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Chapter 0 - Fareeha's Big, Tense Day

On the eve of her wedding, Pharah is anxiously waiting for her man to arrive after he's sent out on a mission.

Little does she know that waiting for the day of the wedding to arrive was the easy part: surviving to the honeymoon will be the challenge!

Chapter 0 - Fareeha's Big, Tense Day

Chapter 0 - Fareeha's Big, Tense Day
Fareeha Amari was not often so slovenly.  However, as her wedding drew near with her prospective husband was still not in the hotel, she found herself lazing about in the hotel’s lounge.  It was just after lunch, but her feet were screaming that she had been up enough for the whole day.

“If Jesse was here, I would have eloped already,” she grumbled as she sipped her iced coffee and tried not to pout as she considered her surroundings.  Even if the place was a little too red for her liking, it was a pretty exclusive inn in New England, close enough to the ocean for fun and games and far enough from the public that there wouldn’t be many questions asked about it being rented out in its entirety for an entire week.

“I’m sorry, Pharah,” said the brunette across the table, sipping a milkshake.  Without those markings on her face or any of her gear on, she almost looked like a normal teenage Korean.  Of course, no one in Overwatch was all that normal.

She looked up and realized she wasn’t alone.  “It’s all right, Hana.”

It wasn’t all right, but what was done was done, just like most of the pre-wedding chores.  Once Jesse got here, maybe she could get herself done.

“They were supposed to be here earlier today,” Hana said, heaving the sigh that Fareeha wanted to let out.

They hadn’t missed their regular check ins with Winston, of course, but…that didn’t make her needs any more met.  Even if this wasn’t McCree’s fault, she knew she’d be making him pay for keeping her waiting.

“So, one last read of the checklist,” Angela said from nearby, “the synthetic flowers are lovely, music is coming with the groom, Winston is willing to pretend to be a priest, the seating chart is set, and…well, I have to say that we’re probably just going to get drunk instead of having a rehearsal or any of those other things…so we’re covered.”

The blonde smiled, fluffing her hair as she sat down next to them.  “No one warns you that being a maid of honor is so much work.”

“No one warns you that being a bride is so much work,” Pharah answered with a little huff, before adding, “thank you for helping.”

“It’s no problem at all.  It has been convenient to get everyone together for their annual physicals, as well.” She smiled, but then she saw her friend frowning.  “Fareeha, I think you should go upstairs and get some rest.  Doctor’s orders.”

She rolled her eyes, knowing that she wasn’t going to get any sleep…but she also knew that she could do a lot more fantasizing about Jesse in private.

“Fine.  Have someone send me when he gets here.” She pounded the rest of her coffee, and then headed up to her room.

Being on the third floor was a hassle, but at least her current room was across the hall from the honeymoon suite.  Satya had been very strict in ensuring that she wouldn’t get her key to it early, but…

Well, she knew Angela knew her way around a lock.  Her options were open if she felt the need.

Turning the actual key in the lock to 302, she stepped into her room.  Her room, for better or worse, favored pink.

But the bed was soft, the room was dim enough with the curtains pulled, and she found it easy to lounge.

Shutting her eyes, she hoped she’d wake up to see Jesse poised over her, ready to take her then and there…

She didn’t really know if she slept at all, or if she just fantasized so vividly that she felt swept away to another world.  

But she was sure she could hear him groaning as he plunged into her…which only added to her arousal as she fought the urge to finger herself with these damned fingernails in the way.  She cursed her bridesmaids (sans Hana) saying that she should ‘wear them for a day to get used to them’.

And then a less masculine moan drew her back into the real world.

“Angela?” she asked with a light, weary tone.  No one responded, but…she knew that she had heard that.

For better or worse, she already knew that the walls were paper thin.  She knew, for better or for worse, that Satya either had a secret lover or was just really enthusiastic about her masturbation.

However, as her mind kicked back into gear, she recognized that the moan was coming from the wrong side.

301 was Jesse’s room, and he wasn’t here yet…

She blinked and looked at the clock.


Only a few hours, and no one bothered to wake her up?

She stood up on shaky legs and headed for the connecting door between the two rooms.

It had been left ajar, just slightly.

Another groan, this time masculine…and definitely Jesse.

She stepped through the connecting door and saw…Angela bent over the bed.  Her black booty shorts were down around her ankles, and her hands were under her white tank top.   Truth be told, it’d be rather sexy to see the pale angel getting railed this hard…if not for who was doing it.

Behind her stood a tan hombre with a silvered cybernetic arm.  Her somewhat drowsy mind hoped that he hadn’t overpaid to get it looking that nice, before she recalled what he was doing.  It should have absolutely disgusted her.

But the only thing she found disgusting was that she wanted to slip a hand into her pants and jill herself off with them.  She settled for reaching up under her t-shirt and fondling herself.  At least then she wouldn’t break a nail.

“Getting close.”

Her heart stopped.  She had to stop this.

“Come on, cowboy, give it to me,” Angela said in a surprisingly sultry tone, “paint me-”

Fareeha had quite enough.  Stepping over to Jesse, she planted a hand on his shoulder and pulled him back.

He might have resisted any other time.  He could be as rough as his thick brown beard.

Right now, his eyes were wide.  She loved catching him off balance, it added to the rush.

“You know I’m generous, don’t you?” she said with a pout.

“Pharah,” he said, perhaps too dominated by lust to be anything but surprised as she guided him to the other bed.

She wrapped her right hand around his long, thick cock and stared him in the eyes.  “Don’t you?”

She knew it would be slick with Angela’s juices.  And she knew he was close.  Still, she could have a little fun with him.

“Ye-yeah.” He pressed his eyes shut.

“But you know that generosity has limits.” She gave him one slow pump.  “You can share this, you know…”

She gave him a couple more strokes as she knelt. “But, I’m your wife.”  

In that instant, even though she was on her knees, staring at her betrothed’s cock, she felt as powerful as she did in flight.  She started to speed up a little.

“When you put it that way, it’s all yours.” He groaned.

“Damn right it’s all mine!” She stroked him as quickly as she could, and opened her mouth as he grunted.

The first strand of cum ended up in her mouth, and everything else ended up awry.

She quivered in unfulfilled arousal, wishing she could please herself.

Fearing her nails, she could not add stimulation to the fire…so she swallowed what she received and smirked.

With that done, she opened her mouth to say something, but suddenly Angela was beside her.

“It’s a good thing you turned off your alarm cock, my dear.  You’ve got a lot of preparations to do before the wedding.”

“Wait, it’s 0600, not 1800?”  She glanced at the windows, saw the rising sun glaring through the curtains, and groaned.

Her friend licked her breast and came up with a little bit of cum on her tongue, which she quickly ate.

“Still as tasty as ever…you’ve been eating healthy,” she said as she dragged Fareeha to her feet.

“Well, I’d eat a lot better if you left the best pussy in the world here,” McCree said with a chuckle.

“And I bet she’d get her share of the sausage, too…but you wait for the honeymoon.” Angela’s grip turned to iron, and Fareeha couldn’t do much more than feebly protest.

The wedding had been nothing but a hassle, especially with McCree getting sent on that week long mission…which she now suspected was no accident.

However, some childish part of her did want to be a bride…and she had come too far to give up now.

Once they were in her room again, she whispered, “you knew I wouldn’t be able to self-service…didn’t you?”

“I figured you wouldn’t want to take the risk,” she said with a smile.

“But I’m still so-”

“I know.  Let that burn you a little.  Let it stoke the kindling in your soul.  And when you two sneak away for your honeymoon sex, he’ll blow your mind.”

That wasn’t satisfying, but she started to put on her yellow sundress anyway.

“Besides, he’s been without a woman for a week…he’ll need a blow at some point during the day…and probably during the reception.”

She quivered at the thought of catching another woman with her man again, and instantly regretted it.  “Angeeeeeela!”

“Come on, we have to get breakfast!”

A bride’s big day is really nothing but work for the bride and groom.

She went to breakfast, broke up an argument between Junkrat and Jack, watched Hana and Lúcio make out, ran to get some photos taken with her bridesmaids-

They were just informal, silly photos, but they got photo bombed three times.

At last, they made Roadhog be bridesmaid number four and made him pose a little bit too.

Everyone was too busy laughing to photo bomb them again…and the big fella was too much of a good sport to do more than grumble.

Then it was off to take a bit of a spa break…which translated to naked relaxation in the hotel’s hot tub while Roadhog guarded the door.

Satya mostly spent the time inspecting her nails, and noting touch ups that would need to be made using the digicure.  There weren’t many, but if she had known that she would have to get things fixed anyway, she would have cut the damn things and been done with it!

In the hot water, she could sort of let herself slip away and think about what was coming tonight…

Of course, then it was back to rushing.  Making sure the decorations were in order.  They were, but every last little detail had to be accounted for.  Where the flowers were hanging, where the speakers were, did anything fall if you lightly jostled it, and so much more dominated what felt like years of her life!

“Time for lunch, girls!”

And they ate.  And then it was time for the real tedious stuff.

Fittings, checking the grass lawn they were to be married on for anything that might get in the way, setting up chairs, and listening to Satya’s orders.

Hana had already made herself scarce, the traitor, but she understood.  She’d be sneaking off to do just about anything else if she had a choice, too.

After a few more check ups on various things, she went in to start getting made up and dressed.  Hana was back for this part, and she did her best work ever.

Before this wedding, she would have never thought a pro gamer would know a thing about make up artistry, but when it was all said and done…

Her face looked like it was handmade.  There wasn’t a mark or a thing out of place.

And then she was dressed…and found it curious that her hair hadn’t been done yet.

Her white and pink ‘wedding dress’ was a little short…but she supposed that showing her legs would just entice her husband.

“We’re ready to do your hair in the bridal suite, darling,” Angela called to her.

And so she came, only to see McCree sitting in a chair with his hands bound behind him and a blindfold on his eyes.  He wasn’t dressed yet, but she supposed that a tuxedo didn’t require much work to put on.

Before she knew it, Angela swept up to her and said, “if you want to partake, hands behind your back, as well.”

With a huff, she submitted, and then felt the warm but not burning sensation of energy cuffs deploying.

Angela went over, unzipped his jeans, and fished his cock out of them.

“Remember, you two, if you do anything that messes up the make up…it’ll just delay your honeymoon.” Angela guided her over and helped her kneel.

Thankfully, Fareeha was an old hand at warming up this particular cock.

At its size, it was easy to savor its slow growth as she licked it gently.

He got hard pretty quickly, and groaned.

She pulled off of his cock and said, “someone’s been teasing you, huh?”

He nodded, and she looked back down.

Though he was good at holding out when he wanted to, he probably just wanted this over with.

She smiled as she bent down to take him into her mouth again.  She slowly went down his length, focusing on controlling herself and her breathing.  Just because she was trying to get him off (and kill some time) didn’t mean she couldn’t be professional about it.

He groaned and tensed up a little, but held himself back…and she knew that she had to finish him.

She built her rhythm up, faster and then even faster as he started to thrust against her.  At last, he started trembling at the peak of his thrust

She took him as deep as she could, and savored the sensation of him filling her throat, and then her mouth as he sank back into the chair.

Though she had to force herself to swallow, she did not gag.  

Angela stood her up and looked her over.  “Excellent.  Now we can do your hair and touch up your lipstick, and get on with the waiting…I mean wedding.”

Fareeha laughed for the first time in a while.

As they stepped out, Angela looked to Roadhog who was standing guard again.  “Take the groom back to his side.”

“Sure,” he said as he headed inside.

As they walked through the hotel, more than a few people whispered and looked at her.

It was only when they were in the room they had converted into a temporary salon that she asked, “you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Aren’t you, Pharah, dear?” Angela asked as she looked over the supplies they had, “you’re still cuffed, after all.”

“…it’s not my fault that I’m too horny to think straight.”

“Of course not.  It is a medical condition, and the best cure is abstinence until just the right moment.”

Though she disagreed, she was happy enough to have the energy cuffs removed.

Truth be told, her hair didn’t take much work.  It had already been cleaned and seen to, but…she supposed fussing over the little things was what was important about a wedding.

At last, she was ready.  Dress on, hair done, short heels on (and she’d surely kick them off once the ceremony was done), and her mind focused on the ultimate goal: being married and getting to her honeymoon suite.

She knew her cue.  

Even if it was being played over speakers instead of by a live organ, ‘Here Comes the Bride’ was probably a song anyone could recognize.

With her father maintaining his deep cover in Canada, Reinhardt was as good a man as any to walk her down the aisle, though Jack nodded at her as she was led outside. All three men would be by her side in spirit.

Perhaps walking across the lawn was the strangest part.  For to see Roadhog standing with the bridesmaids and Mei (in a rather cute pink dress) with the groomsmen was not in her plans.  Though she had to say that Lúcio, Genji, and Lena looked properly dapper.  Even though she had expected Winston to be here and officiating, she did not expect the gorilla to…be in a suit.  It was a nice black suit, really.    

McCree, most strikingly of all, looked like a proper man in a white tuxedo.  He hadn’t shaved, but…she couldn’t stop smiling at the sight of him.

Winston cleared his throat.  “We are gathered here today to witness the union of Jesse McCree and Fareeha Amari.”

“It has been, and always will be, an honor to work with you two, and planning a wedding has been a wonderful team building exercise.” He chuckled.  “May your days together be happy and everlasting.”

He paused.  No on here would object, even if he had asked, but…some aspects of tradition had to be obeyed.

“With the power vested in me by Overwatch, I declare you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

And they made out in front of everyone to grand cheers.

“Hoggy!  Snog with your groomswoman!” Junkrat shouted from way in the back, standing on Reinhardt’s shoulders.

Fareeha snorted, and wasn’t able to keep up with the kissing.  Laughing, McCree pulled her close.

The wedding quickly devolved into a pretty loud dance party in the hotel lobby, a food and drink fest in the lounge, and…who knows what else would be going on upstairs.

Having just shared a slow dance with Jesse in the lounge, she settled down with a plate of food to rest her feet.

Sausage and macaroni and cheese weren’t the best wedding fare, but she wasn’t going to tire out later because of an empty stomach.  Perhaps it was the food that gave her courage, or perhaps her pussy was thinking for her…but she resolved to find Satya and demand the key to the suite.

Alas, she was not in the lounge or the lobby.

Lúcio patted her shoulder as she passed.  “If you’re looking for the corporate jerk, Hana told me she was relaxing by the pool!”

“Thanks!” she called, tastefully ignoring the fact that he went right back to dirty dancing with Hana.

Some part of her was happy: she wouldn’t be the only one getting some tonight.

She came to the pool area and pushed through the door…only to see her mother bouncing on top of her husband’s dick.  She felt herself flush and her hands clench into fists.  Though she naturally felt arousal at the sight of her man in action, she almost felt even more aroused at the thought that her husband was fucking her mother.

Shame rolled over her, as did a day of built up sexual tension.

Her legs quivered, but she found her resolve.

“Hey!” she shouted, hoping to startle them into stopping.

To her credit, her mother looked over, cool as a cucumber, and smiled.  “Good to see you, daughter dearest…I was worried you might not chase after this handsome hunk of man.”

With grace surprising for her age, she sprang off of McCree.

“I know you haven’t shared a bed yet,” she said with a grin, “so I wanted to make sure he was ready for you.”

Irritation and arousal reached a peek in her, and she let out a whine, “moooooom!”

Ana only laughed and stepped out of the room.

Leaving Fareeha with one target for her aroused anger.

“I’m going to fuck you so raw that you’ll wish you never fucked around on me!” She stomped over to him, glad for her lack of high heels, and sat right below his dick.  She shuddered as his hard cock grazed her lips.

“Commando, huh?” he asked breathlessly.

“Yeah.  Now you had better have that key or be willing to kick in our suite’s door.”

“Satya gave me the key.”

“Then let’s get up there before I fuck you brainless right here.” It took all of her willpower to follow through on her words.

Taking his hand in an iron grip, she led him out into the hall and into the elevator.  Making out with him, feeling his rough beard and mustache against her face as she did, filled the seemingly endless ride up to the third floor.

Then she dragged him down the hall, let him unlock the door, and hurried in with him.

It was a bit plain, in the grand scheme of things, a white and pine wood room with a hot tub set aside in a tile covered corner recessed into the floor…and a bed big enough for every position she could ever think of trying.

She seized him once the door was shut and took him to the bed, dragging his pants off of him.

When he moved to return the favor, she shook her head.  “Once in the dress, you’ll see me without it soon.”

He smirked as he took off the rest of his tuxedo.

“Lay down, lover.  I’ll take care of you.” She didn’t pounce on him immediately, making sure he was hard after the delay.  It didn’t take long for him to pass her inspection, and at last she eased herself up and onto him.

Her body shook as she bottomed out on him, and she moaned as the sensation of being full ran through her.

“Holding that one in all day, huh?” he asked.

She smirked down at him.  “Just for that, I’m going to fuck you twenty times.  I was going to stop at ten.”

She ached to feel herself cum again.  And she longed for him to finish inside her.

When she started moving up and down again, it did not take long for her to start bouncing.

“Fareeha, I-” He started thrusting up into her, harder and harder.

“F-fill me up, Jesse!” She let herself ride him and the wave that was coming.

She screamed as the energy in her body surged through her, stealing control of herself and even awareness for an instant.

He was still in her, still spurting, as she fell forward onto him and tried to kiss him.  She ended up kissing his beard, but she quickly corrected herself.

“I love you,” she said as she pressed her lips to his.

She held herself close to him, savoring the warmth that was in her and around her.

When they parted, “I’ll always love you, Fareeha Amari…now let me take a quick shower while you get ready for round two of twenty.”

She was sure she was grinning pretty dumbly as she rolled off of him.  “Don’t keep me waiting.”

Truth be told, as she laid there, she almost felt like the wait would be worth it.  She could see it in her mind’s eye, that he would take her again and again…

And a whole day of pent up tension quickly became satisfaction, and she was fine with waiting patiently for it to keep coming...

It would all be worth it!


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