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Dark Days For Darnassus

Tyrande Whisperwind has been imprisoned and Darnassus conquered. Her orcish captors will stop at nothing to reduce her proud race to a mind-broken collection of sluts and cumdumps. Can she resist and save her people? (Hint: Probably not.) Commissioned by pantboy678.



Chapter 1 - Dark Days For Tyrande
Submitted: February 6, 2016 • Updated: March 11, 2016
Word count: 53 • Size: <1k • Comments: 0 • views: 26223

Chapter 2 - Slave Auction
Submitted: March 29, 2016 • Updated: March 29, 2016
Word count: 49 • Size: <1k • Comments: 0 • views: 14984


Comments (20)

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Maddhawk on June 28, 2019, 3:54:33 AM

Maddhawk on (Chapter: index)
Maddhawk/sigh. Was going good until the very end with the talk of breeding pure orcs and racial extinction. Then it turned to crap. Everyone knows Dark Elves, regardless of storyverse >> any other race.

Side note, Shandris Feathermoon is not Tyrande's friend, but rather her adopted daughter. She and Malfurion adopted her just shortly after the war of the ancients.

AshenGray on December 13, 2017, 10:01:53 PM

AshenGray on (Chapter: index)
AshenGrayWill we ever get a third part for this?

TheDarkSoul on April 30, 2017, 12:17:34 PM

TheDarkSoul on (Chapter: index)
TheDarkSoulReally like this story I hope you continue it.

redblue111 on April 1, 2016, 10:36:29 AM

redblue111 on (Chapter: index)
redblue111Lets be fair, those night elves were just asking to be enslaved.

Chapter 2 is great, made me happy anytime some disgusting penis/balls is described followed by some girl's mouth/ass/orifice/whatever engulfing it.
Love the still aware leader having to see what the fate of everyone is. Would love to see the stables or pens or wherever these women are taking the warg dick.
good time mechanic use as well.

SlutWriter on April 1, 2016, 8:24:32 PM

SlutWriter on (Chapter: index)
SlutWriterDon't worry. The stables are definitely part of the "tour". In fact, another of Tyrande's contemporaries has been there for a while.

lalala45 on March 31, 2016, 2:36:46 PM

lalala45 on (Chapter: index)
lalala45I can't wait to see her break :P

ArdenWolfwatcher on March 29, 2016, 8:17:14 AM

ArdenWolfwatcher on (Chapter: index)
ArdenWolfwatcherHoly shit. I knew I didn't like the Infinite Dragonflight before, but this really takes the cake.
There's something I like about seeing elves becoming sluts for orc dick, however, since my main is a male N/E Hunter... this is really hitting me as just a terrible fate for my race, but I can't stop reading!

SlutWriter on March 29, 2016, 11:56:27 PM

SlutWriter on (Chapter: index)
SlutWriterYou can always betray your race and join in the fun as one of the Kil'kron. They have pretty loose entry requirements.

Thefigment on March 29, 2016, 1:23:37 PM

Thefigment on (Chapter: index)
ThefigmentWoo! Amazing as usual!

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