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Chapter 1 - Experiencing Some Growth

After a horrible accident in her youth, Mia has become a centaur with a male lower-half. Years later, she's now dealing with the unpredictable nature of her dual-body.

Commissioned by Sovietspyder from my .

Contains: Shemale/Female, Constant Growth, Centaur/Human, Stomach Bulge, Cum Inflation, Hyper.

Chapter 1 - Experiencing Some Growth

Chapter 1 - Experiencing Some Growth
Bright lights faded in and out around Mia. They were blurry, unfocused, but she could tell they came in long strips. Loud bangs and shouting voices echoed in her eardrums, though the ringing in her ears refused to let any words through. She couldn’t smell anything but copper, intermixed with the sharp odour of bleach. Her mouth was awash in a flavour that made her want to vomit, however that was impossible. There was something on her face, yet she couldn’t tell what it was.
Then everything went dark for a long time.
Mia’s eyes shot open. She ran a hand through her sweaty hair with a groan, then glanced at her alarm clock; 6:42AM. School wasn’t for another two hours. Another groan preceded a disgruntled nicker as she stood up, hooves clicking on the hard, linoleum floor of her government funded home. Even after all those years, she was still adjusting to the way her body moved.
Lights clicked to life around her as she entered her spacious bathroom. Her coat could do with a good wash after that dream, though it was more akin to a flashback. Mia pulled off her shirt, sighing softly when her breasts bounced into freedom. Had she been a normal human, they would have netted her several boyfriends already. As a centaur, however, most were intimidated or freaked out by her appearance.
Not that she could blame them. Mia paused in front of her mirror, one large enough to reflect her inhuman body. After an accident when she was on the cusp of womanhood, she was left completely paralysed from the waist down and orphaned. The details of the incident were hazy, the best explanation being a serious car crash. Mia never experienced being a paraplegic, though.
Without any known relatives or guardians to contact for permission, she was given an experimental – highly experimental – transplant. For reasons that were still unknown to her, her bottom half was replaced by that of a horse. But not a mare as it should’ve been, given Mia’s obvious gender before. It was a stallion’s body, which complicated several matters for the young girl.
The most obvious was having to learn to walk. Through means that went over Mia’s head, her body had acclimated almost perfectly to the equine. Her nerves, muscles, blood, cartilage and so on were all connected. The stallion had been young, a near equal for Mia’s own age at the time. Walking came quickly thanks to an expert physiotherapist. Living with two sets of hormones pumping through her, however, was another matter.
No matter what the hospital and specialists tried, her bodies were at war with one another. At least for most of her teenage years. In the end, she could argue that the benefits spoke for themselves. Mia shook her head as she glanced down at her lower half’s reflection, noting the heavy sheath that bobbed and swayed beneath her second belly.
She put most stallions to shame in that respect, while her upper body did the same to human women. Mia tore her eyes away and walked into her specialised shower stall, the water jets activating shortly afterward to douse her in warmth. The perks of having an unauthorised surgery performed on her was that she became an invaluable research subject, as such they paid for her living expenses and made sure she was content. In return for several monthly tests.
Aside from being the first centaur, Mia’s life was relatively normal. She finished high school with decent grades, managed to get accepted into her college of choice, and even managed to get a few friends who didn’t treat her as a novelty. For a time, she was famous simply for existing, then the fame wore down and she became a spectacle, but not one that caught everyone’s eye anymore. Of course, there were always going to be people who tried to shame her for something of her control.
Mia grunted as she tried to fit her bra. Her breasts were unnaturally perky on their own, barely sagging enough to stave off the accusations that they were fake, but a she preferred to wear the undergarment. It was comforting for her to use something meant for humans. Though, now, it tried hard to remove that comfort by constricting the life from her bosom. Mia grunted and gave up, letting it fall to the floor.
“Must’ve shrunk,” she decided and grabbed a newer set, but met the same results, “Or maybe not.” Mia sighed, hands moving to weigh her abundant bust. The mounds felt almost impossibly heavier, enough that most women would brush it off. Mia, on the other hand, had to notify her doctors of the change. If her body was still developing, then they needed to know.
Mia eventually managed to locate a bra that wouldn’t bite into her breasts. It was still uncomfortably tight, but she could ignore it. The centaur tugged a shirt on, grimacing at how taut the fabric stretched around her chest. It barely reached where her hips merged into her fur. She didn’t have to cover her lower half, since it was technically considered an animal. Though Mia had caught more than a few girls glancing at her sheath.
Next came her favourite part of her day; the journey to her campus. Mia lived on a piece of farmland, made with the intent of allowing her plenty of freedom and exercise, though it put her several miles away from her college. She didn’t mind. There was a straight path leading toward it, one that she had pounded into the ground herself. She made sure her bag was secure and took a long breath of the open air.
With her lungs full and her mind focused, Mia quickly built into a powerful gait. Her hooves slammed into the dirt below, overriding her past imprints. The wind caught her long hair, casting it behind her like a neon pink cloak, and rippled through her fur. Freedom was the best way she could describe the sensation.
Her muscles pumped in harmony to propel her forward at speeds few humans could experience. The rise and fall of her breasts made her more than aware of gravity, but her legs all but ignored it as they galloped across the earth. Mia’s hoof falls turned from dull thuds into sharp cracks against the concrete as she entered civilisation. She slowed down to a gentle trot, sighing in dismay.
“Cheer up, Mia,” an optimistic voice dictated, its speaker coming to sling an arm over the centaur’s flank, “You can run whenever you want, right?”
“Yeah,” Mia exhaled, her breath barely affected after her exertion, “But still…” She turned back to look at Annie, her friend since freshman year.
“If it helps, I could show you another exercise, wink, wink,” said another voice. This time, they approached from the front and laid two hands upon Mia’s breasts, fingers squeezing rhythmically, “I’ll never get tired of these.” They sighed and winked at the centaur.
“Quit it, Keira,” Mia shuffled back, escaping the perverted grasp of her other friend.
“Yeah,” yet another voice entered the fray, this one deep and heavily accented, “Not like you could handle her anyway.” It teased, the new arrival stepping into view. Rhona, a British native with Jamaican heritage, grinned teasingly at Mia, who sighed in response.
“Guys, I told you before, I’m just not looking for any relationships right now.”
“We know,” Annie said, patting Mia’s rump soothingly, though her fingers lingered longer than Mia was comfortable with. Particularly since Annie was the only that didn’t flirt with her.
“Doesn’t mean we can be friends with benefits, right?” Rhona winked, puckering her lips at the centaur. Mia rolled her eyes at the display and moved around the foreigner. The other three quickly moved to walk on either side of her, keeping pace despite her longer steps.
“Did you get taller?” Keira inquired, comparing their height. She only came up to Mia’s shoulder now, though she swore that she was level with her chin just a week ago.
“Maybe I’m not done with puberty yet?” Mia shrugged. At age 20 it was possible that she was still growing up, though she hadn’t noticed any differences in two years. It would explain why her bras refused to fit.
“Great,” Rhona groaned, “Now you’re gonna have even bigger tits.”
“Like you care,” Mia laughed, playfully hefting her breasts in her hands. A spark of pleasure rocked through her at the touch, however, causing her to quickly release them. She bit her lip to keep from letting on how good that had felt. They were never that sensitive before, even during her teenage years.
“Can’t argue with that,” Rhona agreed, glancing sideways at the hulking pair of breasts. Mia ignored the look, focusing on making sure she didn’t walk into anyone. It happened more often than she wanted to admit. Being almost seven feet tall made it easy to miss others.
“Hmm,” Keira murmured disgruntledly, looking at her own diminutive chest. She was athletic in every respect. Her curves were slight, and her muscles lightly toned, while her hair was tied back in a high ponytail. Competitiveness ran through her blood as fiercely as she would sprint across the track.
“Don’t worry, baby,” Rhona chuckled, slinging an arm over the much taller girl’s shoulders, “If I get any bigger, I’ll lend you some of mine.” It wasn’t much of an exaggeration either, as Rhona sported a pair any woman would be proud to have. Though they weren’t much compared to Mia’s own ridiculous bust.
“Wait, ‘lend’?”
“Well, yeah,” Rhona looked aghast, “You can’t expect me to permanently give up some of my boobs. I need all I can get.”
“Like hell you do,” Annie chided, staring at the busty girl, unimpressed by her statement. Mia glanced at her shortest friend, whose petite body was more of a blessing as it made her curvy rear more pronounced. Not that Annie relied on genetics to keep her butt large and pert, if her frequent power walks and fixation on squats were anything to go by.
“Guys, guys,” Mia caught their attention, “You’re all great in your own way.” They stared at her in silence for a moment, “Uh… do I have something on my face?”
“No,” Keira giggled and hugged the centaur, “Just thought you were going to break out in High School Musical or something.”
“Way to bring back the dated reference,” Annie chortled.
“It’s not that dated. The third one was, what… 2008?” Keira frowned.
“Whatever,” Rhona shrugged and paused at a door, “Here’s my stop. See you guys at lunch.”
“See ya,” the three all waved goodbye and continued to their own classes. Occasional glances found their way to Mia, but that was nothing new for the centaur after half a decade of being in the spotlight. Keira was next to leave the group, heading off to practice. Annie and Mia shared the same classes, as such they walked together.
What was normally an interesting lecture on socioeconomic statuses of minorities quickly lost its lustre. Mia found herself constantly shifting her shoulders, rolling them one by one to try and relieve the discomfort of her bra straps. It felt like they were trying to cut into her skin. She knelt at the back of the room at her custom desk, so there was little chance that she’d be seen removing her bra.
Mia quickly unclasped the torturous garment and let out a deep sigh of relief. She hadn’t noticed it, but the damn bra had been making it hard to breathe. With her chest no longer constricted, her thoughts turned to why her bra, that had mostly fit fine earlier, would become so painful. It was one thing to grow overnight, but to grow during the day just didn’t happen. She hadn’t drunk any more than normal, so it couldn’t be water retention.
The centaur leaned her head into her palm and inhaled deeply, then exhaled in a soft gasp. Her shirt had dragged across her nipples, but it didn’t feel like normal. It was more akin to a teasing hand, one trying to entice the nubs into erection. And with nigh-immediate results. Mia glanced down and saw her peaks stiffen and tent her shirt.
Like her breasts, they seemed bigger than usual. She quickly gathered her possessions and stood up, gesturing to the lecturer that it was an emergency. The college staff were all aware that she may have to randomly leave due to unforeseen issues, and this certainly classified as such. Mia shot Annie a nervous glance, before exiting the room with her bag held in front of her heavy chest.
“Doctor Roshni? Yeah, it’s Mia. Somethings come up. I… I think I’m growing, like really quickly… My bras were really tight this morning, now they’re unwearable… uh huh… Friday? Really? But, what if it gets… okay… okay… I’ll keep you updated… bye.”
Mia groaned when she pulled her phone from her ear. It was just her luck that something comes up and her personal doctor, the one responsible for looking after her when something weird happens, is on vacation. Friday was four days away. Who knew what could happen in that time?
She couldn’t go to any other doctors either. They would either take longer to get briefed on the situation or not fully understand it. Only a small team were privy to all of Mia’s details, to maintain secrecy about her procedure until they were certain it was more viable. There were doubtlessly other options open to her, but Mia couldn’t find the will to consider them.
Her thoughts were preoccupied with the arousal palpitating through her veins. It was rare that she would get so flustered, even around girls she had crushes on or when watching porn, but now she could hardly bare the warmth. Her cock peeked out from its sheath, trying to mimic her rebellious nipples. Mia paced in her private restroom, trying to clear her head with the rhythmic click of her hooves. To no avail.
“Dammit, why now?” Mia grumbled and massaged the sides of her head.
“Mia?” Annie’s voice filtered in through the door, catching Mia’s attention, “Can I come in?”
“N…” Mia swallowed back the word, “Uh, sure.” She could use some company right now. The bathroom door swung open and Annie quickly stepped in, broad hips swaying with her strides as she approached the centaur.
“What’s up? You looked freaked out back there.”
“It’s nothing… I hope,” Mia breathed, thankful to have someone there to take her mind off her body’s strange behaviour, “Might just be going through a little growth spurt.”
“Oh?” Annie thinned her eyes and stepped closer, coming to a stop when she stood face to breast with Mia’s bust, “Yeah, they look bigger.”
“You can tell?”
“Just because I don’t ogle your tits like Rhona, doesn’t mean I’m not staring,” Annie smirked, eyes twinkling softly. Mia stepped back and looked away, thrown off by the statement. Rhona and Keira made no secret of their attraction to her, but she’d always thought that Annie would just be a normal friend.
“Thanks, I guess?” Mia frowned when she saw Annie move around to her side, “What’re you doing?”
“Dunno,” Annie admitted with a heavy breath, “Hey, Mia?”
“Am I attractive?” Annie leaned forward, resting her arms and head on the centaur’s back. Her breaths brushed across Mia’s fur, soft as a hand’s caress.
“I know I’m not tall like Keira, or big like Rhona,” Annie continued, brow furrowing in a mix of confusion and frustration, “But do you think I look good?”
“Y-yeah,” Mia nodded, finding her eyes inevitably drawn to Annie’s most distinguished feature. It was hard to deny that the small girl was attractive, with her sleek frame, cute face and ass that put most to shame. The full cheeks stretched her shorts tight against them, while the curve of her spine acted was almost like a shelf. Annie smiled warmly at the centaur, her expression reminiscent of a mother’s, “You’re pretty hot.”
“I am?” Annie pressed, one hand sliding down Mia’s side to brush against her soft underbelly.
“Uh huh,” Mia sighed. The touch felt so nice; sweet and soothing. She unconsciously pushed herself closer to Annie, nickering under her breath, “You’re kind and cute… soft… and your butt…” Mia trailed off, hands moving to her breasts of their accord. A pulling sensation registered in her lower half, but she ignored it.
“My butt?” Annie teased, her other hand reached down to smack a check. The slap resounded throughout the room, echoing in Mia’s ears.
“Yeah,” Mia breathed, her exhales gradually hastening as she massaged her tits, “I can’t help but look when you bend over. Or when you’re walking away. Or when you cock your hips to one side.”
“It’s sexy, right?” Annie cooed, hand moving further down Mia’s underside, “But you’ve never seen it naked, have you?”
“No… I want to though,” Mia admitted.
“I’ll show you,” Annie said, pausing her strokes, “If you show me your boobs.”
“Sounds fair,” Mia agreed and hooked her fingers under her shirt, then pulled it from her top, allowing her breasts to bounce into the open air. Her nipples poked out further than ever, twitching with every other beat of her galloping heart. She panted softly, her body warm all over. The clang of metal hitting the linoleum floor brought her focus back to Annie, who now stood with her ass naked as ever. Mia couldn’t see any panties in sight.
“I like going commando,” Annie revealed with a shy grin. She walked back to Mia’s front and turned around, baring her rear to the centaur, before bending forward and reaching back to pull her cheeks apart, “So… what do you think, Mia?”
The centaur licked her lips but remained silent. Her gaze was captive by the view before her, chained to the spectacular swell of Annie’s cheeks and the glimpse of what laid beyond them. That pulling from earlier returned with greater fervour, then abruptly ended. A subtle breeze drifted through a vent and brushed along her sensitive appendage. Mia’s breath hitched in her throat when she realised that she was erect.
Around another person. Mia had always been too self-conscious, and her body too chemically unstable, to become erect before. She’d experienced it on occasion, like after a steamy dream or fantasy, but never around others. But here she was, standing behind a half-naked Annie with an erection most stallions would be jealous of. Mia’s mind darted to when her doctor had measured her erection in a controlled session.
It was two feet long and more than three inches wide at the shaft. Every inch of that enormity was on display, hanging under gravity’s sway despite the rush of blood and desire. Mia’s vision thinned to a pinpoint, completely and utterly fixated on Annie’s plush ass. Everything else was blacked out. The sterile white walls, the sinks and stalls, even the door was lost to her. In her gaze, there was no way out of this.
Annie’s head entered her sight. The girl’s face was flushed a deep red, her breaths were long and heavy, her lips were parted, and her eyes wide. Those orbs of pale blue copied Mia’s own, chaining themselves to the centaur’s massive, perky tits. Only when the centaur shifted from one hoof to the other, did her eyes stray and become enamoured by a far more incredible sight.
“Mia?” Annie gasped, breaths laboured, “Are you… do you want to use that?”
The question was unnecessary in Mia’s mind. Of course she wanted to use it, that was why she could feel every slight wisp of air on her cock or sense the sheer weight of it whenever her heart beat, and why she couldn’t take her eyes off Annie’s beautiful ass. She only managed to look away when Annie stood up and turned back around.
She walked over to Mia and paused in front of her. Annie rose on her tip toes and tilted her head, lips finding and capturing a nipple. A gasp met her audacious action. It turned to a low, husky moan when Annie brought her hands into the mix, groping and massaging the abundant flesh. Her tongue lathered the pulsing nub while she suckled on it, pulling the peak deeper into her mouth. Mia’s hands twined themselves in Annie’s hair and drew her closer.
“Annie,” Mia moaned, panting heavily as the girl switched nipples. The abandoned tip glistened with saliva and shuddered in the cool open air, reaching out almost an inch away from her breast. A finger and thumb quickly caught it, pinching and twisting the nub just right, “Fuck. Stop!” She jerked Annie away.
Both panted heavily as they stared at one another. Annie’s hands continued their ministrations, working the twin peaks like a pianist would their artform. With a nervous gulp, and a conversely lustful lick of her lips, she leaned down until her hands could reach Annie’s upper thigh. The girl spread them apart helpfully and moaned when a finger traced along the cleft of her pussy.
“You want me?” Mia rasped, awed by the sheer moisture.
“Yeah,” Annie nodded, undulating her hips in obvious need, “I wanted you since we met.”
“I could rip you apart,” Mia tried to reason, however her lust only continued rising in dominance. She wanted to test her words, to try and shove every inch of her monstrous sized cock into this small, slender shouldered girl. Annie could possibly handle it with her clearly wide hips.
“Yeah,” Annie cooed and shuddered, a rope of her pussy juice falling to the ground, “You wanna try?”
“Fuck yeah.”


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