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Chapter 42 - Mascot: Coach Zarya

Scott Snow attends Overwatch High where the cast of Overwatch teaches classes for no real legitimate reason other than providing fetish fuel for sexual fantasies.

Watch as he goes through a bevy of classes taught by the lovely (and usually horny) ladies of Overwatch, and catches them sometimes with their pants down.

Chapter 42 - Mascot: Coach Zarya

Chapter 42 - Mascot: Coach Zarya
I don’t own overwatch. Or anything Blizard
“Alright? You all set?” he asked as my best friend, Scott Snow, put the mascot head on my head. “You good in there? You’re not boiling? Matt couldn’t take it.”
“I’m fine Scott…” I mumbled, adjusting the head so I could see a little better. “You ready?”
Scott smirked, picking up the football helmet from the bench as the rest of the Overwatch High Hamsters started to cheers  and charge out. “Dude I’m fine. Its not the first time I got roped into replacing a player.”
“I wish I could play…” I mumbled, annoyed at the last time I tried out for the team. Scott just sighed, he didn’t want to really bring it up or remind me. But I wanted to play something. Do something. I didn’t want to be the short kid that hung around the superhot coach…
“Dude you’re not missing much.” He said, slapping my shoulder comfortingly. “A bunch of sweaty dudes running at you and tackling you? I had other plans today you know. Like catching up on my doing nothing and watching TV.
I laughed, it echoed in the suit as Scott slapped my shoulder again. Sometimes he can be a little weird, but he really was the best friend anyone could ask for. Plus, if he really wanted to he could kick the ass of everyone on the team.
“Besides you don’t want to play this time. Azeroth High’s team is a bunch of bruisers and mostly Orcs.” He said, grumbling, “Those guys hit really hard.”
“You’ve beaten up an orc before.” I noted, walking with him through the hall, hearing the rest of the team psych themselves up.
“Yeah. In a fight… this is football. And I cannot help but stress to everyone not listening that I am NOT an athlete!” But his dad was, and his uncles, and Aunt Sarah was a marine for a little bit… he’s got pretty good genes.
“Scott! Zaika!” Coach shouted, standing proudly at the exit of the hallway, standing in tight blue shorts and shirts, with a whistle dangling from her neck and a baseball cap on her cute pink hair. “Come on! Move it!”
The Horde, the football team from Orgrimmar, are our town rivals. It was always a good game when they faced the Overwatch… Hamsters. Honestly. I don’t know why our team was named after Mr. Winston’s Hamster. I think Mr. Reyes lost a bet. Still though, our team captain shook hands with the opposing team’s captain. He was actually a pretty cool guy, I think his name was Daelin or something. However the one we had to be worried about was Garrosh Hellscream. He was a jerk. He was already trying to intimidate Scott as he looked more bored then anything. Scott was replacing our safety today, so it was his job to cover the quarterback… But I couldn’t help but feel worried for my buddy. Garrosh was notorious for aggressive playing…
He grinned at Scott, and ran a thumb across his neck. Scott just stood there calm as the storm… on no. Scott merely cracked his neck, and held out a hand to shake Garrosh’s only for it to be slapped as they took their respective places.
“It looks to be a good game. Doesn’t it my Little Zaika?” cooed the coach as the lower part of my suit tightened.
“Are you sure Scott’s going to be alright?” I asked, as the Horde decided to kick.
“What?!” she laughed, ruffling my mascot head, “Scott will be fine!” Scott caught the ball as the spectators cheered, we had the home team advantage. But there were a few Orgrimmar dwellers cheering for the other team. Including Coach Hellscream: Garrosh’s father.
Like a freight train, Garrosh shoved his own teammates out of the way to get to Scott, I fidgeted in the suit as Aunt Sarah cheered in the stand. It was quick, but effective. Garrosh tried to clothsline Scott, but he ducked and, in a lightning flash movement, Scott tripped Garrosh and sent him spiraling into the grass at full speed until Scott was taken down. Gaining about twenty yards as the crowd cheered. Garrosh growled to his feet, glaring at Scott, who pointed two fingers at his eyes, then at Garrosh. ‘I’m watching you…’ with a smirk before they huddled up.
“Little Zaika.” Cooed the coach, patting my butt through the suit, “Go rile up the crowd.” She smiled at me, and I melted in the suit. But I cleared my throat and tried my best. Dancing for the crowd as the game went on.
Oh… hey Uncle Jim is here to. That’s rare. And Tychus Finley that’s… actually unheard off. They roared their approval as Scott charged the ball in a surprise play, once again dodging Garrosh like he was nothing. Taunting him again as he made a touchdown. And running his thumb across his neck mockingly as Garrosh snarled.
Our sides switched, Scott collapsed onto the bench as the defense team took the field. I walked up to him, handing him a bottle of water as he smiled thankfully at me, drinking it.
“Boy!” shouted Tychus, pushing several people out of the way as Scott sighed, “What did I tell you?!” he sneered in a scolding tone as Scott rolled his eyes.
“Condoms are for pussies?” he mumbled sarcastically as we laughed together, “I don’t know uncle Tychus, you’ve told me so much.” he added with an obvious eyeroll.
Tychus' mouth opened and closed in thought, apparently agreeing with Scott as he shrugged, “Well. Yeah. But what have I told you about Ogrimmar Orcs?”
“Nothing good…” Snarled Coach Hellscream, staring Tychus down as Tychus glared back. Grom Hellscream used to play for the Azeroth Invaders, a rival to the Star Raiders, the team Uncle Jim and Scott’s Uncles played for. But he had issues with drinking an illegal substance and had to be banned. “What Tychus? Can’t handle your own battles?”
“Shut yer mouth Hellscream.” Tychus replied as Uncle Jim tried to restrain him. “At least I didn’t tell my nephew to give your boy a whopping.” Before whispering obviously to Scott. “Give his boy a whopping.”
“Tychus…” Uncle Jim said warningly as Coach Hellscream snorted annoyed.
“HA! Your nephew couldn’t even stop mine!”  Coach Hellscream shouted, reaching over and grabbing the team Captain Daelin, dragging him proudly to his side and giving him a one-armed hug. “Damn fine pup!” he replied with a smile.
“Uncle Grom, you should really focus on the game.” Daelin said, rather embarrassed, gesturing as their offense stagnated.
“Coach Grom.” Coach Hellscream said proudly, smirking around his thick tusks as he sneered at Tychus.
“Oh no.” Scott mumbled, rubbing his eyes in annoyance as Daelin shook off his uncle and ran to run plays as his uncle Stared down Coach Hellscream.
“My Nephew could kick your nephew’s ass any day of the week!” Tychus shouted, trying to climb over the stand railing to get at a smug looking Coach Hellscream as Uncle Jim tried vainly to restrain him.
“SHUT UP!” shrieked Zarya, as the two male idiots froze at her commands. “This is a game! For the kids! Sit down or I will make you!” she snarled, flexing her sexy muscles through the shirt as it seemed to calm them down.
“…We aint done here Hellscream…” hissed Tychus sheepishly.
“Drinks at the Junkertown?” Coach Hellscream supplied, glaring at Tychus.
“Of course!” Tychus said, being dragged back to his seat but Uncle Jim. Deciding not to get further involved as Zarya rubbed the mascot head, I went back to cheering. The Game continued like any other, giving and taking, with the exception of one thing… and it was obvious.
Scott and Garrosh.
Try as he might, Garrosh couldn’t stop Scott, every time Scott would dodge, avoid or otherwise embarrass the big orc, three people in the crowd would cheer louder than the rest. But every time it happened Garrosh would get madder, and madder. He actually hurt another player on our team trying to get to Scott. Who just kept taunting him.
I saw where it was going long before it inevitable happened…
Final play of the game, if the Azeroth High Horde could stop the last play, they’d win… but the plan was once again to give Scott the ball. There was the snap, the handoff, and Scott leapt over the defensive line to the surprise of the opposing team. And there was Garrosh, on Scott like a looming cloud, Scott slid between the big orcs legs and kept moving as Garrosh stumbled clumsily on…
But out of nowehere came Daelin, tackling Scott down just outside the endzone.
A dramatic, OH!! Rose from the crowd as the final whistle echoed across the field. Scott sighed as he lied on his back on the field, but Daelin held out his hand and pulled Scott up. They actually smiled at each other and shook hands…
Then Garrosh slammed his shoulder into Scott, sending him hard into the grass. Coach Hellscream was surprisingly stoic as Garrosh smirked coldly at my friend and the crowd roared angrily at the action. Aunt Sarah roaring curses as Tychus and Uncle Jim marched back down the steps. Looking for a fight…
…But… he was outpaced by me… oddly. I was up in the air, I had sprinted and leapt towards Garrosh who turned in obvious surprise at the flying hamster coming at him. And my feet slammed into his chest, sending him to the grass as Daelin side stepped his cousin. I hit the grass as laughter erupted from the crowd.
“You alright?” Daelin asked me, helping me up as Scott limped to his feet.
“Nice kick Jeremy!” Scott laughed in amazement as the big, angry Garrosh scrambled to his feet and came on me.
“You’re dead furball!!” he roared, only to have Scott and Daelin stand imposingly between him and me. “Out of the way!” he snarled. But Scott held firm.
“I’m paying attention now bucktooth.” Scott said coolly, his ‘ready to fight voice’ obvious. “Really want to try it?”
“Stand down Garrosh.” Daelin replied like a military commander. “Don’t.” he added firmly. Garrosh glared at Daelin, and snorted angrily. Shoving past both of them and marching towards his father who was still, very stoic.
“…So… your Dad’s best friend Uncle is a dick too?” Scott asked, looking at Daelin who sighed.
“At least you don’t have a bloodthirsty cousin to come with him…” he replied clapping a hand on Scott’s shoulder. “Good game Snow.”
“You too Thrallson.” Scott replied with a nod.
“And fine kick Hamster.” He smiled, “You have some speed on you… even in the suit.” He chuckled humorously, before walking away as I walked back with Scott to the team.
“Where did you learn to kick like that? You came at him like a wrecking ball!.” He laughed, shoving me lightly as the teams congratulated eachother, barring Garrosh.
“I don’t know… I was just… running. And it came to me…” Scott eyed me for a moment curiously. “What?”
“…Jeremy have you ever thought of running Track? You got speed, and you can apparently jump…” I blinked under the suit… I NEVER thought of it. But before I could further think about it, we were cleaning up. A loss is never fun but… we all kept our hopes up. Azeroth High had a tough team and we almost beat them. We’ll get them next time.
“Well my little Zaika.” Cooed the coach as the team shoved their gear in their lockers and Scott absently tossed his spare uniform in the laundry. “…You are full of little surprises. Good game!” she shouted to the team as they smiled rather distantly. “Go on and have fun.” She said, but as I tried to join them she gripped the back of the suit and purred. “Zaika… not you.” She giggled as the last guy, Scott, left the locker rooms as she took of the mascot head and lifted me bodily from the suit. Smirking at me. “You were very brave. And cute… and I am feeling. Frisky.”
She carried me underarm into the shower’s making sure to lock the door behind her as she tossed me into the shower stall. Already her shirt was off, tossed carelessly out of the stall as her rippling muscles flexed before me. Her shorts on the floor as she lifted me up, utterly naked and kissed me as she pinned me to the wall, her breasts pressed together and rubbing against my crotch as she turned the hot water on.
“I’ll give you a treat Zaika.” She smiled, “A nice massage for those sore muscles.” She pulled my shorts away, letting them slap onto the water as she rubbed her breasts up and down my length, lifting me up and down as her firm breasts molded around my length. She was still wearing her ball cap, smirking at me adorably as my dick throbbed eagerly between her breasts.  Using and pleasing me at the same time as she easily held me high in the air.
She giggled, feeling me twitch, “Ooh… Zaika… Cum for me…” she smiled, and obediently my dick spurted across her muscled chest… she chuckled, letting me down as she rubbed it in. “Um… Warm.” She cooed, licking her fingers. “You always taste so good Zaika…” I barely came up to her chest, she could rest her firm muscled breasts on my head if she wanted to… but my hands slipped around her, squeezing her tight rear in my fingers as she moaned. “Oh… Frisky Zaika.” She chuckled as I kissed her abs.
“Zarya… Can I. Lead?” I asked tentatively, kissing each individual six pack as she chuckled.
“My Zaika can do whatever he wants with me.” She smiled, “Where do you want me?” I turned her around and gently pushed her to the floor as her big shapely rear was up in the air, shaking slowly from side to side before my eyes. Her hands on her cheeks as she pulled them apart. “Oh… which one will he have fun with today?” she asked, nobody, chuckling as I climbed over her, prodding her rear hole with my dick.
“Ah!” I gasped, pushing into her incredibly tight rear hole as he shook her rear on me, her hole squeezing me tightly as she cooed. “Zarya…” I hissed, slowly moving back and forth inside her. “You’re so tight!”
She laughed, “Its another muscle to flex. Have your fun now Zaika.” She shook her hips, making me move with them she was so tight. “Don’t make me wait, I want to feel you pumping me.” I squeezed her rear with both hands before pushing out, and pulling back in, slowly. Feeling her shake beneath me as I pushed in and out. Her rear was ridiculously tight, it would stretch tightly on me as I pulled out, and gulped me back in as I thrust, she moaned contentedly beneath me as I pleasured myself with her muscular body.
I wrapped my arms around her waist, steadily pounding into her as I gasped in delight, she moaned a little louder, her mouth opening as she panted. “Deeper. Deeper Zaika. Make me feel it.”
“Zarya! Zarya! Zarya!” I chanted, feeling my dick throb eagerly for release.
“Give it to me!” she pleaded as I thrusted into her, “Oh yes…” she moaned, tightening around me as I pumped her full of my load. “That’s so good Zaika.” She moaned, shaking her hips as I slowly pulled out, spreading her butt again to look as her hole gaped tantalizingly before me. Her pussy gasping softly, begging me to pierce her.
I gave it a long attentive lick as she shivered, crying out in surprise as her pussy seemed to loosen, gasping as I stared into her soft pink warmth. I didn’t want to wait, I was kneeling behind her again, stroking my dick head against her folds before abruptly pushing deep inside her as she gasped. “Ah Zaika!” she laughed, shivering softly as I made her feel good, “…I love it when you’re rough with me.” I slapped her butt, she shrieked happily, pushing her butt against me as I thrusted in and out of her.  “Naughty Zaika.” She cooed, bouncing her rear up and down against my hips as I kept pumping. “You will make me cum…” she moaned, twitching, shivering and… she screamed, tightening around me as I pushed inside her, gasping for breath as my dick pumped thick white cum into her.
I gasped and pulled out of her, she moaned as she slowly climbed the wall with her hands. Her butt and pussy leaking my cum into the water as she chuckled. “Ooh… My Zaika.” She chuckled, spreading her lower lips to leak faster as she swayed her hips, dripping my cum.
“No.” I whimpered, pushing her butt cheeks together as she laughed, “Don’t waste it.” I felt her flex her ass in my hands as she smiled over her muscular shoulders at me before turning around and lifting me up. Kissing me as she held me in her arms. Then lifting me high, she let her tongue wrap around my length, resting me on her shoulders as she held my rear and forced me to let her give me a blowjob. I gripped her pink hair for balance as her head bobbed eagerly up and down, nosily slurping as she sucked out juices off.
Soon enough I was ready to pop, throbbing in her mouth as she grinned up at me, smiling lovingly as she sped up, looking me in the eyes as my fingers tightened in her hair, and I pulled, thrusting my hips as best I could forward as I released. Contentedly she swallowed, her tongue lapping at my dick as it pulsed cum into her mouth. Once I was finished she pulled away with a pop, kissing my head before she dropped me down into her arms, pulling me against her chest as she began to rinse us off in the water.
“Next time Zaika I think you should were the costume…” she smiled, “It would be hot…”
I blinked at her, as she scrubbed us down, “…Zarya are you a furry?” I asked, as she blinked at me.
“What? No. When have I ever suggested that?” she asked curiously.
“Its just… you keep calling me ‘bunny’ and for easter you actually made me dress up as one. You want me to wear that cheap furry suit…” I added, referring to the mascot costume.
“…Little Zaika.” She said firmly, glaring at him. “Does it really matter?” she asked.
“…Well…” I began sourly, “…If you were. There are lots of… role playing… we could do. Like your barbarian costume but more… animalistic.” I said shyly, I was already having ideas about me being a wolf and her being a sheep.
She just smirked, and kept rinsing me off.
After my thorough scrubbing, I made my way out of the school First, Zarya was going to drive me home when Scott exited the Home-Ec room with Ms Amari. “Hey Scott.”
Ms Amari jumped and my suddenness, but Scott just smiled calmly, “Hey buddy. Need a lift?”
“Nah Coach is giving me a ride.” I said, “What are you still doing here?”
“Oh.” He smirked and looked at Ms. Amari. “Ms. Amari just needed some help in the kitchen. A little pounding out later and we’re done.”
“I’m getting better!” she said blushing, looking scathingly at Scott and a little nervous, “I’m not that bad.”
“Anyway buddy I’ll walk you out.” He said, waving to Ms. Amari. “We can continue  with the 'lesson' later Ms. Amari…”
As we left I couldn’t help but notice the look Ms. Amari was giving my buddy. Poor oblivious Scott. He never could tell when the ladies were appreciating him. But I wonder if he really didn’t notice the looks Ms. Amari was often giving him? Or Ms. Colomar… or... any of the female teachers really.  Ah well… we can’t all have the perfect girlfriend like me… He’ll get a girlfriend too, one day. He is the best friend anyone could ask for.
“Oh yeah. Left for dead later? You can talk to Ms. Oxton about trying out for track.” He said conversationally.
“Sure.” I replied, and with one last fist bump, we went home for the day.
End of Chapter.
…So. Getting this out of the way. I thought all those references were funny.
So. First chapter not from Scotts perspective. It was actually a little harder for me to write than I thought. Jeremy’s not as confident or as witty as Scott, I had to delete a lot of comebacks because I forgot who I was writing… that and I was sleepy. Anyway, a Zarya chapter, as promised.
And I’m thinking if we hit 100 rating, I’ll do an Azeroth High special with Daelin, the orc version of Scott. And if you were paying attention to said references you’d figure out who his father is by obvious relation and his mother by his name.

And yes. Overwatch High Hamsters was... incredibly risky but I deemed it necessary considering the new character... don't judge me.


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