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Chapter 8 - Mind Break

Sex is a powerful tool. Young Zoe knows this. This is a story of how Zoe learns to use her body to get what she wants.

Chapter 8 - Mind Break

Chapter 8 - Mind Break
That evening, Zoe received a message from her teacher telling her to come to school the next morning half an hour early. She was also instructed to have a vibrator only in her ass and to leave her panties at home. Zoe tried to imagine what Miss Colossale had planned for her, but couldn't come up with anything for certain, leaving Zoe to wonder for the rest of the day.

Needless to say, the following morning Zoe was practically buzzing with anticipation. When she finally arrived at her class, the young slut-in-training was already leaving a sparkly trail of juices behind her, her naked pussy drooling uncontrollably down her thighs.

Zoe entered the classroom and found Miss Colossale already there waiting for her. She was seated behind her desk doing paperwork, her enormous mounds casting a shadow on the papers upon it. Zoe briefly wondered how she could even work with such obstructions blocking the view, but the thought was quickly suppressed by Zoe's jealousy towards the teacher's sexy body.

"Good morning, Miss Lagoon. Please take your seat," the teacher said without even a glance towards Zoe. Feeling a bit nonplussed, Zoe moved to her desk. She tried to pull the chair out, but curiously it resisted being pulled. The chair was obviously stuck, so Zoe grabbed its back with both hands and yanked hard. The chair came loose... and Zoe's eyes went wide.

There, attached right in the middle of her chair and wobbling back and forth happily, was the biggest dildo Zoe had ever seen. It was the same one Miss Colossale had shown her at the start of her training! Bright red, shaped like a dick and longer and thicker than Zoe's forearm, it had been long enough to scrape the desk's underside, wedging the chair in place. Zoe realized her mouth was filling with drool at the sight of the monster dong and swallowed nervously. Zoe was beginning to see what her teacher had planned for today. Obviously she'd skipped several days' worth of Miss Colossale's "lessons"! Zoe's hand crept up her skirt and touched her wet pussy...

"What's the matter? Sit down, Miss Lagoon," Miss Colossale suddenly whispered right into Zoe's ear. Without Zoe noticing, the teacher had crept up right behind her and had pushed close to Zoe, her giant fake breasts squeezing against Zoe's back.

"Can't take your eyes off it, huh? I don't blame you, it's my favourite toy as well," the teacher whispered in a sultry tone. She gave Zoe's ear a quick, gentle lick, making Zoe jump in surprise. "Come on, spread those legs and push it in, I promise you you'll love it..."

"B-but Miss Colossale, that'll never fit...!" Zoe protested weakly, even though she desperately wanted to feel the enormous thing inside her.

"Don't worry, we will MAKE it fit," Miss Colossale said, circling around the desk. "Climb on the chair, I'll help you," she continued, giving the impossible fake dick a languid stroke.

Because of the dildo's height and stiffness, there was no way Zoe could simply sit on it. Instead she carefully stood on her chair above the still-swaying dong, with the teacher holding the chair steady. Lifting up her skirt to get a better view of what was under her, she carefully positioned herself above the massive rod. Blushing fiercely, she squatted down, touching her streaming-wet pussy against the tip of the dildo. The sensation of something so big and solid against her pussy sent shivers racing up and down her body and made her moan lightly. Biting her lip and smiling like crazy, she pushed down...

But despite her enthusiasm, her teen pussy was too tight. Gasping and cooing, she couldn't even get the giant dildo's tip inside her. Desperately she rubbed her slick pussy on it, trying to lube it with her juices to ease the penetration. She tried grinding against the tip to slowly inch it inside, but it just wouldn't go! She was losing her mind from overwhelming horniness, but sweet release remained just out of her reach.

Suddenly Miss Colossale kicked the chair Zoe was squatting on, growing impatient with her. Zoe stumbled and lost her balance before she even had time to yell out. She fell pussy-first right on the dildo, her full weight bearing down on the towering rod. Time seemed to slow down for Zoe. She could see the giant toy slowly approaching her tight little pussy, glistening with her moisture. She could feel it push hard against her twat, her flesh still trying to keep it out. Most of all, she could feel as the giant dong pushed relentlessly on, spreading, stretching, gaping her pussy around it. She felt inch after inch of impossibly-sized toy slide into her, rubbing against her insides, her canal tight around it. Finally, she bottomed out, her tight ass slamming hard onto her chair. The shock snapped everything back into real time. Zoe was impaled on well over a foot of fake, rubber dick, her cunt stretched obscenely by the arm-thick toy. In shock, she dully realized she could clearly see the outline of the monster inside her bulging against her abdomen, almost reaching up to her heaving tits. Her mind still not fully comprehending the situation, she placed her hand on the bulge of the dildo and ran it up and down its length, caressing her abused body. And then the sensations hit...

Zoe screamed. Her overstretched pussy was burning with pain, while at the same time the huge penetration was flooding Zoe with incredible pleasure. Her body started to convulse as Zoe continued to scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She had an intense orgasm that didn't seem to end, her convulsing pussy squirting more and more juices onto the chair and the floor. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her tongue lolled limply out of her mouth and Zoe slumped down, passing out from the intense sensations.

When she came to, the day's lessons were already well underway. Zoe realized this with a start and hastily looked about herself to make sure she wasn't compromising herself too much. She found that she'd been posed on her chair to appear sleeping, most likely by Miss Colossale who was currently teaching history with her back turned to Zoe. Her clothes had been tidied up as well. Zoe was still sitting on the giant dildo, the solid length of which inside her was making her feel stiff and uncomfortable. The bulge of it was visible even with her clothes pulled over her belly, the clothes stretched obscenely by the toy. Gingerly Zoe touched the tip of the bulge and gasped. When she had come to, her pussy had felt numb if anything. But with the monster toy inside her, stretching her tight around it, even the lightest touch was enough to flare up intense. pleasurable feelings. Zoe sneaked her hand under her shirt and began to stroke the bulge along its length, gasping and panting.

Miss Colossale was teaching Italian history. Lazily, Zoe tried to pay attention as she rubbed herself. It was hard, because most of Zoe's focus was taken by the toy lodged inside her. Apparently they were doing Italian renaissance today. Miss Colossale was telling the class about the increase in Italian wealth that had enabled the patronage of arts.


The teacher went on to talk about powerful banking families and the artists they'd supported. The class was mostly focused on her tits though, since she was wearing a skin-tight shirt that was showing a yard of cleavage. With a sight like that in front of them, listening to a boring speech about ancient bankers was next to impossible.


Miss Colossale glanced briefly up from the book she was reading, but continued talking about important artists of the period. Some of the students were stirred and looked around them quizzically. Still the teaching continued.

*Schlap schluck schlap schlap schlap!*

"What's that noise?" a student asked. "Where's it coming from?" "Sounds wet, what's causing it?" The class was getting restless.

"Omigawd, look! Are you seeing this!?" a girl suddenly screamed. All eyes turned to Zoe.

She was pumping away hard on the monster dildo, a blank expression on her face and drool running down her chin, her bare naked ass slapping wetly against the soaked chair. She'd lifted up her skirt and was staring raptly as the bulge on her abdomen slid up and down in time with her motions. Every time she bottomed out against the chair, a little squirt of her juices shot out from her stretching cunt. Zoe was utterly heedless to the attention now heaped on her and instead only pistoned harder on the stiff fake dick. Other than the growing slap-slap-slapping of her ass, she was making no sound. From time to time she shuddered as a wave of orgasmic pleasure ran through her body.

"O-M-G, what a slut!!" "Never mind that, do you see the size of that thing? It's bigger than my forearm!" "Look at her belly, you can see it!" The class was quickly devolving into chaos as everyone stared at Zoe in shock. There were blushing faces all around her.

The giant rod came loose from Zoe's chair with a moist pop. She hardly slowed down as she grabbed it with both hands and began to ram it inside her as hard and fast as she could. She fell down from her chair but didn't care, pressing her back against the floor and pushing with her feet to raise her soaked, abused crotch up into the air as she continued to piston into herself. The class was getting a perfect view of Zoe's flushed, stretched cunt.

"O-oh shit, that so hot..." "I wonder what that thing feels like inside you..."

As her tempo got as high as she could go, Zoe began to moan, quietly at first but growing louder all the time. Soon she was moaning like a whore, drowning out the conversations going on in the class. With one final, forceful slam, Zoe pushed the dildo as deep as it would go, brutalizing her cunt even further, and came hard. Zoe screamed and screamed as her whole body shook and convulsed, her spread pussy twitching and squirting around the enormous intruder deep inside it. Driven by her insatiable need, she continued to to fuck herself with the impossible rod even as she continued to cum. Finally, with one last scream of endless pleasure, Zoe collapsed onto the floor with her legs spread wide. The dildo flopped out of her pussy, pushed by her twitching canal. Her cunt gaped wide, a hungry wet hole twitching fruitlessly as it tried to milk a dick that was no longer there.

"S-so... so fucking big..." she gasped happily, laying on the floor in a puddle of her sweat and juices. Only then did she regain enough of her senses to realize that the entire class was staring at her. The guys all had raging erections, while some of the girls were sheepishly trying to hide a damp patch on their dresses. Zoe fixated on the bulges in the pants of the guys around her.

"Dicks? Dicks..." Zoe panted weakly. She licked her lips unconsciously. Suddenly her eyes shot wide. "Cum!" she yelled, pushing herself onto her elbows. "I want cum, must have cum!" she screamed, pouncing clumsily on the nearest guy and roughly pulling down his pants. As soon as his erection sprang free, Zoe gobbled it up greedily into her mouth without a second thought. With one hand, she began to play with her gaping cunt, while with the other, she groped out to find a second dick to jerk. She was sucking sloppily, slurping and gulping and humming with pleasure at the same time. Already aroused by Zoe's solo performance, it didn't take long until the guy shot his load down Zoe's throat. Zoe gulped it down hungrily and licked the remains off her lips and the guy's dick.

"More! More cum!" Zoe yelled and soon got what she wanted. A group of her classmates had gathered around her and were furiously jacking off. Hearing the cum-hungry slut's demands was too much for them and they each shot their loads, basting Zoe with cum from head to toe. She giggled happily and licked as much of the stuff off herself and the floor as she could.

"Mmm, hahaha! Oh god, it's not enough! Someone fuck me!" she moaned, leaning back and spreading her gaping cunt wide.

"That's enough," Miss Colossale interrupted sharply. Up until now, she'd stayed back, quietly observing Zoe's descent into mindless lust. Now she strode next to Zoe, taking care not to step into cum. She looked about her scornfully. The guys couldn't bear to look her in the eyes, meekly gathered their pants and wandered away.

"B-but... Please, Miss Colossale! I need dicks, I need to fuck!" Zoe begged.

"You'll have plenty of chances to fuck later on," the teacher snapped. Still consumed by lust, Zoe began to play with her abused, loosened pussy and the nearly forgotten toy in her ass.

"Alright, class dismissed! And if any one of you mentions this to anyone else, they'll fail all their courses for the semester! Now get out!" Miss Colossale said angrily, staring at the students until they'd all left.

Once they'd done so, she visibly relaxed and a smile spread across her face. She crouched down next to Zoe, scooped up some of the cum from the floor and licked it off her fingers. Zoe was still mindlessly masturbating away, oblivious to everything save for her lust.

"Mmm, tasty. No wonder you couldn't stop," the teacher smirked. Beside her, Zoe came again and finally seemed to calm down a bit.

"I'm sorry Miss Colossale, I'm sorry I failed," she said quietly. To Zoe's surprise, the teacher just laughed.

"Failed? Dear girl, after watching you positively ruin yourself on the dildo, in full view of everybody present, and then hearing you beg for cum afterwards, I'd consider today a huge success!" Miss Colossale helped Zoe get up, wiping a bit of cum off her clothes and eating it.

"But I lost control!" Zoe almost wailed.

"Nevertheless, you were such a shameless slut today that I think you deserve a reward."

"Can I... can I keep the dildo?" Zoe asked, averting her eyes from the teacher and blushing slightly.

"Haha, I knew you'd like it. Sure, go ahead. Be sure to practice a lot with it!" The way the teacher was sounding so pleased at her request made Zoe blush deeper. She went to pick up the massive toy, still slick from her juices.

"Does this mean I finally get to fuck someone? I want to feel real dicks inside me, too!" Zoe asked eagerly, twisting and turning the dildo anxiously in her hands. The mere thought of fucking someone was making her pussy leak again.

"Mmm... I think you've earned a special treat. Why don't we finish here for today, I'll call you soon with more details..."

That night Zoe, with her pussy again stuffed to the brim with the monster dildo, dreamed of all the dicks that would soon be reaming her sex-crazed teen body.


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