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Chapter 15 - Photography Club: Mrs. Widowmaker

Scott Snow attends Overwatch High where the cast of Overwatch teaches classes for no real legitimate reason other than providing fetish fuel for sexual fantasies.

Watch as he goes through a bevy of classes taught by the lovely (and usually horny) ladies of Overwatch, and catches them sometimes with their pants down.

Chapter 15 - Photography Club: Mrs. Widowmaker

Chapter 15 - Photography Club: Mrs. Widowmaker
I don’t own overwatch
So I wasn’t always a member of the photography club but after certain events and ideas I began to show a significant amount of interest. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Mrs Lacroix was the head teacher of it. Some clubs were odd like that, having multiple teachers.
Photography had not only Mrs Lacroix but also Zenyatta and Bastion. They had an appreciation for natural beauty and would often guide the class into the forest behind the school. That’s where we were today with about half the club… that was the good thing about clubs you didn’t really have to show up all the time. I had nothing better to do today and they did give me a really nice digital camera so I figured I could explore my recently acquired hobby. I couldn’t play games all the time and while cooking club was a reasonable choice, sometimes I didn’t want to clean up after Fareeha at the end of it.
Besides, there was the added benefit of Mrs Lacroix. Still in her blouse, loose skirt, and high heels I watched as she sashayed in front of me as the other students stayed close to Bastion and Zenyatta up ahead. I had begun to realize that she didn’t walk like that for me, she just naturally did it. Her wide soft ass bouncing the skirt as if dancing as she moved…
…I couldn’t resist.
My camera shutter when off as I took a picture of her skirt covered rear and she instinctively turned to look at me. Her eyes narrowed in anger for only a moment before quickly glancing at the class ahead of us. Then she gave me back her attention and gave me a seductive smile before turning away again and giving me a little shimmy. Then walking on…
I quickly walked up to her, keeping in step with her long strides I glanced concerned at her heels. “Are you sure you should be walking in those here?” I asked, suddenly paying more attention to her shapely legs then my original target.
“Its fine Scott.” She chuckled a little, “I’ve done this plenty of times and have not hurt myself yet.”
“I’m just making sure…” I said with a shrug as Bastion and Zenyatta separated with half the group of students each into opposing directions. After a second of waiting they were soon out of sight and my hand slipped under Amelie’s skirt. She hissed suddenly in surprised pleasure as she felt my familiar hand caress her soft ass.
“Scott!” she scolded playfully, gently pushing my hand away, “We are too open for that…” she whimpered, “Focus on your pictures…” her eyes narrowed sternly at me and I sighed, it had been awhile since we had spent time together and I just could not resist the opportunity.
“Okay okay…” I mumbled, then having a idea I smiled as I grabbed her hand, and dragged her towards a nearby tree, “You know what I need? A model…” I gently placed her back against the tree and stepped away, pulling my camera up to get her into focus.
“Scott…” she said slowly but hesitated as the camera shutters when off.
“Come on Mrs Lacroix…” I begged, getting her at a new angle. “Humor me.”
She rolled her eyes but strangely she slid into her new role as my camera model as she slid against the tree. She fucking made love to that thing, she was natural at it; posing, pouting, turning, she didn’t even need me to direct her as her hands caressed the tree almost lovingly. I couldn’t click the camera fast enough. Pressing her legs out behind her, thrusting her hips forward and bending her backwards she shook out her hair as if she was now literally making love to the tree. Her amazingly flexible body obeying every exotic silent demand I gave it.
As her body snapped back against the tree I quickly ran towards her and pressed myself against her. “Scott!” she squeaked surprise as I slid my hand beneath her skirt again and began caressing her ass. I slipped my camera into my pocket so I could use both hands on both cheeks, slipping my hands under her underwear for a better feel.
“Scott not here…” she pleaded desperately, her eyes worriedly looking ahead to make sure everyone was still out of sight. “Please not here.”
I frowned and sunk my fingers into her supple flesh and she sucked air through her teeth again, “Scott huh.” I mumbled disappointedly, “That’s not what you call me when were alone like this…”
She bit her lip as she looked over her shoulder at me, her hands clawing away at the trunk of the tree, “Mon amour. Please not here…” I slipped my hand around to her front and felt her steadying increasing wetness as my fingers sunk inside. She gasped lovingly again as her hand shot to the back of my head and pulled me closer, forcing me to press my clothed erection between her buttcheeks “N-no!” she groaned and came suddenly. I gently kissed her cheek and just as suddenly as I had started, I pulled away… but not without a souvenir. Grabbing the sides of her underwear I pulled them down. “N-no Scott what are you doing!?” she asked in whispered horror as I sniffed them and shoved them into my pocket and pulled out my camera.
“Something more natural…” I replied lifting her skirt above her waist to get a better look at her soft waiting ass. And then the camera shutter went off.
“Scott!” she shouted angrily, as I lowered the skirt back down and gave her rear a gently appreciative smack and promptly stepped away as she moved away from the tree. “Scott give them back…” she hissed softly, unable to contain her blush and holding her hand out.
“Nope they’re mine now.” I said smiling at her, taking another picture of her stern but still rather sexy face.
“Y-you!” she began but the other students returned, laughing at Bastion who had apparently been covered in bird poop. “We will talk about this later…” she hissed angrily at me, her legs twitching slightly as the wind began to blow. Suddenly as if afraid her hands shot down to keep her loose skirt firmly against her legs. Blushing horrified at me.
I licked my lips… and she suddenly seemed less confident.
We walked on into the forest, the other students clicking their camera’s everywhere but at us as we walked side by side. “What do you even want them for you filthy boy?” she hissed softly at me, “Is there a crossdressing fetish you haven’t told me about?”
“I’m going to use them as a cum rag…” I replied bluntly, I wasn’t but the look on her face was just to arousing. “Then you can have them back. I’ll make you wear them all day…” I smiled faintly, slipping my hand under her skit once more and probing her asshole gently.
“N-no!” she whimpered quietly, trying to fight my hand away as she gazed horrified at the people in front of us. “Scott. Please I…”
Then the gods of perverstion struck and she tripped on an exposed root. She cursed in French and clenched her teeth as she gripped her ankle. “Oh shit!” I whispered concerned, kneeling down and checking her, “Mrs Lacroix are you alright?”
Zenyatta seemed to hover towards us, “Indeed Amelie are you hurt?” he asked concerned.
Mrs Lacroix scowled at me briefly, then shook her head annoyed, “I think I twisted it. Sorry Zenyatta you’ll have to go on without me.” then glaring angrily at me she added, “Mr Snow will take me back so I can arrange his recently acquired detention.”
I sighed… that was fair even if I wasn’t sure it was true or not.
“Are you sure? Bastion would be more than happy to…” he began as Bastion approached but Mrs Lacroix shook her head.
“No. Thank you. I know how much you two enjoy this.” She gave them an assured smile, “Go on it’ll be fine. We’ll follow the track back.”  Although still looking a little unsure Zenyatta nodded and began leading the students on. She glared at me. “Pick me up Scott…” she commanded, and I knelt down ready to take her on my back.
Surprisingly graceful she clambered onto my back slipping her long supple legs through my arms like stirrups she wrapped her arms around my neck as I got to my feet. After a few moments of walking back to the school her whispered seductively into my ear “Your hands are in the wrong place Mon amour…” and taking my hands in turn she placed them under her skirt and on her ass cheeks. “Much better, no?”
I squeezed and she groaned adoringly and ground against me, “Oh yeah…” I replied nodding.
My step seemed to hasten and we made good time, I hurried to the nurse’s office and finding neither Angela or Lena a gently sat Amelie down on the bed and went to look for bandages to wrap her foot. Finding them I kneeled down and began wrapping her ankle.
“Such gentle hands today…” she teased and slipped out of her heels. Then suddenly she looked a little sterner, and held her uninjured foot close to my face as I continued to wrap the other. “Lick.” She commanded firmly.
“What?” I asked surprised but felt her toes prod my cheek.
“Detention Mr Snow…” she replied firmly, “Lick my feet you filthy boy…” I hesitated but only for a moment, long enough for her to become impatient, “Lick!” she commanded again and my tongue ran along the top of her foot as my hands gripped the bottom of her foot and her supple calves.  She quivered slightly as her leg stiffed. “Yes… good boy... higher…” she demanded, and my tongue slowly lapped up her leg.
She moaned softly as I licked her raw, “Higher…” she demanded again and soon I was on her thigh, leaving a trail of my diminishing saliva all over her, kissing and sucking against her flesh.
I couldn’t see her face anymore being under her skit, but I knew she was smiling as she said… “Higher…”
I couldn’t go any higher… unless…
She gasped delightedly as she felt my tongue pierce her folds, her hands sliding into my hair and caressing my skull as she sucked air through her teeth, “Yes!!! Good boy!!” I wrapped my arms around her legs as she fell back onto the bed and let me work, “I love your fucking tongue.”
I moaned into her, lapping away at her fluids as if they were an addictive drug. She began thrusting against me, I knew she was cumming from the way she quivered, “Yes! Yes! Filthy boy! YES!!” she leaked onto my face as her legs wrapped my head tightly, she gripped my hair and held my face against her keeping my tongue inside. “Fucking taste my tight pussy!”
I loved feeling her shiver around me, the sign of a job well down. Finally she released me, and I licked my lips of her remaining juices. I slipped my fingers back inside her as I began to fiddle with my belt. She began thrusting her hips on my fingers, watching me intently as I gazed into her eyes.
“The blouse Amelie…” I said, eyeing the buttons annoyed, “Take it off…” still panting and gasping she began to unbutton her blouse letting her bra covered breasts free just as I pulled my length out, I pulled the camera out of my pocket once more and took her picture. Her legs spread wide, her breasts bare, her face in a state of orgasmic bliss as I pulled her folds open with my finger… I put the camera down on a side table and began stroking my length.
I leaned over her, still stroking as I pulled my hand away and began caressing her breasts. I whispered in her ear, “Can I do it here?” I laughed softly, probing her pussy with my cock head.
“Yes…” she replied, he voice filled with desire as she shivered against me, trying to pull me inside here. “Yes!” she repeated desperately.
I took both of her long legs and pulled them up until her flexible body was practically folded in half, her feet held close to her ears as her holes twitched and gasped impatiently. Then I took my prize, thrusting down into her pussy to the hilt, I gasped at how tight she was. It had only been a few weeks but it felt like months since I was last inside her. “Fuck yeah…” I breathed softly, “Did you miss me?”
“Scott I see you almost every day…” she replied.
“I was talking…” I said, with each thrust as she yelped in pleasure, “To this tight pussy!” her hands tightened around her ankles as I slammed into her, “I think it wants its favorite treat…” I said as she screamed an orgasm and I pressed down on her burying my tongue into her month, still thrusting, still claiming her. My hands greedily caressing her tits as I rapidly slammed down into her. “Yeah… your fucking tight today it definitely missed me… it really wants its treat.”
“Treat?” she finally managed to gasp, as her mind returned from her orgasm high. Suddenly her eyes widened, “N-no! No Scott not today! Don’t come in me today!”
I stared at her confused, not letting up on my thrusting as I did; she bit her lip, legitimately terrified. “You’ve beg for my semen nonstop in your relentless quest for a baby and suddenly you don’t want me to cum inside?”
“G-gerard is on a business trip he won’t be back for months!” she whimpered pitifully, “If you impregnate me today I won’t be able to hide it from him!”
“Take a fucking pill!” I hissed angrily, “Or I don’t know, tell me to wear a fucking condom!” I growled, squeezing her tits painfully as I steadily held my thrusting.
“Why did you think I was avoiding you…” she mumbled softly, not meeting my gaze.
“Well fuck at least tell me!” I roared angrily at her, “Instead of being a fucking cock tease with your soft ass and long legs and tight. Fucking! PUSSY!!” I roared slamming each word to emphasize, hearing her squeal and quiver in pleasure beneath me “…I should cum inside you, just because; you deserved to be knocked up.”
“No! No! Scott please!” she begged shaking her head desperately and suddenly she got tighter, increasing my desire for release, struggling beneath me trying to get away from my throbbing length “Please not inside my pussy!”
“Fuck you.” I hissed, legitimately angry with her, “Fuck you, I want to cum inside…” I pulled my hands away from her tits and squeezed her legs.  “You’ve been teasing me all day! Fucking take it all!”
“No…” she whimpered pitifully, looking away as I increased my thrusting even further desperate for release. “No please don’t… I’ll… I’ll swallow it.” she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, “Every drop, I’ll swallow… please, don’t you want to shoot your load down my throat?”
I glared at her and gave her a cruel, “No.” she quivered beneath me, gazing horrified at my face as a tear rolled down her cheek.
“Scott…” she pleaded softly, apparently defeated. “Please…” she begged desperately one last time.
Growling angrily and ready to fire, I pulled out. She gasped as her quivering pussy desperately tried to hold onto me despite what she said, but seconds before I shot my load all over her I lowered myself slightly, “I’m cumming INSIDE!” I roared angrily and slammed my dick to the hilt inside her ass and fired.
Her eyes widened and she screamed in pain as I fired my backed up load deep into her rectum. She thrashed and struggled as I fully took her anal virginity. During our first time I had probed her ass and fired a load, but that wasn’t penetration, I had gone just deep enough to make sure my seed shoot fully inside her.
“It hurts!” she cried faintly as her body quivered in pain and pleasure as I thrust my load deep into her until I was drained. “Merde!!” she screamed, grasping at the bed as her toes curled at the very small pain fueled orgasm struck.
“This is your punishment…” I hissed in her ear, licking at her face and tasting her tears as she gasped away the pain. “To help you remember for next time.” to drive home the fact I slammed my hips against her one more time and grabbed the camera.
“Give me a double peace sign…” I laughed, still inside her and looking through the lens. “And stick out your tongue…” she did, holding up both hands and letting her tongue loll I took another picture of her. it made me throb inside her… but I pulled out, letting a small trace of my seed follow me. Holding the camera close to her gaping ass I took another picture. “Look at that gape…” I smacked her ass, letting more of my seed drip on the floor. “Since I can’t come inside your pussy for awhile you better get used to it.” I smacked her other cheek and took another picture as an imprint of my hand began to form. “This ass hole deserves to be fucked anyway…” I took another picture, this time a wide shot as she quivered again.
She finally let go of her legs and let them drop over the side of the bed and I crawled onto it, lying next to her face and pressing our cheeks together I held the camera above us and smiled as her pleasure face began to fade. “Time to properly commemorate this moment…” I said, “Smile Amelie…” she did and held up another peace sign with her hand, but seconds before I took the picture she kissed my cheek.
Putting the camera down she flinched slightly, “Mon amour…” she mumbled, gently stroking her belly, “You hurt me so good…” she gasped as I pierced her pussy fingers, “Ah no… Scott not again…”
“Remember…” I said softly, kissing her cheek and getting off the bed before using her panties to wipe up my cum on the floor and slipping them back onto her. “Pills or condoms…”
“Pills…” she groaned exhaustively, “Definitely pills… ow, my ass...” twitching with small spasms as I watched my cum leak from her ass to stain her panties further. I raised the camera and caressed her clit through her panties as she orgasmed once more, her legs splaying wildly aside as I took one final picture.
And then she gave me detention for a week… we had to keep up appearances after all. Although she couldn't give the real reason; Painal probably wouldn’t have been an excepted excuse.


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