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Chapter 3 - Chapter 0 The Meeting

My first work ever depicting the main cast of DxD ending up in various sexual situations. It will feature various niche fetishes as the story goes along with a conclusive ending as they get more corrupted.
The work is finished just needs some heavy editing. That i try to do to the best of my abilities.
Please read the tags as it will contain some very heavy content.

Chapter 3 - Chapter 0 The Meeting

Chapter 3 - Chapter 0 The Meeting
Hello i felt like i had to make this extra chapter to make this "story" a bit more coherent.

This chapter contais (bestiality, insect, body modification, Futa/shemale, parasitism and other fetishes you are warned)


Chapter 0 The Meeting

Inside the familiar forest, Grayfia stood before a gigantic cave entrance.
Her orders were simple, check the cave and make sure, that the weapon inside were undisturbed. As she walked inside, her whole body trembled as past memorys assaulted her. Despite the simple order she got, it was anything but simple for her. Only she knew what was sealed up inside, because she was there when it was made. It was the foulest and cruelest weapon, ever created by the original satan Beelzebub. It was in fact a simple weapon, he mutated one of his flies to be a parasitic life form. She had to stop as more memorys resurfaced. Her knees started shaking and to her shame, her pussy moistened as lust assaulted her body. After he created that flie Beelzebub gathered a thousand woman from the underworld and to her luck she was within that group. Back then she was blinded by her duty towards the original satans and she even jumped at the chance to prove herself.
They were led inside that cave one by one, none of them knew what was inside. She was the last one to go in. Inside the cave she was greeted by a human sized flie. The other woman that were sent inside were lying on the floor as cum trickled from betwen their legs and their stomach bulged like they were pregnant. To Grayfias shame her first reaction was to scream and run outside, unfortunately for her the place was sealed up as she was stoped by a wall. As the flie noticed her, it jumped forward and tackled her to the ground to keep her in place. Grayfia still remembered what happened after that like it was yesterday. As the flie secured her, she felt something broad and slimy poking berwen her legs. Feeling it's pray trashing around more violently the flie trusted it's foot long penis forward. That first trust made her release a guttural scream as her eyes crossed and her tongue lolled out. With the first trust the flie jammed it's penis inside her womb and making her stomach bulge out. The flie encouraged by her screams started fucking her with abandon. Grayfia just lied there in shock with mouth open as the flie pulverized her pussy with it's penis. The pain became pleasure and the pleasure became pain for her as she felt her core being violated. Just as she finally got herself together the flie trusted inside her  one last time and started flooding her womb with it's pungent cum. As she felt the first drop of cum land inside her womb, Grayfia let out a loud scream. Feeling the hot cum flooding her womb, tears trickled down her face from the pure pleasure she felt at that moment. She wailed and cried harder with every shot of cum as her stomach bulged forward. Her whole body shook and her pussy cramped up on the flies penis to milk every drop from it. The flie finally spent yanked it's penis out of her pussy and jumped on another nearby woman. Feeling her womb stuffed with the flies cum she let out a loud moan as she lied there in pure bliss. The flies cum got stuck inside her as it statred to cool down. The last thing Grayfia felt before she fainted, was something shifting inside her womb. When she woke up, the first thing she noticed was her belly that looked like she was 9 months pregnant and it was constantly bulging in places with small bumps. As she tried to sit up she noticed that the changes didn't stop with her belly. Her breast were bigger by at least two cups and her ass, hips and thights too got much bigger plumper as she lost her lithe figure. Next she made a small ice mirror and noticed that her face changed too, her lips were fuller and she looked much more beautiful. As she wanted to voice her surprise she felt her belly cramp up and she fallen to her knees. Grayfia let out a guttural scream as she felt, fist sized maggots bursting from her pussy. With each of her new childrens passing her pussy squirted as she wailed louder. When the last of the maggots escaped from inside her, Grayfia perked her head up as she smelt something heavenly in the distance. Crawling forward with abandon she ended up before a puddle of cum, it looked absolutly disgusting, with whole chunks floating inside the greenish/yellow porrige thick cum. She tried to resist but the smell was so overpowering, she gave in and lovered her head in the puddle of cum. As her lips touched the puddle her whole body was rocked by an intense orgasm. Looking back at the puddle Grayfia started drinking it like an animal. 
After she finished lapping up the puddle she heard a loud buzzing sound as the flie landed behind her, ready to inseminate her again. Looking back at the flie she shook her hips to invite it to fuck her again. Just as the flie trusted inside her again she noticed that her body enjoyed the abuse it was put through. She still felt the pain as the flie battered the back of her womb but at the same time pleasure cursed through her body. 
Later through the months she noted how her body and mind got perverted by the flies pheromons and cum, to be the perfect seedbed for it.
Through her stay they trown in a few man besides the womens, she watched with awe as their bodies slowly changed just from the exposure to the air inside the cave. At first their hips, ass, breasts and thights expanded to whorish proportions and their penis became permanently limp.
Their bodys and faces too changed to lithe and womanly curves with smooth skin and beautiful faces. The changes stopped as their breasts started lactating and their balls expanded to the size of small coconouts. After the changes set in the maggots used their bodys as a feeding ground, as they crawled inside their ass holes, breasts and balls through their urethra expanding them as more and more nested inside them. After more time passed she noticed that the people started unconciously abuse and torment themselfes. She too was getting more extreme with her own masoistic vices, the more injured her body got, the more it changed as she healed back. She noticed that the man that only made contact with the people in the place turned more agressive suddenly and after a few minutes they turned even more sadistic, Grayfia realized that their bodies released pheromons that made them act that way. In the end this self destruction continued among them until she was the only one left. As the others were too weak to live through such abuse. Just as she thought that she was gonna die amidst the flies, as they tore her apart. She was teleported outside the cave by the original mao Beelzebub, who was pleased by her innate strenght, and strong spirit as she didn't break yet fully. Hearing his words Grayfia let out a crazed laugh and fainted from exhaustion.
Grayfia with glossed over eyes, pulled herself back from the long buried memories. Looking down Grayfia realized she was curled up on the floor by now and her left fist was jammed inside her snatch, all the way to her cervix. Cursing she pulled her soaked fist out and made her way inside on her shaking legs.
Inside the cave was a gigantic chamber and in the middle of it stood a pedestial with the last maggot sealed up inside an urn. Getting closer she checked the seals strenght and fallen on her knees in despair as she noticed that the seal was gone and the urn was empty. Grayfia thought that she had to report it but decided againts it, as they would ask what was inside, and that would mean she have to tell what happened to her before. She could not let that happen, the only thing she could do was wait and exterminate the parasites when they rear their ugly heads.

1 week before Grayfia visited the cave. Rias and her peerage arrived inside the familiar forest, with the war finished she thought it's a good opportunity to get some new familiars to strenghten her peerage. Fortunately they didn't loose anybody but Issei lost Ddraig in the final fight as the dragons soul was seperated from the sacred gear, leaving Issei with a severely underpowered boosted gear. She instructed them that they got 3 days to look for a new familiar as this is a special occasion.
Asia walked through the forest with head held down as she didn't find any familiar in the past two days. Walking deeper inside the forest she unconciously steered towards a cave entrance. As she walked deeper inside her thoughts got muddled up and her body burned with unnatural lust. The enthralled girl ended up before an urn with it's seal cracked. The voice inside her head encouraged her to make a contract with the creature inside. With glassed over eyes she put her hands on the urn and the creature inside initiated the familiar contract. Asia was so far gone now, she didn't even noticed that the contract made her into a willing slave. With a flash the contract was made and on top of her midriff a magical tatto appeared. The vulgar tatto  outlined her womb with a maggot in the middle, and it gone around her midriff  from her ovaries, joining together at the small of her back. With the contract made she lifted the front of her nun garb and put the urns entrance to her pussy lips and broke the seal.the moment the seal was gone the maggot launched itself inside Asias pussy. The moment she felt the worm break through her hymen, Asia let out a scream as her pussy contracted and sprayed her juices on her thights. She thought that her first time would hurt but all she felt was immense pleasure as her eyes rolled up. Feeling the worm battering her cervix she  howled from the pain and pleasure as the creature forced itself inside her womb. The moment it got itself comfortable the maggot released spikes from it's body impaling Asias womb in countless places. The spikes acted as her source of food as it was weakened from being sealed up, and injected her body with it's own pheromons. Effectivily making Asia into a giant pheromon factory as now her body released them in copious amounts. Asia feeling her womb stabbed fallen to her knees and her face lost it's colors from the immense pain she felt. Shortly after that she fainted from the pain.

Before Rias stood her peerage, she eyed them up and down after they returned, searching for any injury. In the end none of them found a new familiar. She could only blame their luck but at least they were safe.standing back inside the summoning circle they disappeared in a flash.

Time fly by as they moved along with their life. At first nothing out of the ordinary happened but after a few months Rias noticed her peerage acted strange. For some reason Issei didn't wanted to make love with her and turned her down more and more. Asia locked herself inside her room for long periods of time for some reason. When she asked about it she said that she is trying to make a new way to use her sacred gear. Akeno too started to disappaer for longer periods of time. There was one time when she decided to follow her. Akeno dressed up in a big coat, that covered her whole body, walked into the park at night. As she followed her she ended up in a really run down part of it. Homeless people and stray dogs were all over the place. Akeno didn't cared about them as they eyed her like a piece of meat, she just walked forward with her hips swaying as her heals clicked on the pavement. As Rias rounded the corner she came face to face with a clearly drunk old man. The old man didn't let her pass and started to molest her, he even wipped his dick out and demanded her to suck his dick. The closer he got the more agressive the old man was, breathing heavily he trown himself at her in a poor attempt to rape her but Rias easily knocked her out as he was only human and really drunk. Looking further down the road she realized that she lost sight of Akeno. With a heavy sigh she turned back to go home. In the end Akeno didn't return for 3 days. When she asked her about it, Akeno just said she was out to have some fun. Rias in the end just told her to at least tell her when she will by gone for longer periods of time.

More months passed like this for Rias. One night she woke up as her whole body burned with lust, her bed sheet was soaked through as her snatch leaked constantly through the night. She just could not take it anymore as this happened more often. Rias grabbed her sexiest clothes, put on her sexiest make up and made her way to Isseis room hoping that she can release some pent up lust.



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