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Chapter 7 - Chapter 6 (insect, gore, torture, snuff)

My first work ever depicting the main cast of DxD ending up in various sexual situations. It will feature various niche fetishes as the story goes along with a conclusive ending as they get more corrupted.
The work is finished just needs some heavy editing. That i try to do to the best of my abilities.
Please read the tags as it will contain some very heavy content.

Chapter 7 - Chapter 6 (insect, gore, torture, snuff)

Chapter 7 - Chapter 6 (insect, gore, torture, snuff)
After they healed the next weak Rias called them to the clubroom she explained her worries to her friends and they agreed that these fuck sessions were taking too long and somebody might get suspicious.
Before going further she asked them the most important question that regarding to Issei how did they felt.
All of them agreed that after they became a group of preggomaniac painsluts, that were salivating after animal dicks they didn't really cared about him anymore. They are gonna keep him around but they belonged to a different partner now. Rias told them she felt the same and together they made a plan, first they needed a safe place to retreat after their sessions as somebody walking in on them, when they got back would be problematic as they most likely would be trashed then. The girls just nodded, they just need to get a house at the city for that, which was not hard.
Second she told them that waiting another three weeks was out of the question as Rias stated her body at this point, needed that abuse and waiting another three weeks would drive her insane from need. The girls agreed to her again as they were in the same boat. Akeno in the end got an idea she told them that she got fucked at plenty of dirty places through kuoh city by hobos before finding that public toilet. Akeno further elobareted that it was only one of the places where the homeless gathered and there were plenty more with hundreds if not thousands of willing bums overall the city, whom they can use for their sessions.
The girls hearing that there were still more than thousands waiting for them made their bodies shudder with exitement and phantom pains.
Akeno explained that they could set up torture dungeons on those places with dimension magic that they used for rating games.
Rias beamed at the brilliant idea, they could go out anytime they wanted, if they set up plenty of places, they just needed to use a little mind magic on the homeless people to always keep those place ready for them in ~"pristine"~ conditions and shut them up if they wanted to talk to somebody about them or the supernatural.
Rias told them thats all good but those fuck/torture sessions can keep them for weeks, she reminded them how the last one ended, they almost died this time as they got used longer and the people got even more extreme than the first time plus they were left completely helpless without outside help, only Asias sacred gear saved them this time.
Looking at each other they quickly agreed that while the sessons were good, they didn't wanted to die, plus after the bums finished with them they only hung them up as a thropy, wich was not that fun. They agreed to keep a safety measure on the barriers that teleports them out if they die for more than 3 minutes or they were not touched for a day, sending them back to their safehouse to ressurrect them with a dose of phoenix tears, the rest of the healing can by done with Asias sacred gear. The reason they agreed at the one day mark was because they liked to wallow in their misery a little after the sessions. Done with the safety now they only needed to do something about the time.
Asia suggested spiking Rossweisses drink to make her set up a time dilation on the barriers and bring her into their folds.
Rias shot her down telling her this is their sin to bear and she would not corrupt any of her precious peerage members.
When she said those word they heard a loud thump noise from the doors.
Dropping her concelmant spell there stood Rosseweiss before them with Rias laptop in her hands.
Rias panicked asked her how long she's been standing there.She told them with a red face that she was there the whole time and knows about everything as she seen all the videos in the past week, she explained to them that she got curious after they first disappared and later found Rias laptop in her room still playing their previous session.
She started looking through it and found Rias diary and the rest of the videos she made in the past months.
Rias red faced cursed herself for her blunder, she told her to forget everything she seen and heard and leave now if she dosn't wanna end up like them. To their surprise Rossweiss with red face and trembling body walked forward and sat down telling them that she will help set up the time dilation and she wanted in. But she stated there are conditions they had to deliver on, the girls quickly agreed and with wide smiles pulled her inside a group hug. With burning face she told them that first she wanted her own flie partner until she found an animal for herself. It should make her body change faster and give birth to her chosen childrens quicker as she didn't wanted to wait months for the changes to set in. Asia quickly agreed to it as she got a pretty big brood now at her command.
Second she wanted to by the one recording their sessions and to make it optional for her if she wanted to join in or just record everything. Third she told them that she wants cameras in all of their rooms to record everything they do stating that it's good masturbation material.
The group a little surprised at her fetish of voyerism agreed, making them hot that they were always being watched and recorded.
Now that their plan was complete Rias stated that there is one last thing which is more personal to her. She told them with a red face that she wanted her children from a pig and not just any pig it had to be the biggest ugliest, dirtiest and most fertile pig in existence.
Her statement sent a shudder through the group making them wetter than they alredy are. Rias continued and told them she still didn't find any that fits her criteria and she needed help to look for one. The girls quickly agreed to help their king.
Then she stated her second problem, her magic is fighting againts the body changing magic of the flie, making her changes stop at the surface level. While she wanted to mate with the flies and bear their children, one flie was just not enough to change her body or at least it was very slow.
She asked Asia to drop her in the middle of her brood and leave her there until the changes set in. With a sadistic face Asia added that once she drops her in there, there is no coming back, until they free her.
Rias said to Asia she will do anything to satisfie her crawing and she can take care of the consecvences.
With that off her heart Rias made small talk with the group for the rest of the day.
As they worked on the dungeons.

A week later they finished setting up the dungeons, in the end they made more than a hundred.
They gathered all of the homeless people from kouh and the nightbooring area making the final count just a little over two thousand, they instructed them to use them one by one and let the filth build up inside them and always by ready for them.
With the dungeons done Rias made her way to Asias room in their now official getup of their group. It was the one they wore for their first session.
Stepping inside Asias room she seen that there was only the other girls standing there in the same clothes.
Asia quickly explaned to her, that they are going straight to her broods home. Rossweiss lifted a paper with runes on it and branded every one of the group members she explained that this mark would keep them alive and make the changes happen faster as it strenghtened Asias healing powers as her sacred gear is gonna heal them continously. Rias didn't wanted to know how she made it but she was thankful for her foresight as they didn't know what to expect. Akeno too stepped forward and gave Rias a picture to her surprise.
When she flipped it over she froze at her spot, the picture showed a colossal pig it was very ugly and dirty clearly the beast newer thought about cleaning its body. From under its belly a 2 foot long dirty smegma cowered oily penis hung leaking a huge amounth of precum on the dirth beneath him, from betwen the pig legs a pair of gigantic balls hung down into the muck pulling it after himself, they were clearly cowered in all kinds of bodily fluids.
With a big smile she thanked Akeno for finding her a good partner. Akeno just sent her a smile and explained to her that she found it in the depths of the familiar forest, she told her it's a very vicious pig that sometimes even tears his partners apart as he fucks them. Rias just smiled at her friend, as it was perfect for a hogosexual painslut like Rias.
Letting her friend go Akeno told her to just summon it through the picture after they are back.
Rias sent the picture inside her room with a flash keeping it safe there.
Lastly she leaved a message for the rest of her pearage, inside the club room that they are going for a training camp and don't worry about them.
With everything done she told Asia to teleport them and in a flash they were gone.
The same flash indicated their arrival in the underworld dropping them before a gigantic cave entrance.
The group started walking inside following Asias lead, the further they got the more flies they seen as they started to appaer everywhere. The further they walked inside the worse it reeked, making their core burn with need and leaving a trail behind them, after a few more minutes they reeched a gigantic spere inside the dark cave.
Asia made them stop telling them this is far enough as now they stood at the middle. She indicated Rias to prepare herself as she's gonna wake them up.
Rossweiss started setting up recording spells as Rias walked forward and with a cruel smile, even set up a time dilation in secret from the others. As Rias stood in the middle she spread her legs to show everyone her favorite dildo lodged inside her cunt.
Akeno seeing her chance walked forward and with a sudden pull yanked the dildo out of her snatch, turning her pussy and womb inside out.
The next second Asia told her to get ready and with a sudden flare she lighted the entire cave.
At the sight Rias trembled and told herself that she is gonna be here for a long time, even months may be not enough. Rossweiss got the exact same idea, quckly she started running out. Akeno just stood there with awe as her mouth hang open, there were thousands of flies clinging to the walls and all of them wanted two things to feed and breed.
In the next instant all of the fly launched themselfes at Rias trying to be the first one. Within second they reached Rias and swarmed her. As the first two flie grabbed her they torn her apart at her waist, she could only scream from the pain as the flys started feasting and  masturbating with her innards. After a few seconds Rias alredy started to heal and within second her legs alredy grown back. That was when another two flys grabbed and  started pulling her legs to different directions tearing them from their sockets making her scream louder.
Rossweiss shouted to Rias that she have nothing to worry about as she set up a time dilation and just enjoy herself.
Rias screaming and crying face turned more desperate and louder as she begged for them to save her and this was not in the plan.
Rias just paled further as the others smiled at her with sadistic smiles and started to walk out, leaving her as a one of the flyes torn her head off from her body.
Akeno just giggled at the sight as she fingered herself. The rest of them quickly grabbed her by the arms and quickly pulled her out, before she gonna throw herself at the mass. On their way out only Rias crying and screaming could be heard as the flys cowered her up completely tearing her apart.

After they left Rias there the girls settled down at the entrance and were getting fucked by any of the flies passing through. Even from that distance, they still could hear Rias screaming from time to time.

3 months later 
Asia told the others that the time is up and get ready as they didnt heard any screams for the past day. Akeno walked out first of their tent her body didn't change much compared to the others her lips got fuller her tits gained one cup size her hips got wider by a few centimeters and her ass got a little fuller and she sported a heavily pregnant belly full of maggots.
When Rossweiss emerged, gone were the secretary look in it's place stood a very stacked bimbo with perfect dick sucking lips, that almost made her incapable of speech. On her chest just one of her breast were bigger then both of their heads put together and she too sported a heavily pregnant belly with very wide hips a colossal ass and thick thights. Asia didn't change much she still got her bimbo look expect that she too sported a heavily pregnant belly and  slightly bigger breasts.
They packed their stuff and made their way inside the cave. After they entered the center an inch high rotting semen sea greated them. The smell was so bad inside that they started puking all over themselves it even burnt their skin and eyes. With every breath they took they felt their lungs and throath getting burnt from the smell. The first to pull herself together was Akeno as she started making her way through that sea of rotting gunk the girls slowly followed after her. Asia launched a flare to light up the cave but she could not find their king, launcing another flare she started to see something in the distance.
Rushing towards it, they reached the bottom of it and lighted up the cave again. Before them stood a gigantic tower made of solid chunks of rotting semen, as they let their eyes wander higher they noticed that it was reaching to the ceiling and got thinner at the middle.
Letting their wings emerge they flied higher until they reached the middle.
Stuck in the middle was a sleeping Rias. She changed drastically on the looks department the girls watched in awe as Rias was more endowed than any of them.
But that was not why they came here, taking in the sight before them they smiled wider as their reason for coming here is a clear success. Rias sported a gigantic belly all of them could fit inside her with room to spare and it was full of maggots. Looking betwen Rias legs, they could see a flood of them escaping from her cunt each one bigger than their heads. To their astonisment looks like the maggots whole incubation period  was not longer than a few minutes. Before they escaped from their host the moggats started filling her up with cum and starting the process all over again.
All of them focuces their magic on her belly and quickly tried pushing out the maggots. Asia healed her friends stomach, making it receed back to the state of woman in her 9 month of pregnancy. They could not make it smaller as a gigantic maggot started trashing around inside her, making them leave it inside for now.
The extra forceful birthing woke Rias up and they started asking questions like does she remembers them? did she know why was she here? Rias started giggling at their question and only let out ohhs and ahhs as her tonhue hang out and her eyes looked in different ways. The girls seeing her fucked up state just looked at each other with wry smiles as their cunt started leaking below them.
As they freed her to their luck the flies were not happy with the removal of their sow and source of food.
Rossweiss quckly noticed that the flies got agitated, she knew from a look whats coming for them and she quickly doubled her healing runes, when she wanted to dismiss the time dilation a flie showed her to the side making her make a mistake in her formula.
Unfortunately for them the time dilation  got further strenghtened.
~The flies launced towards them~
As she told the girls of her blunder with a small smile, they quickly started flying to the entrance faster to make an escape.
~as the flies crossed a quarter of the distance~
Her smile continued to grow, She also told them that unfortunately her healing rune was heavily connected to Asias sacred gear and that means the closer she is, the better it works, meaning there will be no passing out for them.
~passed the halfway mark~ 
With a full blown smile she told them the second bad news. Her magic cannot support such a strong healing spell and it's gonna last only halfway of the time dilations duration and if they gonna be stuck here, there is a very high chance they are gonna die. 
~3/4 ~
Those news sent shivers down their spines as millions of flyes converged on them
No matter how they hurried all of them were heavily pregnant with maggots slowing them down as they dragged Rias with them. 
~They didn't even made it halfway as the flys swarmed around them and started tearing them apart.~
2 months later
In a village near the cave a young man rushed inside shouting for everyone that the cave is cursed and nobody should get close to it. The mayor tried to calm him down and asked him what he seen.
He told the main room of the cave was cowered in some kind of rotting liquid and in the middle of the room there were millions of gigantic flies gathered in a ball. From inside he heard womans voices as they screamed and wailed and begged for mercy to make it stop as they  judging from the sounds got torn apart and eaten alive again and again, they just didn't died thats why he ran back in panic.
The mayor ordered the town guards to check it out and when they came back with ashen faces the mayor ordered the cave to by sealed. 

4 months later.
With a frown oh her face Grayfia stood before the sealed cave.
She came as fast as her time allowed when she heard a cave in the familiar forest got sealen up do to a curse.
Unfortunarely she had to wait till she can disappaer unnoticed for a longer period.
The time just presented itself after Rias and her peerage gone for a training camp and her husband told her he is gonna go for peace talks and don't expect him back soon, that usually meant months.
With no way for her to open the seal without raising questions, she gone back to the town and told the mayor to lift the seal.
She orderes the mayor to don't seal up the entrance and explained that she is gonna take care of it but it's important that he dosn't tell anybody, what they seen or heard from the inside.
With that done grayfia flyed back to the caves entrance, after she lifted the seal the stench of rotting stale air assaulted her.
Turning to the inside of the cave her face turned sultry as she started walking forward with a sway in her hips.
As Grayfia got closer to the inside of the cave she started hearing soft moaning noises and a little later a soul rending shriek echoed through the cave. Making her pussy squirt her juices on her legs leaving a sizable trail behind her.
Not long after following the noises in the dark cave she seen something flashing green rapidly in the distance.
To her surprise when she got closer, the green light illuminated Asia. The tought that Asia was stuck here without any help only capable of healing herself as she let out those screams made her heart ache for the girl.
But that feeling disappaered the moment she seen her laying on her stomach as she got fucked by a flie, Asias face was formed into an ahego as she clearly enjoyed herself and didn't make any attempt to free herself.
When Asia noticed her standing there, she sent a knowing smile her way that cleary indicated she came here on her own free will.
A moment later another moan got her attention. Grayfia remembered Rias and her peerage was months late from coming back from their training trip.
Nobody got worried as they recently started taking longer and longer trips, and always returned fine, acting like there was nothing wrong with them. 
Grayfia mentally noted to question them thoroughly after this.
As she turned towards the moaning her body lit up with green light as Asia connected her sacred gear to her.
Not even bothering to look back she walked forward as she heard the moaning getting louder.
After lighting her surroundings she found Rossweiss on her back, with a pregnant belly pushing maggots out in the dozens, First she barely recognized her as she were cowered in a big pile of cum.
Bending down she took hold of what must have been her hair and yanked her out, lifting her up. Her moaning only increased after they made eye contact making her trembling body spray Grayfias smooth legs with her juices as she orgasmed.
Grayfia seeing her state slapped her across the face hard, sending a few of her tooths fly out of her mouth. She asked her how long they have been here. Rossweiss told her that they came here straight after leaving the house.
After that she added that she set up a time dilation on the place, and even she can't remember for how long they have been stuck here.
That made Grayfia slap her again and again knocking the remaing theets out of her mouth, making her cry louder. The clutz should have noticed the moment they entered that the places time was alredy dilated as she set it up this way long ago. That means they could be stuck her for thousands of years depending on the strenght of her spell. Grayfia felt immense jealousy and regret well up inside her, if only she was able to come here when she heard the news, all that wasted time, the things that could have been done to her, that thought sent jolts of elecricity up her spine. Making her cunt itch harder but she quickly crushed that thought and reminded herself that she came her to clean up the place.
She told Rossweiss that the time was alredy dilated and they have must been stuck her for thousands of years.
She also explained that she did indeed came here to help them but first she will look for the others.
As those words set in, Rossweiss started wailing but her cunt betrayed her real feelings as it completely cowered Grayfias legs in cum and her juices.
Deciding she had enough of her, Grayfia gave her one last slap that broke her jaw and tossed her at a nearby flie, making her wail louder. The flie quickly disappaered with her in the darkness leaving only her screams echoing through the cave.
Grayfia continued forward as there was still two more person left to find.
The next one she found was Akeno as she heard a familiar soul rending shriek  coming from above her, wich only got closer and closer.
Realising what's happening she quickly jumped to the side making Akeno hit the hard stone floor where she stood. As she hit the floor grayfia heard the impact shatter all of her bones.
Getting closer Grayfia noted her sorry state, Akeno was barely staying alive, its only thanks to Asias link that she still didn't die yet.
All of her limbs were torn from her body even her wings were not spared. Her womb got turned inside out leaving her ovaries hanging freely, they were clearly crushed.
Grayfia marveled at the feeling of the tenderized meat and bones wrapping around her leg as she flipped her over with her feet.
Suddenly Akeno came back with a gasp.
The crooked smile on her tenderized face told everything to her, Akeno was truly a masochist of the highest order.
Hearing the loud buzz of the flies getting closer she stepped back from Akeno who just smiled wider.
Grayfia got curios now, the little side show got her cleary exited as her pussy drenched her legs further, againts her better judgement she sat down near a rock and started spreading her legs.
She watched the nearby fist sized maggots pick up her trail, when they reached her pussy lips she spread it open  giving them entrance.
Ecouraged by the invitation the maggots started swarming her.
Just as the first maggot started to worm his way inside a big group of flies landed near Akeno.
Just when the first maggot started pushing inside her womb, one of the flies grabbed onto Akenos womb and took a bite out of it. Grayfia seeing that let out a loud moan as Akeno shrieked like a banshee, her screams like a start signal made the next flies pounch on her.
As the second maggot pushed inside her pussy Grayfia realised their plan, they lifted Akeno to the ceiling while she healed then they tore out her limbs.
While she pummeled to the ground they eaten her limbs, and after she hit the ground they flied down to feast on her tenderized meat. Then the process started all over again keeping her in a constant state of torment.
Just as the second maggot reached her womb all of the flies pounced on Akeno tearing her apart and making Grayfia moan from the sounds and pleasure.
Just as the third maggot spread her lips she grabbed it and started using it as a dildo. Making it trash around inside her.
As Akenos screams got muffled, she pummeled her snatch faster. Just as she got close to release Akeno stopped screaming, then one of the flies grabbed her hair and started flying towards the celing.
The front of Akenos face was eaten off leaving only one of her eyeball dangling and her toungue hanging out from her missing lower jaw. From the neck down only her shattered and pried open ribcage remained.
The sight of what was left of Akeno sent her over the edge. Making her push the maggot inside her womb, as she let out a loud cry.
After she let two more maggot crawl up inside her she heard Akenos scream again making her stand up and start looking for the last member of their group. As Grayfia walked further inside the last thing she heard from Akeno was her body hitting the ground with a loud thud.
Finding Rias was a little harder as the flies started to take notice of her, the closer she got to the middle of the room,  more flies tried to grab her. Just as she dodged one of the them, the flies suddenly stopped and flyed away. Grayfia found that really strange and just as she wanted to continue she heard a loud slurping noise.
Following the sound she started to see something big in the distance, as she walked forward the noise got louder and she slowly started to see shapes.
The big body in the end was a flie. Grayfia newer seen one so big it was obviously a different breed. It was not only big but more vicious looking than the others. In his grasp was Rias head as her body freely hung from it. Her body yerked around unnaturally making Rias limbs fly around like she was shocked by electricity. Her eyes moved to the back of her head and she contsantly let out a low "~oooohhhh~" sound as juices squirted from her pussy, clearly enjoying herself.
Grayfia first didn't see why Rias acted so strangely but stopped when she heard the loud slurping noise again, walking to the side her eyes bulged out as she seen the reason. From the flies mouth a hollow spike pierced Rias skull sucking her brain out. With every slurping noise she seen Rias brain travel through that hollow spike, she told herself that even with Asia healing her brain, there was no going back, this is gonna leave a permanent mark, even if she survives it through some miracle.
A loud buzzing sound assaulted her ears and in the next second the flies dropped the rest of the peerage before their king.
The girls in their various states marveled at the flie, it took them a moment to realise what's happening to Rias and  with crazed looks on their faces started fighting whos gonna be next.
Looking at the flie Grayfia knew that she should put an end to this, but she was torn betwen her duty and her want to experience what Rias goes through.
The flie cleary got exited by their fight,  started sucking faster and faster from  Rias skull. The slurping noises got louder until Rias yerked wilder and started screaming. Then with one last slurping sound she suddenly gone still, the flie started sucking harder but he only got air.
As Grayfia seen the last bits of Rias brain being sucked out, let out a silent scream as she fallen to her knees flooding the ground beneath her.
The sound of Rias empty skull stopped the girls. They waited for Rias to start moving again and for the flie to continue slurping her brain out, but even after half a minute the flie still only got air. A sudden dreed overtook them as they realised that without the brain the healing process don't start.
A loud crunching noise got their attention as the flie started taking bites out of Rias skull and devoured the body in a few minutes. 
The sight of ther kings body being devoured sent them over the edge as they cryed out in extasy.
To their surprise Grayfia stood up and with a very strong hit pushed the maggots out of her womb, making them splatter on the floor. The girls followed her with their eyes as she started to walk forward with determination on her face. Looking at her they started panicking that she is gonna hurt the flie. Grayfia stopped before the flie and turned towards the girls, to their surprise she smiled at them crazily.
With a flick of her wrist, she strenghtened Asias sacred gear further and pulled her hair apart at the back to presented herself for the flie.
The flie got her message and quickly grapped her head to pierce her skull. The moment the flie started sucking on her brain, she felt the most "pleasure" in her life, before everything blurred together and finally turned black.
After a very long time passed inside the cave
Before a giant ice mirror, the girls were lying on their knees. The new breed of flies trusted inside them as they sucked their brains out. Their bulging bellies swayed harder from each impact. Just as the flies started filling them up, their bodys shook harder, as their skull got emptier. After they finished inseminating them, they left them there for new flies to take their place. Grayfia just smiled as she looked inside the mirror. Their dumb faces just made her even more exited.
Looking down before her she eyed the beginnings of her teleportation rune. After adding a little to it she stopped as she felt herself being mounted again.
As her skull got pierced, her last thought was that they are gonna be here for a looong time before she can finish that.


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