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Using his position as Professor at Garreg Mach, Byleth embarks on a secret quest to unite the women of the Three Houses together under one banner - his, as his personal harem of sex sluts!
Vex'ahlia is having trouble finding affordable mounts for the Vox Machina adventuring party, and decides to take up the offer of an 'Arcane Hostler' who uses some rather strange breeding methods.
Jake Maxwell gets detained in North Korea by Kim Seong-ja , a stacked "Cultural Security" hottie who has been waiting for a chance to get her hands on a Caucasian male for her own personal gratification.
Blonde, blue-eyed ace realtor Bethany Chastain gets in a tizzy because a bunch of porn-producing black neighbors are disturbing her house showing. Now, she's stuck paying them back with all of her dignity!
Asha, a Twi'lek Jedi knight, manages to survive the attempted purge of Order 66. Now, she and a young masterless padawan named Del Xedic must escape from Coruscant and find safe passage to the Outer Rim territories. But will she and Del get along as they're forced to hide their true Jedi status, and travel as master and slave?
Seven years after the events of the Geostigma, Tifa Lockhart has returned to 7th Heaven with her young son, Max. However, it's difficult to make ends meet, and a new faction led by Shinra child heir Tyler Shinra makes her a lewd offer that's too good to pass up.
After years of being tormented, emasculated and abused by his mean older brother Ross, a teenage boy named Keegan wishes that just for once, Ross would be the "bitch"... and unexpectedly has it granted.
The sexy presidents of two rival sororities - Sigma and Omega - are both planning amazing end-of-semester parties. But their rivalry leads to a nasty, sexually-charged game of revenge!
As smut sites come and go, some of the earliest works of porn authors are being lost. One of my earliest influences was an author named Superjizz, who wrote some of my favorite stories ever. With his explicit permission, I am reposting his works here.

I am not the author of these stories. Superjizz is the author and has given me the green light to archive his work and show it to a new generation of taboo smut readers.
After fatally hitting a teenage boy with his sports car, 42-year-old financial planner Mark Ottman is cursed by the boy's great-grandmother, who puts her hand between his legs and hisses one fateful word.
A sassy black fuck machine bimbo with a serious size fetish has no use for white boys... until she meets one too big to resist.
In the secret recesses of Titans Tower, Raven and Beast Boy are engaging in a bit of sexual experimentation that turns into a full on BDSM sex battle!
Thicc-assed dommes Widowmaker and Sombra team up to turn their captive, Tracer, into a fart-huffing, shit-eating toilet whore. A semi-sequel to Tracer's Talon Recruitment.
Machina wants a child for her and Akira to share, but human sperm is too weak to make a dent in her eggs, even in Communicator form! She has to find animals on earth who are up to the task...
Buxom bimbo mom and daughter Vivian and Stacey Whiteside are going on a lily-white vacation to Europe... but end up getting on the wrong plane and arriving on an island filled with BBC! A taboo raceplay story inspired by the work of the PiT.

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Hot goblin mom Zuki Grabble has an itch to scratch when it comes to human boys... and a lazy, unambitious son at home. She decides to kill two birds with one stone, bringing her goblin son's human bully home to stay for a while.
Fat, 27-year-old virgin shut-in Satoshi has long been ostracized by women... but after making a devilish deal for a mind control phone app, he's out for justice. It's time for FAT OTAKU VENGEANCE!
(Extreme content warning. Should not be read by anyone.)

Starlet Emma Watson is disillusioned with the fakery of the Hollywood machine and decides to try something real... a bunch of smelly, STD-loaded hobo cocks!
In order to negotiate the release of her captured daughter, the beautiful Barbarian chieftain Liz is forced into a very compromising position with some very horny ogres.
Mitsuki Bakugo has a plan to rescue her angry son from a villainous destiny... and she'll need help from Midoriya! Big, fat, long help.

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Helen, Violet, and Dash are captured together... and forced to have a hot, nasty family fuckfest in order to save Metroville!

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A group of hung alpha studs from across the world answer the challenge of a wealthy and mysterious bimbo slut with an amazing body. But they might get more than they bargained for...
After bringing home a strange curio, a man finds that things are changing between he, his wife, and his ten-year-old son.
In this "What If?" crossover story between My Mom & Sister Are Size-Queen Sluts and Sizeland, Magnus and Kiera Kite move across the street from the Herron family. It's wall to wall hung stud/bimbo slut action.
In this sequel to Dark Days For Darnassus, the Alliance has rescued the night elves from a thousand years of being enslaved cumdumps. Now, Jaina Proudmoore has a lewd plan to rebuild the night elf race.

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