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A story about Samus getting fucked by space pirates. Very original!

Also a sequel to this story: //

And as you can tell, also co-written by (besides myself) these two fine folks:
Simple story all about one Elizabeth O'brien filling in for an absent employee as a coin-op cumdump.
It also has a HALF-DECENT PICTURE to go with it, hey!
An elf, a watertight glass chamber, a randy tentacle monster, and more semen that you can shake a stick at.

Take note: this was written with two co-authors, namely these two:

Just FYI
Basically a remake of Good Omens for 2019, here's a companion piece to THIS PIC HERE
Also it was co-wrote by/with dyveira, go figure!
When a single-minded single mother finds out her only child is about to be expelled from school, how will she sort it out with the school's faculty?
Read on to find out, but here's a hint: it involves gratuitous oral sex...

This is also a sequel to a previous piece, by the way.

Here is a recent commission, an indirect sequel to another similar story, and just in general a grand ol' time if you're a fan of busty sluts breaking their backs on oodles of sickly thick animal dicks.

Explicit & Extreme!!
Bit of a sprawling saga I worked on with a co-op ghostwriter/secret admirer/hapless sap, all about one plucky slut and her blowout entry into the glamorous world of backyard bestiality cinema.

Citizen Kane, eat your heart out!
Spin-off sequel to a portion of a years-old Final Fantasy picture set, as seen here:

In this new chronicle, we'll see how Lulu picks herself up and gets back on the proverbial horse of having sex with big nasty monsters of all sorts.

Dig it!
Straightforward commission of these two characters' honeymoon fuck spree:

Featuring the best simile I've written this year, by far!
A simple story about Samus Aran, the Metroid Queen and entirely too many eggs.

Written entirely by "Shezari" who isn't on the site anymore, but asked me to host it here since it's connected to a very old picture of mine.
Originally posted here, and mostly co-authored with LustyPenny, here's the full thing for posterity.

It's the story of a couple fresh-faced Amish ex-pats meeting up with their experienced city-slicker relative, and being taken under her very vulgar, highly explicit wing.
i.e. they start whoring too.

\ Commission /

A story about a plucky pussy named Marie (visual references HERE), and the questionable methods she uses to get (in)famous quick.
I mean, the biggest stars have to start somewhere, so why not in the gutter?
Heavily inspired/politely plagiarized from this Marika story, here's another thing I unearthed from storage.
It's a story about one female nun named Maria and a day in her life in a convent of dickgirls. 

You can guess the rest!
A (very) brief plot to this picture: Sprink-Break-1
...which concerns some cocksuckers, a rudely woken mom, and several cell phones.

I found it while organizing some files and don't think it's been posted anywhere else; there's only this one short entry, so if I had planned to write more of this way back when, obviously that didn't pan out.

But it's here for posterity at least.
A story about a woman and three men.
With a twist!

And really a fairly simple story, including (but not limited to):

• a plucky oriental midget
• her third leg
• her many, randy co-workers
• excessive bullying

Dig it!

A young woman gets a sprinkle of bovine DNA, a solid education, and 10x her recommended daily allowance of vitamin D.
(and I do mean D)
A simple story about a woman, several dozen minotaurs and the ties that bind.
An incomplete/abandoned project that I don't think ever got posted. Just the story of a little rabbit and a big wolf or three.

It ends quite abruptly! You have been warned.
Yet another spin-off/sequel to Natalya's Revenge (with better prospects than that one-off ghetto adventure)
...Basically it's like Homeward Bound, only with slightly more fucking and sucking.

As before this was commissioned, and also sports the same general hardcore themes: reader B-WARE!
Oka Ruto loves occult rituals, but due to strict school regulations the only kind she can manage to organize is somewhat...unconventional.

A commissioned chapter about a couple of chicks, a couple of dicks and a whole lot of jizz.
(Somehow this is not the first Yandere Simulator porn I've made, if you can believe it!)
Now here's the story of a lovely lady beating the streets until fortune dumps a metric ton of inconvenient dark meat in her lap.

If that's too flowery of a description here's another: angry asian lady gets fucked up and down by a gang of innocent black men.
An ignoble negro / collegiate chauffeur is tasked with picking up a foreign exchange student from the local airport.
Surely this will proceed casually and not end with sweaty dressing-room sex.

Halfway Ghost-written by: DraceDomino, hey!
Amidst a long, brutal war between beasts and serpents, an enemy commander is captured, enchanted and turned to a very different purpose.

(a.k.a. one-off fling about a snake lady transformed into a magical cumdump)

EDIT – Hey look, a picture!
Simple & Sweet commission about a dutiful dog mom and her big black boisterous bull of a boss.
Is it really "interracial" if one of the couple is an animal? That's one for the philosophers.

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