vagina a ‘pussy’.”

“Fine!” she howled. “Put that big fucking cock into my pussy! Hurry!”

Jaune gave her a shit-eating grin. “Well said.”

Taking her inexperience into account, Jaune initially decided to go slow during Ruby’s first time. After seeing her current slutified state of mind however, he opted against it, and immediately went for a quick penetration. Ruby was a prodigy––not just in huntress training, but in sex as well. Her otherwise hidden whorish tendencies have bloomed thanks to Jaune’s ‘training’. He firmly believed that despite being a virgin, she could take a first-time fucking that was harder than normal.

As Jaune inserted his cock into a condom he brought (he usually kept a several sachets on his person), Ruby looked behind her and ogled at the thin rubber tightly gripping his large girth–– giving his schlong an even more brutal appearance. Angling his cock up to her entrance, he speared it through. Ruby groaned in a bit of pain, though she felt strangely satisfied with the sudden penetration. It was a bit bloody, but she gritted her teeth and pulled through. After all, she was a Huntress––she didn’t fear any man or Grimm! So what if he had a big cock? She could take this! She wasn’t a child anymore––

“That was half of it,” Jaune said. “here’s the rest.”

“Wait, what––” was all she said before Jaune violently shoved the remaining inches of his cock up her pussy. The sudden penetration caused her to cry out in pain once more––this time with a bit of pleasure. The large phallus shot straight up to her cervix, jolting her hard enough to see stars. He plunged it into her tight snatch, going almost balls-deep inside her. It knocked hard on her womb, itself aching with the need for a good breeding. Her eyes rolled up to form her o-face in sheer ecstasy.

Jaune stilled for a while, letting his rod settle inside her, thus allowing Ruby to feel its sheer size and weight. He did this all while gripping Ruby’s waist, allowing his penis to reach unfathomable depths inside the teen. She felt his large rod fill her birthing hole up, leaving no empty spaces inside of her; his large girth stuffed her formerly virgin cunt, completely stretching her tight tunnel.

“Congratulations. You’re not a virgin anymore.”

Normally, Ruby would have felt ecstatic about this achievement. Finally, she was one of the adults! She could walk up to her friends with pride, and they would respect her as team leader!

“Mmmmmnnnn…” Ruby mewled as she took delight in her hole being filled. The once-innocent Rose had finally become a woman. Her brain, which once contained nothing but thoughts about weapons and comic books, was now addled with one, single word.

“Cock,” she moaned out. “your cock feels so big inside me.”

Jaune snickered. “I guess I’ll start moving, then.”

The blonde began thrusting his mighty man meat in and out of Ruby, who was now feeling the full pleasure that sex gave. His rough motions in doggystyle gave off sharp noises, which resulted from the silver-eyed girl’s ass continuously clapping against the man’s crotch. In a fit of animalistic rutting, Jaune increased his tempo and started fucking Ruby at a faster pace, earning short, quick moans from the girl in question.

“Ah, ah, ah! Your cock is so fucking big!” Ruby shrieked. “Keep fucking me. Don’t stop!”

The Arc lad kept silent as he angled his thrusts differently, aiming for a certain spot in the huntress’ poontang. He then started to batter her g-spot with mind-numbing accuracy.

“Oh, dust. Oh, dust! OH, DUST!” Ruby screamed as she experienced her first orgasm.

“That felt good didn’t it?” Jaune said, continuing his movement. “Adults feel this all the time.”

Jaune continued hammering the poor girl, completely dominating her throughout the intercourse. His dick flew in and out of the huntress, who was reduced to a moaning wreck. The sound of moist flesh slapping against each other echoed throughout the room, accompanied by the pleasurable groans of the two teens in coitus. The intense doggystyle rocked her breasts, two large mammaries swinging under her lean torso.

Ruby never felt anything like this before. Pleasure overloaded her senses, making her whole body tremble. Her pussy dripped with fluids, lubricating the rubber-covered cock of this beautiful stud of a man called Jaune Arc. His rough and thorough fucking completely destroyed her previously untouched cunt, giving her levels of euphoria she had never felt before. Her skin, which was a shade of pale hours before, was now fever-red as her love canal was being brutalized by Jaune’s lengthy phallus. Once again, she felt a creeping feeling coming up, and soon she felt her second orgasm of the night from the primal pounding.

“FUCK!” Ruby shrieked as she came. Clear fluid squirted out from her abused hole, wetting the bed. Her teeth clenched and her toes curled as she rode out her massive release. Her pussy gushed as she saw white, her mind temporarily numb from the steamy intercourse.

The savage doggystyle further intensified, as Jaune felt himself approach his orgasm. In one swift stroke, he speared Ruby’s hole once more, letting it take in his whole cock. He gripped her hips and pulled her in, hilting the entirety of his beastly cock like an animal would to its mate. Jaune did this as he released his load, his throbbing member filling the condom up. His heavy balls contracted as he released rope after rope of semen. After nearly a minute of cumming, he pulled out his meat from Ruby’s reddened snatch.

Ruby slowly sunk herself down onto the bed, panting heavily from the sexual congress that just occurred. She trembled a bit, feeling tingly from her overstimulated nerves. The rough fucking that would normally be too much for a virgin was exceptionally received by Ruby, proving Jaune’s hypothesis was correct; Ruby Rose was indeed a natural-born slut, capable of taking the hardest of fuckings even as a virgin. As she rolled herself over on the bed, she caught another glimpse of Jaune’s member. Her eyes widened as she realized that his long shaft was still standing erect, his hefty ballsack hanging underneath it.

“We’re not done with your training yet, champ.”

The night was still young, after all.


“Hey, have you guys seen Ruby anywhere?”

“She said she was going out into Vale.”

Yang furrowed her brows. “To Vale? At this time of the night?”

The blonde bombshell in question had expected to spend some quality time with her sister, which usually involved them watching a movie and Yang teasing her adorable baby sister. She was quite surprised that the introverted Ruby would go out at night on her own. After seeing Ruby come back to the dorm at two in the morning a few days ago, Yang was worried for her. Ruby said she was fine, and that she had simply gotten lost wandering about, and she actually felt really tired and wanted to go to bed already. Oddly enough, Ruby smelled ridiculously good for someone who went into town––almost as if she had just showered.

“Should you really be the one saying that?”

The retort came from her partner, Blake Belladonna. Yang rolled her eyes. Sure, she went out at night from time to time for a hookup or two. Big deal. This was her younger sister that they were talking about. Why on Remnant would she go out so late?

“Perhaps our team leader found an, ahem, significant other to go out with.” Weiss postulated.

“Significant other? Pfft.” Yang snickered. “She couldn’t get one without me knowing. No way.”


The girl––or rather, woman––in question was waiting outside James’ Bar for her ‘coach’ to exit the establishment. His shift as a bouncer would end in a while, and she was eagerly waiting for their ‘training’ to continue. After all, she had to be the best adult there is! She had to know all there is to know about sex in order to function as an experienced adult in the future.

Her ‘coach’ finally emerged from the bar, looking up to see her. He smirked as he pulled her closed to him in what looked like an embrace between lovers. Snaking his large palms to her backside, he groped her plump ass and began fondling her. Ruby in turn felt him up and gripped his member through his jeans. Despite its current flaccid state, it was large enough to be felt, creating a noticeable bulge in his trousers.

“Ready to resume your training, champ?” Jaune smugly asked.

The nymphomaniac of a huntress licked her lips. “Yes, daddy.”


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