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Wonder Woman - Of royalty and beasts

Circumstances have Diana paired with an unlikely partner, leading to unforeseen consequences and the exploration of her gifts, principles and very nature.
To be fully illustrated in time.
Discussions welcome.



Chapter 0 - Part 1, Prologue
Submitted: March 24, 2013 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 3663 • Size: 21k • Comments: 179 • views: 14920

Chapter 2 - Part 1, Chapter 1: "Inception"
Submitted: March 28, 2013 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 6385 • Size: 35k • Comments: 0 • views: 12440

Chapter 3 - Part 1, Chapter 2: "Anthology"
Submitted: August 9, 2013 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 17428 • Size: 99k • Comments: 0 • views: 9707

Chapter 4 - Part 1, Chapter 3: "Surfeit"
Submitted: August 16, 2013 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 9679 • Size: 54k • Comments: 0 • views: 13702

Chapter 5 - Part 1, Epilogue
Submitted: April 19, 2014 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 2210 • Size: 12k • Comments: 0 • views: 7614

Chapter 6 - Part 2, Prologue
Submitted: November 16, 2014 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 1244 • Size: 6k • Comments: 0 • views: 5792

Chapter 7 - Part 2, Chapter 1 "Endeavors"
Submitted: April 24, 2015 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 18850 • Size: 108k • Comments: 0 • views: 4846

Chapter 8 - Part 2, Chapter 2 "Showdown"
Submitted: August 6, 2017 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 11638 • Size: 66k • Comments: 0 • views: 2522

Chapter 9 - Part 2, Chapter 3 "War of the Worlds"
Submitted: August 6, 2017 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 10207 • Size: 59k • Comments: 0 • views: 1883

Chapter 10 - Part 2, Epilogue
Submitted: August 6, 2017 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 7404 • Size: 41k • Comments: 0 • views: 1906

Chapter 11 - Part 3, Prologue
Submitted: August 6, 2017 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 1911 • Size: 10k • Comments: 0 • views: 1416

Chapter 13 - Part 3, Chapter 1 "Parable"
Submitted: August 6, 2017 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 103853 • Size: 583k • Comments: 0 • views: 2356

Chapter 14 - Part 3, Chapter 2 "Cinémá Vérité"
Submitted: August 6, 2017 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 17462 • Size: 100k • Comments: 0 • views: 2991

Chapter 15 - Part 3, Chapter 3 "Mirror, Mirror"
Submitted: August 6, 2017 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 2910 • Size: 16k • Comments: 0 • views: 2156

Chapter 16 - Part 3, Epilogue
Submitted: August 6, 2017 • Updated: April 4, 2019
Word count: 5982 • Size: 33k • Comments: 0 • views: 3375


Comments (179)

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JNico88m on September 25, 2019, 11:26:36 AM

JNico88m on (Chapter: index)
JNico88mI remember this story that I stopped reading it last year, I don't know why, and several months ago I tried to find it and I couldn't and I'm glad to find it again but I have the feeling that it was longer

TheAmphioxus on September 25, 2019, 11:19:45 PM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusIt is the full story here, as far as I can tell. As it is, it's over 165K words, which is longer than most novels, plus there's an ongoing sequel(disregard the word-count on this site, it makes no sense).
Anyway, I hope you'll find it interesting enough to read through the whole thing, and I hope you enjoy it. Cheers!

JNico88m on September 26, 2019, 1:39:46 AM

JNico88m on (Chapter: index)
JNico88mI am in the middle of the story and I like it a lot. When I finish it, I continue with the other stories you have. Cheers! : P

JNico88m on September 25, 2019, 11:29:10 AM

JNico88m on (Chapter: index)
JNico88mI also saw that hentai foundry censured the bestiality ... I hope you haven't censored the story

TheAmphioxus on September 25, 2019, 11:15:39 PM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusI am unaware of any censorship happening in HF, but as far as I can tell there has been no change to any of my content. I certainly never censored any of it. If by chance you catch anything along those lines though, let me know.

JNico88m on September 26, 2019, 1:34:12 AM

JNico88m on (Chapter: index)
JNico88mNah, I know what happened. I entered hentai foundry with the incognito mode and apparently material like yours ceased to be visible unless you have an account.

StoneSorceress on November 3, 2018, 11:20:14 PM

StoneSorceress on (Chapter: index)
StoneSorceressThe stories are fun, but using non-standard punctuation makes them hard to read.  Quotes are for speech. Itals are for thoughts.  Been that way in English for ages.  If you compiled the whole story, you could probably standardize it with a clever search and replace.
Oh, and you should definitely do more art.  :-)

TheAmphioxus on December 1, 2018, 2:31:36 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusThanks for the feedback.
Actually, it was readers' feedback which had me using en-dashes for speech and added quotations for thougths. I saw this format among others in an old book, and ran them through a few people, and they liked this one better, so I just kinda stuck with it. Personally it doesn't make a difference to me. You're right though, it would be easy to re-edit in more standardized format. Maybe if I do another edit to correct some mistakes, I migyt consider doing it, or having both versions.

StoneSorceress on December 1, 2018, 2:24:52 PM

StoneSorceress on (Chapter: index)
StoneSorceressMore standard punctuation would help you get more readers -- or at least not turn some off.  ;-)  (Honestly, it's _very_ hard for us to read and enjoy that way.)  And folks have come up with all sorts of crazy styles for writing on the Internet -- but the standard ones used in published books have a long and successful history behind them.  In any case, best of luck with it and any future edits and art!  :-)

EnochMcCain on February 20, 2019, 10:08:59 AM

EnochMcCain on (Chapter: index)
EnochMcCain100% what StoneSorceress said. I tried to read this and was actively turned off by the non-standard punctuation.

No need to fix what isn't broken! I don't know who the readers who gave you that feedback is, but they've steered you wrong.

TheAmphioxus on February 20, 2019, 10:14:42 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusFair enough. I'll put up a re-edited version with standard punctuation soon.

EnochMcCain on February 20, 2019, 10:17:11 AM

EnochMcCain on (Chapter: index)
EnochMcCainSweet! Thank you! :)

TheAmphioxus on February 20, 2019, 10:18:05 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusNo problem. I appreciate the feedback.

StoneSorceress on February 25, 2019, 5:49:15 AM

StoneSorceress on (Chapter: index)
StoneSorceressGreat!  Let us know when that happens.  :-)  Oh... And do more ART!  :-)

TheAmphioxus on April 4, 2019, 10:15:48 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusWelp, it's done. I've re-edited and reformatted the story. It's now in a more standardized presentation. Took a while, since it's pretty long; sorry. If you haven't read it, I hope you'll give it a chance, and if you do, I hope you enjoy it. Any further feedback is welcome, and thanks for the one already given.

TheAmphioxus on February 25, 2019, 7:41:03 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusAs soon as I have the edit finished(I'm not just replacing en-dashes for quotation marks, I figured might as well edit properly while at it). Some new pictures are also planned.

StoneSorceress on February 25, 2019, 8:34:46 AM

StoneSorceress on (Chapter: index)
StoneSorceressAwesome.  More pix always welcome.  Weren't you considering a picture patreon at one point?  Of course, they've cracked down on this kind of stuff.  (No understanding of fantasy, we suppose.)

TheAmphioxus on February 25, 2019, 7:19:47 PM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusYeah. I'll see about how to best use Patreon, or similar services, without having issues with content.

TheAmphioxus on December 1, 2018, 6:48:52 PM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusI'll take it into consideration, as I'll be doing another edit before posting it in other websites, or posting more material here, anyway. In any case, I appreciate the feedback.

psicomenace on August 6, 2017, 6:21:24 PM

psicomenace on (Chapter: index)
psicomenaceNo freaking way, this is real? I barely can believe it, I'm really glad to see this, I'm just about to begin to read the new parts and I just want to say THANK YOU so very much, now time to read.

TheAmphioxus on August 6, 2017, 11:20:43 PM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusThank You for the interest.
If I may recommend it though, it might be worthwhile for you to re-read the whole thing. I know it's a lot to ask, given the length of the story, but as you can see the entire thing has been re-edited and there have been new parts inserted in the beginning. Your call.

psicomenace on August 7, 2017, 1:15:10 AM

psicomenace on (Chapter: index)
psicomenaceThen I will do it, anyway this couple of years you were gone I usually came back every few months to re-read all so I have no problem with do it once more (actually was exactly a re-read what prompted me to write one of my last post asking if you were still there XD).
BTW I just read that you have a amusing idea for the eventual outcome not involving sexual themes and I must say that I could absolutly love to read it, I like to read porn but usually when there is a story involved and if it's actually a good story I don't even care if it involves sex (so in turn I just like to read actually), I really hope for you to share that idea with the rest of us, please.

TheAmphioxus on August 7, 2017, 4:56:23 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusWell, if you must know... Lots of people have mentioned to me that they like the idea of Diana and Krypto having offspring, so I considered how to introduce the concept if I were to do it.

So I thought it could be amusing to have one of those stories where a character(probably Superman) would get transported to a sort of 'alternate future' where he/she would meet the next generation of heroes(possibly in a setting where some great cataclysm happened, killing off the older generation).
This character would meet the children of Lois and Clark, Batman and Catwoman/Talia, and so on... To his/her surprise though, one or two of these new heroes would be the son/daughter(s) of Wonder Woman and Krypto.
It would be just a regular superhero tale. Beat the bad guy, then go back to his/her regular timeline/dimension type thing; But it would be interesting for the character in question to see/experience how this strange union between Diana and the Super-dog had produced such an impressive and benign result, and how he/she would look at the both of them from now on, knowing where them being together could lead.  

Inspector777 on August 7, 2017, 10:51:38 AM

Inspector777 on (Chapter: index)
Inspector777The story could always take place in two time periods, switching back and forth as it moves along. That way we get to experience Wonder Woman's inner struggle with how to deal with the fact of finding out that she can actually get pregnant by Krypto, and Superman's(I think Batman should be there as well as another comic relief character) adventure with the obvious eventual result. 

Also, I can see them having maybe twins the very first time, but in no way stopping there with Diana "going into heat" quite often, that way being quite a comic moment when in the future adventure we see one or two sons/daughters from every other hero, but Wonder Woman and Krypto basically having made their own league, and their kids being quite "popular" with many others. 

Lastly I think we are not done with Power Girl, sure she will never fuck a dog, but throughout the story we get the sense that even though she claims to be disgusted by their relationship she also seemed deeply fascinated by it to the point of developing almost a voyeuristic fetish, I can see her spying of them regularly in the future like she did before. I don't know if it would work or make sense, but would like to see her ask Wonder Woman if she could be there for them and "share that beautiful moment" when she actually plans to get pregnant. It might be too out there but I feel as though her actions were leading to a similar direction in the story but never quite got there, with her sort of fading in the background, this way she could could have a supportive role, but definitely deeply involved somehow.  Than again, it might be just too out of character, I don't know. 

TheAmphioxus on August 8, 2017, 1:59:52 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusThose aren't bad ideas at all. Nice.

Doing a parallel storyline would be a good way to go, though Diana's side would only need a few scenes.
I can picture some scenes I know I'd use on both storylines, were I to do it.

Not sure about the Diana+Krypto legion of superheroes though.
On the one hand, it would be a fitting reflection of their relationship, and would happen over time, on the other, scarcity principle; The more you have of something, the less meaningful it becomes.
Also, this would be a Kingdom-Come-esque alternate future setting, happening after some great cataclysm, or battle, where most of the older heroes would have died; So likely Diana and Krypto didn't have time to breed as they would. I suppose a boy/girl set of twins would be the best option.

Power Girl is somewhat sexually repressed. She does have a fascination about WW/Krypto's affair, but it's a regretful one. Kinda like someone who's trying to be on a diet, but eventually breaks and binges, only to feel bad afterward, and that happens again and again...
Her role in the story is to be the 'confidant who knows' to Diana but also to provide a counterpoint(she is, after all, correct in her assertion that the latter rationalizes the affair).
I think she might be there when Diana gives birth. And she would probably go on to take the role of "cool aunt Karen, who lets us have pizza and chocolate for dinner, and watch horror movies" to those children; Staying with them whenever WW and/or Krypto are otherwise occupied, or want some 'alone time'. Which would make her have agrowing fondness for everything that happened, looking back. 

ksennin on April 14, 2018, 6:05:47 PM

ksennin on (Chapter: index)
ksenninOne thing I think would be interested to address even if tangentially regarding PG's fascinated bystander status, is to have her ponder if in some reluctantly acknowledged fantasy she would rather be in Diana's place, or Krypto's place, or if it would have to be both per force because it is the nature of their being a couple that captures her interest/fascination/conflicted-acceptance.

TheAmphioxus on April 14, 2018, 10:12:55 PM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusThere's probably a bit of a case for all of these perspectives.
You could argue there was always some amount of attraction towards Diana on PG's side, even if unconsciously so.
When Karen first finds out about the WW/Krypto affair, however, I'd imagine she has a guilt-ridden inclination towards placing herself in WW's shoes, as result of the sheer sexual energy/chemistry she observes oozing from the two togather(although PG would never acknowledge, or admit to that).
Later on, PG probably develops a facination for the idea of watching WW and Krypto as a couple, since she begins to notice how they play off each other, and become larger than the sum of their parts. This is another thing she'd probably refuse to acknowledge, but she likely realizes it would not be anywhere near as intense, nor interesting to watch either Diana, or Krypto going at it with anyone else. Reluctantly, she would have to admit, at least sexually, those two are the perfect combo; Even if she remains disapproving of the relationship as a whole.

Exploring PG's psyche in such a way would have to be done in another story. I do already have some potential ideas regarding her in the sequel though...

psicomenace on August 7, 2017, 8:54:12 PM

psicomenace on (Chapter: index)
psicomenaceI  would love to see Kara involved sexually with Krypto but I fear that it could turn the story into some kind of harem cliche, I mean I love the aproach of Ksennin to develop the relationship between Krypto and the many females (specially Diana and Kara) but I don't know if it could be easy or too hard to do it in this case.
To be honest I think in this case she (Kara) could need to have her own Krypto to make it work given that Krypto and Diana seems to be really compromised with each other, or maybe Diana could need to be somehow more permisive but at the same time keeping her as the "Alpha" of Krypto.

TheAmphioxus on August 8, 2017, 2:07:28 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusUnless I tonally shifted the story, having PG go any further than the small hints and implications already in the story would be too contrived. She may fantasize about it though...

psicomenace on August 7, 2017, 8:40:11 PM

psicomenace on (Chapter: index)
psicomenaceI really, really would love to read this, to read abou the children/pups of Diana and Krypto meeting Demian and or Helena and Jon(Superboy), actually it seems like a wonderful idea, it could a bit like that issue of Multiversy where Jon is Superman, Demian is Batman and he is in love with the (bald) daughter of Lex Luthor just that this time with the delicious addition of one (or even better, many) of the half canine-kryptonian offspring of Wonder Woman.
Now to be honest I really want to read it even if there is not sex involved at all in the story, at least just to read the reactions and the interaction.

TheAmphioxus on August 8, 2017, 2:15:35 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusIdeally, what I would find it more interesting to do is a regular continuity like that, with all kinds of stories, only it just so happened that 'adult content' is permissible; As opposed to having one centered around showing that 'adult content'.
In my opinion, sexual content is potentially just as contextual and/or relevant as anything else. I just want to step away from the standard that "sex is taboo, but showing maiming and dismemberment is fine" we have right now.

psicomenace on October 18, 2017, 12:15:38 PM

psicomenace on (Chapter: index)
psicomenaceHi, I just reread the epilogue and I was just wondering how it was going that non-sexual story with the future sons of Diana and her stud? Are you still thinking about it?

Well again thank you for finishing this wonderful piece of art.

TheAmphioxus on October 18, 2017, 2:05:52 PM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusYes. The Wonder Woman bits I've already written, actually.
I just need to figure out a plot for the parallel Superman story. I have some ideas there, but not all that concrete right now.

I kinda got a bit hindered by taking on too many commissions... But once I'm done with what I have in my list, I'll have a couple of finished images for some of the stuff in my scraps section to post; Stuff related to the story.

Inspector777 on November 26, 2017, 6:27:36 PM

Inspector777 on (Chapter: index)
Inspector777I hope you end up doing it, I feel like it would be a great continuation of this story, still so much potential I think. 

TheAmphioxus on November 27, 2017, 5:20:33 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusI like the concept, so it will get done eventually.
Still, lots of things to consider.
It's a 'Kingdom-Come-esque' alternate/possible future setting, so I'll have to create a few new characters, beyond WW and Krypto's twins. Also, while the WW side story is pretty much done already, the main plotline needs to be interesting and have a purpose. I already have several ideas there, but nothing concrete as of yet.

psicomenace on October 18, 2017, 3:06:56 PM

psicomenace on (Chapter: index)
psicomenaceWonderful, I'll be waiting for all of it.

johnny2by4 on August 17, 2017, 3:59:20 PM

johnny2by4 on (Chapter: index)
johnny2by4glad to see this is finished, its been on my watch list for years. 

was wondering if anyone was having issue viewing the pdf version though?  doesn't seem to work for this story anymore.

TheAmphioxus on August 18, 2017, 8:36:59 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusHey. I hope you enjoy the finished version then.
If you find it at all possible, read it from the start; I know it's a long story, but there are lots of newly added bits, and much of it has been re-edited.

For different formats, may I recommend you go to my blog.
You can download all individual parts of the story in a few different forms there(I don't advise the EPUB though. The conversions screwed my editing).
Any other questions, let me know.

ChubbyDevil on August 14, 2017, 4:36:06 PM

ChubbyDevil on (Chapter: index)
ChubbyDevilUgghh, I got logged out when I hit preview comment. Gonna just give you the TL;DR

Great story premise, loved the climax, personally would've liked more disapproval and shock for the revelation but that's just me, parable droned on with not much pay off in the narrative, challenges didn't feel relevant in the end and only meant to show how strong Krypto was.

Keep it up, looking forward to the Red Sonja story.

TheAmphioxus on August 18, 2017, 8:15:20 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusMaybe like me, you clicked the "reply" button above, instead of the "submit" button below, and your message got lost... It happens...

You really think there would have been more shock and disapproval given the context of the DC universe? In a grand scheme of things, a lot of the heroes have done worse; Some even used to be villains.
The 'Parable' chapter is not meant to showcase Krypto's strength; Rather, its main point is to reinforce how neither WW, nor Krypto were fundamentally changed as individuals, in spite of being brainwashed, and existing inside a fantasy world. They go through a quest and grow closer legitimately, which leads to the inevitable outcome; This was, of course, the QoF's plan all along. Except, she did not realize maintaining the pair's heroic nature was a built-in flaw to her design.
Also, I  wanted to have a bit of a break from the sexual content in the story. I thought it would make the payoff more meaningful at the end.

Thanks for the feedback.

Tiafain789 on August 9, 2017, 4:16:38 AM

Tiafain789 on (Chapter: index)
Tiafain789Really looking forward to read this. And having it illustrated? Oh my... yes please.

TheAmphioxus on August 9, 2017, 5:16:55 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusThanks. It's a lengthy story, but I hope you enjoy it.
Pictures will be coming soon.

Inspector777 on August 6, 2017, 7:24:04 PM

Inspector777 on (Chapter: index)
Inspector777OK, now that I went though the whole thing, great story for sure, one of the best Wonder Woman erotic fanfic I have read. It is super sexy especially because of the taboo element, and yet you really made me buy into this relationship working somehow, especially since it all felt in character, pretty unreal stuff.
The only real complain I can find is that the fairy tale chapter was too long-winded, I mean, I understand it's purpose of showing the strength of their relationship, but still I feel like it made the story drag in that particular part.

You make up for it right away with that awesome chapter-long sex scene though, it was super intense for sure, you can sure paint a good picture of how rough but sensual their sexual encounters can get. I'm seriously hoping that you draw a picture of that part with the magic lasso, that shit was nuts. 

Still, I feel as though this is not really the end, like they need to take it to the next level. And yes, I do mean Krypto actually breeding her. I know its crazy, but I feel as though along with the fairy tale aspect and Diana's mythological roots, it would just be the logical conclusion to this tale. I would not have her give birth to a dog mind you, but more along the lines of a mythological hero whose one of his parents was an animal or a god posing as animal. Maybe resulting in something like Beast Boy, Cheetah, Tigra, Animal Man, Wildcat(Tom Bronson), etc. Hell, he or she could just have animal eyes or Kryptonian abilities, or something like that.   

It might be too extreme though, perhaps actually breaking the sense of believably of the story, and I completely understand if you don't want to go there, I just feel as though the end of the story is not really the end, and I do hope you comeback to this sexy alternative universe at some point.
Lastly, I'm really glad you didn't include Power Girl in their sexual activities, sexy as it might have been, it would just have felt completely out of character and harm the story, I think that was the right decision. I really liked the part she play in the story though, great way to bring out Wonder Woman's inner feelings and give her more dimension. 

TheAmphioxus on August 7, 2017, 12:36:20 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusYou sir, are a fast reader!

I know the fairy tale chapter might be seen as too long, it is almost half the whole story after all. Truth be told, I only went through it to edit once, so more than likely, it does need some polishing.
However, I think the length can work in the sense that, since the reader already has the background of what happened before, it creates a vibe of "Won't you two just realize what you both want, and get through wit it already?!"
Now; I know that for people in it for the adult material only, they may be just thinking "Enough story! get to the good stuff!", but my intention was always to write a story first. That it happens to contain 'Super-dog on Amazon Princess action', is only a nice perk...
In a way, I decided to write this to try in supply a demand for something that I myself wanted to see; Which is the ability to combine adult themes and elements with regular storytelling.  
Plus, it was fun to break away from the expected content and write just a regular adventure tale for a bit. Lots of little easter eggs in there too.

I'll be doing pictures and animations for every part. So... There's that.

It's not crazy at all to suggest them breeding.
From a purely biological standpoint, Wonder Woman is a Divinely engineered unique being, while Krypto is a genetically engineerd unique alien hybrid; Neither of them should be compatible, not only with each other, but with anyone else.
However... On a 'meta' level, Wonder Woman is also specifically designed to be a female paragon, and to potentially epitomyze all that means; And it just so happens that a quitessential trait of femininity is motherhood. To create life!
The way this would work, I believe, is that as Diana gets more physically and emotionally receptive to a partner, her body begins to biologically alter itself, as to become fecund to that partner's seed, specifically(I don't believe she has menstrual cycles). BTW, I picture their children would look something like this:
You are correct in that the story isn't over, in the sense that it is an open ending, though the above really is the logical, eventual outcome. The question is, whether there is an interesting story to be told there, or not. I actually had an amusing idea concerning this subject, but there would be no adult content there.

The initial idea with Power Girl was to have her presenting a counterpoint to Diana's views on the matter.
My original thought was to have her "do it" with Krypto once, but unlike Wonder Woman, she would not be able to get over him being an animal.
You're right though... The more I wrote, the more contrived it was to have her actually do all that much, if anything, with him; And it was completely unnecessary for having her present the dissenting view in the end. She grows to tolerate Diana's choices, but it is still objectionable to her.
I realize this is something people who read "erotic" stuff want to see, but to me the adult content is incidental; Like I said, I was more interested in telling the story, which just so happened to involve the themes it does... Nothing wrong with just wanting to see some porn, if that's your thing, but if that is all someone wants to see, there are much better, and more 'to the point' creators out there; I'm probably not your guy.  

Thanks for the feedback.

Inspector777 on August 7, 2017, 2:07:03 AM

Inspector777 on (Chapter: index)
Inspector777Oh, I really like the way you describe the way Wonder Woman would actually change biologically to get pregnant by Krypto, who is an alien dog, its both really kinky and yet also sweet. It would be like the definite statement that they are literally made for each other, and of course the taboo element would increasing dramatically as well when you actually have inter-species breeding, the best of both worlds of romance and deviancy. 
So yeah, now I definitely would like to read about this, and there would definitely be some adult content there, especially since you know once Diana realizes that this is happening she would love to make it super special for both of them, the most personal and intense breeding session yet. As to what they would look like, I don't know something ala Satyrs since we are dealing with Greek mythology? but definitely something beautiful since Diana is involved, also more dog rather than goat I suppose. Hell, have her kid team up with the Super-sons, because that book has been nothing but awesomeness and we all know DC will never give her kids like they did with Supes and Bats. 
Anyway, I can't wait for your art for the different chapters, there better be one with Krypto holding the reins to Diana, because that was a great moment. 

TheAmphioxus on August 7, 2017, 5:27:37 AM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusDepends on whether she would find out before, or after getting pregnant.
This particular subject is more about her embracing the idea though, as opposed to the sexual dimension of it.
How would it make her feel? Would she try contraceptive methods, only to find she doesn't want them? And so on...

I think the specific look for their child would depend on sex.
A male would take more after Krypto, and be a sort of Anubis-esque type; While a female would take after Diana and be a beautiful Amazonian woman with minor animalistic traits, like Cheetah/Tigra types.
Both would carry features making it very obvious they were dog-human hybrids though.

Not to play Devil's advocate, but DC shouldn't give WW a kid just for the sake of it.
Every time they've ever tried even giving her a 'love interest', it was always contrived, and degrees of terrible; Not to mention, it was typically an effort made because "she's a female lead. She needs a love interest"... 
To be honest, one of the things that compelled me to write this story, was that when I first saw and contemplated the idea of her with Krypto, it made me think "you know what? Tweak a few things about Krypto, and that can really work!", which is almost the diametric opposite of what I could ever say about previous attempts at giving her a partner.
Now, if they were to bring in Diana/Krypto's child(ren) into a book, that would be something!...

TheAmphioxus on August 6, 2017, 2:31:47 PM

TheAmphioxus on (Chapter: index)
TheAmphioxusI'm trying to fix the "Parable" chapter. For some reason the font looks really tiny there, and i can't seem to change it.
For the moment, I recommend you go to my blog(, where you can find and download the story in multiple formats.

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