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Chapter 4 - Chapter 3 First Contact (bestiality, insect)

My first work ever depicting the main cast of DxD ending up in various sexual situations. It will feature various niche fetishes as the story goes along with a conclusive ending as they get more corrupted.
The work is finished just needs some heavy editing. That i try to do to the best of my abilities.
Please read the tags as it will contain some very heavy content.

Chapter 4 - Chapter 3 First Contact (bestiality, insect)

Chapter 4 - Chapter 3 First Contact (bestiality, insect)
On a bright sunny day Rias sat inside her office going through her contracts. It was a slow day for her with nothing but paperwork, she could barely wait until night to start her escapades. The only thing that made it bearable was the big pig silicon dildo jammed inside her cunt, it was a recent upgrade from the old one, this dildo was thicker longer and got inch long hooks along it's lenght to lock it in place.
To her side the door opened and her friend Akeno walked inside, bringing a tray of tea with her. Since that time she caught Akeno mating with the dogs she often spied on her nightly activities. Thats why she can say with 100% confidence that her friend is pregnant. The other people only noticed a slight weight gain, her hips got wider, tits fuller, ass and thights bigger. She wore a kimono nowdays to cover up her bulging belly as she was almost at the end of her pregnancy and it was getting noticable, even if she was carrying a litter of puppys. As Akeno put a big cup in front of her she noted the other change in her days, it started a month ago, the steaming cup was full of her dogs cum covered with a little black tee on top of it. Her friend was truly a hopeless pervert, that she served dog cum as drink for her friend. But so is Rias as she started salivating and her womb heated up from the smell. Slowly she lifted it to her lips, taking a small sip from the canine concotion as the cum made its way down her throat, it was so dense that Rias had to chew it, otherwise it might get stuck in her throat. With every breath she took, Rias noticed how her breath reeked of cum and as she drank more, her body was shaken by mini orgasms soaking her chair. Akeno just stood there like an elegant lady but under her clothes Rias seen from the corner of her eyes, how she was leaking all over her thights and floor from the sight.
Slowly Rias put down the empty cup letting out a long breath that absolutely reeked of dog cum.
Continuing her day like nothing happened Rias continued doing her paperwork until a certain innocent ex-nun decided to make a visit.
Asia slowly made her way inside the room to sit at the couch as they begin their everyday conversation Rias noticed how different she looked and how differently she hold herself. Same as Akeno it was really nothing noticable at first, little weight here and there, better curves rounder face but what made Rias pause it was the look in her eyes. It was no longer the eyes of an innocent maiden but more like a whore like Akeno and her after every night. After she told her, that she was capable of permanently linking anybody to her sacred gear now and heal them, their conversation came to an end and Asia exused herself. As she stood up Rias noticed her bulging belly, she got curious and decided that this requires further investigstion, the sooner the better.
Rias at night could barely wait to begin her investigation. Her best friend was fucking with dogs she herself was into pigs, albeit she did not take any serious steps towards that direction like a certain falllen angel, only a few dildo and dirtier sites but the question is what did Asia got herself into. She could barely wait to find it out.
When the clock hit 1:30 she decided it was enough waiting around, with her new dildo jammed inside her pussy and camera in hand that she used to record herself and Akeno, she made her way towards Asias room.
As she slowly opened the door to peek inside (which she got very good at ) Rias was overcome by dreed and disgust as gosebumps and cold sweet broke out all over her skin. Asia was on her back in white stockings and a pair of pink 7 inch highheels, her golden hair in disarray and her stomach bulging, as a gigantic flie fucked her with abandon. Not caring in the slightest for her well being, the flies foot long penis strechted poor Asias womb like some horror flick. Rias reasoned that only a kind girl like Asia could accept a monstrosity like that. Standing in the door Rias was torn betwen just closing it and go to spy on Akeno or stay and watch.
Again to her better judgement she decided to stay, quickly she slipped inside, taking a seat at the corner of the room and put the still recording camera to the side. Rias noticed that Asia threated the flie like her lover as it demolished her cunt, not even uttering a world of discomfort she wrapped her arms around it's head and sloppily started kissing its mouth, drinking it's saliva alongside it. Rias strangely turned on felt her body heat up, she janked her dildo out, tuning her womb inside out. Even her fallopian tubes and eggs were dangling outside her body as the past moths of abuse of her womb and cunt was not without it's marks. She wrapped her hand around her wombs entrance and pushed the rest of her womb back inside of her body, fucking her womb directly to Asias copulation. After a good half an hour of pounding and several mind blowing orgasms her body started heat up even more and her womb despite it's rough treatment felt like it was on fire. She noticed a certain sweet taste in her mouth that she could not place anywhere but the more she looked at the flie the more she wanted it's seed inside herself. Asia at this point was barely coherent as the flie demolished her womb.
Suddenly the flies trusting came to a stop and with one last trust, buried itself into Asia as deep as it can and started flooding her womb like a hose. As she watched her bishop getting stuffed full of cum like a condom she noticed that her feeling towards the fly gotten even stronger, if only a gargantuan beast could fuck her like that too.
As the flie finished inseminating Asia Rias slowly made her way towards the bed the closer she got the more it's cum turned irresistable for her. The flie with it's job done wrenched its penis out of the girl and looked at Rias.

Rias burning with need, she wrenched the dildo out of her womb and dropped it into the cum puddle on the bed, coating it with the flies cum.
The flie just looked at Rias as she wrapped her mouth around his pisshole and started sucking out the leftover cum. She wrapped her breasts around it's dick and started to massage it's penis, to get more of that yellow porrige thick cum.
The moment the first drops entered her mouth Rias climaxed hard and squirted all over her legs flooding them. Her prolapsed womb felt like it was set on fire from the need and pleasure she felt. While she chewed on the flies thick cum, it's penis started to get hard again from Rias breasts massaging it and the fertile smell of her prolapsed womb.
Rias could not take it anymore as her womb was hurting from the need at this point. She let go of the penis turned around and angled herself towards the dick. Lowering herself, her inside out womb smacked to his cock, the mere contact was enough to make her squeal and orgasm on the spot. She could not believe it after so long, she finally get to experience that what her peerage was alredy involved in. The anticipation was tuning her on even more and now that she was squatting over this monstrous dick, she was at her wits end.
Rias felt the fly wrap its arms around her and locking her into place.
As the fly slowly lifted her up, she felt her womb gathering its porrige thick cum like a cumrag. Rias was absolutely sure she is gonna get pregnant, just this amount of cum was enough to completely cower her womb She could not wait, it's gonna be so good, she is gonna bear its children like a good sow
and when they all gonna pop out she is gonna enjoy every minute of it. As she was lifted up, the fly angled her pussy to his dick and with one mighty trust, it pushed Rias loose womb back inside her body. Rias let out a guttural howl as her eyes rolled up into the back of her head. It was everything she wanted and more.
With her juices making the flies dick slicker by the second the flie started to demolish Rias cunt with it's dick like a jackhammer. Her limbs jerked around wildly as she was used like a flaslight.
Her womb was pushed back further with every push, and she could feel that dick molding her insides to it's shape, making her womb stick to its dickhead like a glove and not letting go. As she felt herself dominated by that flie she noticed its pheromons taking hold of her, she took hold of the flies head and like Asia started to kissing it while she cried out to the creature to fuck her harder. The first thing she noticed as she got closer to it's mouth, was the gut wrenching sewer smell that eminated from it's mouth. It made her gag but she could not stop herself, the more closer she got, the more she wanted to kiss it. As her lips touched and her tongue entered it's moth Rias felt like she was making out with a public toilet, that was never cleaned and been in use for years.
Yet from some strange reason she could not tear herself from the kiss. As the flie fucked her and she kissed it, deep within Rias a feeling welled up stronger than ever. Rias realized how she loved the way she got fucked and handled like a cumdump, she loved how brutal and uncaring was it towards her as it pulverized her womb. She wanted nothing else at that point, just the flies thick cum inside her womb to knock her up. The flie sensing the changeg in his partners demenaor picked his pace up and blasted her womb with it's cum making it fill up more and more. When Rias felt the first drop of that thick cum land inside her womb, she realised there is no going back for her, she is gonna be this flies sow for the rest of her life. That thought and the cum flooding her womb made her feel like she's in heaven as she cried out harder in joy. Her brain was assaulted by pure pleasure constantly as she screamed harder with every new jet of cum. When she came down from her high the flie was just finished filling her womb up. Rias looked down and noticed that she looked 9 months pregnant and that itch at the back of her womb was no more. The flie suddenly yanked his dick out of her cunt and with nothing holding it in, the cum flooded the bedsheet as it escaped from her cunt and her loose womb turned inside out at the end.
The sudden disapparence of the fly startled her, but not as much as her bishops glowing hand as she healed them. She noticed it not only healed them it even accelerated Asias childrens growth. Within seconds Rias seen within Asias womb a big group of maggots started growing and after a minute fist sized maggots started to crawl out of her. After the first one it was like a flood coming out of her pussy and some lingered behind, but most of Asias brood gathered together and teleported out of the room. The rest that stayed behind started crawling back inside her womb and breats to nest there till they grow big and strong.

With a jolt Rias woke up, looking around she realised that she was still inside her friends room and the smell of cum and the gutter like stench was still emanating from her mouth. Her body too reeked of cum and sex. Getting up she stopped at the mirror and a smile grew on her face at the sight of her body. Her make up was smeared making her look like cheap whore, her lips were a little larger and more plump her breasts were larger by at least two sizes and her hips, ass and thights got wider and bigger. She looked at the side as Asia laid there on the bed in a puddle of cum, the nun's body changed so much that Rias barely recognized her. She looked like an absolute fuckdoll built like it was made only for fucking and birthing more children.
Her lips got enlarged, becoming a pair of fuckpillows good for nothing but sucking cock, her breasts were enlarged to a h cup as they were full of maggots cum and milk, her hips were much wider from the constant birthing, her ass got much bigger thanks to her diet of cum but her most striking feature was her bulging stomach she looked like a woman 6 months pregnant. As she looked at her bulging stomach Rias could see the outline of the maggots moving constantly, like a baby kicking around, she knew that even now they fucked Asia from the inside.
The dumbfucked face of the nun reminded Rias that this is the faith waiting for her to become an ever pregnant fuckdoll for their flie partner.

Looking further down she noticed her discarded dildo jutting out of that pool of cum. She slowly lifted the dildo out.the replica of a pigs penis was barely recognizable as an inch thick solid chunk of plaster like cum cling to it's surface. Lifting the dildo out she rolled up the bedsheet of the bed, keeping the precious cum stuck into a ball in the middle of it. Taking another look at her comatose friend she gave a her long kiss, picked up her camera and quickly walked back to her room. As she arrived in her room, she angled her camera to record her and quickly spread the sheet on her bed, leaving the cum piled up in the middle of it. With shaking legs she squatted over the pile of still hot viscous cum, she felt the heat scalding her inside out womb as the pungent smell of the cum hit her nose. Her dangling ovaries throbbed harder, begging to be soaked in that pile of cum as she lovered it towards the pile. With the dildo still in hand she stuck it betwen her breasts and let the cum keep it betwen her tits as she pushed them together and starced licking on the tip of her cum coated dildo. She took solid chunck with every lick and started chewing on it. Every drop of cum sent an orgasm through her body making her knees womble and lowering herself further as she let out a long guttural moan with every bite. The moment her dangling ovaries plunged inside the pile her eyes crossed and let out a scream from pleasure, making her gargle on the cum that was still in her mouth. Her legs could not hold her anymore as she lovered herself further and plunged her prolapsed womb into the pile of cum. It instantly stuck to her womb and as she lifted herself an inch thick coating of cum stuck to her womb, with heavy ropes still connected to the pile. It looked more like a gigantic chewing gum than cum at this point. She started screaming like a stuck pig as she lovered herself again and again, teabagging that pile of cum. At the middle of her orgasms her musles flexed so hard from the constant jolts of pleasure, her womb started to get sucked back inside her body. With every orgasm her womb took the heavy pile of cum with it to the depths of her stomach, making it slowly bulge out as more got lifted inside. She lovered herself further, and her prolapses vagina let out sounds that resembles a clogged up sewer pipe getting pumped than anything else. As her womb sucked the cum deep inside her, after a few minutes only a solid turd looking cunk of cum left standing on her bad. Rias noticed it was bigger than both of her fists put together. As she eyed that big chunk of cum she let her body drop down with one last plunge. As that chunk streched her birt canal to it's absolute limits Rias howled like a banshee from the pain and pleasure. At this point Rias was not capable of any coherent speech,  she only screamed and squealed harder from the pleasure. She took her dildo from betwen her cum coated breast and laid on her back, to angle the dildo towards her cunt. With shaking hands she pushed the dildo deep inside and pushed that solid chunk further back up towards her wombs entrance. She started ferociously battering her pussy with the dildo, making her wombs entrance strench further from that chunk. With a final loud pop it slipped inside her alredy bulging stomach, sealing the rest of the cum inside her abused womb. The pseudo reverse birthing process left Rias comatose on her bed with a perfect ahego. As she passed out she hoped that by the morning her womb will be full with children of her own.

The sun shining through her curtains woke Rias up. She reluctantly opened her tired eyes from last nights activitys. She quickly remembered what happened at night, full of hope she got out of her bed.
Standing before her mirror she noticed that her body changed further while she slept. Her lips got fuller meking them jut out more, her breast grew at least a cup size minimum and they looked more rounder and perkier too. Looking further down she noticed how her waist got thighter and how her hips got wider giving her motherly hips, turning around she noticed how her ass got bigger, it looked like it belonged on a pornstar not her. They were so large that they clapped together loudly whenever she took a step. Turning back she noted how she looked like a bimbo now with her oversexualized body, with slight glee she but her hand on her sligtly bulging muffin top hoping that the flies seed taken root inside her womb but left with disappointment as only that chunk of cum still resided within her womb making it bulge slightly.
With determination in her eyes Rias decided she will get everything from the girls today. With that last thought she quickly donned her many sizes too small shoolclothes and put on her sluttiest 7 inch stiletto not even bothering to clean herself up. Looking like a slut that was through a day long gangbang and still reeking of cum and sex, she made her way towards the clubroom not caring in the slightest who will see her.


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