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Chapter 6 - Jan 2020: Texting in Class - Shego and Ron

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Tags: Lesbians, Fluff, Anal Sex, Blow Job, Standing Fuck, Cumshots, Facials, Tsundere, Face Fuck, Masturbation, Sex Machines, Incest, Threesomes, Gang Bang, Cum-Swapping, Loud Sex, Competitive Sex

Fandoms: Mass Effect, Star Wars, Fate Stay Night, Frozen, Scooby-Doo

Chapter 6 - Jan 2020: Texting in Class - Shego and Ron

Chapter 6 - Jan 2020: Texting in Class - Shego and Ron
“Alright class, remember to read chapter six section nine by monday, and have a great weekend.” There was a surge of noise as fifty odd students gathered their stuff together and started to file towards the exit, but the teacher’s voice cut through it easily. “Not you Mr. Stoppable. You and I need to talk.”

A few of Ron’s friends gave him sympathetic looks, and one clapped him on the shoulder before pushing out of their seats and leaving him to his fate. Slouching, he hooked his bag over his shoulder and made his way down the lecture hall to where Ms. Go waited for him, arms crossed by the door. Shego didn’t wait for the rest of the class to leave before she started in on him. “We need to talk about your behavior Mr. Stoppable. Today was the third time you were late in the last two weeks, and your texting in class is becoming a real problem - Mr Fanks please close the door behind you.” 

Ron’s friend grimaced and mouthed ‘good luck’ before pulling the door closed behind him. Shego flicked the lock closed. “Where was I?”

“Texting.” Ron supplied, dropping his bag off at the foot of her desk. 

“Right. You’re texting has gotten out of hand. It’s beginning to become disruptive to the class.”

“It is?”

She tugged the blind down over the small window in the door. “Yes. How do you expect me to focus on teaching when I see you sitting there tapping away and I know that the next time I check my phone I’m going to see something like this.” She’d crossed to him as she spoke and she held up her phone, reading out loud.” “That skirt’s so short I’d hardly even need to pull it up to fuck you. Mmm, I love it when you bend over like that. I’m gonna fuck your throat till that button pops off.” As she read the last one her hand went to the high collar of the conservative button up she wore under her jacket. Her stern expression turned coy. “Is that a promise?”

Ron leered back at her, his sheepish act falling away, revealing strength and confidence. “You know it is.” 

She was on him in a second, wrapping her arms around his neck, shoving her lips against his. Her kiss was hard and hot, the release of an hour’s frustrated need. Ron kissed her back, acknowledging her need, claiming it. He wrapped an arm around her hip, grabbing her ass, pulling her hard against him. His other hand slid up her back, fingers sinking into her hair.  Roughly her pulled her head away, breaking the kiss with a flash of casual violence that pulled pained gasp from her lips. Her eyes told a different story though. They were wide, pupils dilated with excited hunger. Her hands left his neck, scrabbling at the front of his baggy pants with fingers made clumsy by haste. Questing fingers found him through the loose fabric, and she growled as she tugged his belt open. His pants were next, the fly ripped open so fast it was a wonder she didn’t break the zipper. Then her hands were in his pants. Her growl turned into a breathy moan as she fondled him over his boxers. 

Her legs almost seemed to collapse under her, their support falling away and leaving her squatting in front of him. Shego pressed her face against him, nuzzling his hardness before tugging his boxers down. His cock bobbed as it came free, bouncing against her face and obscuring one eye. Lazily he picked her phone up off the desk, swiped over to the camera and started snapping pictures. Shego went with it, smothering his cock under a wave of kisses, coating him in lipstick and spit. When she moved up to place a kiss on his head though, Ron’s hand in her hair tightened, and he pulled her down onto him. Her startled gasp was cut off as his cock pushed all the way into her throat. Forgoing any further warm up, he started thrusting, claiming her throat with almost casual force. Shego gagged around him, choking a bit with each thrust, eyes rolling back a bit and drool leaking out around the edge of her mouth. His dick stretched her throat, pushing deep until with a loud *pop* the button holding her collar closed snapped. Ron held her down for another moment, savoring the tightness of her gullet. Then his fingers in her hair tightened, and he hauled her back. 

His cock came free with a wet *gluck*. Drool coated his shaft, more of it running down her chin and dripping onto her shirt. She dragged in a panting breath, struggling to regain a semblance of composure. He didn’t give her time. Releasing her hair, he took a grip on her shoulder and hauled her to her feet, shoving her toward the desk, bending her over it. His hand stayed on her shoulder, holding her there he stepped around behind her. His other hand slipped up under her skirt, rubbing her through the thin cotton of her panties. The wet heat of her arousal soaked into the fabric, coating his fingers, making them slick as he tugged her panties down to her knees. Her breath sped up as she felt his cock prodding her entrance, her entire body quivering with anticipation. True to his word, he didn’t bother pushing her skirt up. Instead he pulled her hips up, forcing her bend her back and give him all the access he wanted. Then he was inside her and Shego let out a deeply satisfied moan as his cock filled her. This was what she’d been wanting, what she’d needed since even before he sent her that first text. Pleasure washed through her, and she gave herself to it. She was shameless now, totally lost in the heat and pleasure of his pounding hips as he fucked her over her desk.

Like with her throat, Ron didn’t bother going slow. This wasn’t that kind of fuck. This was quick, this was dirty, and that’s how he fucked her. His hips slapped hers with frantic energy, his affected apathy gone as he indulged fully. “Fuck. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck.” She gasped, repeating the words over and over as he pounded. Her voice rose in volume until it threatened to echo around the empty lecture hall. They couldn’t have that now. The mounting moans died abruptly as Ron pulled out. She started to look around, trying to see why he’d stopped, but his hand on her shoulder shifted to her neck, holding her down. Whining, she wiggled her hips, frustrated need pounding through, her body screaming for the pleasure to return. A moment later it did. Shego cried out as his cock filled her again, her mouth opening to release a primal sound of pure pleasure, only for it to be cut off a moment later when he shoved her crumpled panties into her mouth. She gagged on the sudden intrusion, but his hand stayed over her mouth and he leaned close to her ear to murmer: “Be quiet, unless you want the whole school to know what a fucking slut you are.”

The harsh words sent shivers through her. Her back arched, pushing her away from her desk as everything tensed, shivering on the edge of total release. Shego didn’t know how it had come to this, how she’d found herself in the position of craving Kim Possible’s sidekick’s dick so badly she’d let him screw her like this. She’d been there for every step of it, but she still didn’t know how it happened. All that mattered was that it had, and now here she was: bent over her desk, her own soaked panties shoved into her mouth to keep her quiet as he fucked her to a body shaking, mind fogging climax. Sensation washed through her, a wave of rippling lighting that robbed her of her strength and sent her slumping back onto the cheap particle board as the pleasure played itself out. She wasn’t totally done. Muted aftershocks continued to pulse out from her pussy as Ron kept fucking her. After a few moments the aftershocks began to grow in intensity, feeling returning to her body just in time for her to experience the rush of heat as Ron came. Grunting, he pushed himself deep, holding himself in her as he pumped himself into her. Her inner walls gripped back at him, urging him deeper, helping hold him. She felt each twitch and pulse, and it made her moan, pleasure rolling out with each pulse.

A moment later though, that pleasure left, Ron pulling out of her, leaving her empty. Shego whimpered, spitting out her underwear so she could moan: “More. I want more.” She slid one arm under herself, pushing them insider herself to feel the gooey heat of their mingled cum. “Come on. Just one more time.”

Standing behind her, Ron recorded her plea, taking special care to get a close up of the mess her fingers were making of her twat. Still holding the camera he laughed and swatted her ass affectionately. “Aren’t we greedy today.”

“You love it.” She said, continued playing with their cum and wiggling her hips enticingly. “Come on, don’t make me beg.”

He slapped her ass again, then leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. “You have a class to teach. If you want more, or you if want these back,” he plucked her panties up off her desk, “come find me and Kim after school.” A tap of his fingers sent the video off to his girlfriend as he tugged his pants closed. Then, slipping her panties into his book bag, Ron her bent over the desk, even more frustrated and horny then she’d been before he fucked her. Pushing her fingers deeper, feeling the cum squelch out around them, Shego shivered and wondered just what she’d gotten herself into.


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