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Chapter 8 - Chapter 7 Mother like daughter (insect,yuri,torture)

My first work ever depicting the main cast of DxD ending up in various sexual situations. It will feature various niche fetishes as the story goes along with a conclusive ending as they get more corrupted.
The work is finished just needs some heavy editing. That i try to do to the best of my abilities.
Please read the tags as it will contain some very heavy content.

Chapter 8 - Chapter 7 Mother like daughter (insect,yuri,torture)

Chapter 8 - Chapter 7 Mother like daughter (insect,yuri,torture)
6 months later
At night inside a house within kuoh city there was a flash shining through the windows. Noticing the flash a black cat slipped inside the house. As she walked inside the living room, her eyes opened wide as she found four of the five woman whom everyone is looking for.
The four womans stuffed body laid there in a pile, sobbing and crying, with cum and maggots leaking from their cunts.
The sight and the unholy stench made her naosueus as she dropped her transformation.  As she collapsed on the sofa, she started to throw up on the spot.
When the girls opened their eyes they were greeted by Kurokas form as she hurled up her stomach content.
The girls slowly pried themselves from each others bodys. Standing up they gave their bellys a big push, sending the content of their womb splatter on the floor.
The sight just made kuroka hurl harder.
When she pulled herself together she asked with a serious face what happened to them.
With glee on their faces they started telling her what happened to them. Rossweiss even showed her a good deal of recording from it.
When she heard and seen what they did to themselfes willingly, she just sat there cleary lost, as her body shivered from the horror show.
Dreeding their answer she asked them that if they are here, then where is Rias?
With crazed smiles they just showed her the part were Grayfia found the gigantic flie and what happened after that. 
Kuroka pissed herself when she seen Rias brain being sucked out. As the video continued to play Kuroka started getting light headed, the sight of Rias carcass being devoured made her hurl again.
The girls just told her how exited they were when Rias got snuffed, and how jealous they were of her.
Kuroka could not take it anymore as she stood up and started walking out on shaking legs. She had to tell the others what happened to them, as they clearly gotten crazy.
The girls seeing her reaction quickly grabbed her. They cannot let her destroy their fun. Kuroka started shivering as she looked at them. The girls quickly pounced on her and sealed away her powers. When the seal showed on her arms she begged them to don't do this.
That Rias would not approve of this.
That just made them smile wider as they told her that Rias is gone and there is nothing saving her from what's gonna happen next.
At their words she broke into tears and started screaming for help. Grayfia grabbed her legs and pulled her towards a summoning circle. Kurokas nails dug into the wooden floor leaving behind bloody scratch marks and by the time she reached the circle her nails were torn off.
With a final pleading look she looked at them. The girls only waved at her with smiles, telling her to enjoy herself and try not to die.
In the next moment the cyrcle lit up and she found herself before a gigantic flie.
Looking up she turned around and started running as she cried and screamed for help.
The flie seeing the supple flesh of the woman quickly pounced on her and dragged her deep inside the cave.
Kurokas screams echoed through the damb cave until she was silenced by a sickening crunch.
The girls watched the recording untill they heard the crunch. Still smiling they cleaned themselves and started making up a story.
When they met with the others they explained they have been stuck in a time dilation that was slowed down on the inside. To save them Rias had to stay behind to power the summoning circle, making her stuck there for the next few years. When Sirzhech wanted to go back to free hear. Grayfia explained that even if they wanted to it was impossible. Telling him that forcing the issue was out of the question as Rias anchored herself inside. Any tampering with the space would instantly kill her. Only she was capable of getting out but that needed time. Holding him to her chest she said it was a "very nice place" and she was taken care of.
Those words made them calm down a little. The girls started taking Issei to his room whispering that everything is gonna by alright. They just had to wait.
Grayfia told them that she is gonna visit every weekend to see if everything was alright.
As they gone their seperate ways. Remembering how Rias was "taken care of" in that "very nice place" sent phantom pains through the back of their skulls making their cunts leak from the memoryes.

A few days later Grayfia came back, and questioned the girls how they ended up in that cave.
The girls explained their respective stories even showing her Rias diary and recordings. The thought that she can breed rapidly with any race besides humanoids, didn't even enter her mind before. When she first entered that cave Grayfia thought it's only thanks to the flies immense fertility that she got pregnant.
Considering how the flies mutated later, that opened up a whole lot of other possibilities.
Hearing how the girls set up dungeons throught kuoh to have fun with the homeless and other low life. She told them to add other races to the dungeons as they cannot get pregnant from humans easily.
The girls just cursed themselves that they didn't think of it before. 
Mammals, insects, monsters, the possibilitys were endless.
They just looked at Grayfia with awe.
She truly was the most depraved slut in their group.
Unfortunately for them they had a glaring problem, that would need fixing in the near future.
With Rias dead and their fucked up way of life, will corrupt them and they are gonna turn into stray devils.
Rias death still sent shivers up their spines and made the back of their skulls throb in pleasure and pain.
The girls suggested to Grayfia to be exchanged to a new king, but she quickly shoot the idea down.
The girls stared as Grayfia thought things through. Being put inside a new peerage, would make their way of life impossible as they would be under constant surveilence by Sirzechs to make sure nothing happens to his sisters precious peerage members.
As the minutes passed, more ideas run through her mind, but she discarded them. The girls started panicking as Grayfia stood there in silence but their worries were dissuated when she started smiling with full on sadistic glee.
She thold them she got an idea but they need more "help". The girls hearing her plan just smiled wider. It was risky as hell  but if they succed...

A week later Venelana Gremory sat at a table with her daughters peerage. She got an invitation from Akeno to attend a dinner with them. Explaining that it would help her peerage members put Rias out of their mind and go along with their lives while Rias returns. She could not bring herself to decline the invitation as she too felt down since her daughters disapparence.
After Asia and Akeno brought in the food, she made an impromtu speach for them, that how everything is gonna by alright.
With that done she sat down. The night continued on as she told them various cildhood storys and they added their own pieces. After finishing her dessert Venelana felt a strong heat coming from her core making her pussy juices leak down her legs. When Akeno put a cup of tea before her she felt something stab  her legs. When Venelana Looked down she seen nothing there so she wrote it off as her own mind tricking her. Looking around as everyone laughed at Isseis antic she took a sip out of her tea.
She stopped for a moment and let out a low "hmmm" sound as the tea started relaxing her. 
Akeno seeing how relaxed she got offered her an empty room to sleep if she wanted to. Venelana accepted her offer and with a few final words excused herself. After Akeno wished her a good night and expresses how thankful she was, left Venelana in the room.
As she started undressing she felt herself get more tired and quickly fell asleep.
In the middle of the night the girls stood around Venelana's bed with buckets of cum. Even though she was cleary unconcious her pussy started flooding the bed from the smell. After plunging there hands inside the buckets, they massaged the cum inside every nook and cranny of her body. Asia slowly parted her legs and started pushing her cum covered digits in her ass. Rossweiss    doing the same started spreading her pussy lips. Akeno meanwhile continued pushing and rubbing cum in her other orifices.
Rossweiss and Asia started kissing each other. By the time they got their fist inside Venelana the sight of their shaking body got Akeno aroused. Deciding to make things more interesting Akeno walked behind the girls and pushed her fists inside their asses. The girls clearly enjoying themselves started kissing more roughly as they got their fists further inside their guest.
Akeno just pushed further inside and when she felt two bumps, started pushing on them. When the girls felt the pressure on their wombs, let out loud moans as their pussies started squirting on Akeno. 
When Asia reached Venelanas womb she started pushing it toward Rossweiss fist.
Akeno seeing that they are wet enough, yanked her fists out of their asses, making them gape. 
In the next second she pushed her fists inside their pussies. The girls feeling their cervix battered, started screaming as they buckled forward making their own hands push in deeper. When Rossweiss started battering Venelanas cervix, her body let out strands of piss hitting Akenos face who kneeled betwen the girls. With every strand she got more and more exited until her body was rocked by her own orgasm, making her fists punch through the two cervixes. The girls feeling their wombs being punched, sent jolts up their spine making them cum.
Akeno feeling their pussys clamp down on her arms, just made her push further inside. When she hit the end of their wombs, she stuck her fingers inside their ovarios and started shocking them with her magic.
The elecricity and immense pain made the girls bodys yerk, as they screamed harder.
Just as Rossweiss ovaries got fried she finally pushed through Venelanas cervix making her body yerk from the pain.
The elecricity travelled trough them to Venelana as they fisted each others womb, further soaking the bed.
Unfortunately for them they got a job to do so they cannot get too carried away.
Just as Akeno pulled her fists out making the girls prolaps, Rossweiss pulled her fist out too. In the next moment her fist was replaced by a wide tube, that got lodged inside Venelanas womb by Asia keeping it there. Akeno grabbed the end of the tube and lifted it high and connected it to a funnel.
With the funnel in place Rossweiss started pouring the cum inside Venelanas womb. As she started pouring in the cum she noticed her pussy practically slurping it up. Asia seeing this  pulled her fist out and helped filling the cone with even more cum. Seeing her body yerking from pleasure as her belly got bigger and her pussy slurped up buckets of cum, reminded them of Rias.
Truly mother like daughter. Even their pussys are acting the same.
After a good hour they run out of buckets and her belly was stuffed full with the flies semen, they cleaned up the room and left her there.
Venelana woke up with a jolt as her body was full of pleasure and her core burned like never before. Just as her hands vandered to her lips, she heard a knock from the door as Grayfia walked inside telling her she is here to escort her home. After she got home she excused herself to her room, leaving a smiling Grayfia who watched her leaking pussy from behind.
A day later she furiously masturbated inside her room as she battered her womb with a fist sized dildo. She lamented that it was just not enough for her, nothing was able to push her over the edge. Just as she yanked it from her womb, she heard a knock and threw it to the side leaving her prolapsed womb hanging from berwen her legs. She opened the door just enough to look through the opening to see Grayfia with a letter in hand. She quickly grabbed the letter and closed the door behind her on a faintly smiling Grayfia. Just as she wanted to discard the letter she smelled a familiar smell from the letter. Looking down at the letter she seen it was another dinner invitation from Akeno and that she made something special for her this time, with a piece sent to her in the letter. Looking deeper she noticed that indeed there was a piece wrapped in foil.
Looking at her discarded dildo she sat down beside it on her bed and started unwrapping it. Just as she opened it her nose was assaulted by that familiar smell again making her hunger for more. When she put it inside her mouth and took a bite her body shook with pleasure. Venelana couldn't describe what she is feeling the chocolate was extremely sour and foul making her gag but her body clearly loved it. She swallowed the piece, and eyed the rest of the chocolate, as it started melting in her hand a drop fallen off. Following the drop she tried to catch it, but her lust addled body was not fast enough as it fallen on her dangling womb. The moment it touched it Venelana thrown her head back as her eyes crossed and let out a wanton scream. Her throbbing womb felt like it was plunged in burning oil and was deep fried. Through that feeilng of pain the same amount of pleasure coursed through her, making her blank-out for a moment. After she came down from that high, she eyed the suspicious snack but could not bring herself to care. She thought about only one thing at that moment and it was her own pleasure.
She looked at the side, grabbed her dildo and started smearing the snack on it.
After she smeared enough on it she started riding her dildo like she gone crazy, making her stomach bulge with every stroke.
Grayfia still stood at the door waiting for the answer when she heard Venelana scream like a banshee. Her smile got wider with every scream she heard, as she turned around with Venelana shouting behind her that she is coming over and over.

Venelana waited and waited but that sweet pleasure never came as she lied on the same bed as last night. They had dinner she came to the room but nothing, absolutely nothing happened as she was laying there. Just as she wanted to stand up and break down Akenos room for an explanation she heard a buzzing sound coming from the right side of her, with loud splasing sounds accompanying it.
Following the sound she noticed it came from the shower. When she opened the door she was assaulted by the same familiar smell, making her pussy instantly wet. Turning on the lights she seen the tub packed full with a familiar liquid. Standing before the tub she realized that it must be cum, but it was impossible as it was thick like plaster with chunks swimming inside it. She tried convincing herself that no cum looked so vile, so it must be something else.
She didn't care for what it is, as she lifted her leg to get inside.
As she put her feet inside the warm liquid she felt her skin tingling from pleasure. She put another foot inside and started lovering herself until her pussy lips touched it making her body shake, as she lost strenght in her legs and let herself fall inside it.
After she fallen inside, her hands grabbed onto the sides as her eyes crossed, and her mouth was formed into an "ohh" from the pleasure she felt.
In the next moment she felt her womb lovering as her pussy prolapsed and squirted her juices. Her body yerked another time and she felt her womb and pussy, jump back inside her body. She heard her pussy give a sound like a clogged pipe being pumped, and felt the cum being sucked inside her. When the first drop of that vile liquid entered inside her womb she let out a loud scream.
Rossweiss watched through the camera as Venelanas pussy sucked up the cum and her belly started expanding. Making her face look like she is being fucked silly. She looked to the side and and crossed the first step of their plan.

Venelana knew what's gonna happen the moment she got another letter, as this is the 3 time she got invited by Akeno.
Clearly anticipating it's content she opened it with shaking hands. Looking inside the letter there was no invitation this time as only a big chunk of cum and  a dvd lied there.
Walking to her tv she inserted the disc.
The video started out innocently with Rias admiring herself before a mirror, but that was shattered the moment she smashed a gigantic pig dildo inside herself. The video continued to play and she found herself extremely turned on from the sight as Rias womb bulged with every stroke as she squealed like a pig.
The next moment she smeared the cum on her dildo and smashed her womb to the rhythm of her daughters and let out the same squeal as Rias did at the end of it. Just as she thought it was over, the next video started playing.
This time it was Akeno and a dog fucking. The sight of her daughter and friend being fucked by a dog, as they got creampied by a dog sent her over the edge again. The third installment was herself as she was laying on her back and got fisted to hell and back. As the fisting got more intese she took out another fist sized dildo and rammed inside her asshole trying to emulate the girls. Next the video showed her pussy clamped on a tube and being stuffed full of cum. The sight of so much cum stuffed inside her abused womb, filled her with a sense of emptiness itch from need. As she furiously masturbated the next video started playing. She was greeted by a very pregnant Akeno, who thanked her for watching the video and she is gonna send some more after their dinner tomorrow. Venelana seeing her bulging belly stopped everything from shock. In the next moment the video ended with Akeno laying down on her back and gave birth to a group of puppys. Venelana seeing a dog emerge from Akenos pussy, blanked out from pleasure. Venelana started pushing into her womb harder as she restarted the video.
After a few days of waiting she found herself in front of the same room again.
Akeno just told her to enjoy herself as she walked away with a big smile.
After stepping through the door she found herself standing before a cum cowered bed. The wall in front of the bed got a video playing alredy. Just as she started crawling on the bed, the tv turned on and showed her daughter squatting over an equally putried pile of cum. Mimicking her daughter she let her lips touch the pile. Just as she felt the cum get sucked inside her pussy she let out the same moan as Rias. The girls watched her with fascination as they discussed weither it's a good a idea to make the next step or wait another week.
Just as the video finished Grayfia seeing her dumb fucked face, gave the girls the green light.
Venelana in her room basked in the feeling of her overstuffed womb as the video ended. As she lied there she heard a loud buzzing sound coming from behind her. Turning around she was face to face with a gigantic flie. Something like this usually would scare anyone but she just stood there, with eyes glued to the flies penis as it leaked a thick strand of precum on the floor. Seeing the cum peiling under the flie, Venelana immedietly recognized it but it just made her core heat up more. She felt first shame for what she done but it was quickly washed away as she fallen on her knees and presented her flooding pussy to the flie. In the next moment seeing the flie didnt move, she started shaking her ass, making her pussy juices reach the flie as her ass cheeks clapped loudly. The flie getting her message, jumped on her back  and pushed her face to the floor. Venelana got more and more excited as she felt it's penis clapping her cunt as the flie got into position. As the flie pulled its penis back all the way on her clit Venelana let out a loud moan as her pussy soaked the penis. Then she felt the flie pull back and trust inside her, piercing her cervix and pushing her cum stuffed womb further inside her body. She instantly passed out from the pleasure as her eyes rolled up and her mouth hang open. The next moment the flie roughly yanked its penis back turning her womb inside out and smashed it inside again.
Venelana startled woke up and immediately passed out many times as the flie smashed her womb back and forth rapidly. With one last trust the flie came inside her. Making her release a guttural scream as her belly started expanding. Just as Venelana felt her belly touch the floor, the flie stopped flooding her womb. When she thought it was over, the flie yanked his penis out and continued to batter her womb...
When the flie released her in the morning. She was a slobering mess. Laying on her cum flooded bed, even unconcious she still weakly pumped her hips and slurped up the cum.
The girls seeing her state, crossed another section of their plan.

3 weeks later
The next day she started getting more and more videos after she got fucked by the flie. The first few were her peerage fucking the same kind of flie and putting on birthing shows. Venelana was surprised by the maggots as she didn't get pregnant. Even when the girls got knocked up with impossible easy, she remained flat as a board.
After another few days she didn't get invited by Akeno only getting another pack of videos with a table of white "chocolate". This time the recordings showed Venelana the girls first meeting in that public toilet. When she heard the first scream from the video, she immediately turned it off. Clearly in shock she started panicking that what happened or whats happening to her precious daughter. She swore to herself that if something serious happened to Rias she will hunt down whoever was responsible. There was only one way to know that. After another week she was rocking on her bed back and forth. Tears constantly ran down on her tired face as she looked down and seen her dildo still lodged deep inside her womb. She let out another cry as she recalled how she masturbated to her daughter being tortured numerous time. As the guilt was crushing her she heard another envelope sliding under her door.
Hesitantly she opened the letter. Seeing even more videos inside the letter, made her pussy throb hard and clench on around her dildo. Later Venelanas shivering body lied on her bed as she furiously masturbated to her daughter being eaten alive. With each crunching noise her own masoistic pleasure got higher as her body and mind, finally broke down in a final explosive orgasm. 
The next day Grayfia found her still laying on her bed face first comatose. Clicking her tongue as a frown adorned her face she cursed herself for hurrying with the plan. Looking at the Tv where Rias was being devoured and back to Venelana she got an idea how to solve this problem.

2 weeks later Venelana woke up to searing pain coursing through her body. The mature womans first reaction was to scream and pass out but she found herself unable to.
Looking around in shock, the first thing she noticed was the familiar wall of a certain public toliet. The sight of the bloody tools just made her panic more as she looked down on herself. Her body was absolutely trashed almost the same way her daughters was. From the seering pain coming from her behind. Venelana  figured out that she propably got even the same brand.
As she trashed around, the lights turned on almost blinding her. Standing before her was a very pregnant Grayfia with a smile on her face, as she congratulated her from getting back from her coma.
Recalling the last bits of her memoryes she spat on Grayfias face for leaving her daughter to die like that. She just licked her spit down as she said it was only natural as her Rias Ojou-sama only deserved the best always. And she elobareted how jelious she was of her.
Venelana hearing her reasoning just broke down crying as she looked around for any help in fear from the woman.
But she stopped immediately as she was greeted by the other girls hanging beside her. Grayfia seeing her pleading face yanked her and everyone down to Venelanas surprise. She squatted down and quickly explained to her that she is here for a reason. Her reason being to give birth to another Rias.
Hearing her insane plan the brunett smiled wider as she blanked out in relief.
Seeing her smile Grayfia teleported them out. 

In next 2 months they made a lot of preparations to finally finish their plan. Venelana with her womb turned inside out, was screaming as Rossweiss carved runes on her womb and ovaries.
When the Valkire finished carving, a runic tattoo with the outline of her womb, appaered on the brunetts stomach.
Finally done she turned towards Grayfia and gave her the okay signal. 
Seeing everything in place and working, she removed everyones power seal and teleported them to the flies cave.
When they arrived the flies sensing their power quickly made way for them, not daring to hurt them. A moment later the girls started flying towards the middle of the cave searcing for the biggest flie. They didn't have to search really hard as they heard the familiar slurping sound coming from the middle of the cave, accompanied by the occasional scream.
When they landed before the flie they seen him still holding kuroka by the head. The flie cleary getting more and more excited by the prospect of more food started sucking on kurokas skull harder. Asia not wanting to repeat the previous incident just put more power in her sacred gear. The flie was even bigger then the last time they seen him, with blood red hair cowering it's body now. Thanks to the constant supply of food(kuroka), it even got a bigger penis too. Venelana seeing Kurokas state couldn't hold herself back anymore.
She walked forward and tore Kuroka out of the flies grasp as she Jumped inside its arms. The flie didn't question her motives as she was much stronger than him and just continued doing what he always did and that was feeding.
The moment her skull got pierced her womb lit up as the carved spell was being cast. The flie felt strangely exited from this woman as he emptied her skull. This being never happened to him before, left the flie with a strange feeling coming from his penis as he reached an erection for the first time in his life. The girls seeing that 36 inch monstrosity started masturbating, as they angled that monstrosity towards Venelanas cunt with their other hands. The flie feeling the heat and soft hands caressing the tip of his penis, plunged deep inside the brunette making her scream out. The flie got so excited by that feeling he latched on her skull more and started eating it too as he almost sucked it dry with every slurp. Even though Asia concentrated on keeping her alive it was not enough. Grayfia stepped back and helped her keep the brunett alive. The flie happy that he can finally feast as much as he wants just increased his pace as he started trusting inside the brown haired woman.
After a few trust the flie flooded her womb as he felt something being pulled from deep inside him, into the womb with his semen. Akeno seeing that it's her time to help, stepped closer to Asia. 
Venelana thanks to the extra healing was barely capable of staying alive. Looking at her bulging belly as Rossweiss adjusted the runes, she started to see a form taking shape inside. Seeing her belly get larger and larger the girls chanelled more and more power to Asia as they connected Rias lingering soul back to her new body. Seeing the process completed Grayfia plunged her hands inside the pregnant womans womb. After fumbling around for a bit she grabbed a thuft of red hair and started pulling out a fully grown Rias. Her mothers screams echoed through the cave as she was yanked out and the girls immediately started cleaning her. 
The now fully healed kuroka was still in shock from the recent brain fuck and could barely comprehend what's happening around her. But seeing a fully grown Rias pop out of her mother left Kuroka questioning her own sanity. As the girls cleaned Rias, she slowly started regaining her consciousness. When she was standing up Rias just looked at her mother and rushed at her to suck on her now full breasts. Venelana seeing her reaction, even through the brain fucking she is getting, gave Rias a motherly smile as she hugged her closer.
The girls just awed at the warm moment betwen the mother and her daughter. Just as Rias got content Grayfia teleported everyone out.
Inside their safehouse Kuroka was curled up on the floor and crying from happines. She was left there for so long nobody blamed her for that reaction.
Rias stirred in her mothers bosom and asked what happened to her, the girls just expressed their jeaolusy towards Rias and started playing all of the videos on for her.
Rias seeing all those videos got reminded why she wanted to walk inside that cave in the first place.
She quickly asked the girls what's the changes in her body. Grayfia explained to her that at this point she is basically a half flie, half devil. Her bodys fertility got boosted immensely and her phisycal prowers should be immense too. Her outwards changes on her body is same as the rest of them, to but it bluntly she looked like an overinflated bimbo now.
Rias heering the news just nodded at Grayfia, and told them how thankful she is for being ressurrected. The next moment Venelana gave Rias a deep kiss and told her it would be a shame to go back home just yet and they have to celebrate her birthday before that.
Venelana just knew where to go.
A day later 7 beautiful leather clad woman lied inside a dirty public toilet. They squealed as their freshly branded asses got hit by a pair of heavy and sweaty balls. The pigs trusted inside their wombs rapidly as they tried their best to inseminate them. Rias looked up and started to kiss her partner. She marveled at the animal as the pig slobbered all over her face. It was the biggest ugliest and most vile pig she ever seen and judging by the 14 inch fuckpole trashing inside her womb the pig enjoyed her company too. They were truly a match made in hell.
The pair let out a loud squeal, wich was shorthly mimicked by the other girls and their partners. With a final trust the girls were pushed head first on the muck cowered floor and the pigs started fire hoosing inside them. Shot by shot their bellys expanded as they were immediately knocked up and small piglets started developing inside their wombs rapidly. A pigs orgasm lasts for half an hour. By the time the pigs finished cumming the girls looked 9 months pregnant with triplets. With a sudden pull the pigs yanked their penis out, making the girls screams echo in the toilets. When they got off them
The hobos jeered at them as their new  brand of "pig urinal" on their ass cheeks got pissed on by the pigs.
With the pigs out of the way the hobos started equipping themselves with various tools.
Rias cross eyed, kissed her mother to thank her for the perfect birthday gift. As their kissing got more heated, they heard the sound of a rusty buzzsaw being rewed up and being followed by other tools. Seperating from each other they looked around them and seen the hobos standing around them with bloody and rusty tools in their hands.
The mother daughter pair exchanged a last kiss just as the hobos grabbed their hairs and started pulling them towards seperate toilet stands. For the next few days only the girls screams could be heard from the inside as they cried and screamed under the hobos tender care.


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