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Chapter 6 - Three Girls, Fucked Hard––Part 2

There are only two kinds of Jaune Arc smut fics: either he's a cuck, or he's a sex god. There is no in-between.

[RWBY] Sort-of AU, here we see Jaune getting it on with a few RWBY girls in this smut fic. Follow him and his erotic escapades in his sexual relations with the different women on the show.

Maledom, Big Cock, Netori, Hate Fucking, Rough Sex, CFNM, Interracial, Breedplay, Degradation, Gym Sex, Public Sex, Stepfordization, Creampie, Harem. More tags to be added.

Chapter 6 - Three Girls, Fucked Hard––Part 2

Chapter 6 - Three Girls, Fucked Hard––Part 2
“Stick it inside already, Jaune.” Weiss panted, eagerly awaiting to be filled with the blonde’s fat meat. “Ram your big cock up my poontang and ruin it for other men!”

“Then take it all, you Schnee bitch.” Jaune growled, suddenly lowering the slutty aristocrat onto his giant member.

“Holy shit, that’s big––gah!” Weiss screamed in delight. “Dust, your cock is so, ahn, so fucking big!”

The heiress was having the time of her life; her hung lover was pounding her hard––harder than ever before. His huge schlong was pistoning in and out of her hungry snatch, which squirted as soon as it was penetrated. A large puddle of fluids subsequently dripped onto the floor, a torrent of nectar from the two teens’ furious love-making. Her eyes were half-lidded, rolling back in sheer pleasure. She had curled her fleshy legs around Jaune’s broad body, clutching the blonde bull by his waist. The white-haired huntress’ petite body flailed a bit from their intense motions; Jaune continuously used his firm grip on her ass to slam her down on his cock.

“Ugh, gah!” the once-prideful heiress was now grunting like a low-class whore. “Ungh, shit!”

“Goddamn, you’re moaning like crazy, Weiss.” Jaune snickered. “That doesn’t sound like something the Schnee heiress would say.”

“Your, ah, your big dick is just too good!” she groaned. “Do me harder––GUH!”

Jaune’s long strokes intensified as they continued their standing intercourse. His mighty prick kept bashing Weiss’ cervix, sending impulse after impulse of nervous signals throughout her system. Although his girthy member had previously loosened her pussy, it still gripped onto the thick shaft every time Jaune pulled it out. Furthermore, the huntress had a hunch that her stud’s dick was in fact, bigger than before. She was positive that the sight of the two other members of her team was the primary cause of this enlargement––after all, what kind of man could keep a boner down when faced with three prime-grade examples of fit female fuck meat? His lengthy member was filling her up even more so than usual––and couple that with the stallion’s vigorous pumping, she was taking the full brunt of his horny rampage.

Weiss had no choice but to embrace and cling to the stud’s body even harder due to the growing intensity of their sexual congress. She flung her head back every time his wide tool kissed her cervix, letting her eyes roll up in pleasure as she was used like a fleshlight.

A fleshlight that was about to reach its peak in a moment.

“OH SHIT, I’M CUMMING!” Weiss pulled herself into Jaune’s broad chest as she orgasmed. She screamed loudly, likely waking up Jaune’s neighbors next door. Her vagina convulsed, and once more released a sizable quantity of ejaculate––the abused hole squirted more fluids down onto the ever-growing puddle on the apartment floor.

Taking advantage of the rich girl’s dazed state of mind, Jaune lifted Weiss off his cock entirely. His natural sword pulled out of the woman, the uncovered tower now slick and glistening with her pussy juice.

“Nooooo,” the heiress silently wailed. “put it back in…”

The blonde man chuckled. “You’re a greedy little slut, aren’t you? No wonder your daddy chose you as the heiress. You would fit the job perfectly.”

“Just––put it back in,” she gasped. “I, I need it. I want your sperm inside me.”

“Relax slut.” Jaune said to the mindbroken huntress. “I’m just switching things up a little.”

The confused huntress was then tossed up a bit and flipped by her burly lover. She was initially facing Jaune’s chest during their entire intercourse, but she was now facing outwards to the room. She felt more pangs of heat in her lower mouth as she realized how her petite frame was manhandled so efficiently––a feat only accomplished by a man as strapping as Jaune. Said pangs were hitting her crotch even more once she directed her gaze to the scene before her.

Her beloved teammates––Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao-Long––were currently fingering themselves. Ruby was squatting on the ground, her pale fingers in between her legs. She let out wanton moans as she did this, letting her womanly essence drip to the floor. Yang on the other hand was lying on Jaune’s bed, bow legged. She had her legs spread apart, parting her thick, delicious thighs, allowing her genitals to be seen. The busty blonde explored her poontang, spreading her pussy lips with ease and inserting fingers into it. Weiss saw how this self-gratifying act allowed others to see the bimbo’s damp sex cavern, which was currently secreting fluids. Said fluids spilled onto the bed covers, creating a wet stain on the white sheets.

“Shit!” Weiss arched her head back again, cumming once more. This orgasm resulted from the realization that she was turning on her fellow huntresses; they were masturbating to the sight of herself in her most primal form––that of a breeding sow. The white-haired woman was as naked as the day she was born and was covered in a layer of sweat. Strands of her hair messily draped down her wet face, and she found herself even more aroused––a telltale sign of an exhibitionist.

“Now look over here.”

With great strength, Jaune tilted and turned his body to the side of the room, shifting the two lovers’ position. Weiss glanced at what seemed to be a large mirror hanging on one of the walls. It wasn’t a full body mirror, but big nonetheless. Her lover approached the reflective surface, carrying her with him. On it, the huntress saw her reflection and current appearance.

Her alabaster skin was flushed from exhaustion, indicators of how hard she got pounded minutes ago. Her hair was messy, and her entire body sweaty. She looked down to see how her snatch looked; it was red from the relentless battering of their two sexes, drooling out her love nectar. She swallowed, breathless from the sight of her freshly-fucked state.

“Dust,” she thought. “is that what Ruby and Yang were shlucking themselves to? I look so hot…”

“Get ready, Weiss.” said Jaune, interrupting her internal monologue. “I’m about to show you how you look like when you’re bouncing on this dick.”

The blonde man immediately slammed the heiress back on his lengthy cock. Weiss, caught by surprise, threw her head back as she felt his man meat kiss her cervix again. She let out a throaty rumble, a whorish grunt signifying the animalistic pleasure she felt. The huntress brought her head back up, and inadvertently glanced at the mirror. She was greeted by the sight of herself being impaled on the thickest cock she ever took inside her. She knew it filled her up, but looking at her reflection allowed her to see just how wide it really was. It was girthy, spreading her folds with ease, parting her lower lips with its insane size. Her pussy looked like it could barely contain such a member, spreading around the meat rod and clinging to it like a vice. The thick shaft looked like it was about the rip her pussy apart. Weiss saw that not everything had gone inside her, seeing as there was still cock that was outside her bruised poontang.

“Give––oh gods, it’s even bigger than I thought.” the heiress inhaled a little, organizing her speech. “Give me everything Jaune. Go balls-deep inside my tight hole. Do it!”

“As you wish, Madame Schnee.” he smirked, promptly inserting the remaining inches of his cock inside the woman.

“Fuck…” Weiss mewled as Jaune’s cock went deeper inside her––something she didn’t think was possible. It was previously uncharted sex territory, something that the two haven’t even been able to achieve with their raunchy trysts. Jaune’s elongated dong was pushing up against her cervix, additional inches going up even further inside her; the large phallus created a small bulge on her stomach, evidence of its immense size. She ceased to believe that she was taking the full package all those times with him––this was completely different. Her toes were fidgeting as she was penetrated by the blonde adonis’ big dick, her legs trembling as she was being held vertically in Jaune’s standing position.

“It really is bigger than before,” she mused. “this stud is just amazing…”

“I’m going to start now.” Jaune casually mentioned.

“Do it,” Weiss said, her toes curling uncontrollably. “I wanna see how slutty I am.”

The blonde stud began pistoning his swollen dick in and out of the heiress pussy. She yelped each time the lengthy member pummeled her cervix, making dent after dent on the abused organ. Each full stroke allowed Jaune to go balls-deep, making bumps which popped up on Weiss’ stomach again and again––her lithe frame allowed the slutty huntress to become a living sex toy, with Jaune pumping her up and down his cock with ease. He held her this time in a full nelson, his muscled palms clasped behind Weiss’ head as his forearms supported the underside of the heiress’ knees. She wasn’t being fucked anymore, she was being utilized––she had become an object of sexual release, all for her well-endowed lover to use.

The fuck toy in question was even more mindbroken than before––at least, that was what she saw on the mirror. Her pale legs were flailing about, her legs held up in the air thanks to the rapid thrusts Jaune gave her from below. She did not see the haughty Weiss Schnee in her reflection, but rather the whorish, petite yet bootylicious Weiss who knew her place as a tool to be used by Jaune. Her face, which was once set with a dignified, neutral expression, was replaced by that of a cheap slut’s; her tongue lolled out, her hair messy, her eyes half-lidded, and her features glistening with sweat. The white-haired aristocrat let out grunts as she was being pounded into oblivion by her lover’s meat rod, piglike squeals which belonged to the Faunus people her family so despised. She was a dirty, nasty slut, an individual who would bow down to alpha males in order to get dicked.

And she fucking loved it.

“Ogh, ugh, agh!” the heiress let out animalistic cries, having been reduced to her primeval nature. It was ironic, given her family’s bigoted stance on Faunuskind; the prim and proper Weiss of the Schnee Dust Corporation was currently squealing like a sow in heat––something they would occasionally joke about in regards to a Faunus’ heat cycle.

“Damn, Weiss!” Yang chuckled as she continued pleasuring herself. “You were always so grumpy when you were with Neptune. Tell me, how much better is Jaune as a lover?”

Weiss’ brain descrambled itself in order to reply to her voluptuous teammate. “Ungh, it’s so much bigger! There’s no way that fuck boy’s small pecker can ever compare to Jaune’s fat meat!”

“Oof, you sure are harsh Weiss!” Ruby mewled as she experienced a self-given orgasm.

“Fuck Neptune––GAH!” the heiress moaned out. “His––oghh, shit––little dicklet would have never been able to reach my womb!”

“His tool can’t,” Jaune began. “but mine CAN!”

The blonde man jammed his entire cock inside Weiss, bottoming out and creating an imprint on her stomach, the schlong swelling up a bit––a telltale sign of his impending orgasm.

His mighty cockhead pushed against her baby room, and released his godly essence into the huntress. Copious amounts flooded her sex canal, filling up her womb with millions of sperm. Jaune pumped thick ropes of his semen into the woman, a copious amount which led to her stretched out hole to be filled even further, the white deluge only stopped by Jaune’s massive girth plugging her whole.

“UNNGGGHH, YES!” Weiss shrieked in sheer pleasure, her eyes rolling up as she came, squirting out her biggest amount of ejaculate yet. “FUCKING PACK ME FULL OF YOUR SPERM, JAUNE!”

The heiress was left as a gasping mess, out of breath from the frenzied pounding she just received. Her limbs relaxed, leaving her with a cum-retarded face––her eyes were half-lidded and unfocused, with her tongue sticking out of her open mouth. Her lover pulled his penis (which was still hard) out of her, allowing her resized cunt to let out the grand amount of semen which was pumped into it. This sticky fluid dripped out onto the floor, thought its viscosity allowed some of it to be retained inside her. Jaune let Weiss down gently to the floor, allowing the once-prideful huntress to lay in a puddle of their mixed nectar––the woman was unconscious, having been shagged and creampied into a cum-induced coma. She was like a used toy, thrown into the white sludge and discarded.

“That was so fucking hot, Jaune.”

The stallion turned to Yang, who made the amorous remark. He flashed a beastly grin. “I’m still ready to go. Who’s next?”

“Ooh, ooh, me!” Ruby excitedly raised her hand. “Yaaang, let me go first! Pretty please?”

“Ugh, fine.” the bombastic blonde rolled her eyes. “Your puppy-dog eyes always get me.”


Jaune got on his bed, where both Ruby and Yang lay. He smirked, having thought of a good idea. “How about I pleasure you both, at the same time?”


“Fuck, fuck! Pound me harder, daddy~!”

“Oh, yes. Work that tongue, big boy!”

The three horny teens were having themselves a threesome, with Ruby riding Jaune cowgirl style as he lay flat on the bed, and Yang sitting on Jaune’s face, allowing him to lick her folds. All of them were feverish from sheer arousal at their state of intercourse, a win-win-win situation for the participants. Ruby was bouncing on Jaune’s thick dick, her ample tits bouncing on her relatively small frame. Her pale hands were placed on her male lover’s hard abs, allowing her to ride her hung bull with ease. Jaune’s hands were firmly groping Ruby’s generous behind, something he accomplished despite not being able to see from under Yang’s fat bubble but. He occasionally gave Ruby’s rump a slap or two, leaving red marks which marred the crimsonette’s pale buttcheeks. The silver-eyed huntress arched her back, rolling her hips while being impaled on Jaune’s massive schlong. Her older sister was arching her back as well, this time in response to the sensation of Jaune’s dextrous tongue lapping at her wet folds, often flexing inwards to massage her inner walls. Needless to say, all three of them were releasing groans of pleasure from their three-person tryst.

“Yeah…right there!” Yang droned as Jaune tongued her clitoris. “Is––is your tongue magical or something?”

The man below her hummed in response.

“Oh, dust. Your cock is so––uhn, yeah!” Ruby gasped. “Your cock is so fucking big, daddy!”

Yang watched as her little sister continued to impale herself on Jaune’s thick member, his lengthy tool which transformed the innocent Rose into a bona fide slut. The image of the cheerful, weapons-obsessed, cookie-eating Ruby was so distant from the person who was being fucked right now. Her pale-skinned sister was currently gyrating her hips in a circular fashion, allowing the blonde stud’s girthy cock to mash up her insides with its magnum size––her face was that of a whore’s, complete with bedroom eyes and flushed cheeks. She let out dirty moans and erotic remarks, calling her lover ‘daddy’, and praising the size of his phallus. Damn, she and Ruby weren’t much different at all; she was sure that when Ruby finally got a curvier body, the crimsonette would have probably end up chasing after big dick too.

The blonde bombshell cupped her sister’s breasts, earning a moan from her sibling––dust. They were already quite big, especially for the tender age of fifteen. Sure, Yang herself was pretty busty around that time, but she had to admit that not every girl would develop great assets at that age; heck, even Weiss didn’t have tatas as big as Ruby’s, and she was two years older. Ruby’s sizable boobs were jiggling in Yang’s palms, bouncing up and down the prodigy’s torso in a roundabout manner. Her nipples were hard, proof of the girl’s arousal––Yang pinched them a bit, caressing the tan cherries which topped the crimsonette’s tits.

“Mmph, Yang––what are you doing?” Ruby stammered out as she was being pounded.

“Jeez, Ruby! When did you grow these babies?” the blonde huntress playfully teased. She continued rubbing her own sister’s breasts, feeling the pale orbs out––they looked much bigger thanks to Ruby’s petite body, and Yang didn’t doubt the fact that her younger sibling would soon get thick thighs and a nice ass like hers. In fact, the older huntress was sure that Ruby would soon get a bodacious hourglass figure if she continued her ‘cookie and milk’ diet––it seems that all that fat goes straight to her tits and to her money maker.

Yang felt another shock of pleasure as Jaune’s tongue hit another sweet spot in her quim. The man below her lapped up her fluids, creating obscene, squelching noises throughout the cunnilingus. The buff male delivered so well––he expertly explored the inside of her vaginal passage, his tongue sometimes flirting with her vulva, licking her hairless crotch. The dextrous appendage seemed to always return to her clit, poking and stimulating the small sex knob and jolting her nerves time and time again. Jaune would occasionally stick his fingers into her snatch, playing around in her wet poontang and hitting spots that she never knew even existed inside her. Fuck, his burly fingers were probably even thicker than some of the dicks which she’s played with before.

Yang arched her head in pleasure. “Aaaaah, keep eating my pussy, Jaune!”

The blonde bimbo was absolutely drenched now; Jaune’s skilled tongue licked her salty pussy like there was no tomorrow. She let out small squirts again and again, her breeding hole preparing itself for the intense loving that was to come, once Ruby had finished. Speaking of which, Ruby––

“Oh, dust––you’re going so hard, daddy!” the crimsonette moaned loudly, waking Weiss up from her pleasure coma. “Mmh, mrah, mess my pussy up with your big, fat––DICK!”

The Rose came, her vaginal walls squeezing once more, contracting around her lover’s fuck stick. Jaune’s thrusting was both unrelenting and accurate, hitting her g-spot and cervix precisely at a brutal pace. She felt his cockhead punch her womb, knocking on it with the intention of cumming inside. The silver-eyed maiden would buck her hips in sync with Jaune’s thrusts, allowing their organs to meet midway through the air to allow for maximum penetration. His massive dick made indents on her inner walls, forever ruining her for other men––at least, those who couldn’t measure up to his size. He was her one and only ‘daddy’, the sole masculine figure she needed in life to dominate her so thoroughly during sex.

Ruby continued to rail herself on Jaune’s stud cock, her lower body being violated by his brutal thrusts. Every time he pistoned his large member inside her, she felt her pussy numb itself in pleasure, taking satisfaction in being filled. It was then that the girl realized that his huge cock had but one purpose in this world: to break little girls like her into becoming the slutty women they were always meant to be. Fuck weapons, fuck hunting Grimm––she was, above all, a woman first and foremost. She existed to get pounded by a male’s giant dick, and be bred into raising his children and carrying his genes. The huntress prodigy was in a state of pure lust, her mind and thoughts being clouded by big, fat cock––a thick sausage which overwrote her personality every time it kissed her womb. She would risk her life to fight monsters in the future, and she sure as hell deserved this sexual pleasure right now. Just as her lower mouth was cooling down from the fiery orgasm she just had, Ruby felt a significant throb from her stud’s cock––he was cumming soon, into her unprotected womb. Pressure started building up once more between her loins, her poontang charging up another orgasm in response to his penis’ further swelling.

“Own me,” she began. “dump your cum inside me, Jaune! Make me yours and yours alone, daddy!”

At the same time, Yang Xiao-Long was reaching her peak as well, her pussy being finally ready to ejaculate after her man’s teasing tongue worked its magic. Her pussy started convulsing, ready to––


The three teens climaxed together, with the two girls releasing huge amounts of their love juices onto their bull. Yang’s juices coated Jaune’s face, while Ruby’s drenched his crotch. He was literally showered in the two girls’ amorous affections, their ejaculate proof of his sexual prowess.

While Yang’s orgasm was nothing short of intense, Ruby’s was worlds above hers; the silver-eyed teen wore a fucked-silly expression, an o-face in response to the rough loving she received from her ‘daddy’––the one man who made her a full-fledged woman. His enormous cock continued spewing semen into her womb, the viscous white liquid entering her babymaking chamber. The warmth of his virile fluids started another set of convulsions in the prodigy’s pussy, mini-orgasms which numbed her lower body. She fell back on the bed, removing herself from Jaune’s tower with the last of her strength. The heated cowgirl sex was too much for her, leaving her breathless and gasping for air, her legs still trembling from Jaune’s godly sex.

Ruby had a dazed expression, her eyes unfocused. “Oooh, yeah. It feels so warm inside me~!”

The crimsonette started absentmindedly rubbing her lower stomach, feeling the sensation of her womb being bloated with Jaune’s sticky cum. His injected essence started leaking out of her, thick dollops of the substance sludging itself out of Ruby’s stretched-out hole. Jaune’s cream leaked out of her vag, sliding over itself with a honey-like flow. She savored the ecstasy of being filled, the reaper now completely hooked on Jaune’s breeding tool.

A breeding tool which still retained its hardness and its intimidating appearance. It was slick with the juices of two huntresses now, and it was still raring to go and fuck a third. Yang lifted herself off of the man, allowing Jaune to sit up on his bed. He stared smugly at Ruby’s euphoric, cum-crazed expression, as well as the copious amounts of semen which pooled out of her snatch. He was an absolute breeding bull of a man, with unparalleled virility and impressive cock size.

“Congratulations champ, I’m proud of you.” Jaune grinned. “Looks like all of our training paid off, after all.”

The cum-dazed girl simply groaned, catatonic from their sexual congress.

Her more-developed older sister on the other hand, was standing on the side of the bed, her snatch still dripping. Yang had endured watching her teammates get absolutely destroyed by Jaune’s cock for the past hour, and was tired of waiting––she needed her vag to get filled, pronto.

“Jaune,” she semi-pleaded. “hurry up and do me already.”

The man in question turned his gaze to the voluptuous blonde––goddamn. He knew the bimbo was stacked, but there was something about seeing her in a panting, flushed state which really maxed out his sexual excitement. Her curvy, breedable body was covered in sweat, giving her flesh a certain luster. The dim lights of his room shone upon her bombastic figure, making her milk bosom and breeding hips glisten as if they had been recently oiled. Her hourglass figure was accentuated by this phenomenon, her damp skin highlighting her broodmare curves––she looked like a tasty treat for Jaune to devour, a perfect mate for the alpha male. Her body curved from her large melons to her relatively narrow waist, a sign of her physical fitness expressed with her lean stomach. This narrowing curve widened back as it reached her hips, sizable saddlebags which indicated how thick her thighs were and how big her ass was. She truly was a woman with a delightfully fuckable body beyond pornstar proportions––Jaune had seen adult models with enhanced tits and plastic asses, and even they didn’t come close to Yang’s all-natural milkers and plump booty. Dust, forget plastic surgery and conventional exercise routines, actresses who wanted to get good figures should just do whatever workout a normal huntress would do––and maybe, just maybe, they might end up with a look that was even a fraction of Yang’s milk truck body. The blonde’s golden locks were strewn across her face, with only her cowlick standing up. Her lilac eyes were focused on his still-erect member, one which was coated in the love nectar of her own younger sister. She felt a certain heat between her legs, despite her pussy being lubricated well. Her drooling vagina was aching with need––the need for Jaune’s huge cock.

Jaune chuckled. “Alright. But let’s go somewhere else, I think your two teammates need a bit of...privacy.”

Yang tore her gaze away from Jaune’s meat stick, and looked at her teammates. Without her looking, it seemed that Weiss had woken up from her sex-induced slumber and made her way towards Ruby. The heiress had climbed onto the bed on all fours, and nestled her head in between her team leader’s crotch––and began licking it. Yang watched as the white-haired girl lapped up and ate out her little sister, the Schnee slut overly eager to taste and swallow the cum that was pumped into the reaper’s snatch. She greedily licked up the remnants of Jaune’s cream, and in doing so started pleasuring Ruby, the silver-eyed huntress moaning in spite of her fucked-silly state.

“Right,” Yang swallowed, her arousal from this scene eclipsed only by her desire to jump on Jaune’s cock. “let’s do that.”


“Mmph, yeah!” Yang mewled. “Keep––keep going.”

The two teens were on Jaune’s sofa, fornicating in steady manner. Yang was riding Jaune cowgirl style, much like her little sister did moments ago. The biggest difference however was the pacing of the two right now; unlike the quick and rough pounding that Ruby received, Yang was being given a slow and sensual lovemaking. The curvy blonde was riding her lover, slowly lifting herself up and down his mighty cock. Jaune relaxed, not making any motions himself aside from the possessive caressing he was giving to Yang. His thick palms massaged and groped Yang’s big ass, a babymaker which comprised of two creamy pillows as buttcheeks. He sucked at her magnificent chest mounds, milk puppies which would grow even larger if she were to become a mother. He lapped her erect nipple, the peak of one of the two mountains she had on her chest––big tits which hang freely and jiggled a bit due to Yang’s humping rhythm. The bombshell woman groaned as she felt her nipples be licked and rolled around inside Jaune’s mouth, an added stimulus to the fullness she was feeling in her tight pussy. They embraced each other, with Yang continuing to steadily impale herself on the male’s girthy member as the two engaged in a more passionate form of sex––a loving intercourse full of intimacy.

Their sweat was mixing together, their damp and slightly sticky bodies rubbing against each other. Yang continued to ride her man sensually, allowing his giant tool to fully occupy her narrow birth canal––slow motions which enabled her to feel every nook and cranny of her breeding hole being touched by Jaune’s cock. His swollen rod kissed her womb every time she lowered herself onto him, her fat buttocks lightly clapping against his burly thighs. Every thrust he made tipped her over the edge a little, pushing towards a guaranteed orgasm. To Yang, this act of sexual congress was foreign to her; she was used to casual sex, the immediate pleasure, and the rough fucking which Jaune was sure to give, with his humongous organ pounding her senses away. The sex right now though?

“Oh, shit.” she thought. “This feels so fucking good––I didn’t know he could be this tender...”

The voluptuous blonde was unfamiliar with her male lover’s intimate and careful loving––it was always hard and fast, their crotches smashing against each other in a furious fucking. Sex with him used to involve her trying to latch onto coherent thoughts of sanity in the midst of her hung bull absolutely wrecking her pussy. She hated him back then––hated him and his ego, his smugness, and his big, fat cock. She would try to control her vag––prevent it from feeling the immense pleasure from all her sweet spots being abused, a futile attempt given Jaune’s skill.

Now, Yang Xiao-Long didn’t hate him as much. She wasn’t bound by her pride anymore, and allowed herself to openly accept the pleasure which came from his huge cock. The woman stopped resisting the sensations she had been feeling during sex with this man, and finally gave in to it––and gods, did it feel great.

“Dust, I love you.” she blurted. “I love you and your big dick.”

Jaune chuckled, momentarily releasing his lips from her nipple. “Oh? And here I thought you hated my guts.”

“You, ha, fucked my little sister.” she huffed, as her lover’s dick pushed against her cervix. “If you had one, you would, ah, know how I felt.”

“True,” he nodded. “I’d be pissed if some shithead slept with my sister.”

“Then––fuck, that’s good––then you understand?”

“Sure I do.” he smirked. “I’ve got seven sisters, two of which are younger than me.”

“Damn.” she remarked. “Let me guess, your dad was a complete horndog too?”

“Oh, I don’t know about that.” Jaune snickered. “But us Arcs are known for our big swords.”

“Arc.” she inwardly thought, her mind still clouded by the heat haze from their passionate coitus. “That sounds familiar. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that name before––so it’s Jaune Arc, huh?”

“Fuck,” she gasped. Jaune began his rhythmic thrusts into her pussy––slow, full thrusts to match her own riding motions. His lengthy penis bottomed out inside her, knocking on her womb. Damnation, he was too good at this.

“So,” he began. “what do you think about me now?”

“What? I––GAH!” Yang screeched in pleasure as Jaune suddenly pulled her down on his pillar of fuckmeat, holding her ass down. He made her take his cock all the way to the base, and let her rest on it, allowing his cock to push against her womb for a period of time. She groaned as she felt the massive cockhead press against her insides, triggering a series of mini-orgasms within her juicy vaginal folds.

“You asshole,” she grunted. “you did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” he said whimsically. “You still haven’t answered my question, though.”

“Buzz off,” she lightly said. “you, ungh, ruined the mood.”

“I guess we should just stop then.” he said, starting to lift Yang off him.

“Shit, wait!” the huntress exclaimed. Jaune’s cock was halfway out of her pussy, leaving a certain empty feeling inside her––literally. “Fine. You’re an alright guy, I was wrong about you. There, I said it. Now put your dick back in me.”

“Hm, that wasn’t really the answer I was looking for.” he said, still lifting Yang. Dust, he was so fucking strong. His sturdy frame and muscled limbs carried her with ease, keeping only a few of his inches inside her.

“Well, what the hell do you want me to say?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” he smirked. “you calling me a ‘douchebag’ and an ‘asshole’ really damaged my confidence, you see. Maybe you can make it up to me by saying what exactly it is you like about my glorious self?”

Yang grit her teeth. She didn’t want to stroke Jaune’s already-large ego, but damn, did she really want his cock back inside her. Her dripping snatch quivered a bit as it gripped the remaining inches of his tool inside her. There were only four of the ten inches of his cock still inside, and while the girth was indeed spreading her nice and wide, her cervix really wanted a nudge right now.

“Your cock is so fucking big,” she began. “like, huge. Yours is easily the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

She felt Jaune lower her onto his cock a bit more, adding another inch inside her. Jaune gave her a knowing look, signaling her to keep going.

Yang gulped, eager for more of her lover’s fuckmeat to enter her.

“I’ve never met a lover as good as you.” she continued. “Your looks, your body, your cock––no one else could ever compare to you.”

The busty blonde mewled once more, Jaune having added another inch of cock into her slick vagina. Shit, she needed more. She wanted all of it.

“Am I the biggest you’ve ever fucked?” he asked.

“Yes, nggh, you’re the biggest!” she gasped, as she slid down a bit on Jaune’s hard slab. She bit her lip as her tight inner walls started getting resized once more in order to accommodate the stallion’s member.

“I’m going to lower you even further, tell me when I reach the next biggest guy you’ve fucked.”

Jaune continued lowering her, letting his rock-hard penis fill her poontang up slowly––a ruined hole which shall never feel pleasure from any other man ever again.

“There,” she breathed. “right there. That’s the next biggest.”

“Seven inches, huh?” Jaune whistled. “Not bad. It’s bigger than average, at least.”

“But––it’s wasn’t as big as yours. Yours is thicker. Way thicker.” she commented.

“Well, I’m a special case.” he chuckled. “Not every man is capable of stretching pussies out. They need the, ah, prerequisite equipment.”

“Goddamnit, Jaune!” Yang half-shouted, half-begged. “I’ve already stroked your ego, alright!? Just jam it all back inside, please!”


And just like that, the hung male slammed her down on his cock, hilting his member inside her. It was a sucker punch to Yang’s cervix, a surprise attack which jolted the organ. Of course, it reacted appropriately; the blonde dragon came immediately, her orgasm a wet fruit of their heated and intimate coitus. Her stretched vagina squirted onto Jaune’s crotch with a loud squelch, an obscene noise which signified Yang’s submission to Jaune’s alpha cock.

“FUCK!” she squealed. “Yes! Bottom out inside me! Make me cum, you stud~!”

Suddenly, Jaune pulled the busty woman in, and slammed his lips onto hers. They exchanged saliva with a passionate kiss, their tongues intertwining and coiling with each other. This act was animalistic in nature, a fierce joining between the two blondes as sign of their horniness for one another. A big, virile stallion and his bombastic, fertile broodmare––those were what they were right now.

He started pistoning his dick, using quick and jolty crotch movements which made the huntress’ body shudder with delight. Oh, yeah. This was what got Yang hooked––her stud used his schlong to prod her womb much like how a sculptor would use is tools to chip away at marble. Her big tits flopped around a bit, massive funbags which Jaune proceeded to nuzzle and motorboat. The blonde woman moaned in delight as their intimate coitus slowly became more intense.

“Well, since you’ve flattered me so,” Jaune said. “I shall do the same for you.”

“What do you––oh, shit!” Yang shrieked as his member hit her g-spot. “What do you mean?”

“You’re a fucking bombshell, Yang. Look at these.” Jaune firmly groped her large ass before smacking one of her buttcheeks hard. The huntress yelped as she felt his palm impact her creamy behind, round and jiggly. “You’ve easily got the fattest ass I’ve ever seen.”

“You little horndog~” she gasped, as Jaune increased his pace.

“And your tits!” her stud lifted his hands off her ass, and began fondling her twin peaks. Her mega milk jugs. Her baby feeders. Her glorious melons. “Your double D’s can probably feed an entire day care center, adult supervisors included.”

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” Yang was positively moaning her heart out right now, as Jaune pumped his cock in and out of her with more force than before. The immense pleasure from their intercourse prevented the bimbo from forming a coherent sentence, her lilac eyes unfocused.

“You’re pure breeding material––a candidate to be my future baby mama. Your wide hips and thick thighs are ideal.” Jaune then leaned into his lover, and began to whisper into her ear.

“You’re my fucking milk cow.” he softly said, as flesh-on-flesh slapping noises resounded throughout the room. “You’re perfect for me to knock up––and you would like that, wouldn’t you? Unlike Ruby and Weiss, today isn’t a safe day for you. Let’s take the chance, slut.”

Now that was something that sent Yang over the edge. She was already nearing orgasm thanks to Jaune’s accelerating thrusts, his big cock bumping the back of her vagina and hitting all the sweet spots in between. Her mind was now focused on the thought of getting impregnated by this hung stud, with her imagination presenting her with an image of herself with a swollen stomach and a pair of enlarged, lactating tits.


“Same here, bitch!” the blonde stallion grunted. “Squeeze me dry, you big-titted slut!”

Jaune hugged Yang fiercely, bringing her down and flattening her against his body. Her large mammaries pressed against his chiseled pecs, inflated cushions which were mashed onto his chest. He pulled her inwards, allowing his godly prick to bottom out inside her, meeting her womb. His throbbing member started spurting out semen, blasting her insides with thick, warm cream. He filled her pussy up, putting his virile milk into her. The blonde had her tongue lolling out, her face emulating the same fucked-silly expression her sister had. Her lilac orbs were now cross-eyed, her brain processing the sheer pleasure of being inseminated. The pregnancy risk was an added turn-on, the thought of her becoming a teen mom making her cum again.

The two teens were gasping for air, breathless from their fucking. Yang’s mind rebooted, deciding to give Jaune one more passionate kiss––with tongue, of course. She cupped her well-endowed lover’s cheeks as she did this, the two blondes still joined at the crotch. The blonde huntress’ mind was in a state of euphoria, much different from the other times she had fucked Jaune. This time she hadn’t resisted and denied her own orgasms, and the busty woman completely surrendered to her male lover. Getting dominated by big Arc cock was a feeling like no other, especially when she finally submitted to him in both body and mind. She was pumped full of semen, the risk of pregnancy something she relished in her afterglow.

“Phew.” Jaune sighed. “Lucky I still got some birth control around here.”

The blonde man gently lifted his buxom lover off his cock, which was still energized to a certain extent––it was erect, yet not as menacing as it was before. He lay her down on the side of his couch, her unplugged pussy allowing his thick semen to spill out like a slow-moving deluge of virile lava.

“Let’s take a quick break.” he declared, as he went to get the pills. “Then I’ll go back to fucking you and your team.”

“Yes…” was all Yang could muster, her tired body numb from the intense pounding she had just gotten. This perfect specimen of masculinity was capable of fucking three women in one night, as well as cumming inside them multiple times. His huge cock could pump them full of semen, ensuring their eggs’ fertilization and effectively impregnating them like a breeding bull. The idea that the night was not over sent a shudder down her entire body, her lower mouth quivering as it let out her stallion’s viscous essence––yes, she was going to get more of his cock later. She was a slut in mind and soul, they all were. Every woman would become nothing but fuck toys for Jaune Arc, his massive member reducing them to undignified broodmares to sire his offspring. Yang was looking forward to having her brains fucked out again.

And god, she couldn’t wait.


Blake Belladonna was by no means talkative.

Well, she wasn’t necessarily introverted. She just didn’t see the point of talking to people she didn’t know, or people she didn’t care about. Thus, when the three members of her team were all late to class one day, she just shrugged her worries away after seeing that they were fine. She asked no questions, since she rather not get involved with any RWY-related shenanigans. Ultimately, she really cared for her team, and couldn’t help but notice how upbeat her fellow teammates were lately. Ruby was smiling and grinning again, Weiss was being prim and proper, and Yang was making puns (though they still sucked). Things were back to normal.

Yeah, right.

Of all times she could have gone in heat, it had to be now, at Beacon. When some Faunus hit puberty, they would undergo a period of horniness and desire for procreation, an evolutionary trait which they possessed in order to preserve their kind. Sure, she hated the fact that humans mocked her kind for their animalistic traits, and the White Fang had downplayed the idea of ‘Faunus Heat Cycles’ as a bigoted myth––a mere urban legend stemming from racist comments from humans. They were more than just animals, after all, and they needed humans to realize that.

And so the White Fang lied…

While Faunus may indeed go in heat, not all possessed this trait––with the advancement of technology and medicine, there was less need for Faunus to preserve their lineage reproductively now that they wouldn’t get wiped out by the common cold. The heat cycle trait was slowly disappearing from Faunuskind, and only a minor percent of Faunus on Remnant would in fact, ‘go into heat’.

Blake unfortunately, was one of these Faunus who were ‘blessed’ with this trait. Many old-school Faunus believed that those who had retained this trait were of ‘superior blood’ and that it was their stronger genes which allowed them to become more virile or fertile than the average individual. And if anything, the loud cries and moans from her parents’ bedroom back at Menagerie served as supporting evidence for this claim––her father was quite the beast, as her mom had put it, both in physique and in bed.

And there lay her problem: she didn’t know anyone to confide in, much less anyone who could probably scratch her itch. She wasn’t an introvert, just untalkative––she kept to her small circle of friends. However, she really didn’t have any male friends to sate her, and she wasn’t keen on the idea of walking up to a random stranger with the intention of sleeping with him. The only guy she was relatively close with was Lie Ren, and he was off-limits, since everyone knew that Nora was gunning for him––literally.

She sighed, and considered her options. Worst case scenario, if she ignores this, she risks acting out in public, her mind clouded by her sexual instinct. Her horniness would serve as justification for the prejudice humans have on Faunus––no. She couldn’t allow that. That means that she only has one choice, and that was to scratch her itch.

Her face flushed at this notion, since although she had the hobby of reading erotic literature (not smut, there’s a difference), she was pretty much a virgin. She needed a man to sleep with, someone who wouldn’t judge her as Faunus, but most importantly, capable of satisfying her. Blake only knew one person who could possibly introduce her to a one-time lover.

She had to ask Yang for help.



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